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My company ,
Is home.
Though others fill
My battery ,
True company,
Is alone.
Taking pleasure
In silence ,

Cosy in my dome.
I’m nothing like the girls you like
I’m not exactly you’re perfect type
So why should I even attempt and try

To capture your attention
Steal you for a moment
From all your popular friends
Just let me ruin the moment
softcomponent Sep 2023
keeping something away from myself

is harder than ever keeping it away from all others, a feeling of what's been felt

like a monster of mechanistic mechanical deities in the mask of an elk

as you melt into crusts below the surface of the Earth,

I tried to give birth to something more than I, as an individual, will ever be worth

could ever be a part of as any true influence which captures an axial tilt,

yet here I am continuing the trial like a trapped spirit embodied as a curse,

a progressive insofar as I'm miles ahead in a hearse that's headed off the edge of all turf,

and the next true hope I'll ever really have is:

"Cosmic burial is my first option, should that ever work."
Yana Kim Nov 2022
I am seldom alone
Always with a lot of people
But when I am in a group
I feel like I’m not in the loop
Introvert living in the outside world.
Rich Oct 2022
I need you in my life, baby

The only productive addiction in my future is to your proximity

A decade of scattered sorrows is but an aching blink when I’m with you

You manifest what I could never say or feel without the fear of exile

Rom-Coms hold no candle or wick to our story

Proposals would only seem like trivial when it comes to you and I

We’re closer than nostalgia and episodic memory
closer than gods and their devotees
closer than the dawn and dusk
when nine to fives carry you through a day

Yet despite our bond
only I can hear you, see you, feel you, think you

So with baited breath I speak your name, or at least what you are known as:

Dakota J Dawson Oct 2022
Not myself
Footsteps within
The mile

For what
Can a
Mule fight

Against itself
Eat and
Sleep well

Detox thyself
A destination
Unseen forward

All ends
Or perhaps
Me again

I give
Up contact
For all
Old poem, decided not to originally share.
Marya123 Jul 2022
"What plans do you have? Doing anything fun?"
How do I say that I plan to have none?
If a filled calendar means I'm living right
I'd gladly live wrong, with peaceful days and nights
"Seize each moment, you're running out of time!"
I'd rather enjoy what's left of my prime
Quiet, indoors, away from loud nonsense
Feeling alive in the sound of silence.
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