Audora 8h

We find peace in the sun
and the belief of being young.

I light a candle to show you the way,
But I've forgotten the way...
Behind dark clouds and aching trees
The path is hidden from me.
I creep behind bushes made of flourescent leaves
Stalking, so closely, the Meadows
As they dance and laugh so happily in their glee;
Prancing with their nimble bodies,
Weaving themselves in and out of the darkness of the forest.
Oh, sweet nymph of the path I have taken,
Show me the light that I have forgotten;
Lead me to the feeling of remeberance again.

© Shane Leigh
I often times find myself lost but manage to find forgotten things in the process.  Enjoy (:
Sid 3d

Just maybe the stars used this navy blanket as their catharsis;
did you think that your uncaring hands on my face
my arms
my torso
was the same?
Because the stars had a
and the night sky was more soundproof than these walls-
though you didn't seem too concerned;
lashing words out like slaps
or was it the other way around?
(connecting the dots
with unscarred patches of skin left is easier said than done;
you made me hate the colour violet anyways.)
Fast forward to a few light years
where the same swings I'd enjoyed during my childhood
repurposed itself
as the rope I'd temporarily worn like a necklace;
(they weren't supposed to be that tight anyways
and silly me hadn't kicked the chair away far enough.)
Dazed eyes and mind all muddled up taking in my new surroundings-
unmarred white with my hands secured to the small bed;
hadn't I been so disoriented
I might've noticed that familiar shadow hurriedly slip from my room
just as the monitor
The night I died
the stars shone on;
I'd like to believe their way of release
was easier than mine.
// there has to be more than this //

With all of the Pain,
With all of the wars,
With all of the struggles,
With all that makes my world crashing down,
Today I find strength in the burning bush God.

Oh but a haze.....

A fog, a blow
Oh but a weariness.......

Oh but a fallacy. A curse.
Unless embraced, unless held with care.

The haze can confuse,
Lose you....
The haze, is hanging angel, a shining curse.
If torment will come -- you can allow it to.
If the haze is taken slowly, it can caress you.

There is nothing but freedom and madness.
There is nothing but darkness and pure light.

At the harbor, the docks shake and anchor.
But out at sea there is nothing to guide you.....

And the haze can be the meaning you put.
The winds will blow the direction you gear.
And the haze can be nothing but a story you tell it.

Dreams of misty forests
Keep me walking in my sleep
Searching for the answers
I find only with my feet

Songs of old religions
Sultry scent of old perfumes
Strange fires burn within me
I dance to their ancient tune

Memories and voices
Echoing through my mind
The truth is far stranger
Than any fantasy I may find

Dreams of dancing figures
Haunting every step I take
These songs will keep on singing
Until I am awake

Greetings my Beauties! Thought this would be proper for the time of year, so enjoy and Happy Samhain! :)
mystichoney Oct 7

The moon slips ink
down your throat and you keep choking
on the lies you tell
to keep yourself safe.
I have an adventure for you
and it starts at the top of your personality
and ends at your lifeline:
seek your heartbeat, find your faith.

Spin silk threads trough the labyrint that binds me,
Over, under,
around and beside me...
and in the end

Come find me

Elin Roberts Sep 30

we were embers of the night
weeping sparks to satisfy our lust for warmth
our scripture remained on flame-imprinted hearts
where it should've stayed for an eternity, but you found a new start

that is what i thought this was
a beginning to an end
or so it appears
an end to a beginning

and i'm unsure of what to do.
my lips... it seems they've forgotten how to smile
my mind, it is a blank canvas
and i want to be taken back to a life of happiness

these forgotten feelings awaken something in me
an unknown being
hidden in the shadows
a stranger to loves warm touch

it wasn't always like this though
there was a time when hope wasn't a dream
a time where this was better than it seems
a time when happiness wasn't a fleeting whim


now it seems reality isn't real
my soul cries for emotion
yet my head doesn't seem to care
a familiar friend to depressions lasting touch

and i've honestly never felt so lonely when i'm alone
i need a friend
i need a shoulder on which to cry
but no one provides

and so i shall retreat back to solitude
back to a place where no one can see
back to a place where i can be sad little me
and that is where i shall stay

until someone finds me
whilst i try to find myself.

i'm rather trashed but at least i tried

Cuando buscamos el amor
nos cortamos al correr,
nos matamos a besos
o morimos por celos.

Cuando buscamos el amor
en las cajas de cereal,
subimos felices al cielo,
caemos juntos,
nos levantamos juntos,
nos lanzamos a lo desconocido,
nos perdemos en el mar de gente.

Cuando el amor por fin aparece
viene de adentro
y lo seguimos buscando
que el amor
siempre estuvo
con uno mismo.

I find the love in my old notebook
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