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Staying up late til the light comes back
Thinking of things I should’ve kept in the past
I wish my mind and eyes could finally match
My brain feels dark, wish my sight was black
If I over drink, I over think, I wanna sink
Submerge me so my body feels equal
And once again, it never ends, all my zen
Used to be ten but now it’s zero and dull
Annie Sep 30
Sometimes love and hate are hard to differentiate.
They both give me sensory overload,
Even when there is nothing to
When there is nothing to
Silence can turn into screaming when I think about you.
I am bound to go deaf.
i hate a good love, and i love a good hate
“It’s fine,” they say.
It is not.
“You're okay now, and that’s all that matters,right?”
It is not.
You are not.
Nothing is okay.
And it might never be again.
Hannah Sep 21
I beg
For you to see
That I don't know how to be
Amanda Sep 12
I do not want to be alone
Where I struggle on my own
Saying I am okay to anyone who asks
Looking down so no one sees past my mask
Not like anyone actually cares anyways
Lalima Yadav Aug 30
I won't stay forever
My ways lead to a place
That lies
Somewhere in the hills
Or may be, in the lonely woods.
Don't wait for me,
Don't fall for me,
Waste no time on me, please.
I may look like a daydream
But within me, I am a complete mess.
Even if you try hard
Or I try my best,
I won't stay forever
Cause I am afraid too much
To love someone
Someone like you!
. .
Waking up one day,
And realising that you are gone
Is my biggest nightmare
I'm not ready to lose anyone more
For I have already lost
Almost everything I had.
. .
Therefore, let me go
Somewhere in the hills
Or may be, in the lonely woods!
Isabella Aug 17
Why can’t I seize the day
Tomorrow feels so far
I know I’ll blink it away
Then one more will start
Each one is quite a headache
Like they always are
Oh why can’t I just be okay?
It shouldn't be this hard...
so many people have it far worse than i do, so why can’t i just be okay?
Mei Aug 15
It's okay to cry alone
For some reasons why
It's okay to smile
You don't need to tell why
It's okay to miss someone
Because to miss someone
Doesn't happen once
It happens over and over
It's okay if it happens again.
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 11
she said to him
Delete your emotions and move ahead in life

love is nothing
He said to her
This is my heart not an app to uninstall programme

if you want to forget its your choice
if i want to remember its my choice
Just a short line come on my mind.i write it on page.
That is based on true story.
Thanks for reading.
k e i Aug 8
the hamper’s starting to spill, week-old clothes pooling on the floor. the sink’s in need of getting drained, rotten food debris floating in mucky dishwater. dried leaves await to be picked out from the plants by the kitchen window. parcels are left unopened by the porch. notifications simultaneously ping as i turn on my phone, urgent messages left unreplied.

the room’s ever bathed in the dark, light unable to filter through as twilight starts, time i’d remain unaware of had my alarm not gone off. i’ve gotten by with chips for three days now, the 1L soda bottle nearly empty. a week ago i was supposed to start working on a project due two days from now i’ve gotten so far as mapping out a concept but i’m still looking for the will to tick off step one;
the will to get up, make the bed, put on clothes that aren’t rumpled or three-day-old like these jeans that i still have on.

i try to give myself another one of my “TEDtalks”, a rundown analyzation of things to go through how i’ve arrived to this colossally sinking feeling. but all that my mouth can coherently gather are year-long sighs. the teddybears propped by the corner of my bed, their black beaded eyes seem to hold more life, their stitched smiles actually formed with meaning. my blanket rests by the corner all wrinkled but here i am, sharing one with the dull melancholy dwelling in each heartbeat, babying it. i should brush it off but it clings, like the remnants of stickers you’ve placed on your first ever guitar that remains up to this day.

three days ago i was doing fine, not duly elated like a holiday’s thrill but i was able to joke around, go out, fulfill plans, cope with what the day throws, go home, satisfyingly crack my knuckles at the end of the night. now all the plans have stopped being sublime, “what’s even the point?” the only thing i can offer when they make themselves known.

this isn’t new, sliding in its way effortlessly into routine from time to time but each time it occurs i still get stupefied. like a sailor going down a shipwreck’s trail yet all i do is fling my lifevest off the faraway shore. like trying to find the lightswitch in my bedroom even when there are no lightbulbs installed. like some modus operandi where they hypnotise you and i find myself caught in a trance unable to break free even though i’m well aware of that sort of scheme firsthand.

i catch myself staring at the blackholes growing out from fissures in the walls. it turns into a staring contest dragging on for i don’t know, hours. i don’t know how long truly as clock work becomes fast-paced, mechanical, submerged in space.

alas, the aftermath dawns on in the early hours, ensuing the breakage of a curse years’-worth; i step out, unused to the halo of light. dewdrops form on orchid trees as the city fervently sleeps. the fog has miraculously lifted. relief follows through.
this was inspired by the song daylily by movements
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