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Mark Wanless Jan 29
there are no exits
but the ones we do create
this here is just now
Mark Wanless Jan 10
haiku 20/11/3f

i am not teacher
you are not ignorant mind
you create meaning
Mark Wanless Sep 2021
it is not me
it is the computer

i do what it tells me to
i am puppet to the master

old reality lost
we created

we control it's true
mistakes are made

not by sentient circuits
dumb humans
Mark Wanless Aug 2021
perfume created
to cover up stink and we
smell only surface
Liddi Cristol Aug 2021
The sun stays longer each day,
as I wake up to your face.

By day we create,
by night we embrace.
Elizabethanne Aug 2021
I loved him
and was thorough washing out every dark hurt of his
Twisting him into stained glass
so he would burn colours when the sun hit him
I needed people to see his beauty just as I did
turning him into a place of worship I allowed him power-
with my utter reverence
Leaving when I was done
He burdened me by saying
"he yearned for someone who shinned just as bright"
My broken heart was beating with disbelief
after spending all my love trying to fix him
Leaving myself
full of broken down doors and water logged ceilings
I think I took it too far and I have nothing-
left to gain from holding onto you
Now creating my very own stained glass body
I'll paint in the lessons of this love
for the next person who comes in
I will not make you into something larger than legend
I will not lose myself to love you
was I reckless to love you so much you became art
hazem al jaber Jul 2021
Let's create song ....

let me play  sweetheart ...  
sweet melody ...
at your *******' roses ...
to create there ...
a lovely songs ...
to sing it together ...
both ...
with a moan's fires ...
while our breathes ...
runs so fast ...
to contain ...
the deep of us ...
all our bodies ...
all the night ...
until we both ...
got crazily drunk ...
one from the other ...
until we lose power ...
to dive happily again ...
into our sweet dreams ...

hazem al ...
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