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Mark Wanless Sep 18
the crickets in the
night out the window create
patterns of peace mind
he asked a question
and without waiting
for a response
drew three cards
from that divinatory deck
usually carrying as little
meaning as a tossed coin
scoffed at and swiftly ignored
this time seemed to tell
a recognisable tale
unexpected in its providence
a fortune perhaps
to favour the brave

the hanging man
with his eight swords
and his eight wands
these cards showed him
the start of a journey
not necessarily a life
turned upside-down
instead that a change
of perspective is needed
the octet of swords
unveiled his cage
of indecision
uncertainty and fear
a need to upset
the balance of the inert
a reasoning for destruction
in order to create
and those upright wands
carrying with them
such signs of movement
a willingness to decide
a commitment to progress

either that or
the pack was simply
reshuffled and dealt
again and again
until it foretold
that which needed
to be heard
I realize today
How much , I need
It's not the wants
It's the needs
Love , Family , Dreams
It's my creativity
It's painting my art
It's writing my poems
It's hugging my kids
It's being with friends
A kiss from my someone
You can make a million
buy a million things
But that is just not what
Your sadness is needing to heal
Your loneliness your desire
Your need for the social
So reach out find a friend
Find what makes you feel
Tell yourself your worth it
and give to you
Don't sit another day lost
in the lonely sad day
You can find happiness
You can have laughter
You can find appreciation
That's what I hope
I share with others
Cause I know I've been there
©Jennifer L DeLong 3/17/2023
Steve Page Feb 18
A rabbit with a pipe sits like they own their space
like there’s nothing that might move them unless they acquiesce,
like they have no better things to do than do exactly what they’re doing
and they’re doing what they do best
- contemplate the next word, the next note, the next sweep of their pen,
the next throw of the clay and the colour they have chosen to inject
into the next page, the next dye, the next stitch, beat, thread, chapter, adventure
that their maker has placed in their minds eye and it’s then that I realise
that in every moment they’re carefully holding a myriad of holy inspirations
and contemplating their ordering so that beauty may abound
so that their beautiful God may breath out yet more of the Creation.
Mark Wanless Jan 21
anger in mind is
anger in mind we create
anger is here now
Cut in half and also double,
The time I take from each perception,  Sifting through the artworks ruble-
Changes constantly, with new direction

Words which placate then befuddle
Like an instinctive, intervention.
Longingly, negating trouble,
Empirically, a resurrection.

All the while my medications
(Pills to fix the way we feel)
Unraveling fast deviation
Investing in what isn't real.

Oh Destroyer, and Creater;

The Accention & Decline-

How we Falsify & fabricate,

Then factually Define.
Sadie Grace Dec 2022
How do I accept a gift I don't deserve?
How do I accept a pardon I never earned?
With scarred hands, I reach out to the One whose pierced hands healed me
My hard heart is replaced with one that longs for Him, and I kneel before my Creator as He reveals Himself to me
I am sealed with a promise
The Spirit stamps me
and I know
that I am His

We were created to be free
but it came at the highest price
Freedom is real. Trust in Jesus.
Mark Wanless Jan 2022
there are no exits
but the ones we do create
this here is just now
Mark Wanless Jan 2022
haiku 20/11/3f

i am not teacher
you are not ignorant mind
you create meaning
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