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TICK.TICK..TICK...TICK….time is ticking ,
TICK.TICK..TICK...TICK….life is ticking ,
Life' eternal clock is ticking away .
The agony of our forefathers rising high like the sun ,
while the tears of the innocent,
cry out for vengeance ,
The tears of the widows are crying for love.
Listen,our fathers are talking about yesterday ,
How they lived their lives, but we have today.
To Honour the souls of our fallen brothers ,
The youthful,talking about the future.
,Living with high hopes to see the light before the END consumes us.
Remember sundown and the giving away to night.
Remember your birth,
how your mother struggled to give you form and breath.
You are evidence of her life, and her mother’s, and hers.
Remember your father.
He is your life, also.
Remember the earth whose skin you are:
red earth, black earth, yellow earth, white earth
brown earth, we are earth.
Remember the plants, trees, animal life who all have
tribes, their families, their histories, too.

time to live , and time to die
I still remember every piece.
Every detail of your body,
Every touch,
Every memory,
Every kiss,
Every smell,
Every sound,
Every. feeling.
I could recall them all if I wished,
But all I have really come to know
Is that I will never forget you.
And I miss being in love
so much.

Because I loved knowing every color of your eyes and skin and hair,
Every curve of every muscle,
Every lock of your hair,
Every mischievous smile,
Every strain of your voice in a song.
I knew it all.
I just wish I could love it again like I did.
I'd forgotten here
That the most beautiful place in the world is round

That the future I see beyond the horizon Is now
Above this place
My hometown

I'd forgotten here
But I remember now
Staring at that purple sunset. Looking back at me.
Take me back,
To the time when I was just an innocent kid,
Life was simpler ,Dreams in eyes and pure by heart,
Careless , free spirited, and all I needed was to play and eat chocolates.

Take me back ,
To the time I saw her first at school.
Simple and sweet like an angel ,
fair like milk, love her short silky hairs,
Still remember her smiling in that red skirt.

Take me back ,
To the college farewell night ,
When I was drunk on top of the world,
When i proposed her and she became mine.

Take me back ,
To the time when we were together,
When you were mine,
I wasn't alone,
when I wasn't afraid to love.
I'm writing this just cause I wanted to see that title again.
I'm going to be fucking alone, but I already was.
I think I was hoping to get amnesia so I wouldn't remember the things that changed our relationship forever.
Angie S 5d
i am saving words.
i find them in dusty corners,
old words piling up over the years,
and i collect them in my hands.
i look under books i wore from use,
between scribbled annotations in their pages.
in my journal i find words
i thought about a lot,
and sometimes, i find words in the spaces
that i thought about too much.
i search in the bathroom sink,
where they get caught in the drain,
and i work up a sweat to pull them out.
i search in places i used to go
just to remember again,
i am saving those words.
some of them i meant for my friends.
a few look like they were
for people a bit closer than friends.
most of them are for myself,
and i am saving those words for myself.
i am saving them to remember
the life i've lived thus far.
i dug up those words i wrote for you so long ago.
i put them in a vase and set them on my desk.
Underneath the moonlight you’d sit
Somewhere where roses would be
Just so you could smell them at night
And in some other corner of the world
I sat surrounded by the sea
Of your wave like memories
Soaked like petals in pouring rain
I’m dreaming of blossoming
And taking away your pain
L 6d
all those little moments
meant the world to me
were nothing for you
and I know
you don't miss me
the way I miss you
Blessed I’ve been with God.
But I’m stuck in the winds.
How much for your soul.
Come pay for your sins.
Nowadays I can’t trust;
It seems so hard to win.
I don’t want to lose myself amongst these mortal men.

Been in the streets fighting temptations.
Running from my problems and complications.
I’m so moody now that I’m off my medications.
But now I’m focused with dedications.

Stuck in all my flaws.
Smoking, got no wind.
Summers over, now it’s cold.
Lost so many friends.
Nowadays I can’t trust;
And I cannot pretend.
If I ever lose my health, I’ll self destruct again.

Been in the streets fighting temptations.
Running from my problems and complications.
I’m so moody now that I’m off my medications.
But now I’m focused with anticipations and dedications.
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