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Strying 1d
chipped nail polish
and ripped jeans
I still remember
your smile
your laugh
but you're gone.
✰written in class lol✰
hope yall are having a good week
mine's kinda stressful but not the worst ig
SA Trigger Warning*

I can still remember the couch.
The way I cried in my friend's arms when I thought of that couch.
Pinned down.
Forcefully used.
On the couch.


I still remember going into my apartment alone after.
The way my body shaked for nights spent crying in my bed after.
At my friend's apartment after.
In the hospital after.
Years after.


They say the mind can forget sometimes,
but what always remembers the trauma is the body.
The one that kicked and fought off the body.
The one that layed under the body.
The violated body.
The tortured body.
The unsafe body.

The Body


The Couch...

was never the same.
Not for me to blame.

I know that now.
If you or someone you know has been subjected to ****** assault. Please be aware that you can contact the ****** Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 (US).
I will be forgotten
and I am waiting for it.
At first, you realized it
or in the last, you knew about it.
The time that brought you to grow
always explained to you that the suffering seems like the voices you can’t hold.
I will be forgotten
and you knew that I am waiting for it.
You tried to tell me about it.
But at first, I decided to be calm in every moment I can do.
The wind that blows.
The sun that always let me glows.
It will be remembered.
but I will still be forgotten.
The story that told you in every book you love just leave me memories.
That’s a gift so I had to keep them as I had many glories.
I will be forgotten.
All I wish I could do is only tell you
so it will be remembered.
Indonesia, 14th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
The fabric usually feels the same
a cloth that remains soft
similar to everyday
until, perhaps, a stain
a rip, a tear

I would love to wear the world
as was before all this
but perhaps my prior idiocy
is why we remember
Steve Page Sep 9
Memory in tension
with expectation

Which wins?
Which informs?

And why do we settle
for either?
Thinking a lot about the dominance and unreliability of memories
Snipes Aug 27
The only thing that sticks is the cigarette **** to my lips
Its odd how you use too inhale my whole soul
The only thing that use too calm your nerves was what we would lust after
Our well, being us draining the very thing that let the fire be
Heaven too our hell
Come take what we see
As a token of our time
The only thing
Kyle Mouat Aug 20
Will you remember me,
When tomorrow comes?
After the moon has faded,
And the stars have gone out?

Will you look back,
Upon the times we had together?
When we walked for hours,
Talking to pass the time?

Will you remember me,
For who I was back then?
And not what I've become
In the time we've been apart?

Would you chase after me
When I have lost my way?
And attempt to comfort me
When I stumble and fall?

Will you remember
The feeling we had shared?
When we had no care
And all the time we had?

Will you remember
How you shine brighter than me?
And how you always guided me
Through the darkest of days

When tomorrow comes
And I'm no longer here,
Will you remember
The good times we had?

I will always remember
The time when I saw wonders;
When stars reflected in the oceans
And the sun burned behind the mountains,
And yet all I could think about was you
I remember the days
when you talk more
while I prefer silence
and listen.
I remember the days
where the conversation
only happens through one side.
I remember the days
where words are warmer than a kiss
and hugs.
I remember the days
when you prefer to side with separation.
I remember the days
when you try not to remember me.
I remember those days.
And you no longer want to remember everything.
Indonesia, 7th August 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Strying Jul 29
so alone
i forgot how it felt to be held

took a cold shower
because i didnt want to remember
but fr i just took a cold shower and it made me feel alive
10/10 recommend, especially while it's still summer
Estelline Jul 27
Please don’t ask me
Oh, do you remember when…
The thing is
How could I have forgotten?

I remember
getting close and taking a chance
While watching you grow
Like a vine amongst many
Why care just about you?
“Others are better”
If only you saw what I did

But I guess I just didn’t make the cut
I wasn’t enough
I was tossed out
Faster than a bomb
On the raging battlefield

But you kept her close
And held her closer

And then I remember…
Feeling a cold breeze
In the dead of night
I’ve lost the fight.
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