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yasmin 2d
in the middle
of the crowd
is where I feel
most alone.

they ask me
about the weather
and I tell them
of my storm.

theres a tornado
in my head,
a wildfire
in my heart.

they look at me
with regret.
i'm an alien
in their eyes.
alone at last
a blessing it is
to remove my masks
in solitary bliss
no more acting
and trying to please
just me myself and
my mind at ease
Nadia Sep 26
Rhyming Review - Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come by Jessica Pan

Introverts unite
(separately, of course),
This book is for you,
Jessica Pan is your force

For a year she denied
Her introverted tendencies
She e-dated for friends
Gave up shy dependencies

She tried stand up comedy
She spoke at the Moth
She signed up for improv
Things that make shy ppl froth

Her anxieties could have come
Straight out of my own head
You could try extroverting
Or watch Jessica try it instead

You will learn new tricks
While you frown and cringe
Or snicker sympathetically
Through your reading binge
This book was awesome!!! I listened to it while my podcast app was glitching and I am so glad I did.
A red dot,
a bigger spot.
A big blood drop.

Surrounded by little triangles,
little orange dancing angels,
surrounded by goddess tigers.

I reach the flower with a finger.
I feel a tickle.
I couldn't help but linger.
Anther drop falls to make a ripple.

I fall into a dark space, feeling my whole soul drain.
I see a grain, and another grain.
One more makes a desert.

Another drop makes an ocean,
anther touch awakes emotion.

Another facility makes an extrovert.
whilst another tragedy makes an introvert
Mimi Hachiko Sep 11
To make connection
such stark satisfaction
evades me these days
I try to make conversation
Fight my own evasion
no luck, to my dismay
Every day is a challenge
I work to scavenge
my strength, whittled away
I just need a friend
Someone to depend
Before I lose my way
This is all there is to me
Boredom, disappointment and debris
This is all I am about
Rudeness, deafness and bad snout
This is all I can provide
A few thousand grave warnings to mind
This I can assure you of
In a week you'll have enough
Felt a little down, when I wrote it. Freestyle written in 17 minutes.
I don't mind people
From the back of the room
Everyone can talk
As long as I can be quiet
I don't mind noise
When I don't have to take part
Stranger's conversations
Heard from afar
Are the greatest things
I get to know people
Without saying a word
Sometimes I'll talk
For hours at a time
But talking leaves me drained
And for the most part
I'd rather just be quiet
I just want to sit and listen to people. That's all. I don't hate people, I just want to listen and watch the world turn.
Your warmth and radiance,
But the fire in you,
Hard to embrace.
Oh how it burns me to my core,
To embrace your flaming soul.
Some people are so nice but sometimes it's just who they are, not because you're special. They'll be nice to whoever they come across and probably forget about you in a while. So don't get overly attached with them.
B D Caissie Sep 2
I hate that I'm hyper-aware
Of my social hiccups despair

Equivalent scent of morose
A comical footnote to most

My firing neurons worst care
Is the circle of life is a square

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