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Poetry is art, poetry is
to 'create'.

To be a 'poet', is to live as
an artist, a creator.
my pencil strokes are visible
my paint is cracking away,
from the day i was created
pain is all i could portray;
im my own little art form
either words or art attire,
yet, no matter the brush im using
im a masterpiece i cant admire
Art is a dart
that you aim at someone’s heart
and if you reach it vibes will start:
joy, sorrow or, maybe just a ****.
Then you'll feel a little bit smart
and think: well, this is art!
Brumous 7d
Harold Coffin once said that,
"Envy is the art of counting of other
people's blessing instead of your own"

No wonder I am not a masterpiece,
and only a white canvas.
Oh Poem
May you be as radiant
As the sun
Live long and prosper
Be the beacon of my existence

Tell somebody that there was
Somebody who was me
With this body
With this collage of emotions
With this pattern of Love lives

May you be read by somebody,
Anybody with the fever
The fever of solitude
The fever of authenticity

Oh Poem
May you find campsites
With firewood and streams
As you go along the forest
Of human existence

Have the courage
That I do not have
To kiss potential lovers
To drive to the mountains

Grow up
Let go of me forever
You are lovelier
than your creator
And more so stronger
Rain falls from
our cheeks,
Pages of memories
are burnt
inside fate's tower.
Life is a Hydra.
We often shed tears over struggles and losses of loved ones. I dedicate this to all seeking for another day in paradise
Michelle Rose Feb 23
Be an artist
Look how you want
Get out of your heart
Breathe a little
Do what you want
Become something
Help when you can
Or don’t
Do what you believe is best
At your core
In your heart
forget all the rest
Just thoughts
Swan Songs Feb 19
Old man
I wrote a song for you, old man
I wrote a song for you
You wouldn’t care for it though, old man
It’s a selfish song
That you’ve heard before

Young child
I wrote a song for you, young child
I wrote a song for you
You couldn’t care for it though, young child
It’s a sad old song
That goes on too long

Lost love
I wrote a song for you, lost love
I wrote a song for you
You shouldn’t care for it though, my love
The words are not my own
And the tune I stole

Last night
I wrote a poem by candlelight
And every word was right
Then I set the page alight
And with smoke in my eyes
I erased it from my mind
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