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Fay Kim 4h
There's a place I wish I knew, a place I sometimes crave, not to run away or hide

But to stay.  

I don't know where what or who this place is but I picture it to have my innocence, my confidence, and youth.

Something I feel I lost long ago.

I imagine it to be as warm as spring in mid-day with the fragrance of a childhood smiles, grass stains, the damp of dirt from the rain while a projector plays my best memories on the big screen.  

You know

the ones we forget.

I want to go there because lately, I don't want to be here.

I can blame it on the cold mornings or the lecture notes pending in my laptop.  
I can say I'm tired of molding every inch of me into the couch or I'm sore from breaking every part of me, and you'll blame it on something childish, ask me what I want - what I want to do - where I want to go.

And my mind will echo with this place I don't know.
Blue 3d
Beneath my skin
In between my nose
You are a sin
Chaos chose

where do I go
when I lose my mind
tell me where to find
because I don't know home
Sadness needs no invitation
no open house
or big party
sadness shows up on your doorstep
whenever it chooses
4am on a snowy night
or 3pm on a sunny day
It has no reason or rhyme sometimes
It just seeks you out
and decides to crash on your couch
an unwelcome guest, sadness is
often overstaying any welcome given

You can move homes
You can run away
but sadness is quite the detective
even in the best hiding spots
it will eventually seek you out
and invite itself back into your life
The sound of wind fill in the air,
Going outside away from busy town,
And all you could heard the breeze a cold air,
Sound of water stream,
The sky space fill with all the brightest stars,
It feel like the night city but without all the noise,

When people ask for advice how to calm,
Find yourself in silents earth,
Where there only mother nature speaks.
And calms shall found you.
So I been out for 3 days out of busy city to do something important at my university. We going out
maybe if I find
deep thoughts in small words
they won’t get lost
I fear that people will find my poetry,
and learn what I have not.
What I have not learned.
pagi tadi aku duduk depan pintu
dengan kaos oblong warna merah jambu
rambut kusut terkucir satu

lalu lewatlah ibu-ibu
sambil bersolek ia menyapaku
"Nduk, pamali duduk depan pintu"

aku mengernyit tak tahu
saat kutanya kenapa begitu
dengan enteng ia jawab,
jodoh mu susah ketemu

lah, kok bisa begitu?
Romance is distraction -
Romance is elaborating saga,
Romance is invention,
and not at all Love's dogma.

Love is discovery -
Love is devotion,
Love is creativity,
It evolved as we evolved,

Love is center, in all kinds
in the pure and the complex,
Love expressed in all the fines
the beauty in finding is yet -

Losing oneself in the find
or finding oneself in a loss,
unset from stone your searching mind
come morning, midnight, sun rise or set -

Love will find you as much as
Love willingly let's you beget.
Maybe all this is just a nightmare
and when i wake up i will be
lying next to you.
Pyrrha Sep 28
I wonder how many people just met their soulmate right now
Because *** knows I wish I was one of them
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