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thepoeticwit Apr 13
we are wanderers in a foreign land, exiles in search of home.
nomads who shift through dirt and sand.

Is this where we belong?
A desert, a wilderness.
A path made through promise of a kingdom paradise,
so close and yet so far away.

40 days and 40 years
are but a lifetime
our lives are but a wilderness
though we fast and pray
trials and temptations come our way

Be not fooled by Devil's sweet whispers
But continue past these 40 days
and though you fail in one way

There is One who fasted and prayed
overcame, and calls to you

"Behold, the Kingdom is near"

mindlessly passed through to the end of Lent, and I didn't really fast and pray, what more succumbing to my sins. But a firm reminder of Jesus who succeeded in His fast and prayer, right through His passion, death and ressurection. Though I fail, He succeeds on my behalf, and has mercy on me.
I pray to my Lord; as the prey in this crazy
world, dressed in sheep's clothing of all
those wolves.
All lurking around with no good.

Shepherd guide me; I don't always know
where to go. Staff of mercy; disciplines hurt
of the rod, but keeps me on my track to God.

Teeth marks; and ****** holes in my leg,
went chasing on greener pastures. But instead;
I was caught down on my defence.
Wolves only see red; as they have their prey out as
a spread.

The prey prays not to be prey; by the longest
prayer of all the sheep's prayers.

I S A A C Apr 4
you attract more flies with honey
like moths, to a flame, you bug me
ready for hot humid summer days
ready to have my picnics by the lake
my family I have crafted, my kin in essence
my family I have drafted, my purest expression
truest of true, brightest of blues,
chatter filled dinners, loved filled rooms
I prayed for times like this, the flowers in bloom
YReem619 Feb 9
Your eyes looked like the eyes I’d fall in love with.
The spark they carried and the tiny sweet glimpses you made.
Writing about your eyes now makes me fall for you again, for the millionth time.
This time it is different though, because I remembered how it always ends.

So dear you, my first true love,
If you are reading this, I begin by saying I love you
In a language that you don't speak.
I loved you a love that is beyond us now,

A spiritual tie of a prayer about love,
Cried out loud within the heart of the universe.
This will remain long after you forget me,
Our love is a bouquet of memories sculpted into poetry.

Sweet and bitter poetry, imagine that
The two worlds we are collided,
Air collided with earth.
This is the contrast of breathing and not.

Until I found myself but when I looked,
I couldn't recognise myself.
I was shaped differently,
My spark has died.
Persephone Feb 1
If you are ever unfortunate enough to witness her anger. My only advice is this: pray then to every god you know, for your own will not be enough to save you from her fury
Mark Wanless Jan 10
haiku 20/11/10b

at the mossy grave
asked to be alone and am
pretending to pray
Anais Vionet Dec 2021
When I’m seeking solutions to life’s larger questions,
I visit that sacred location where millions of people pray,
desperately, for answers - the bathroom mirror.

Ugh, has my hair looked like that all DAY?
well, it is for me
Janay Nov 2021
Sometimes I become so engulfed in my mind,
trying to figure out
what moments of magic I can create to sprinkle over my life
so I can just disappear like dust into the stars.
I find peace and light with some truth here.
I’m no longer sheltered.
I’m free
I pray no one catches me in this moment living in my greatest fantasy.
A daydream that keeps coming to me.
Oh how fascinating this place is to me
I have to come back to reality now
Until next time…
xavier thomas Nov 2021
-God life is just fine. I mean just look at your creation you design
-I see your light in me every morning when it shines
-Protected from the depths of hell by reading your people stories they tell
-I enjoy one-on-one with you cause we’re bonding
-Today I have new questions for you as a young man
-Do you enjoy the poetry I write, Do you crack jokes or tease?
-If I saved another soul today, would that keep your mind at ease?
-Feeling lifted, when I do a task you ask of me for you
-Reward is good so I’ll continue to follow for you
-So merciful, it’s powerful, your love do something to me
-Cause God I caught the vibe of purity & happiness you given to me
-So I share it back, to all my friends, and now they’re like, “Zay you genuine, I love that. I want peace, so how do I get like that?”
-It’s just turning one home into God’s home
-Cause this is heaven sent, God made life just fine.
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