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Kassan Jahmal Mar 27
Behind the clouds, the sun still shines,
Behind the pains, my sunshine still shines.

Just give it time, the clouds will go away,
Just give it time, it's going to be okay.

Be the sunshine, you always are today.
Kassan Jahmal Dec 2021
Easy to say, "I'm okay"
when asked how you're doing today.

So strange...

Knowing we hide tragedies behind
such a simple phrase,
For the sake of some kind of
happiness they can praise.

But hey...

Maybe I'm okay...
The tone I should use is;
          I'm okay?
Elizabeth Kelly Sep 2021
“I think there’s something wrong with you and that’s okay,” she sings with all her heart
and strums the guitar with my pick.
I’m in charge of the chords,
holding the guitar so
she can reach it where she sits.
We dream it up together, but
I phone it in
I admit.

A, D, E - 1, 4, 5 -
arbitrarily chose.
She keeps it alive with her prose
Just 5 years old
A poet with her eyes closed.

You can be anything you want to be, and that’s okay as long as you’re happy.

Like she knows
The greatest longings of the whole of humanity,

Like she’s peered into the depths of the vast ocean of broken hearts,
And know this is the best place to start…

Like it’s easy.

“It’s okay”, she sings with closed eyes,
and strums the guitar in musical bliss.

And it is. For that moment. For a heartbeat.

It is.
Hannah Jul 2021
How many social media breaks will you take
until you’re okay
you’re okay
you’re okay
Left To Rot May 2021
I'm okay, I'm okay, yes, I'm okay
and even if I wasn't that's still what I'd say.
With my blood dripping down I'm okay,
if you see me breakdown, just trust me when I say:
I'm okay.
Willow SR Apr 2021
   You okay,"
  They ask. "Of
Course," I always
reply. And never once
has a single living being
ever taken the time. To call
out my blatant lies. Until
today. And suddenly
the tears fall
lila Apr 2021
the sun is still sleeping
but I am not
I lie awake
having just returned
from the land of dreams

my skin is cool
for now, my monsters are silent
just maybe
today will be a good day
~ I think I need to learn poetry forms and rhyme. anyways, random poem. today might just turn out okay :) ~
They say
It's okay not to be okay
But do they really mean it

It is okay
Madison Apr 2021
I remember that night like yesterday.
When I was on top of the world until I wasn't Suddenly I was brought back unto the bathroom floor.
I rolled over, closed my eyes, and passed out
I remember thinking
"Maybe I was meant to die alone"
I accepted it as I floated out of my head
And for the first time,
everything felt okay
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