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Days go by
Rainy days
Depressing days
Grey skies
I live in a hotel and I'm bored
I'm very lonely
I am a lonely girl
I paint, I make music
I try to keep myself busy so I don't end up in depression
Life is hard
Loneliness can be soothing as it can be bitter
I feel like my life is defined by waiting for time to pass
We feel alone but we are not
God is there to strengthen us
That's why we need to pray
Pray because Jesus hears us and is there
He protects us from evil
There is no such thing as evil
It's just demons that want to destroy us
But we must fight them thanks to God
God is in my heart and it's thanks to him that I'm alive today
Pray my child and all your demons will disappear
Snipes May 14
I’m praying to Stained Glass Windows
Here are my prayers
I know you can hear
You act so clever
I’m just trying to mirror
No answers to whoever
You let Karma handle what you fear
Who never seems fair
Verses as pictures
I’m just tryin to mirror
Stained glass stories
I cannot see what’s going on outside
Stained glass stories
I cannot see the truth of the outcome
I cannot see what you want me to be
Stained glass light color me
I see the air through the light freeze
I live without knowing
I cannot dye without dying
The reflection without seeing
It’s a beautiful thing
I’m praying to stained glass
Lord, please believe me
The texture ends in the scripture
While the textile dresses the style
The temerity admits to the scribbling
All while I’m overthinking everything
I rise and now the world is beneath me
The Stained Glass Windows are my ceilings
An I’m screaming you can’t handle me
I Am
Falling In Love
All Days
All of My Greatest Pray
Indonesia, 13th May 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
This emptiness,
This silence;
Will they ever go away?
Make it go away, I pray.

Is it okay to miss the chaos?
Is it okay to miss the uncontrollable thoughts?
Even the ones that I once badly fought.

Emptiness overcame me;
Mental shutdown was real,
It has made me numb;
where I cannot feel,
my breakdown.

My mind plays a series of images,
The moments we could've had,
The life we could've had.

The music I listen to
have been my only guide;
My therapist in need,
While I decide.

Where is home.
Another day
Another say
Give thanks for a new day always
Sa Weol May Apr 24
I pray for a lucid dream tonight,
In a sky colored carpet floor,
Seasoned with bluish tulips
on the ground,
In a pure white long dress,
decorated with pearls,
with happy people beside,
Seeing tall pine trees,
With a calming cloudy weather,
Bits of sunshine
that balances the mood of the setting,
Singing behind the white cottony curtain,
Someone's listening
and waiting for me,
Curtain opens,
Ended the song,
Take down the microphone,
I see someone from a bit distance,
A sudden music played,
That made everyones happy tears fell
and touched,
I walk towards where the man is,
Blurred, but as I go forth to him,
Little by little,
He is getting clearer
From afar, I know
That it is you,
At the end
Of the altar.

Sometimes I feel they don't want to see me.
Sometimes I feel they don't want to see me around them.
Sometimes I feel I need more light even I just have a little.
Sometimes I need the way I can see myself even when I always get lost in many darkness.
Sometimes I feel  I am bad when I am doing something and they want me to be perfect one.
Sometimes I feel I always do wrong.
I write
and cry
and also pray.
Indonesia, 19th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
xavier thomas Apr 14
Pray to bed
Protect your crown
Cause nightmare crawlers
Coming to ware you out

So brothers & sisters
Begin to stand
One solution
Keep faith, Amen

Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
xavier thomas Apr 14
He’ll curse your name
And waste your time
Cut short-term deals
False promise lies

He let his sinners
Take whatever they want
There’s a spiritual warfare
That’s about to start

Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
Been warned...
I don't know if I've seen a lot
But seems that I've seen enough,
It's hard to find good people
As hard it is to find good love.

Maybe the world's crashing,
Hence everyone seems cruel
The world is ending,
And everyone's fighting their own duel.

It's hard to trust people,
But much harder is to trust yourself
Maybe there is a way out of this,
Where I don't end up by myself.

I've been carrying this load,
On what was once my light shoulders,
They just seem rugged now,
That the world has turned colder.

Once a virtue of kindness
Spread like a wildfire in my heart,
Tried to be kind once,
But the world tore me apart.

What did I learn so far?
In life, there are no two ways,
There is only one
Would you believe in God if I asked you to pray?

Pray for your soul,
Pray for your temptations,
Pray for all those souls
That desperately seek salvation.
Strange times but stranger human behaviour.
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