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We don't just study
To pass the exams
We study
Because we want to learn.

Studying lasts for years.
Learning lasts a lifetime.
Study the appearance of a person. Years later, you might forget how he or she looks like. Try to learn about that person, because what you learned, you can never forget.
Bongani 1d
Remember me
I used to be amber that was me
December came to him not me
I didn't resemble him but me
Remember me
Physical not spiritual me
I believe you can see me
The real me
As i close my eyes i will be free
When you remember me.
Remember me
oh LCD night! the incandescent yesterday
is burning to the touch--
my cathode-ray tube dreams, once switched off,
leave a film of electricty that leaves a shock on your finger
whenever you touch the doorknob.

the streetlights turn off when i step under them
and only when i look to them they glow.
i must have passed by this light a thousand times
and not once did i stop and think of it as anything
but a dim, yellowed, moth-ridden reminder
of the departed souls of roadkill

how many secrets are hidden beneath this concrete?
how much bubbling rage does gravel conceal?
Jay M 5d
Tempted so
Just a drop
A little hint
A moment to flee these things
Colliding in my mind
Leaving nothing untouched

Just a second
Just a time
For one such as I
To unwind
To come clean
Then all that hear
To forget
And just love
Despite ones failure
Despite ones mistakes
Despite ones awful thoughts
To understand
To empathize
With open-mindedness
And acceptance
Beyond what can be placed into words

One slip up
One mistake
But there are one too many
Overtaking the brain
Spewing rage from each
Onto the cause
Making all worse
Slowly killing one
Until it is no more.

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
Greg Jones Oct 6
And we looked at the summer for the last time
In the twilight of our youth.
And we spoke to the summer for the last time
In the highlight of our truth.
And it was real but we never knew.

You needed emotions for the first time,
It reflected in your eyes.
I hid my emotions for the first time,
As it echoed through my lies.
And it was real but we never knew.
We never knew it.

When you can see who you could be,
Maybe we’ll meet again.
When I forget all my regrets.
Maybe we’ll meet again.
Akvpoems Oct 5
I've always loved the sunset
Just as I've always loved the day we first met

It could have been nicer
If we would be able to spend time with each other
I would not mind if the universe conspires
To make us cross our paths again and make me feel blazingly, once again inspired
Nicole Oct 4
Of insecurities hang
As drapes around
The room of my heart,
Heavy and suffocating.
And yet there is a housekeeper
In the early morning
Who is pesky and uptight,
Dusting them off
And opening the curtains
To dance even on
Gloomy days."
Jamie Sep 26
Stuck in a daze,
By what caught my gaze.
Like coming out of a haze,
Or some sort of phase.

Can't believe what I see,
The way it feels to me.
Wondering how this can be,
This feeling of glee.

How could I have gone,
So long,
It feels wrong,
But I feel like I belong.

Here in this moment,
Something feels potent.
I can't explain,
So many feelings remain.

Seeing you once more,
Walking through the door.
My heart aches,
Twisted by the hand of fates.

This moment I've dreamed of,
Like a sign from above.
I tremble and shake,
For the first time I'm awake...
That moment they walk in, and take you completely by surprise.
. . . Better . . .
Is it something real?
Because I don't feel it
It's a word repeated so many times in a row that it has lost its meaning
. . .
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