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When I remember you
I think of footsteps in the hall
The sound of cutlery on glass
And the way you'd answer calls
When I remember you
I think of your coffee cup
Your filthy silver car
And your short sleeve button ups
When I remember you
I see your eyes crease when you smile
The redness of your cheeks
Your weekly coordinated style
When I remember you
I think of what could have been
If we had another chance
Would we walk away again?
Hannah 31m
As I look in the mirror, what do I see?
A beautiful person looking right back at me.
Staring softly into my eyes,
wondering ever so much about how time flies.
Every night I'm thinking about you,
as I stare out my window at the view.
Those days in the past will always be treasured,
but were sadly too short to even be measured.
I'm looking back on all the good times,
remembering all that I have seen with my own two eyes.
Darling, remind me when it was when you began questioning your voice,
When silence became comfortable.
Remind me when it was that you turned the lights off,
Closed the curtains,
Hid your tears and locked your heart in the basement?

Remind me when it was that you began questioning your worth?
When others began holding your sense of self and validation in your hands;
when they turned around, closed the door and took your identity with them.

Darling, remind me when it was that you forgot that you are the Sun?
You are the rumbling thunder and you are the lightning that opens up and lights the sky on fire.

Remind me when it was that you rolled over in your bed and pulled the covers up over your face.
When you thought that darkness had made a home out of you,
When was it that you thought that Love was not strong enough to push through the crack in your window and find its way to you?

When was it that you thought that you were unworthy of being seen?

Darling, let me remind you to stare at your reflection in the mirror,
To stare at all the parts of you that feel that their worth is a question,
That love is a condition.
Let me remind you to place your hands on your heart and

That you are Love simply because you are here.
Your ability to access this love is your birthright,
Your right to love is inherent.

Let me remind you that you are wrapped within the wings of the earth.
You are eternally held.

For now, know that the world longs to hear your voice, you are ready to share.
The world longs to see your light,
Believe me when I tell you it’s spectacular to see you shine.
Wrex 3d
Ah, what a sight to see!
With the bright sun in the distance
Chirps of the bugs and bees
To forget the reason for our distance

A walk to end all walks
Till I see the dawn wake
As I reminisce that box
That always made you quake

Longing to dream as you could dream
Not to remember and a night to forget
To forget that pitched scream
And the tumble of your chess set

All I can do is wait for my day
And continue to live carefree
Walking into the next Friday
Living in a shattered reality
I remember in fifth grade
Being shoved to the ground
I recall that empty feeling
But I also echo getting up
Having a sad smile displayed
Every time I was downed
It was just me annealing
With each time I stood up
I always slowly walked away
No matter the foul play
I haven't thought back to any old memories in quite some time,
I just tried so hard to forget this life of mine.
Cynthia 5d
Remember when you once thought you had lost it all?
Remember when you thought you would never see the sunrise or the rainbow?
Remember when you ran so fast,
Running away from fear,
Running away from love and
Running away from everyone who hurt you?
While running, you forgot that you were strong.

When you feel like running away remember that
You have been here before,
You have relived those thoughts before, and you have survived,
Do not quit when Life gets rough
Keep running,
Keep showing up where you are needed, where you are loved and appreciated.

Running can be tiring, and one day, you will realize that as you arrive at the finish line, you will need to slow down.

The finish line is just ahead, be filled with joy.
Keep your eyes fixed on the Pioneer and Perfecter of your Faith.
Glances of a golden glow
Face raised up
and layers thrown
Childlike fun
Mid May rays
its warmth absolved

Cindered slow and tender
Scarlet tones rendered red
The invisible hand slaps
with a silent clap

No spite or bite just light
Remember this tightness
Dangers unknown grown
Charred from above
upon those below
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Zack Ripley May 17
It's not the end of the world.
It's not even the end of the day.
Just because the sky is gray
Doesn't mean the sun can't come out
As if to say "it's okay."
Remember. We see the world in color.
If you don't like the ones you see,
Just close your eyes and breathe.
Please don't give up, and I promise you'll see it's not the end.
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