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I am
not a well man,
not a madman,
nor a bad man.

But how else could I repent
without a sin to confess.
alexis Oct 7
with your sin stained touch,
unholy scriptures,
and whispered prayers
falling from your wicked tongue,
sometimes i wonder if we’re
truly of the ******,
disgraced in the eyes of the lord,
or if the lord revels in our unholiness
7 octobre 2020
13:03 pm
alexis Oct 1
A faint moment of serenity,
kisses that stain hands in worship,
of feathers light bliss,
using sinful touch as words,
singing praises and gospels
almost missing your wicked smile
1 octobre 2020
8:59 am
Cross Boundry Sep 23
What really count when it comes down to it
Because we've all been a sinner before
Dana Aug 25
My shadow tiptoes beside me
Shes with me everyday
Sometimes i embrace her
Other times i wish her away
But today is a day i need her
So will she come and play?

A fire that makes me feel alive
Adrenaline rush,
my worries subside
Her courage,
my crutch
When im out of touch
Moving me,
whirlwind in the dust
A dark figure,
Who wears many hats
A curious lady,
A circus acrobat -
a street smart magician
When i finally snap
Patiently waiting,
a midnight snack
When I'm full of rage,
She hands me the bat.
a ventriloquist on stage,
Who tells me what to say
A gardener she digs,
As she hums come what may
And i know i shouldn't..
But I listen anyway.

A seamstress by day
Warrior at night
suiting me with armour
Preparing me to fight
My shadow......the dark
A doctor with the cure
to my broken heart

A beacon of reckoning,
Asking me to grow colder,
my shadow self -
The sinner on my shoulder.
Side note: been struggling with this one for a month bc it is choppy but take it as it is. Imperfect like we are
The Most High in Heaven
Seventy times seven
Times has forgiven
This sinner who should 
In twain be riven,
For the LORD is good.
Dani Jul 15
The moon rises high in the sky
To the light of day we say goodbye
As the sun goes away
The wolf comes out to play
The man goes away
And the wolf comes out to play
A ***** of flesh it desires
A primal instinct it requires
It runs with the wind
On a hunt for those who have sinned
To eat their hearts full of mud
It's mouth dripping with dark red blood
Sharp teeth and ragged fur
Protection you cannot procure
To the light of day we say goodbye
As the moon rises high in the sky
The form of man goes away
So the wolf can come out to play
Inspired by my daughter playing with her step dad on an amazing adventure!!
A sword beaten by steel hammers and forged in the fire. The arrow thats pulled back before it is sent into the whiles. A collection of hardship and reprove to understand a time.

Where as demons and angels influence all but stagger a man's walk on a thin wire.
A breathe of resiliance and stubborn heart thats entitled to what He think's he deserves until He knows the truth and his speech is soured.

Egregious revalation to what he has done. He has offended the Creator. He has crucified His son. A confession is made and the war is won but the battle for submission is nearly but one.

A sanctification is initiated and a process is begun. This man's action's and word's are revealed by the sun.
The work that takes place is a tedious and time consuming one but the man's character is revealed to himself and to everyone.

He stuggles to find himself and align himself in the will of God. He yearn's for purpose and does'nt see that each moment is purpose that each exchange matter's. Everything is considered in everything he does.

God enables his obediance when God is often sought. This man comes to find that more often it is not. It is a miracle and blessing he has made it this far. More mercy has been offered than one might oblige. More forgiveness and patience. It is a miracle this man has not died.

Our protagonist finally makes it to the frontline. Where he is not perfect but God's will is pursued. This man speak's out and into open air. Where devils and vipers gather like moths to a flare. They come one by one. Collecting like froth on a stagnant bank. They come to hear this man speak but they're heart's are anything but blank.

His words shoot like arrow's never missing thier mark. He uses The Word as a sword slashing every falsehood, piercing every heart.

He continues through the day into evening's dark. There is but one that stayed. There is but one man among them that get's a new start. So the cycle is transfered but the job is not done. The wars is won but the battle is not just one.

A journey of a man from sinner to priesthood. 2 cycle's broken and 2 cycles created.
Do what thou wilt
A rule we're taught
A rule that carries us
Please, ignore the nosebleed
Just proceed and do not worry
We're among the elite, dead inside
And we'll do anything, anything at all
To feel complete
After all, who cares who we hurt
If it fills our needs

Prayers sent out
Never answered
Where's your savior?
He got sodomized, victimized
Then hung himself
What a surprise

Yahweh hanging from a tree? hurray!
Let's have a grand party and sacrifice the sheep
We'll dance, laugh, sing, and watch as they bleed
The dark is a curse we all have, a curse we all need
So let us rejoice, embrace the sensation
And awaken the beast tonight
That'll surely make our father happy.
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Tompson Jun 9
We’re ****** in the chains of the past
Walking souls trying to find the way back
Stuck there
In this vivid dream
In this cycle of broken sins
The biblical story, can’t you not see  
Found peace among the ******
Among the ****
Words cocking up on the spoon
Thoughts breaking loose
The flames reminded me that I was just a kid
When you let him touch me
Inhale the smoke
Mainline it
to forget that your heart is broke
Once somebody told me
I’ll burn my veins
The words burn the pages
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