den 1d
no matter
how hard
i try to forget

no matter
who i
try to love

no matter
what i
try to do

no matter
what time
it is

no matter
where my
feet are

no matter
who i
am with

no matter
what happens
in this lifetime

my heart
always belonged
to you

it never
stopped beating
for you

no matter
what you're doing,
where you are,
who you're with,
always remember

i love you
to the moon
and back
even more than
you'd ever know

and if
this lifetime
is not enough,
i'd be
more than willing
to spend
the rest of forever
with you

i love you
and that's all
that matters to me
smc 3d
I can't let you--
I WON'T let you
Run your fingers through my mind
I won't allow your voice
To dance to the beat
Of my heart.
Your smile cannot brighten
The dark corners of my mind.
I have grown callous to the memories
Of us, every day, as best friends.
The steam from the countless showers we shared
Will not seep into the cracks of my composure.
I saw your picture today,
And I did not cry when the familiarity of the You I once knew
Struck me in the face
And splashed into my stomach.
I'm growing
Without you.
I won't allow you to break me
Absent 2d
Those star-stricken skies that once watched
our world now begin to flicker away as
my skin begin to age, my eyes find more to see
and I realise that I have grown old enough
to miss something from the past .

There were once
grassy plains that stretched across the land and grasped the edges of the sky,
wooden fences that I waited upon for neighbouring friends,
and flowers that mixed with weeds but still looked content;
those visions are ones that cannot be seen.

I remember
the relief of jumping in large lakes on a hot summers day,
the times were I would inhale the mellow dewdrops after a storm,
the blissful sinning of drinking from my father's glass bottle;
I remember those times but they are fragmented with cracks
lining the center of its core.

The sounds
of baby birds weeping for their mother's warmth,
of crickets chirping at the burning sun,
of children whose words had grins;
those sounds are a distant memory that I wish
had remain fresh in my mind but are only a collection of
wilted, quiet, languished noises occurring in silence.

I often question
how the city lights block my stars that shine through its own darkness,
how machines have become friendlier than the people here,
how the winding roads never end at one place but now conjoin with each-other,
how the pavement plants can only grow between flaws of concrete;
the town I once grew up is nothing like this city.
the sight I only recognise, the one that has never changes,
is the bottom of the beer bottle;
but it's more bitter than I remember.

Everything is different but at least I have working hours.
But in those lonely times like these,
I'll miss those country roads.
The roads that once ended to show rolling hills
with the sun glowing underneath creamy clouds
and the scent of happiness blooming from flowers.
Amanda 6d
I am afraid one day you will forget
Memories I'll always remember the most
I am not convinced you loved as much as me
Scared of becoming a faded ghost

Can't be sure of anything anymore
Not words you said now or then
One problem was that I always cared more
A fact you deny again and again

Nothing hurts more than thought
All that valuable time wasted
Too much unreciprocated love
Some days think about how you tasted

I watched our story play out like a movie
Know all too well this is the end
Always be haunted by memories I used to love
You don't deserve it, yet I miss you being my friend

Couldn't pour half my heart into life
Because you broke it with no concern for my tears
I was fucked up so I held on
You dragged me behind you for years

I imagine you will get over me soon enough
I will disappear from your mind, then your heart
Will never let your memory fade from within
I'll love shared past no matter how long we've been apart
I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughter would make me cry
A W 6d
At only 18 years old;
He was a Jack of all trades

Had the passion of blazing flames.
The free-spirited heart of a dove.
Debating skills that reached high above.
Athletic gifts that even the most talented could adore.
A witty personality that was hard to ignore.
Smatter than most I've ever known.
Reckless with a charm that was hard to condone.
Courage that surpassed the bravest.
Achieved the highest, and came back the greatest.
Friendly as if he had all the love to give.
Always smiling,
leaving everyone breathless.

Conner binded a small community together before and after his departure.  

He may not be here with us to pray, but he can be here to guide us along the way.
No doubt in my mind is Conner going to give up so easilly.  
If his legacy stays, so will he.
He was a blessing to everyone who had the pleasure of having them in his life. Mary and Wendy, the most caring guardians of my friend who passed away two weeks after graduation in a terrible car accident that was devestating. He told someone he wanted to be remembred for something, I hope this surfices ❤ July 9th, 2018
Sehar Bajwa Jul 10
I remember him smelling of strawberries and cream, like an unexpected breeze on a winter day.
I remember her pulling him away.

I remember my gaze searing into his eyes, willing him to come back.

I remember him down on his knees, rose clutched in one hand.
It wilted soon, I remember that too.

I remember crying buckets and rivers, begging him to stay.

I built a bridge to get over it. Too weak to stand my pain.
it collapsed.

I remember the laughs and kisses that day.
I saw them looking at each other in a painfully familiar way.
(I caught a glimpse before I ran away)
I remembered
I remember
remember those days
days of bright sun
and the days that
were as if in an oven

when the blood ran down my cheeks
when the blood came from my eyes
when the hands were daggers
and every day was soaked
revenge and anger
taken from a huge artistic talent

I remembered
I remember those doors
those beds of salami and hay
I remember those needles and those spiders
those terrible guys
who cut off my head
and then threw me into the water
eternally dying and eternally drowning

I remember
I remember

Aa Harvey Jul 6

Lasting memories are formed alongside each teardrop;
Although the tear hits the ground and shatters,
The memory is never really gone.
Cling onto those memories, like they are all that you have got;
Because the next time you are grieving,
They will help you to once more become strong.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Bella Jul 4
I don't have any pretty song floating around in my head like leftovers from my child
but I have Reno

when I was a baby
my momma told me son
Now always be a good boy
and don't ever play with guns
but I shot a man in Reno
just to watch him die
now when I hear that whistle blowing
I hang my head and cry

now when I was a baby
my mama told me son
now always be a good boy
and don't ever play with guns
but I shot a man in Reno
just to watch him die
now when I hear that whistle blowing
I hang my head and cry

and I do
I Cry
and I Cry
my tears they take me back to a Time when my daddy sang even when I didn't want him to
My tears they take me back to a Time when everything was peachy
and I didn't have a single worry
I was so free
and I wrote of those x with every new year
I wrote of crying
tears and memories they come together
wrapped in a bow
I wrote a song
several years ago I sang

"so dad,
if it's not too much
won't you sing a song
for me
Take out your guitar
I just want to hear your melody"

and I Cry
and I Cry
and the tears take me back
to every song we ever sang
every word or hum mumbled through my lips with eyes closed
deep in the music
like it was the only thing on my mind
every song my dad ever played
strumming his guitar like a harp
and I Cry
and I Cry
and the tears take me back
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