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Jack Jenkins Sep 20
Art should be disturbing to the comfortable
A comfort to the disturbed
A shape of two being one
The creator casting one half
The eye of the beholder creates the other
Unified into a single shape with infinite dimensions
Shining like a diamond
The shape of as heart
Windowed soul
Unshuttered and unfettered
A pouring of everything
Filling of empty spaces
The gap between the ribcages
The pain behind the faces
Unmasked, raw, refined, precise, agonizing
Hopeful and despairing
That is what art should be
Art is nothing more than that
Create beauty
//On art//
MayC Sep 14
how comes that
hell souds like angel
and heaven rhymes with devil
maybe there's not only one path
no mercy,
or wrath
or maybe there's only the human nature
who's just winning to lose
and forgetting not to choose.

-May Colde
"Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other."
-Eric Burdon

Only humans believe in good or evil, while there can be either bitterness or kindness that define their actions.
Mark Wanless Aug 26
one second is a time
to create a universe
inside our heads
Steve Page Jul 30
Joseph is a bit of a dreamer,
you might say a wayward thinker,
but that's not the lot
of all that's he's got: -
He's the son of the great Creator.

So dreams wake up as passions,
passions bear fruit in actions
and soon you see
what only he dreamed:
God-made-man creations.
Bumped into / hugged Joseph Landreth-Smith at New Day 2019.  An offspring of the great Creator.
bleed pain into art.

But don'y you understand
pain is not art.
They embellish pain,
to cement the heartache.
They craft darkness
hoping to enlighten.

But in the end,
agony is agony,
no matter how you express,
how you make it bleed.

Emotions from words,
on tear stained pages
captivate readers
making them believe there
is solace in darkness
and leave them forlorn to be adorned.

But their intention was not to
glamorize plan but rather to let it be
their outlet of expression,
therapy and to create.

In the end there is no substitute,
agony is agony,
grief is grief,
illness is illness
and that what it will be.
Until an old photo comes across your eyes, you will never cherish the little pieces of time that pass you by.

To experience is beauty, To live is just a waste.

My mind is full of feelings. My heart is full of feelings. There is no logic to me.

I am art. I was designed by an artist. I was first crafted in the womb. My thoughts are put on paper and become art too.

Life is art. We create moments and memories. Our art is often a photograph.

Feelings are art.

The way you decorate your home is art.

Singing the song you love is art.

We are all artists. After all, we were designed by an artist.
I've been thinking a lot about creativity, individuality, and free-spiritedness
Ikigai Poet Jul 22
You were created to
-Ikigai Poet
You're manifested to manifest :)
Ikigai Poet Jul 10
From the subtle art of annihilation, comes the existence of manifestation.
-Ikigai Poet
You will learn to create as you destroy.
Anastasia Jul 8
a white sheet of paper
to some,
to others,
an inviting canvas
sharpies lined up
in a rainbow
hand picked
and thought out
by ink-stained hands
then a line
what a miracle
the marker is
to create
with nothing
but the turn of a wrist
drag it along
with your rainbow of colors
and create
perhaps a red penciled rose
With few of blue
and thorns of green
or maybe
a cerulean sea
turquoise waves
white froth
emerald turtles
and golden sand
or possibly
a boy
with ashen hair
and icy eyes
rose petal cheeks
and baby-soft lips
something beautiful
and dreams
Wrote this on the long way back from edwardsville.
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