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You sit right there, sneaking in the corner
The black sheep, introvert child.

You are like my coffee, not too dark not too light
But enough to wake me up from my sombre sleep at night.

I see your ignorant friends, the stop and play
They aren't bad, just busy keeping people astray.

You are a misfit, but you fit perfectly in my life
Ironic, you seem to be the corner of the vicious circle of time.

Let's meet there again, where we first met
You get the lines and the triangle, I'll get my mess alright.
Rich Nov 5
Inside a forest of my own making
where the vines are merciless and though dreams may die the evergreen awakens

I must be patient,
and follow the voice at my core

through these arches, roots, through the self-made distrust
that manifests as branches sharp enough to divide me
so I’m on guard like a sentinel

You think you’ve been starved of serenity
well I have a Chimera’s hunger and a sage’s mind

a lethal combination
and I'm killing more than time
I’m after my former self
since I need a rebirth and some revenge
because that man wasted centuries caught in vicious cycles

when the key to escape was right there between two temples.
By default
He is

If He enjoys, He'll
If He have to, He'll
If it keeps harmony, He'll

If it needs fake smile, He'll not
If it disturbs his mind, He'll not

Extrovert 100%
To the closed circle
He is
Introvert 100%
To the rest
He is

By default
He is
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: You may know who i am, I only know who I'm not, nothing else matters.
The door to my room
is the door of my solitude
that opens my soul to those moments
of thoughts and feelings

like the fresh scents of Fall
and the memories of leaves
blowing in the yard
when my father’s car pulls in
As created on the street, a local Art in The Park event
Little Bear Oct 21
he said he loved me first
right from the beginning
i wasn't sure
i felt trapped
and then
then i felt the obligation
to reciprocate

and the need to appease

how could i
in all good conscience
not love someone
who loved

so i tried
i smiled
and looked inside of myself
for that longing
that he so often
showed me

and i admit
there was a short period of time
that i managed to convince myself
that i too
was in love

perhaps i fed off of that feeling
of being wanted so much
that it felt like love

you know
when you confuse being thirsty
for being hungry
or food
for comfort

turns out i wasn't either hungry
or in need of comfort

i was in desperate want
of solitude

and here we are
wednesday 3rd of October 2018
and at 9:11 am
he boarded a coach
to the airport
so he can fly home

and i am again

he is a good man
but he is not for me
i like him
with all of my heart

he has understood every word i said
and smiled

saying go
be free

we will remain friends
like in the beginning
before he told me
he loved me
my need to be alone, to be happy in my own company, to be solitary.. defines my soul. only then does my heart and mind quieten. being without i have discovered a peace within.
Ojaswee Das Oct 14
Dear you,
I want you to come closer
Although I try to push you away
I am awkward
And the awkwardness only keeps growing

The more I have, the more you loose
But the more you have, the more I get
The equation is complicated
I don’t expect you to understand
After all
You never understood me either.

I am there
Beside you and behind you
All you have to do is turn
turn stealthily enough
So I don’t have time to run
I told you
I am awkward
And the awkwardness only grows

I slouch, I *******, I squeak
just like your bedroom door I creak
unopened for centuries
Unheard for decades
Unseen for years
Not because I’m weak but because
I am awkward
And the awkwardness only grows

i live in a pineapple under the sea
or you could say I hide
Hide from you, hide from me
Hide from the rest of the  reality
but I am always there
I always will
For I have to be

Don’t acknowledge me
Validation is not my need
But don’t forget me either
For I have this hidden greed

Never leave your own side
I need to follow
Never  leave my side either
But know
To me,
Ignorance is a bliss
For I am awkward
And the awkwardness only grows
Sleepyhead Oct 7
The night
true at
the right time,
as I stay inside
for the

my window is open,
and my door is shut tight
primetime arrives
as the clock
lands on the dime
and comfort lands
on my mind

what better feeling is there than,
a night spent inside,
with a warm cup
of coffee, and a
seeping book to go with it

as the coffee comes out sip,
by sip, the book pours uncontrollably
with the words flooding my mind and
eventually my room
as it
takes me by force and
drowns me, filling my
lungs, and my soul

my soul strengthens
and my lungs breathe
better as they are consumed
by the words pouring in

words from books,
and my own words are all around me
as I sink deeper and deeper
into the wash of imagination
and slowly start
dread the  morning to come
when I am pulled out of the
water and the
words evaporate
from my soul
and from my lungs
and the air feels bitter again.
Seanathon Oct 4
The gentle quiet of a hollow room appeals to me
Turn off the lights and let me think
Turn off the cost
It's not at all
To be an introvert is cheap
Wonderfully multidimensional.
You had a rash from the poison ivy
and a distaste for slow afternoons
It was one of the worst of the summer

You were impatient
Quiet, solid
Pondering where to go and
what to do, constantly in another place
Away from the world, and in yours

I managed to find myself in it when you
looked at me
Multicoloured madness
in disguise behind lonely eyes
you opened up, whether you knew it or not
you did

It was a terrible rash, a bad one, one i couldn't ignore
neither could you
being in a trance with you in the centre of it, was beautiful
your mind was a pleasant place
Allan Mzyece Oct 3
You were born alone,
and you will basically die alone,
Why can't you live alone?
Why have you replaced your heart for a thorn?
Don't you realise you belong to the throne?
You are complete alone,
but why can't you live alone?
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