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Hannah Jul 7
How many social media breaks will you take
until you’re okay
you’re okay
you’re okay
Left To Rot May 11
I'm okay, I'm okay, yes, I'm okay
and even if I wasn't that's still what I'd say.
With my blood dripping down I'm okay,
if you see me breakdown, just trust me when I say:
I'm okay.
Willow SR Apr 27
   You okay,"
  They ask. "Of
Course," I always
reply. And never once
has a single living being
ever taken the time. To call
out my blatant lies. Until
today. And suddenly
the tears fall
Lila Apr 26
the sun is still sleeping
but I am not
I lie awake
having just returned
from the land of dreams

my skin is cool
for now, my monsters are silent
just maybe
today will be a good day
~ I think I need to learn poetry forms and rhyme. anyways, random poem. today might just turn out okay :) ~
They say
It's okay not to be okay
But do they really mean it

It is okay
Madison Apr 11
I remember that night like yesterday.
When I was on top of the world until I wasn't Suddenly I was brought back unto the bathroom floor.
I rolled over, closed my eyes, and passed out
I remember thinking
"Maybe I was meant to die alone"
I accepted it as I floated out of my head
And for the first time,
everything felt okay
Black and white
Night and day
It's gonna be fine they say
I start to believe their lies
Thinking I'll be okay
And in a way
To my very surprise
They are not lies anymore
Natalie Mar 22
Today is a good day.
It’s better than the rest.
I don’t have all the stress
Hanging over me
Like I did yesterday.

I feel good today.
I feel better than the rest.
I don’t have depression
Lingering around me
Like I did yesterday.

I have had a good day.
Everything about this day
Has been better than all the rest.
Again, I don’t have all the stress,
I don’t feel as depressed
Like I did yesterday.

Today I finally feel okay.
M Solav Mar 19
Are you alright?
Seems like your
Keeps flickering.
Written on March 18th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
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