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If only you could mend a broken spirit as you would a broken arm,
because mental scars are the most dangerous kind.
Hidden from and unbeknownst to the world.
Tormenting her,
killing her.

So tonight, she falls to her knees again.
Begging God for the strength to carry on,
Pleading His mercy to not let her have to.
Renhui Sep 10
The body broken --

Waiting to be
Like the dry scorched land
     waiting for rain

Praying for rain
    Rain rain rain

Each breath
   inner and outer
   of life

  of miracles
  of whole
So, the day the devil met me...
he was dressed pretty funny
and he uh,
he had this stupid smile,
and he saw mine was broken;
so he, so he asked me to stay for awhile

and for awhile, I danced to his tune,
I harmonized with his melodies,
fell in love with his obscenities, and his lyrical,
complex identities

and for awhile, I made excuses-
I thought, not all are to be for not
everyone makes mistakes, and
who am I to refute against them,
when we all must learn through them

and for awhile, I believed in second chances
which lead to two, three, and even a seventh
because I was taught to forgive and I thought,
that's what that meant

and for awhile, I was hell bent and broken,
thought all was lost, all was stolen, blamed
others for my own emotions, and lost myself in all of the commotion

and for awhile, the hate ran deep,
the anger- steep, sleep was non-existent
my mind- incognisant, and my soul damn near diminished
I was waring thin, knee high in my own cesspool of sin

and for awhile, I had no where to turn
I was forced to eat shit, praying that I'd learn,
and eventually, hopefully claw my way out of this pit,
this pit of self-inflicted loneliness

oh and for awhile, he had me by the tail,
a quick wit I thought I was
but apparently, not nearly enough

I gave up, I lost faith, I settled for what I thought I deserved
when I should have been fighting for what I believed in, the very passion that burns within
I allowed something to exist and play on my mental like a mother fucking fiddle

when I am and nothing more

and so, it was not all for not but merely a confirmation that I am, that I can~

and to forgive is not to forget but to forgive is to change the perspectives while forgetting loses the lessons
INSPIRED BY: Paulo Coelho -

"Forgive but do not forget, or you will be hurt again. Forgiving changes the perspectives. Forgetting loses the lesson."
Thanks God
you were adding
Joy and Sorrow
in our lives
time to time
otherwise humans
would have felt even
superior than you!
love  is ...
praying  for  someone,
inspite  of  
being  an  atheist.
win Sep 7
i think of your soul as a lost wonder.
impossible to catch yet never found.
you are unreal but shocking like thunder.

experiences deep with wounds profound.
never running always fighting so strong
with tormented thoughts alive never drowned

saw you through it by your side all along.
a friendship i thought would never dissolve
and never questioned sense of right and wrong

now i'm left confused, feeling no resolve
experiencing what seems like severe loss
wondering what I could of done to solve

lost in a galaxy like a ghost cross
for you I pray almost every second
hope your soul i again stumble across
Soothsaying sentences sung
Under moons; shining constellations.
Beyond shallow shores of unsold stories,
Lie sun-soaked shadows;
The sinking sensations of separation.
Stay inside the safety of the stars,
But pray for slow-burning scars.
J F O Sep 4
It was a good night,
we didn’t know where the time had gone,
we could not stop laughing
because it was all so much fun.

We were all filled with whopping joy,
big smiles and full hearts.
We all hugged each other goodbye,
exchanged “I love yous” like sweethearts.

But that night I knew,
it was too good to be true.
I woke up being told
unbelievable news.

I couldn’t believe,
didn’t want to, from what I’ve heard.
I was so confused,
couldn’t say a word.

It was only then,
I saw you lying on a bed,
your eyes closed and lips curved into a smile,
was when it all sank in, in my head.

It only took one look,
and I looked away so quick.
I stood there, tears welled up in my eyes,
my heart ached like it was kicked.

It was only a few hours before
that I’ve heard your voice and laugh,
I didn’t think it would ever be the last,
only left with a memory like a still photograph.

My mind’s cluttered; I don’t know what to do
or how to face the reality of this.
I keep thinking it’s all a dream
that this is all just ludicrous.

I waited for you to wake
and tell us, this was all a charade
because you loved to fool us a lot
so, I just prayed and prayed.

It happened all so fast,
your face was full of color but now, a shade of gray.
You lay there so peacefully,
knowing you’re fading away.

I lost a great friend that night
but heaven gained an angel.
I pray to you every day, and to God,
for blessing me with you, that, I am thankful.
To my dearest friend, he was literally a goof ball making everyone and anyone laugh and have a good time. He passed away so young and I still miss him everyday. You realize that life is way too short and you'll never know what happens, and it can happen in just a second, and everything will change. That night, we all strangely felt so much love for each other, more than ever and that's when we got a call a few hours later. I did stand there for a really long time, staring and waiting for him to tell me this was just a joke he was playing.  It hurts, knowing that he's only living in my prayers now but, I am thankful I've met such a kind soul. When you've lost someone, you're heart breaks and you lose a piece of you. I pray to him. I think of him and I'm happy to know that he's okay. I love you, P.
ayumi ebony Sep 3
today is this first time i’ve ever really,
wanted to pray.

i’m so afraid, because you’re all i can think about.
it’s all you, and the other things,
they’re important but you, you’re there.

and who would answer me?
what would they say,
when they found a girl, who always wanted to pray,
pleading and asking for clarity.

what would heaven say?
the ground beneath my feet,
seems unstable,
so take my hand and pull me up and let me see the clouds.

help me run, help me fly,
and rid me of these feelings
-this confusion. because i want us to just love.

and if someone else answered,
i’d walk all the way down and ask.
maybe you’d give me help, or i’d find sinners along the way.

we’re both sinners, because our muses (not us) told us we were something else
-beyond the way humans believe. beyond belief.
so, what would think of me my knees,
just wondering something about you.
sort of inspired by supernatural and my curiousity
Dani Aug 31
Excerpt from ‘The Wind on the Downs’
"That you are round about me, I believe;
And knowing you are happy; should I grieve?
And when I leave the meadow, almost wait,"
(Continued by Dani Henderson)
For you to show up where I have placed the bait.
Love is keeping me here as long as the day,
Coming back until I have your say.
This is something I need to know,
Did you want to stay or want to go?
Give me all my prayers to read again,
So I can fix them in permanent pen.
Let me know so I can think of your face,
And not cry, but remember your grace.
Show me you can feel no more pain,
Show me that I am truly sane,
And that I am right about that place,
Because I know you can see His face.
The perfect peace you surely can feel,
I know that is part of the deal.
It will be a while for me, my turn I have to wait,
For the privilege to see the perfectly pearly gate.
When my name is called I know I am ready to go,
But your choice, I need to know!
When a loved one passes it to hard because we just don't know... A grieving moment all of us have where you ask for a sign, anything to tell you that your loved on is okay beyond this world of life.
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