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There are no pillars of fire to—
gather around; the clouds, they
deluge the prayers to and fro.
The deafened rumblings racing

the pouring torrents, as they
try to reach out, to answer,
and frown like morose protests,
like restless tantrums; and I—

I can only gasp for air.

Like salvations and unmet counsels.

Remembrance follows ever-dearly;
shuffles carelessly amongst hasty—
coronations of dusted amber,
of dubious prints on the sand,

and it comes along, lavishly.
Esperance creeps tauntingly:
I wonder if it’s within me,
to reach out and sear the weave—

with conjoined hands, praying for air.

Like revising sextants and astrolabes.

Dread is a candle in the dark,
nestled tightly into the fingers
and burrowed deeply into—
hands; they choose to hold on.

Blessed are the hands that harrow
and lean to the curtains of twilight,
to the lenses of hindsight:
merely debtors, to the fealty of morrow.

I can no longer grasp for air.

Like rainbows after a downpour, like chrysalides striking an impasse.

Holding it in.
Jeremy Betts Apr 30
If you care promise to never let me know
Never turn around, never let it show
Don't point out the stretch that turned friend to foe
It's far too late to pray it ain't so
But nothing was nurtured, allowing nothing to grow
So, if you want to stay please, for me, tell yourself no
And just go

Freedom may sleep, but it will awaken
For those who love freedom
Can never stay shaken

Freedom may pine, in chains for a night
Yet will always break through
And stand firm in the right

Freedom may kneel, but only to pray
For strength in its purpose
And hope for today

Freedom may falter, and may need to slow
But with renewed vigor
Will get up and go

Freedom may fall, but it NEVER dies
It’s part of our soul
And will EVER arise

Bitcoin is freedom - to save or to spend
The freedom of money
We will ever defend
You can see this poem on a background here - Inspired by the end of Ayn Rand's book Anthem.
Keara Marie Feb 3
I had to fall to learn that it’s okay to sin
I had to crawl to learn that I can stand
I had to fall to learn to walk again
They told me
Don’t be the victim
Lead with your wisdom
Don’t be afraid to change
Life’s always gonna be a little strange
I had to fall to learn to be okay
I had to kneel to my knees to learn to pray
I had to fall to learn that I can say what sober couldn’t say
I told me
Don’t be a coward
Lead with your power
Don’t be afraid of your failure
You are your savior
I had to fall to learn that I can cave
I had to stand to learn that I don’t need saved
I had to fall to learn that I am brave
Jeremy Betts Jan 30
I pray I live to the day
I can open myself in a way
That would clearly portray
In full HD 4K on an IMAX display
Just how my mind has done me wrong in the worst way

tryhard Dec 2023
one of my biggest fears,
the thing that i dare not touch—

and yet, somehow
my fists are bloodied,
my grip bruising

i did deign to hope
held it between my hands:
the fragility of wanting

do not let them see me
here, vulnerable, soft
on my knees

praying or begging,
i may not know
all i know is this:

i have found hope
and it is cruel to me
but i am not letting go
in prose: i am afraid of hoping for things because what if they don't turn out the way i hoped for? but i want to hope, nonetheless. happy new year!
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I see you had a bad day
Thinkin' things you shouldn't say
No other choice but to stay and pay to play
Can't even stray away from your own cliche
Doomed by strands of DNA
Failed every single attempt in every possible way
In desperation you kneel to pray
No answer today...
...same as yesterday

Phia Oct 2023
Every time I opened a door
I pray that when I walk through
I’ll be transported to another universe
Where you’re at home waiting for me
On the other side
I can’t tell you I love you. I can’t tell you I miss you. I can’t tell you I want you back
Ztef Oct 2023
let me write with ink
staining the pages as I go,
let it resonate across continents,
religions and races,
sparing the blood of innocents

let me plead with ink,
tears flowing as crimson now does on streets
let me show you humanity,
what words I can write, I think of you as I do

for we are in uncertain times indeed,
tatters of humanity, disguised in infants' cries
lost in the hope that tomorrow, the strange sounds will stop
to bring back the sun and watch it shine,
to live in memories of what was once divine

let me give you my love, with ink
gentle hands caressing my pen
oh this world could use a poet;
in fact, it can do with many more-
instead of unsteady hands pulling the trigger
as they go.
In times like this, we can only hope for brighter days.
let our love for one another outshine the hatred.
I pray and hope that people find light in these very trying times.
Ken Pepiton Aug 2023
Traces of others,
beings, in this now, ours, yours
his, hers, each
an other mind with a me and you
as other wise.

When I thought of you, then
I thought of me, of us, as a we,
aggressively gratifying a curiosity, a we
some grace makes possible, put right,
here at now,
awesome, not unmazing, not taking out,
not loosing in diabolic twists from known, no.

Now, in all time,
way out there where our augmented eyes stare
into the light of day, way, way far away, out there

where when is moot,
now is all the time we made, by being willing
to wander down a stack of words all lined up, pretty.
The privilege, the personal enjoyment, I take, from this time we live in, at the edge of print, to use words to soothe any ache of wasted years... I think prayer is probably not what it was first thought to be...
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