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The exhale of relief
for some that's at the end of the day
when curled up in bed, and the day is ending
if you're lucky you have one moment of piece
and you exhale out all the stress
all the ******* and feel calm
I have yet to have that relief
I'm constantly a mess
Each breath I try to feel that peace
Instead I breath out anxiety
And am still worried for the next day
If you are lucky to have that exhale
Remember it, Its what will keep you going
Then next time you get lost.
Eric 4d
My life has drowned out
All I see are blurs
As time stood
My mind proceeds with flashes
I feel wet eye lashes.
I saw so much from the look In Helen's eyes  everything she thought about me

all the love I could see that she held In her heart for me by the look In her beautiful eyes those blue eyes

I shall never get over those eyes that said so much more than any words ever could say just by a look from her beautiful blue eyes

It was the twenty years ago the first time I looked In her eyes blue eyes that told me I'd won she would become my
Remember the first time I saw
Helen beautiful blue eyes and
I fell In love with her
Latifah 6d
Every time I’m on my own,
Every time I’m left alone,
Fighting waves of memories,
They start to drown me,
As I fail to reach back to reality.
the sun and the moon,
shines through a different time
always try to chase each other
and never giving up.

the sun and the moon,
a sad love story,
one surrounded by white clouds
one surrounded by shining stars.

the sun and the moon,
have always been in love,
but they know they can't meet
so they put their promise
and say "always remember me".
it's a love poetry about a black girl and a white guy, everyone couldn't accept their relationship,so they ended their love just because of people's voice.
And I live everyday of my life
with my exhausted soul,
Which is waiting for a magic
to happen with her.
Releasing her from such burning fire,
Making her full of strength
that can make her able to
forgive herself for all those
times she tries to remember him..
Remember him in vain..
The pain will start to lessen
On its own,
When she will take a breath
So light as her soul.
if you remember me
remember me curled up in your duvet watching you play guitar
remember my hair caught in your mouth and the way we'd laugh in between kisses
remember our firsts and how wonderful they were we couldn’t help but come back for seconds and thirds
remember how the parts of me and the parts of you kept getting tangled in each other
how when we walked away we were both left trying to separate the two
remember me and I hope it's easier to breathe knowing the kind of love this world has to offer

if this is what the wrong love feels like can you imagine us when we find the right
Steve Page Jan 15
Forgotton memories stomped in like strangers at a funeral, uninvited and unwanted, smiling like they belonged, but no one recognised their songs. As they talked, as they drank and sang, as they told their stories they became more strangely familiar. We found their smiles infectious despite our resistance and started to recognise some of their tunes at their insistence. Faint but familiar laughter echoed from fathoms below and slowly our mourning began to losen its wet hold. Our sadness became tinged with a happiness long forgotton and scenes from years long gone rose from the bottom of our dark well of emotion, lifting our faces to the surface, giving us a glimpse of a greater hope and clearer purpose, to tell our stories, with laughs and tears finding an uncomfortable coexistence as we danced and shared this messy remembrance.
Grief is a messy business.
Wolf Dec 2018
I donned a suit of warmth
And dove into my memories
They swirled around my body
Teasing scars I left behind
But what once scraped my soul, past love
Won't hurt the same again
Taken softer, just a heartbeat
Like a storybook for me

A laugh
A grin
A hand
A kiss
Something to treasure, not to fear
For learning
For growing
Even for showing
In my heart, all held dear

I smiled as they carried me away
Letting them flourish, it gave me breath
For I knew a reader stood close by
In case I ever dove too deep
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