clever 3d
The lucid nightmares of a dreamer’s sleep
Pray to the Lord, your soul to keep
The vibrant shapes of a colorblind sight
Your angels watch you through the night
The violent yells of a peaceful fight
We don’t live until morning light
Elena Taylor Mar 14
They say if you pray enough for a blessing, and if you aren’t messing around, it’ll come your way. I’ve been praying all night long, I’ve been trying to get the words to say. But I’m tired of trying to contact the one above. No disrespect but I’m losing all faith in love. How can someone love a heart as broken as mine? How can someone want to hold a cold hand like mine? Maybe it’s not faith in love I’m losing after all. Maybe its faith in myself, and the fear of letting down everyone. I’m afraid of taking chances because many time they’ve been dead ends. I’ve lost my friends along the way.
But the girl who sitting in my soul seems she’s decided to stay. It’s all tear stains from now, no more smiles, yet no more tears. I’ve cried all the ones I’ve kept bottled up for all these years. Life can be so unfair, yet so can the rules of love.
find me here
what prayer have i
less my sorrow
i clinged
search me
hear from me

what have you with me

what have you with me

in my ignorance





my life no longer mine
as if
ever was


less me and myself

less me

forgive me

cover me beyond me

help me not to find

me here

Jesus name
Kim Essary Mar 8
My children all the world to me  they make my life worthwhile. No matter what they ask me, I'll go that extra mile
I hear them laugh and see them play.
I watch them grow more everyday.
I thank God for the gifts that he's giving me I give him all my grace
For I don't know what I would do if I couldn't see their beautiful face.
I hope and pray that I succeed to raise  My Baby right.
Oh Lord in heaven I pray to thee please shine on me your Golden Light.
Father give me the strength I might need to go on and forgive.
The pain I felt all the tears that I shed so much for forgiveness I have left to give.
I pray unto you my lord to place this all behind me now.
I've got on with my life to you I give my personal vow.
I vow to love and cherish my babies everyday.
I'll pick them up if they may fall and wipe their precious tears away..
Don't rush time it goes by far too fast. Cherish every second of your children because one day you blink your eyes and they will be grown
sunprincess Mar 8
Pelicans praying,
A crocodile goes away
amen and amen
Planet Earth documentary
A pelican becomes dinner :(
Evelyn Feb 26
You told me
that God is love
oh tell me mamma,
did you lie to me?

I'm good, actually
I met the person of my dreams
do you miss me?

You said things
about being kind
and then you forced me to leave
for the kind of girl I am

You know, dad used to kiss me
before bed
now he doesn't even care
if I am okay

And I'm sorry but I am not
how you can say that
God loves us all
and the call a problem
the woman I love?

Parents should protect
their children at all costs
but when I opened my heart
you both told me it wasn't right
and then falling in love became
falling apart

How dare you blame her?
she doesn't feel ashamed
and she never leaves me alone
how can you judge her?
she wasn't the one that
left at my worst

So I'm sorry but I'm not
and if you still ask me to leave her
I will pray for you

and if you really believe
that God is love
practice what you preach
and maybe one day
I'll visit the place
I used to call home.
Mystic Ink Feb 26
A silhouette cross by
Like a rock star
Metal probe in his back
With alpha heart
Pointed somewhere, and
Trigger a prey

Probably, the last cry
Human, it was.

Fired more metals
Without, excuse to say

I probably,
enjoyed a view
of bloodshed
being a cannibal
waiting for a fest.

It is hard to live
Harder to feel
20-40-90, and more to count
Bang…. Bang….Bang
A fetus got a medal, before his birth
A mute got a medal, no one to hear

I turned my face towards the light
As their life have no input to mine.

Later that night,
I wake up,
before a dawn
a nasty smell of sulphur, over my surround.

Was it my smell, when I was born?
If it is not me, then who cares?

I heard an inner voice,
"Silence is a curse for humanity".
I scream loud,

Low frequency chants from UN, I  heard,

How can,
rest in peace, be help?
Pray is not what, they asked for,
they are calling for help,
Irony, we just pray.
Genre: Free Verse
Theme:A moment to Syria.
Mystic Ink Feb 26
Blast was/is /will
Never be

Music of my choice.
Theme: Haiku for Peace. A moment to Syria.
Deep Sangani Feb 25
I made you my religion
The definition of me
I saw you in my reflection
but you ran off with him.
those days I’d sit in front of
your picture
and pray for your arms around
I’d wrap myself around a cup of coffee
my imagination of your being.
//My thoughts are focused on you
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