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Now the memories are all that are left
From a time so long ago
In my heart is where it is kept
Moments I will never let go
cupid 1d
we leave behind pieces of ourselves everywhere we go
we leave traces of ours souls on everything
mostly these are memories or accomplishments
things we’ve made or created ruts of
my cinnamon gum and cherry scented kiss is a trace i left
everything everyone writes out or says is a trace
a mark on the permanent celestial history of existence
every second you spend in a dark room crying
every moment you spend reading off a screen
is marked down by a keeper of time
every song and every vibration of your nervous voice
is recorded by some deity of remembrance
the way i kick open doors laughing and rip things apart crying
is written in some grand book of past happenings
every mean word and compliment that has spilled from your lips
every single time you’ve failed or flown will be read on judgment day
we leave traces of who we are on existence itself
our moral essence leaves colorful marks on the pages of life
**** red and forest green ink left to drip from my artist heart
beautiful lavender and pale yellow, sunset orange
mint blue, desert gold, death white and cold black to run off your soul
we leave the worst yet most vibrant traces on the past
traces to been seen by future monsters just like us
i left a cinnamon scented crimson kiss on his neck, he left a royal violet handprint around my throat
RN 2d
I can still see it clearly here in my head
The way you walk towards me, I'm not prepared
Like two phones being paired
The connections between us are being shared

You're slowly walking towards me baby
Oh ****, You're such a beautiful lady
This memory keeps driving me crazy
Like the one finger push up of Bruce Lee

Step by step you're getting closer
My heart beats are getting stronger  
You just pass me by, I'm such a loser
I look back and saw you hug him tight like a bear
Rhymes in my Mind
One Hundred Years
The war to end all wars ended exactly one hundred years ago
That war failed in its objective of making war and bloodletting obsolete
Just like the bow and arrow is now outdated war was meant to be
The renderings of battle and conflict consigned to the history books
When children ask their parents: WHAT WAS WAR?

The answer should have started thus: Well child...
But that scenario never happened because war is still with us
The old soldiers never grew old and their memory lives on
As their great grandchildren prime their guns and prepare for battle
Places like the Somme, Ypres, Verdun. Paschendale and Flanders are here

Inside the souls of the Tommie, the Poilu, the *** and more
Poppies commemorating the sacrifice and everlasting memory
Worn with pride by people like myself and my kin and my friends and family
Yet in places like Afghan and Syria and Iraq and Ukraine men fight and die
Death and destruction still rule the battlefield by blast and bullet

Weapons have advanced like smart bombs, jet fighters and missiles
Being a millennia on from biplanes, barbed wire and horses
Each soldier and each fight is mirrored thru history by another
Wars and battles complement one another in their ferocity and aim
Enemies must be defeated and military objectives achieved

Only the year and location changes while the soldier’s names fade away
To become unknown soldiers in our collective hearts and minds
Passing over before their time and entering the history books
Some are a footnote, others in heroic battles and a few forsaken
Every generation since the Great War owes it to the past to make peace

And keep hold of that peace forever more and spike the guns and grenades
So our world knows peace and harmony in an eternal Peace Dividend
The Military Industrial Complex being used for something better
Future warriors being out of work and doing new jobs
Think of the past and that awful Great War and what we can do now

Turn our world around and remember the sacrifice and cost of Total industrial war
Let no more warriors die in no more wars except in books, games and films
Remember our great fallen warriors and be humbly grateful and act their deed
Universally advancing world peace and making war obsolete forever
Words upon the page,
Falling from the mind,
Diamonds glistening on the papyrus
Like tears on the dry sand,
Absorbed by the white noise outside
Of the secret world.

You drown
In a flood of emotion so turbulent,
Like the wild horses of the sea
Kicking up the shoal,
Tearing the blood-red reef to shreds,
As it passes so wistfully
Away from your fingertips.

A stretch of black mud
Stained with the rubies of lost love,
Of dear friends,
Of fallen foes,
No distinguishing dead or alive,
Because living is long past.

Clicking against the machine,
Your nails stuck in the trap
When you sidestep the trigger,
And you weep;
It's not the pain in your hand,
But the ache in your heart.

Your ribs like a weight in your chest,
Their clothes like the world on your back,
A thousand words unread,
A million unsaid,
An infinity of stars falling unto the tome,
That forms the eternal tomb.

Lest we forget.
(c) Crestfall
Mike O 6d
It is time for me to go, I, myself have decided
To leave behind the world I've known
and to depart from it
But if in my absence you remember how I left
I would ask that you cast aside the memory of me
To never remember and to forever forget


Your departed friend
The way one leaves can in turn tarnish the memory others have of them completely. It may rest easier on that individual if they were to be forgotten entirely.
(Thoughts from the past :))
I was taken hostage
By my own mind
Till I lost it
Use to be blood In my veins
Now my heart pumps Pain
My Soul was a source of peace
Now it's a lost piece of me
Each breath gets heavier
It's an increasing burden
Without any barrier
I am handcuffed to myself
Lost the key
Now, I'm no where
And If you do care
Remember me
I may return someday
It comes in whispers

Like sleepy murmurs

Warm, like sunshine on your skin

Non-invasive, but persuasive

And then your savage imagination

Demands an audience

Suppos-ed standard storylines

Implanted from a distance

First unit on the scene

Says 'close it up tight'

But by now I know better

No more 'fight or flight'

And the wind kicks up the leaves

And the oceans go wild

As I roll up my sleeves

and release the mind

In my purple velvet fields

I'll roll on the fresh, cut grass

And then I think I'll scream

And shatter what once was...
We have lived many lives. Every time the present seeming so hard.
Amanda Nov 5
I cannot stand who I've become
Cannot stand my own reflection
This person I view in the mirror
With no grasp of time or direction

Expectation destroying tender brain
Watching it chase thoughts around
Want to corrall the wayward beasts
To some corner to never be found

Time keeps doing *****
Throwing me place to place
I attempt to assert dominance
It responds by quickening pace

Fearing not the days passing
But my use of how many given
Not for lack of trying you see
I work hard but most days aren't worth living

My arms too weak to carry this load
My dreams too disobedient
Walls are whispering to eachother
Starting to question my sanity and sense

I cannot see my image clearly
Behold no beauty in my eyes
Pacing through flaws as I please
Every night escape with highs

Struggling to remember who I was before
Lost important parts of my soul
Wish I had done things differently
I'd sacrifice all I own to again be whole
I look at myself in the mirror and can't help but think I'm the worst version of myself I could possibly be
CautiousRain Nov 4
I can recall now
That night we were cuddled up so near
And you asked me if I could remember
The night you first kissed me.

I sorrowfully replied I could only see haze
And that despite it all,
I still loved you;
My only reference
Was my old poetry,
Documenting much of my life for so long,
My sacred crutch,
The only description I could use
To pretend I still recollected.

I see through the splotchy memories
Much easier now than I used to,
But you had gone and soured every last one
As soon as I could finally remember.

What a dastardly fellow you are,
Stealing the memories I worked so hard to regain,
Soiling them with your presence;
I’m not sure being able to see them
Was ever worth it.
my rambles continue, as per the usual scheduled programming
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