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Leah Ward May 22
The main theme of this poem is um, triumph
So uh the secondary theme of this poem is defeat?
How could that be? Is that even what a poem is?
Is my life a song? Is this the ******* chorus?

Something crawls up from the drain through the ***** dishes and out of the sink. It grips me! It’s got me!

[This is the part I want to hide]

I saw a man so beautiful
Rarely is there ever a beautiful man--
a man so beautiful you want to kneel
and scream “You’re so beautiful!”
But instead I’ll worship him in the ways he insists:
by stepping aside on the sidewalk,
by laughing at the jokes he steals from me,
by squandering the money he pays me to do his job.

Is my life a song? Is this the ******* chorus?

It took me three to four years to learn
the difference between worshiping and begging,
between faith and belief
And now I have neither and engage in both and yet
My life feels like a free coffee and bagel
My life feels like an unwrapped candy bar
My life feels like a compliment from a stranger
My life feels like a birthday card with cash in it
Is my life a song? Is this the ******* chorus?

This is my once-yearly poem.
It’s like a broken perfume bottle at the bottom of my bag.
Look at it-- read it. Smell it.  Literal swill.  Most things make me feel sad, even more things make me feel threatened, especially this poem.
What is there to do but put my head in my hands?
What is there to say if not sorry?
Ali Nov 2021
why is it so easy
to break beautiful things?
to **** a bird in seconds
that took millennia to sing

i cradled that glass
i held on for dear life
and all in an instant
it slipped before my eyes

broken glass on the floor
funny how the shards sparkle
only boasting their magic
after their downfall

can't handle much more
this feeling is awful
every moment so tragic
can't get enough though

your heart and mine
evolving from nothing
since the beginning of time
shattered in seconds
cause I said the wrong line

it's funny how fragile
god made beautiful things
it's pretty ******* tragic
some birds never learn to sing

What if you are "her"?

The only thing that matters,
is the Love that you take, in.
This time,  don't run..
    but stay  here
    In whatever form  

    that you,  choose
    to reveal yourself  from within.

In misunderstanding,  you've been hurt.
And in blatant disregard  for all things
but the truth,

I have dispensed
that hurt.

Promise to stay, this time
    and I'll promise  
    to ask  you how you are.

Stay this time.


This week dragged past me so slowly
The days fell on their knees
Maybe I'll take something to help me
Hope someone takes after me

I guess there's always
some change in the weather
This time I know we could get it together
If I did casually mention tonight
That would be crazy tonight

Stay - that's what I meant to say
Or do something,
but what I never say
is  stay this time,
I really meant to so bad,
this time
'Cause you can never really tell
When somebody
wants something  you want too

Heart wrecker, heart wrecker,
make me delight
Life is so vague
when it brings someone new
This time tomorrow I'll know what to do

I know it's happened to you

Stay - that's what I meant to say
Or do something,

But what I never say,
is  stay this time,
(I really meant to so bad,
this time)

'Cause you can never really tell

When somebody
wants something  you want too..
Julia Celine Aug 2021
Cornflower blue covered capsules
They turn the axles now
I know that you’d be scared too
If you surfed a furrowed brow

I could love the rain more if
I wasn’t made of wooden bones
And I would love me more if
I didn’t have such a fragile soul
She didn't always receive what she deserved.
But she understood that not everyone was the same.
She kept her distance a lot of the time, always watchful but not always careful.

Protect yourself and your dignity at all times.
But she was the kind, to not always listen to advice in time.

She gave out honour to just everyone around her, she encountered.
But she was careless when it came to herself.

She was the type to take it all in...
Absorbed the wrong energy from the ones that surrounded her.

She read them like a book, she said to herself.
But the words they recited to her, didn't always mean the same things that she comprehended.

She kept building walls up, to defend her fragility.
But allowed the wrong ones to tear them down brick by brick.

But she still refused to avoid her beliefs, she still gave out honour even if it was the last thing she did.
Maja Oct 2020
There are different kinds of fragility
One that bends,
And one that breaks

Step on a flower,
It withers

Step on a bomb
It explodes
Be careful with both,
a bomb may be dressed as a flower,
but you won't know until it has blown
basil Sep 2020
writing poems in the notes app
on a cracked iphone 5 that doesn't have a sim card
well past the moons rise into the sky
thinking about leaving this
dry, cracking, miserable town because i'm done
aching for rain

there's too much of you and i here
and i'll never forgive myself
for folding all those paper lotus flowers for you on valentine's day
i now know the dangers of
putting so much of yourself into something so fragile

i hate homework
Sally A Bayan Sep 2020

It comes anytime,
like a blowing breeze,
tenderly caressing,
it creeps in, and
softens the toughened,
this breeze of fragility
makes ****** tissues

some days,
a playful little girl
steers a paper boat
on a big basin of water,

plays with dogs...watching
spiders weaving webs, perching
birds and butterflies, pretending
they are dwarf friends...while
munching a red, crisp apple, like
snow white.....playful, sleepy,

on an undaunted mood,
wonder woman determinedly
crosses her gauntlet-wrapped protect loved ones
and in so doing, makes possible
the impossible,
come hell or high water

some days, a blend of all three
occurs, but, the child and the brave,
try to rule over the,
every an adventure...


©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
August 26, 2020
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