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Let's create song ....

let me play  sweetheart ...  
sweet melody ...
at your *******' roses ...
to create there ...
a lovely songs ...
to sing it together ...
both ...
with a moan's fires ...
while our breathes ...
runs so fast ...
to contain ...
the deep of us ...
all our bodies ...
all the night ...
until we both ...
got crazily drunk ...
one from the other ...
until we lose power ...
to dive happily again ...
into our sweet dreams ...

hazem al ...
You undergo experience
You create experience
What's  right?
What's  wrong?
Albert Camus
Nobel laureate
At forty four young
The Stranger
The plague
You were great
No ordinary mortal
This man of literature
Monkeys vote for monkeys
Donkeys may too
Vote for monkeys
Lopsided vision
I ascribe
You cannot create experience
You must undergo it
If Albert Camus subscribed
I am here
To make it right
Experience is created
Experience is undergone
What's the use
Undergo an experience
If it's not created in your mind
You daily undergo experience
Observing, acting, interfering, acted upon
Learning, imbibing
You create experience
So experience is undergone
So experience is created
Albert Camus was wrong
Sorry, if I said it wrong!
Albert Camus was a French philosopher, a Nobel laureate. The quote: " You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.
In this poem, I have put forward my point of view. May be Albert Camus said this quote from some other point of view.
PS: If Albert Camus means, we are subjected to experience over which we have no control, no free will, then it's fatalism. We wilfully do so many things, interact with Nature, society, observe physical and mental phenomena and have experience.
Lee Aaun Mar 30
curiosity alone
can cause problems,
but when it mingles
with resilience
you create a different story
your story, you create it
My poetry
Jumble of words
Fed through
The eyes or ears
No law
No order
Chaos you may say
O' Brother
Do they carry
My random thoughts
No no
O' Brother
They're just
Sounds or figures
What thoughts
They create
In the listener
Or the reader
The listener knows
Or the reader knows
Or God knows
Some patterns
They do create
In the chaos
Jumble of words
My poetry offers
Mark Wanless Mar 17
my words meaningless
your thoughts create a new realm
and are consciousness
Ken Pepiton Feb 3
Fervency referring to effectuality as measured
by men,
I suppose. Positionally, top line.
Challenges are not all games,
all games are challenges.

That which he fears comes.
Anticipate war, teach your son to
access participation trope level
anticipatory experience
imagining dying
design a death that does not damage, eh,
no damming, no pile of useless hordes,
dammed to collect the flow
anticipating need
when need is non exist-ant.

Greedy gut.
Discussing spells with my grandsons, with an emphasis on secrecy being
a thing, in the past, but now we have Herd level AI, art intervention.
Zack Ripley Feb 1
So much time to win.
So much time to lose.
So much time to think.
So much time to choose.
So much time to love.
So much time to hate.
So much time to give.
So much time to take.
So much time to be afraid.
So much time to be brave.
So much time between
the cradle and the grave.
So much time to create.
So much time to destroy.
So much time to unapologetically
Be who you want to be.
Whether you're a girl or boy.
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