Ysabel 3h
It won't pay your bills
It won't pay your debt
It won't pay your dream wedding
But it can fill you whole.
Hats off to all the artists who keep on creating masterpiece!
An unknown artist's
unfinished masterpiece.
Hangs on an easel,
in a cold private room.

Waiting on the next
brush stroke.
Resting on the time
passing by.

The unknown artist's
muse has gone missing,
waiting on her call.
In his cold private room.

Waiting on her next
words spoken.
The phone still quiet
in his lonely hand.
em>Her craziness dripped, soaking
Creativity, they yearned for her
Yet the speckled paintings
And graphite-works of art
Poems of broken hearts
And leaked-verses peaked
At the girl's twisted reality
They aspired
A plastic

The last line is like, people want things that a person may kill to give up. I don't see my poetry, or creativity as "talent." it's a way to help me, but I hurt to much for it, you know? I love art, but I'd also love to give up pain, even if that meant this "talent" all feedback is welcome
Nonoe 1d
And it all finally made sense
Why they had tried so hard to take down her fence
And get rid of her defense

Because once she stopped running
She could finally begin overcoming
The demons inside her that had been oh so cunning

All the crying, and internal dying
Finally distant memories
Gone for more than centuries
Making room for her delivery
With the help of A familiar strangers chivalry

In this moment she knew
It was time for her breakthrough

And so the, oh so trouble child
And her emotions reconciled
And then she wiped her tears and smiled
I whip my brush like a sword,
Splash the red ink like blood it can afford.
We are all born a blank canvas,
Might as well stare at the horrendous carcass.

It is when I start to run wild and free,
Cross the deepest, widest sea,
Just to find the things I seek,
And take it all until it leak.

So gather up and fix your gear,
For the ride is foggy and unclear.
You might not want to meet your fear,
It is only a matter of creation, my dear.
Slate layered lines continually re-laid
In search of the familiar in between the fibers  
Only to find something unexpected
Unplanned or undesired in its final breath
Struggling to capture the essence of both art has loved
Stroke by stroke they create what can’t be found over Payne’s Grey
@LadyofRavenhill 2018
i was like a piece of art
mysterious but meaningless
but once you knew my background—
you changed

i was a scene of still life
motionless but had meaning
many flaws and it hurts
but it melted my heart when you said—

“is everything ok?”

you referring to my flaws
and imperfect life

“let me know if i can do anything to help”

Nobody has cared for me like that
i want to say thank you,
but paintings can’t talk :)
I swam the sea
Manmade fish with rubber fins and glass eyes
It wasn’t difficult to breath
Quite the contrary
I witnessed wonders of man & mother
Bejewelled sealife amongst statues of stone
Sunken artistry, seaplanes and Poseidon
A lady of rock, the Ocean Atlas
Holding up the sky from beneath the waves.
The Bahama Mama casting a gentle eye over her domain
Tomorrow maybe more.
Went snorkelling amongst the statues of Clifton heritage park. Followed By rum on jaws beach.
Nonoe 2d
What do I do with this blank space
I always have something to say
But today that's not the case

What do I do with empty page
Maybe I can use it to get out of this cage
Maybe I can use it to escape this rage

What shall I do with this unwritten story
Maybe I can write words that will help them speak of my glory
Maybe my words will go down in  herstory

What do I do with this bare canvas
Maybe it can bring joy and stop me from being anxious
And maybe it will get rid of all this worldly madness

What do I do on this earth that's not my home
Acquire a defiant syndrome
Or stay hidden under a dome
Forever alone?

The day of my freedom, clearly unknown
First Poem in a Collection titled Finding My Fading Self
Crescent white in the sky
No voice, no sound
Neither the prayer
Once I tried to whistle,
When nothing is something
Knowing darkness has ears
Art is a voice of reason
Imagine infinite mysteries,
A version of reality
Resolute endeavor
To a speech therapist
Genre: Abstract
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
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