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Many colors
Earth has many colors
Earth has many mysteries
Earth has many creatures
Earth has been alive for millions of years
But what's to say Earth won't die
Earths main enemies you ask?
The only creatures that can talk
The only creatures that can drive
The only creatures that create and destroy
Humans need to stop
Humans need to change
Humans need to learn to grow
A flower would be the perfect teacher
An animal would be the perfect master to the student
I would know
I ride horses
And even though I have a human instructor
My ultimate teacher is my four legged go kart
Those who fear being misunderstood should
not get into the business of creation.
Nor should they who only want to be good.

Absolute truth is a piece of fiction.
What you create no longer belongs to you –
always subject to interpretation.

It is cathartic to create something new
even if it does not serve the purpose
you originally set out to do.

If misunderstanding makes you nervous,
remember, being understood can be worse.
NaPoWriMo Day 22
Poetry form: Terza Rima
Sleepy spot
I swept these

Out, I hear, out I feel near
Newest birth of a babe

How the joy of creation is alive
before my weeping eyes
beauty in a new born
it’s beautiful, really.
the manner which
wind creates waves
that reshape the earth
beneath the ocean.

the earth is shattering
below our feet
and we’re moving too
quickly to feel it.
stand still.
new land is forming.
Ronza Jairy Mar 17
Not feeling feeling
Cut myself out from the box of pain
Coasting through
Fixating ***** it up
Just getting by
Taking a moment with the sky
Saying hi
It’s cool to be here
Visualizing what I desire
I want more
I want so much more
Than what we had together
Taking risks to risk it
All or nothing business
We only get this moment once
Embrace each one
Even pain has purpose
The beauty that comes from it explains its worthiness
sadness should transpire into art
Utilize it
As long as we are living
Truly living
I promise to pen these bubbling words
And paint pain
To the end
I lost my former self
In the lies that you created
Flashing Bright
Inside my mind
Filling me up inside
Filling my lungs to the top
Cutting out all my air supply
Slowly suffocating, will I die?
Images in my mind
Filling me up inside
Flashing Bright
Akshi Hargoon Feb 15
We all are unique magicians

From a painter to a nurse
To a poet that writes a verse
We create it in our own way
To brighten up somebody's day

We may all not have mind blowing tricks
Though our goodness still sticks
Our efforts never go unnoticed
And we don't make use of hypnosis

We all are created for a specific use
Each with our own personal muse
We all are unique magicians
And we will fulfill our missions
We all have a little magic
Arcassin B Feb 5
By Arcassin Burnham

You can't join,
What's a man to do to get his own peace?
Mind in a place with no granders,
Living day by day with no say and no law
and no purpose,
Hope it's worth it,
Still don't wanna create a life in world
that displays its okay to cheat on your wife
and lie,
Good thing I'm one of the good ones,
Pretending not to be the hood ones.
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