Such a Powerful word
It's also a very overused word
Which causes its power to be lost

I just hope someone can find it
Kauthar Aug 5
I need help
Help surviving in a world like this
In a world were you get hurt by a single word
In a world were one decision can define the whole you
You can either be rich
You can either be poor
or you can be beautiful
maybe even ugly
But never in between
In this world one word has to define you
Never tell me that word that defines me
Ferns Jul 25
Is it not easy 
 to greet to someone
whom you never spoke
for a very long time?

Among all people,
I am the only one
you've always bypass
to talk to

I know the hindrance
why we ward off each other
just to make ourselves
escape the stigma

Curiosity gets bigger
Each time I look at you
Should I wait patiently
Or take the wheel further

One thing I could do...
All what I wanted to say,
all my thoughts about you,
are profoundly shrouded

You and me
are the only ones
to know what's in...
where people shouldn't know

A storage box
of unspoken words
a birthday bag
full of sweets

If you are reading this
do not assume
that I did them
I can find you
even in crowded situation
and I will hug you
in every prayer in the mid night
Gale L Mccoy Jul 31
find me
in the corner of the local cafe
cling fast to sanctuary
aura of creativity
illusinary productivity
idealized possibility
i would rather bury myself
in it's walls forever
than leave
Faith Jul 30
slowly crackling inside,
shattering little by little,
while I'm sitting.
but not really paying attention:
noticing but not focusing.
Khoi-San Jul 27
After thorough introspection
I found a cataclysmic difference
Of what I am
And who I needed to be with
As a cure
We can learn through polarities
In our relationships and by encompassing
Both sides we become one
Shofi Ahmed Jul 26
The truth is
it can't be created.
It can only be found.
Jo Barber Jul 26
If the work breaks your back,
then laying down shall be all the sweeter.
And if the noise deafens your ears,
then listen for what cannot be said.
If your skin grows raw from the sun,
make all your touches light and gentle.
If the food tastes of filth,
find joy instead in the fullness of your belly.
If the air is polluted with cigarettes and gas,
then plant a flower to fill your nose with sweetness.

If you find yourself alone,
just focus on finding yourself first.
If you are unable to live for yourself,
live for others.
Qwn Jul 26
Should I live or should I die?
Should I fall or try to fly?
No matter my will, my feet hit the ground,
So I bury my heart and hope it gets found.
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