Birdy 4d

Don’t be scared
I’ll ever forget you
Believe me:

I remember every


and every


as if it happened


Believe me, I wouldn't forget you if I wanted to.

After a while, you forget the kisses shared.
It is as if they were barely even there.
And after some time, you forget the lips
and all the promises that from them slipped.

It's like forgetting your first taste of liquor
or forgetting the burning sensation.
It's like forgetting her perfect figure
or forgetting his sweet vocal modulation.

And in the blink of an eye
all the memories go down the drain
with sad sorrows and goodbyes
being the only things to remain.

originally written 2/8/17

you make me remember sunsets;
how the reds and pinks and oranges
flowing one to the other.
the sun takes a final bow
before rising tomorrow for another
stunning performance.

you make me forget demons;
how they are out to haunt me
and take on many forms.
some old friends,
some unrecognizable,
but all are there nevertheless.
they were there,
not anymore, not with you.

you make me remember flowers;
roses, daisies, tulips.
fields upon fields of
flowers were never my favorite
until I saw the way you looked at one
and I fell in love with flowers
like I fell in love with you.

you make me forget darkness;
you make me see the light.
seeing the ways of nature
was never there until I saw you.

you make me remember that
nature in solitude was pretty,
but nature with you is

originally written 6/24/16
Piper Deese Apr 21

I remember that he was never there.
I don’t even remember him at all
If only if he would have stayed long
Maybe that’s the problem
I don’t remember

Lilli Blakk Apr 21

I want to create
I want to create
But I don't need to
Not right now

I want to create
Just cause it smells like you
Just because that's what we agreed you were

I want to create
And I've sat in our conversations
Like I sat in her mouth

I wanna create like that
My fingers (talons) toying with her tongue
I'm telling her to talk
I want the sensation of talking
T T T T Talking, Telling
Mechanics of T T T T Telling
My fingers (roots)
I wanna create like that

And now
I think of my fat fingers (snakes) inside of you
I want to create
I want to create you
I'm telling you to talk - right now

I know what to do.

I felt like I needed to write a new poem, so I started writing.
But this poem became about something very old, I don't think I've created anything new here.
Kee Apr 19

Will you remember me?
My smile, my teeth, the feel of my lips?
Or my laugh?
The way I held your hand?
I always made sure our pinkies were wrapped together.
How about the first time I told you I loved you?
Will you remember any of it?
I know we ended five months ago but I can't help but to want you still.
And hope that you want me too.
Do you remember the time that we snuck into the grocery store at 5 am and ate all of their kisses?
We threw up all day after that.
But, it was with you, so it was worth it.
Oh, there's the time when we made love on top of your roof.
It was cold, but you made me warm.
You told me you loved me right after.
I hung onto those words.
I still do.
Will you do any of these things with her?
Will she make you squirt a vanilla milkshake out of your nose like I did?
Do you lose yourself in her the way you did with me?
Did she become you, and you, her?
Was there a time when you couldn't tell the difference, because you two were so alike?
We loved each other for three years and although you're ready to let go, i'm not.
I miss you.

Wrote this in the library during school. Had half of it sitting in my journal though.
Mims Apr 19

I can feel my mind opening up,
When I talk to you,
Like little pieces of me are unfacing,
With every passing revelation,
And our inside jokes,
Are growing,
With every converstaion,
And I like that I like to talk to you,
How I wanted to feel,
With you,
I like that it's relaxed,
Like none of that bullshit,
From the past,
Had ever even happened,
Because isn't it just nice,
To be friends,
And be sarcastic,
In fact I think it's damn near fantastic,
That I can speak with such ease,
And not care what you think of me,
I love,
This foundation of friendship we're building,
I wish our construction had never been delayed,
And I know that's partially my fault

But I had reached a bump,
I didn't know how to talk.

But the rose that has bled into my mind and soul,
Has caused my scars,
to decrease,
And they haven't grown,
For two years,
So thank you for friendship,
And trying to stay,
Even when I actively pushed you away.

Olga Valerevna Apr 18

I've written you so many letters
"Goodnight" before bed, yellow sun
The first of the seven I cradled
my very first beautiful one  
you helped me to walk when I couldn't
I borrowed your strength when we left
we crossed every ocean together
so let me return every breath
Remember my arms when you're tired
they'll hold you up high when I'm gone
believe me when I say I love you
Our Father has answered, "I won"

Mims Apr 16

Cloudy skies,
Stormy conversations.
Lightning strikes of vocal chords.
Warm air,
Hot breath.
Clouded minds,
Foggy observations.
This conversation. Is electric.

Wordsinalign Apr 13

Standing alone in the courtyard, there she stands swaying in the humid breeze, a yard in the open she is a humble to fragrant Plumeria trees. Oh how I loved the wind before he took you from me, tell me it was all false and stay awhile is my only plea.
You did a swirl and you twirled in white and yellow, only to turn me into a sad old fellow!

Well I’ve waited for twenty years my love, clinging to your hopeless memory, of how there was a day that came where you couldn’t remember me.

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