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Ken Pepiton Sep 17
Lift. Lofty wish to see,
good smoke.
Man, this is really going out on a limb, fruit flies
wise, look at us how nothing we are,
if you happened,
if you occurred on earth,
where mountains stand wind watch,
and catch fat clouds in old frozen winter passed.

Passing fantacy, as children, fit story's told
to rain and wind and fire, older now than we imagine,
but… yes, that is so, we make nothing we imagine,

we create by recreational efforting, you may imagine
a pleasant interchange, exchanging
as we exude true wonder, worth the effort, looking
farther than our minds can hold as mine, we own this.

As soon as owning taps the child's will to claim more,
than the knowing - awe state,
and the knowing of the cost, to first willingness,
and the doing,
the climb, each upward efforting will, paid, in full.
Septembers collect in new ways, when we use our Assisted Intelligence,
to fish in thoughts so long forgot we find ourselves uncovering old waters
azumiya Aug 12
And just like that another man leaves.

Help me remember who I was before I met him.

Help me remember the times I tried to leave but couldn't.

Help me remember that I have myself and that I am myself.

That I don't need any other man to complete me.

Help me remember who I was before all of the chaos.

Before the anger
Before the fall
Before everything went black

And Darling, you are my greatest downfall

A fall from the highest of heights.

A fall that I couldn't recover from.

A fall that I couldn't stop crying whenever I remember.

The fall after Eve ate the fruit in the Garden of Eden.

Baby, you are the greatest sin that I've ever made.

No, it isn't what you think
No, I don't want ***
I just want you
With me

You and me together
But Heaven forbid that we could be together

That after a short period of happiness, you gave me doubts and fear and anxiety and trust issues and...


All these issues came back
Just like that
You brought me in the 10 years back

Help me Lord, help me remember how good it felt when I tasted the sweetest of Heavens

When I was in Your midst
When I was in listening to Your beautiful voice
When I was looking into Your glory

But I fell

And when lost myself in the darkness, I couldn't move

I couldn't stand
I couldn't kneel

I am trying
I am trying

I am trying to remember all the things You have taught me
I am trying to remember all the good things You have showed me all these hurts
I am trying to remember all

Just please
Lord help me remember who You are before the fall
To the 2nd Man I Loved.
ky Jul 29
I think about us sometimes.
But we don't get to me
like we used to.

Don't get me wrong—
I still feel the same as I did before.
But all those feelings are
distant now.
They're fading.

Whenever I try to remember us,
all the good and the bad
blend in my mind.

The individual memories can't be separated
because they're so far away from their inception.

I don't know you.
I barely know myself
Megan Parson Jul 18
We were drunk
He choked me
We couldn't remember
I stayed

I loved
He left
I remembered
I was silent
He would've died
From the guilt

I blocked him
He's my ex
I've forgiven
Not forgotten

I remember,
But I cry
no longer.
From an ominous night in April. When you realise the one you loved the most, was always the villian ©️ Megan Parson 2023
Be all my sins remembered,
Like all of our sins before.

The sins of my flawed father,
That I, the eldest daughter bore

Be all my sins remembered
Rather than all of my good deeds

My sins are signs of my humanity
They’re signs of my shameless needs

Be all my sins remembered
Let her name forever be twined with mine

I have tasted heaven on earth
I am hers to the end of the line
It's been awhile
ky Jul 7
Driving down the freeway
underneath the dark night sky.

Thinking about it all.
Tears falling from my eye.

Starring out the window
at the reflection in the mirror.

Remembering the times
when it all seemed so much
Nat Lipstadt Jul 7
“I will always remember you”

raise you hand if honesty
yet lives inside your muscle
memory of brain, of heart,
there is no one here who hasn’t
uttered them fool lying words

with difficulty we struggle to up
raise faces and places, moments
and images no longer mirrored
within the frontmost places of
our recollection, that searing then,
itself scorched, lichen+moss covered,
our greatest pains, pleasures sworn
allegiances to these razored inflection
points, now scoured by rusty hazes,
and we wonder what has become
of us, what we valued so to savor
as forever memories, their names
gray lady shrouded, and there is
no internet site to aid in self-recovery,
for our selfish selves have been altered,
time, new loves, guilt and other stuff
intersect with mind’s eyes and no mas-
more synapses paths instant linkages

I know you will vociferously argue but
it is almost physical, our shame at losing
them and ourselves, in the morass that
time digs daily deeper for what grieves
us is that losing as the end rushes to close
our story, makes us pick up pen and finger
scratch as best we can inside the lines on
our faces that are/had proofs, witnesses,
that once, we were there at the places,
whose names are no longer mapped any

where, so deep, no archivist’s submersible dare
fathom those fathom’s darkest we would need
to explore without the possibility that we
might implode if we sunk so far to rip apart sea
forests we knowingly, secret-planted to coverup
her memory, the words spoken, the oaths
and promises, we swore, for instance, simply
by saying, “I will always remember you”

p.s. and my self-shaming so great, that my
asking for forgiveness is buried so fast, it
may, not ever been real, just another fiction

Jul  6th, 8:36 AM,
inspired by one of those poems by r.
After all those tornado thoughts
My mind felt brainwashed
I forgot your intentions were pure
You tried
You wanted
To me my person,
I wanted to be yours
But I got lost in the chaos
In the rubble and dust I stood
Tangled in the past
I forgot you were on my side
I just wanted to make us last
I just wanted to see you shine
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