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Flashing back to the day when i was hated
Stray me was stranded
I did nothing but everything's just graded
Innocent me was cheated
Some mistakes have been banded
Anger won't be melted
Sweetner brought a bitter at taste
All i want is being faded
Shout out to universe,  wish it would be granted
I'm totally fine,
Totally feeling
The disease you don't believe in

You say everthing has its season,
But my mind, it isn't healing!

Your 'training' leaves me tired
Pain makes me uninspired
Unless by you it's fired
From life, just might retire
Z 1d
Mister Clown, mister Funny
Mister Always has some money
Why aren’t you joking today
Mister i’m always okay
i’m okay, okay

On my tiptoes like it’s ballet
It’s second best we call that Park Place
and i’m blue, blue, blue
Ya know me well i’m mister cliché
Trade my years for smokes and ashtrays
Time just flew, flew, flew
Here’s some candles, it’s happy birthday
Here’s some camels, TGI Friday
TGI Jesus, TGI Nietzsche
it’s NTK it’s TLA, that’s AKA
It’s subtlety and puppetry,
it’s how you got the best of me
you pull the ground from under me
for me to fall and i just do, do, do

Mister Clown, mister Funny
Mister Always has some money
Why aren’t you joking today
Mister i’m always okay
i’m okay, okay
You all have a little bit of
"I want to save the world", in you
I just want you to know
That it's okay if you only save one person
And it's okay if that person
Is you
saffronne Feb 7
Kids these days
are so confused.
When is it okay
to be themselves?
When is it okay
to love oneself?
Is it ever okay
to not trust yourself?
Because we don’t feel okay
being ourselves.
Stay sad Feb 6
It's like we Can't breathe
But completely okay
No, we don't care
Because it matters
What if i don't have a devil on my shoulder
What if i am the devil on my shoulder myself
Wanting to be the one
To speak her name as mine
I found my angel
But she has not found me yet.
She'll never
I hope
allure Feb 3
Once a little girl
with chocolate eyes
full of bright determination
and so full of tries
opportunities taken from the left and the right
she had so much delight
"You are so bright"
"You'll go far"
"C'mon girl, you know you're a star"
but sometimes you get taken by surprise
and all of a sudden
problems begin to arise
out of nowhere you can't seem to get out of bed
you can't sleep at night due to thoughts in your head
your mind starts to race
like a horse on the track
but instead of running forward
this ones running back
so fast you can't catch him
you're fate's looking grim
your cup was once filled up to the brim
now running on empty
but cannot give up
because soon, my love
you will grow up
almost too fast
but one day
you'll see
you'll be able to say
take that, world,
I am me.
and I am okay.

This is a poem about Mental Health, coming from a personal perspective.
Remember, it always gets better. Things take time, and everything happens for a reason. When one door closes, another opens. You just need to find your door!
Sonia Jan 14
"I'm okay", I say
As I secretly die inside

Okay is a word
That I now use
To describe every single one
Of my emotions

"I'm okay", I say
Even though
On the inside
ONLY on the inside
I am hurting
My heart is broken to pieces
And I feel
Like there's no chance left
For me to get over this

"I'm okay", I say
But on the inside
I'm bursting of joy
My heart is back
Like how it was once
Now it's whole once again
Because I met someone new
And even though it's gonna be broken soon
I wanna enjoy the moment
"I'm okay" is a lie we all tell
sky Jan 30
The spell you have on me
is so powerful
Your name need be mentioned once
and I feel as if everything will be okay
i’ve drowned in sorrow regularly
as if you couldn’t tell from the saltwater tracks running down my cheeks
or the gasps of air that i pull into my lungs before the suffocating starts again
but i’ve suffered
my personality is secretly drenched from sorrow
every grandiose display of life is soaked in tears
and yet
i still say that i’m okay
because i am
and i will be
because i will learn to lie on my back
admire the thunderstorms raging around me
and just float
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