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Talking to myself,
With a glass of whisky sour
If only love was a cake,
That I'd thoroughly devour
Hard to get off the
intentional high
In a world of unending emotions,
All I know is a melancholic sigh
Quiet uninhibited, this feeling of trance
All I needed is one last dance
Yet here I am
Hopping some brews,
If I fall in love again
I'm sure it'll make the news
The regular life
Now seen as an aberration
Of what used to be,
When we used to hold hands
With the whole world at our feet,
Just like the sky won't stop turning blue
Rest assured darling
I'll always remember you.
Well, never say never.
Tyler Aug 27
A drip of color,
In a forgotten black space.
Stain or memory?
can i tell you a secret?
some days,
when the sky is at its darkest hue
and the clouds are a light gray-blue
and i write poetry.
it's all about you.
Andy Chunn Jul 14
Nobody knows I have it
But I know it’s still there
Your earring in my pocket
Let’s me pretend you care

You left it just the other night
I found it on the floor
Your earring in my pocket
Gives me hope that there is more

It’s just a little thing
It’s not part of the plan
With your earring in my pocket
For a moment I’m your man

I dream we love each other
And that we’ll always be
Together until the end of time
You say you’ll be with me

Nobody knows I have it
No one would understand
With your earring in my pocket
In my heart - I am your man
Co-write with Gail Brown
Rasha Joie C Jul 8
How do I stop liking you?
How do I stop talking to you?
How do I stop caring about you?
How do I stop longing for you?
Maybe, just maybe...
I'll learn how to dance on my own.
Maybe, just maybe...
I'll forget about your face and voice.
Maybe, just maybe...
I'll just remember those days when I was happy with you.
Maybe, just maybe...
I'll learn to let you go.
Tinder link from Turkey
Mark Wanless Jul 1
i remember where
i came from with joy for those
who are there this now
Tony Tweedy Jun 27
Through mist of mind the thoughts again come lurking out of haze,
a time once given to a true love, giving rise to many blessed days.
Before a heart was torn and severed from my body's very soul,
a time where all of me was contented and felt complete and whole.

Seeming so long ago the memory yet not distant or younger past,
fates promise of true happiness, seemingly written in the di as cast.
Soft words yet still haunt me, once again tears run from my eyes,
as mind recalls the horror moment when heart learned all was lies.

Forever scared and left as broken, shards of who I was before,
no trust in love or hope, so never being able to be something more.
I cannot forsake the memories nor can I choose to hold them back,
for they always start at true love felt before launching a fatal attack.

The memory of that love I lost and the echo of mind "was it real?",
a soul will not let go that there was truth in how "true love" did feel.
So to keep the joy of love once known and how it should be still,
I have need for the memories that invade to hurt me at their will.
It still hurts..... always will
Allesha Eman Jun 21
What becomes of these fleeting reunions?
Do they wash away with the sea salted sand
and becomes fragments of a conversation once had
Do they transform into the sugar in your coffee,
or the honey in your tea,
and compel you to never forget about me?
Or do they live in this rustling wind
that picks fights with your consciousness
and leaves you in a state of rumination
between the present and the past?
MJL Jun 4
Dead people on my walls
Each moment framed
It’s so depressing
Looking at them
Almost there

Penny for a replay
Love to all I’ve shared time.
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