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Shawn B 1d
Devil down under ground
To Gods just deep ocean sound
Burn the devil
Bless the rest

Put those monkeys to the test

Monkey me Monkey you
Look to heaven, see and do...

daily prayer in life, hope that people put to actions Gods love in Jesus.
the violence brewing inside me boils and catalyzes the birth of malice,
from my womb of darkness;
i can not feel the pain anymore.
i do not care about the pain anymore.
my heart in chaos.
my consciousness slipping away from me.
i pray to be born again:
no longer human,
no longer who i am.
Megan 7d
Witness wont you, pray for me
After seeing what I have seen
Dark shadows live among us
I prayed for them to be free

His words were something like “Pray for me”
But these, he did not say
“Get God on the phone!”
I begged inside my brain
But divinity, never received my calling
It was a lesson, i had to earn.

So now i say “Pray for me”
I pray, I pray, I pray for me
Written about my emotional struggle, after a past trauma.
Diána Bósa Oct 7
I've tried to avoid you last night, looking for a silver lining, but all I could find was just a neon moon and under its halo, your shadow crossed mine again.

They sang their song in unison, a lullaby of darkness, and all I wanted was to leave, for I have already prayed enough to the mirror version of you hoping, he might have mercy on me.

But then and there, under the neon moon, its light turned against, and all at once, I wanted to stay; not just fall in love again but to sojourn on the rise.
mark soltero Sep 28
craving sustenance
i stumbled up on the high priestess of my desires
she has bring forth the things
that were dead inside of me
bringing to life
the parts of me i thought were lost
i can only repay her
by ripping away the strings to my heart
in order to tell her everything
i recite to her
it’s all just for you
i pray the things you’ve brought back
through your divination
don’t die
and don’t spoil
but flourish like your trance
The words I didn’t say
But in silence I pray
Most times I pray somethings never happened
Tony Tweedy Sep 23
I have called out often to you
and I have craved your intervention.
Never really sure if you exist at all,
I still sought for your attention.

I searched the faiths a many
and I have tried to understand.
What it was that I must do
to reach out to your open hand.

My faith has wavered greatly
as my time has ambled on.
Yet often did I pray to you,
though at times my faith had gone.

So many times did I reach for you
from the depths of my despair.
Hoping for some magic sign
that you were standing there.

I have looked upon the world and universe,
To see its beauty and its terrors too.
In some unseen and mystifying way,
these things all cry out a testament of you.

I have come to think that we,
are not at the centre of your plan.
Your universe so vast in purpose,
for the tininess of a single man.

Endless chaos and reconstruction,
on a scale that a lifetime can't comprehend.
Recycling endless matter,
on a path seemingly without an end.

Yet you gave me mind and time,
to see this snapshot of the plan.
Giving cause for hope that you can hear,
the prayers of this small man.
Twice in my life I was surprised to find a prayer seemingly answered. Too immediate to write off as coincidence.... though when faith is thin it is easier to believe in coincidence. Unanswered prayers also give rise to doubts. Oddly... even when faith is weakest and doubts are highest... I find I am more likely to seek intervention. Just saying....
Ruheen Sep 13
Does living need to hurt?
I thought God was kind.
Were they all lies?
We might just be blind.

Oh wait,
I don't even believe
In him; it isn't real.

If it was, we would all
Be fine.

I pray.
I pray. Just don't know what I'm praying to. I don't think it's God.
Passion Sep 10
The sins which I commit are many and very grievous. So much so that I do doubt at times if I have been running in vain! For how could one, under such wondrous love and grace, transgress against the one who has bestowed treasures enumerable upon a wretch such as myself? Oh, I do fear for my chastisement will be great! I am dried up for lack of communion with the Father! God forgive me! A sinner and the chief of them! Not one has so transgressed as I have in knowledge great and arrogance far surpassing all I know! For though I look around me and do see sinners, not one has blasphemed you in such a way as I have! I cry- not for a mere escape from your wrath, that does abide on all unrepentant sinners-but because of you; my God in all your majesty has loved me. So much so that you sent your son to shed his blood and to be crushed by you father! I could not submit one of my brothers to death, and you gave your only son to be a sacrifice! How wicked am I that I should seek sin for a season instead of forsaking all for you my holy God Forgive me! Break me! Stop my hands, my mind, my mouth! Let not a single perverse thing ever be uttered again from me let me not wound against my Savior and my God! Let me live as you have made me! A new creature! Oh father I believe that it is through your son's sacrifice that I have the cleansing of my sins! I repent from my wicked ways! Save my wretched soul from destruction! Make me as white as snow and let me forget it not! Have mercy on me! Oh Lord have mercy!
A prayer of forgiveness
Peter Balkus Sep 10
The best prayer is when you pray in silence,
talking to God like listening to the rain,
when you have this feeling -
when you know that you know
that all the loud prayers are in vain.
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