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슬기 Dec 5
She decided to drown herself
but as the water starts to fill her lungs,
a silver line of regret rush through her.

She wakes up with the white ceiling blinding her.
And realization starts to strike her
like a cold bucket of water
with the memories come flashing back.

And a little thank you Lord for another chance
spread awareness
6 feet underground
My life turned upside down
Why have you left me here this way

1000 feet above the earth
Heaven is now my hearth
Too bad theres no one left here to pray

Gone away from those I loved
I'm here watchful from up above
Atop the clouds I listen as I lay
In a minute,
I'm a *** smirk.
A shiny fang to show.
This pleasure, bundled
into nerves,
will decompose.

There isn't one chance.
Not one savior.
it still takes
its molasses-sweet-***-time.

I won't pray.
I won't wait.
As I am
& I shall be
the anti-divine.

I'm a literal *******.
I've long since comes to terms,
to terms with it.
I'm a depiction of the pits.
I've long since loved my worst,
my worst and best.


In a minute,
I'm a lost eye.
A stab wound, deep & old.
This sadness, bound
in my synapses,
wants me to know:

There is no escape.
No dissuasion.
it wrestles
my ill logos for control.

I won't pray.
I won't pray.
As I am
& I shall be
funny chemicals.

I'm a literal *******.
I've long since comes to terms,
to terms with it.
I'm a depiction of the pits.
I've long since loved my worst,
my worst and best.
Johnny walker Nov 28
There were times In the
last eleven month since
my darling past just felt like didn't won't live any more, but now although I have a long way still to
Suddenly I have a purpose
again through the power of pen and words to share Helen live with all of those who love to read of her, this makes me so happy and I survive In doing
On Dec 18th there Is an opportunity at a Church
In the town to where I live
or I'm not a Church goer myself
I have my own beliefs but will be lighting a candle for Helen as the respect of her life, It's not that I don't believe In *** for I do, but to me, he doesn't reside within the walls of the Church, but this is only my opinion, and everybody Is Intitled to their own and I respect that
*** to me Is everywhere an d just within the walls of a church this to me Is what's stops a lot of poeple believing the should It like an exclusive club, you want to pray you can do this where ever you may be *** Is everywhere he will hear
Skarlett Nov 25
I pray one day you will get married
have kids, smile, laugh with
the love of your life
I pray that you won't
invite me, tell me
I pray that you will be happy knowing
that i hate you and
want nothing to do with you
I pray that you will be happy
knowing i want nothing
to do with you
you probably already are
Johnny walker Nov 24
My prayers where answered In that of
my Angel Helen, the
the day we first met
someone had heard
me pray
I was a loner no one
wanted to know me
but for my Angel who
saved me that
Gave me a life I'd
never had, breathed
the very life back in
to my
Helen my Angel who had
come to me, and turned
my life around, made
me feel human once
again, given to me my life
My Angel sent by someone who had heard me pray Helen was sent to me that day
Steve Page Nov 22
We watched and listened
as He prayed.
And we wondered
what it might be like
to speak with Jehovah
as He did.

So we gathered up our courage
and we asked.

And then, smiling,
He told us.
He gave us our prayer.
And, as if for the first time,
it felt real.
It felt like we had permission.
We had an invitation
to call Jehovah 'our Father'
as He did.

I couldn't help but smile
when I thought what the priests would make of this.

Child to Father.
Direct access. Forgiveness
without a priest.
And the simplicity of asking,
of feasting
on the generous Spirit
as He did.

Oh, how I smiled.

And later,
when the others were asleep
I practiced this new boldness
and smiled in a whisper:

"Our Father in heaven,
most holy be your Name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
here on earth
just as in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our sins
just as we forgive those
who sin against us.
And lead us not into temptation, instead, deliver us from the evil one.
For yours is the kingdom,
the power and the glory
for ever, Amen."

I smiled.
And I slept
as He did.
Closer to grace.
Luke 11
Matthew 6
Steve Page Nov 22
Things you won't hear from ***:

I'm sorry we are experiencing a higher number of calls than usual.
You may wish to call back later.
All of our operators are dealing with other customers.
We will be with you as soon as someone becomes available.
Your call is important to us, please wait or alternatively go to our website.
Listen carefully to the flowing options.
I'm sorry, I didn't understand that. Did you say, "Help"?
Our office is now closed. Thank you for calling.

Things you will hear from ***:

"Welcome. I've been expecting you. What's on your heart?"
Heart to heart. Every time.
Steve Page Nov 21
Have you ever had the feeling
while praying
that you've inadvertently
been talking
while *** is speaking?
Don't worry -
He wrote it down for you.
Remember to listen.
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