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Mae Jan 12
Her sadness has overpowered her soul,
Her soul that was once a sky full of stars,
Became a sky full of scars.

Tired, Tired of hoping and everything
Couldn't sleep without begging,
Begging for redemption,
Because her soul was full of temptation.

"Sorry, I won't do it again"
That was her favorite line.
I couldn't bare listening at her all night,
Decided to knock at her door this time.

'Sorry, I am a sinner'.
A letter that she left at her desk,
Shocked of what I saw,
at that time I can feel her sorrow.

Her soul was full of sorrow,
Her heart was full of sadness,
That memory is hunting me again,
I'm sorry, I was too late to save you.
XslyfoxX Jan 2
I'm so sick of never changing
No matter how much I pray.
This thorn in my side
never goes away.

God forgive me.

I'm so hollow.
There's nothing I can hold on to.
There's nothing inside keeping be together.
It's a bitter pill to swallow.

spit me from your mouth.
I'm the water that never quenches thirst.
Stitch my palms together,
but crucify me first.

God forgive me.

Force me to pray.
Force my lungs to scream Your name.
Force my heart to boil blood
and push the **** away from me.

I'm every broken promise
wrapped tightly inside skin.
I'm the embodiment of each and every
unforgiven sin.

Tear the flesh from my bones,
***** away all my grave clothes.
A white-washed tomb of my design
is my dark and lonely home.

God forgive me.
God forgive me.
Lovely Dec 2018
Beautiful silence.
Beautiful pain.
We're only human.
We're meant to dream.
Lost in a life full of mistakes.
We do what feels right.
Then fall with no grace.
Chased by the sun.
Escaping flatlines.
Dreams are a curse.
Wake up, you're alive.
I'm a sinner.
I'm a tainted saint.
I'm a savior.
It's all the same.
We're all broken, it's fate.
It's the way that we're made.
All the pieces are there.
They just aren't in their place.
So I struggle to stand.
But don't ask for a hand.
My pride tells me no.
You're better alone.
I'm uncomfortably numb.
As I stuff what I've found.
And I start to shut down.
Freeze in front of a crowd.
It's what I don't say.
I don't love the same.
I don't hate in any way.
Closing my mouth and turning my face.
But it's no way to live.
To have nothing to give.
Consuming the doubt.
Not letting them in.
But I'm not here to win.
I'm here to survive but I'm already dead.
So I picked up my head.
Slowly fading from the misery.
I've accepted who I'm supposed to be.
I've accepted who I'm supposed to see.
Lady in the mirror.
Everyday I'm getting a bit older.
And every time I break I get stronger.
Max Dec 2018
Rather be a sinner
A saint.
While the sinner
Always wins

Sometimes it feels like bad people get the best things, and then wonder why the **** nice people don't get those things..
Alvira Perdita Dec 2018
i am a wooden cross
with a young girl strapped to
my chest. she is crying, i can
feel the fear, her desperation , running
through her body, thrashing as
she tries to break free of the bonds.

'are you a witch?' they ask her,
the crowd standing in front is
staring at her, waiting on her
next words. she weakly denies but
they are angered and feel defied.

at the bottom of my body, beneath
her feet, lies kindle and they touch
a burning torch to the loose straw and
immediately it flares up into flames,
beginning to burn my base.

the girl screams out, she doesn't deserve this,
she never wanted any of this. 'witch, witch' the
crowd chants as the fire crawls up my structure.

i can feel her fear as she tries to break free, the fear
grips my soul and there is nothing that i can do
but to hold her in place as she burns for crimes
that she did not commit.
i still have questions of my own.
EllieMoon Dec 2018
I’m a sinner

I loved
I lived
I ******
I kissed
I cried
I lied
I prayed
I died

Still got no demons in my mind...
Lenchen Nov 2018
I have been burnt at stake
like a witch on trial.
The cloying smoke would always cut off my cries for help.

I have been dragged through ****
like a sinner brought to justice.
The demons know me by name.

I have been thrown into the earth’s core
like a ****** sacrificed.
The heat of the beast below whipping at my back.

And in all my fiery encounters,
I always knew with certainty,
that the flames will see me die.

But when I sit at your fireplace,
it’s like I’ve never known fire at all.
juliet Nov 2018
【i am the sinner.
          i am the liar in you

                                           i am the seer】
misha Sep 2018
you make
me feel
like a sinner
loving you
is like
in love
with the
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