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Anya 10h
I’ve always wondered
Where is the cutoff
Between an introvert
And an extrovert

Does my shyness categorize me as intro
The fact that interacting with people
Tires me out?

Or does my seemingly endless capacity for talking
Penchant for loneliness
And people pleasing nature
Classify me as an extrovert?

The line is between those who,
Would rather spend time with others
Or instead in the company

I personally though,
Think people
A balance
Carly 2d
I am quiet.
Soft spoken.
A woman of few words.
My voice is still.
My mind is loud.
My thoughts generate words and meanings a million different ways.

“Think before you speak” they say. Probably why I don’t speak much.

If you must label me,
Label me, Me.
I hate labels and the adjectives that usually follow. I may be a quiet person but that doesn’t define me. I am so much mire. I feel so much more.
Rowan Sep 15
If I knew, maybe I’d say something,
Why I miss my cats more than my parents
Why I miss the teal walls of my room and the full sized bed
more than I miss my family.
Why I miss the green trees and ravine behind my house,
all I hear is a withering beeping outside my five story window.

This room is so small
and I have to bear it with another
and although she and I get along,
Alone is weighted with wondering when she’ll be back.

Home is more an empty house than a room full of family.
Home is less talk and more birdsong in the background.
Home is…

Not these tight corners and partying bellowing music down in room 809,
not the concrete walls painted white, or the lofted beds I can’t sit up straight.

Getting away from my family was easy,
and my friends hard.
Leaving was easy.
And wishing hard.

I feel, less independent,
there’s only so many places to walk.
No car to escape, nor a room either.

The closest I get is headphones and online friends.
And yet they are so far away.
college livin' isn't really for me as a naturally intense introvert
AstralPotato Sep 15
Crowded places; happy faces
Greeted a person with such ablaze
Offering radiance which resonated the sun
Defying his sense out of phase

But deep within, his soul conjured
A sense of loneliness emanated from his heart
From a mask he wore in fervent solitude
Trying to dig his oldest scar

From there he felt what he once endured
Faltering, as he ventured out
Scorched deep into his core
Old feelings trying to break out
Kevin Zhang Sep 6
the peace is erupted,
as my fellow oak friend,
swings to welcome many.
burden of warmth and joy,
all over my self, and face.

particularly my face,

                a down face—
     a falling down face—
                    a dead face—
         a far too dead face

still meets those fine rays.
yet no makeover,
left in one fine daze,
rife with all new face:
     a faced far worse face—
       a face none more face—
         a wished no war face—
a closed the door face.

all to erase, what face.

so, bring back the peace: NO delays.

so, put me to peace: NO more face.
Face the all...
How can I expect to be able to sing,
if I can't open my mouth and just say something?
To be able to have some simple small talk
only to be foiled by vocal writer's block.
When to simply be social is some monstrous peak
which can make one feel they're some form of weak.
Although some regard my composure as meek
I wish I could just be able to speak.

Ah yes, the inner cry of an introvert.
Cliche I know but hear me out,
making friends is hard man,
I don't know how people do it.
I guess what I'm getting at is,
I wish it was easier to open up.
Jamilla Aug 31
I write what I feel
I let my emotions sprung free
All this letters make a word
To be a poem-
  And be my voice
Diary of Jane Aug 30

my side

Reach out
your hand

Speak to me
in silence

I will understand
Acceptance to become a introvert forever,
Became a oath under my broken tongue.
Only spatting out short and simple words I can fluently produce..
" Its going to get better "
" You won't go through this long "
The therapist said,
As my body language feeds yes,
But my eyes screams no.
    " I don't ever want that feeling again ! "
Said my spirit in compliance with my eyes
I'd rather, be my own best friend than to make friends..
I'd rather, close my mouth about my fears than to be judged by all my peers
I'd rather, walk home by myself than to walk with someone else.
Not knowing I was walking towards my innocence to the B L I N D.

I'd rather say no.
I made the decision to become trapped inside my own world.

Wanted this to be longer, but had serious writers block please feel free to comment if you read, it'll be a spark of motivation ! Thank you.
Joliver Aug 26
Today was a quiet day
The first in awhile
I slept a long, dreamless
Shapeless sleep
And was not roused by panic
Nor need
Hardly a word was spoken
Or a face recognized
And I felt profoundly alone
As I retreated into
My beloved solitude
Goodnight, my dear quiet day
May we meet again
In some extraordinary way
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