Rebecca 7h
Remember me for when the evening sun goes down,
and I'll remember you,
and all the good times that we had
in this old town.
I'll remember you-
whether it was the good love we had-
or the love that just gone bad.

Remember me for when the evening sun goes down,
and I'll remember you,
and all the places
that we've been around,
I'll remember you-
when I go to our old favorite spot-
I'll remember your beautiful face,
in my old town.

but promise me this,
for when our friendship sinks-
that you'll remember me,
wearing my favorite floral dress,
my curly hair in a mess-
sitting on a blanket in the grass,
with your arms wrapped around my chest.
Just you and I watching the sun set.

Remember me for when the evening sun goes down.
I wrote this  when I was at a writer's workshop over the summer.
Even today, I look at you, from a lifetime ago,
and see you on the day when your tomorrows,
were stolen away,

I love you so much,
Thank you for loving me,
Because I can still embrace you in memories; even today.

I can still walk the earth,
even though my heart hurts,
I am happy; you love me.

I know, I will hold your spirit again, in Heaven, one day,
and wipe away the tears,
because you are the Angel, who loves me.

Rest well now, my love,
see you tomorrow,
and all the tomorrows to come…

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Listen to the text to speech poetry recitation
Like the snowball first thrown in the bitter chilled winter days
Is the same as my grandma opening her eyes for the first time and in her mother's arms she lays.
Later as the years pass and love blossoms in her heart
My grandmother's life with her own family is about to start
Now she is like the first snowman built standing ready to guard her home
To stay there to protect and never to roam
But as time sweeps by so does her appearance she begins to melt
The meteorologist say it won't snow anytime soon and day by day she will alter  
They try to give her more pills to delay her death but they try to conceal it with their palter
Soon my snowman will just be another puddle licked up the earth
But I will always remember my snowman's worth
I love my grandma I just wish she didn't have to melt
Mike D 2d

What an amazing time we live in
Having the Internet
All the information of humanity
Ready at our fingertips

Have a question? Type it in
And your
omniscient server gets you  
Millions of responses filtered to your search
Keystrokes all needed to do

Info that's known but can't recall
Can bring about frustration
This feeling could last days or more
But will be foreign to this generation

From this point on, all questions answered
Nothing returned to sender
A cloud storage for humans is born

Remember when we needed to remember?
Written: April 19, 2018

All rights reserved.
How ironic to be sad when remembering happy days.
Remember me?
I remember when we were best friends
And now you can’t even look me in the eyes

Where did you go
I’ve searched every where,
High and low,
Just to say hello
I’ve missed you so
To all my lost best friends
Sometimes your death hurts me deeply…
As deafening scream inside me

And is not even that I wanted you back in my life
We changed so much…
Our worlds does not had nothing to do

Is just that it hurts that you don't exist anymore
because even if our lives had never been blended again
knowing that you exist gave me happiness
I wished SO MUCH for you…

sometimes it hurts so bad that the air I breathe
is not yours anymore…
that the moon I see can no longer be seen by you …
That I was left remembering alone how much I loved you
and the beauteous way you loved me…

It hurts...
I`m a happy person with many deep wounds, sometimes they win and I feel the pain as if it is recent - This is for my first love that died 5 years ago, we were not a couple anymore at that time,  but as I said  in what I wrote, sometimes his death still hurts so bad because I wished the best for him.
jas 4d
living in the present
remembering the past
reminiscing in thoughts of the last glance
in pursuing the future

- past-

you used to live but a few houses down
"together forever", yet you were nowhere to be found
drunk in love nonetheless stuck in a funk
dreamt of a life , where two wrongs make a right
but the future to be deemed was never in sight

- present day -

hearts beating simultaneously
the stars sparkle throughout the night sky
as daylight seems to pass on by
pieces of me were scrambled in the world
but you put me back together and made me your girl

-  contemplating -

this man i met
resembles a part of the past
i cannot seem to fathom
struggling to grasp
the concept of love


imagine the day, a few houses distanced
imagine the day i knew of your existence
imagine love, without resistance
You know who you are.
I miss you more
than the moon misses the morning blood star.

I wish I had the courage to tell you
But I'll keep my distance stay afar
and be proud of who you are
The things you've done.
But I hope in years to come
If you see me alone
or with my family who's grown
To look at me with happy eyes and a smile corroding your face
And recall memories and begin to trace every detail like it was yesterday

Do you remember me?
Because I'll never forget you.
And I'll never replace you.
And it's hard to explain
this blood pumping through my veins whenever I hear your name.
I'll never be the same
after everything
We've been through
When I see you to this day
look at me like I'm a stranger
A shadow that fades away.
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