A fantasy of finding myself In a magical forest the deeper Into the forest I
walked the more believable the fantasy became
Finding myself eventually
stood In a clearing there a waterfall and this pretty girl sat swinging her legs dipping her feet In the water
She smiled she wasn't afraid of me didn't even seem surprised that I was there at all, she beckoned to me
sit beside
She was so pretty she handed me a brush that lay beside her, I began to brush her loverly hair beautiful and long It
It covered the Intimate part of her body for she was completely ***** but
she didn't object to my stare for the most beautiful figure she
It seemed she had total trust In me she stood taking my hand lifting me to my feet then to lead me much further Into
where she and I made beautiful love together It was a fantasy I never wanted  to leave
would have been more than happy to stay In the fantasy with that beautiful girl forget about reality wouldn't find this In real
This Is a rewrite of a previous poem I wrote,while writing this fantasy got so Involed almost felt didn't won't to
leave the forest and that pretty girl I'd made the fantasy so real
Alyssa Herndon Dec 2018
The board is there for me to ride
Wheels, trucks, and wood
Free ride or competition
Ride in at the skate park.

I’m on my own
Forget everything
No sport let me be this free.

Ride the rail
Like a knife going through butter.
Ollie a barrel
Ramp the pipe
Do all this for the joy of the ride.

Friends all partake
Compete for bragging rights.


Kick flip



Pop shove-it

And 720 Gazelle Flip  

Road rash
Broken bones
Sprains for part of the sport.

Nothing compares
To the freedom of the sport.
I love skateboarding and LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I CAN DO A "720 GAZELLE FLIP!!!!!!!!!" (Look it up on YouTube, some professionals still haven`t mastered it!!!)
Emily Jo Dec 2018
Try and try
It will never falter
My little friend will follow
From here on after
On the happy days and sad
It will never leave
As painful as it is

Its the shackles around my legs
Its the noose around my head
Its the hand that holds me back

Tell it to go away
And it’ll go stronger
Feeding off my energy
Like pop rocks and soda
Out with a pop and a fizzle
Giving in to my little friend
Its time to sleep forever
Life was good until it ends

ArC Dec 2018
In the window what do I hear
A titter tatter the rain is here
I open up the curtains
and I am blinded by the light
What did I just hear?
I check my watch, 10 at night
V liv Nov 2018
Waste of time, tears, and companionship
Creator of my joy
Destroyer of the same
Everything isn't enough
Nothing ever is
Speak of others
Using me to their advantage.
You became worse than them.
Speak of others
Being distant.
You became further than them

No more speak of others
It was you
Your intention
A plan of your own invention
To manipulate
To play
To leave
Johnny walker Nov 2018
And my days are
so lonely my
nights I rarely
Recalling all my
memories, and
of the lovely
times we
And sometimes
I breakdown In
tears, other times
memories turn to
Maybe one day I
my live again, but
fear I'm to old now
to change, can't
teach an old dog
new tricks probably
that Is true, so for now
I have my memories
and those magical moment
I shared with
Can't teach an old dog new tricks
that Is said
Daniel eason Nov 2018
Our dreamlike states whilst awake
Keys to another realm
Orbiting vibrations visible to the eye
As high up in the sky out of reach
Spiritual lesson which they teach
Under a tree or on a beach

The people come together for a session of fun
Equinox in the sun
Time stands still but goes so quick
Is it our minds just playing a trick
A poem that reminds me of a time a while  back
Chidera Abaratu Oct 2018
Thinking about it all
We come to realize that it was all nonsense
The 'love' promised by him   was just deceit and fake
He just lied to lure young and naive girls into his deadly trap
Deceiving them through fake love, lies and deception of words that don't come from the depths of his heart
But words that has already being rehearsed over and over again in his confined places, to his
He goes to some  ladies with these rehearsed words and make them fall for their tricks in order to reduce and use the ladies to nothing but their *** *****
But for ladies who know the tricks of men so well are considered as "The Wise Ones"  because they've understood the tricks of men so well that they themselves can never be tricked again by any man on earth
BlueInkDitty Oct 2018
Magic upon my hands, all pink and blue,
Getting drunk on illusion swirls and shadows,
Sparkles of future into you,
Before they leave, will you follow ?

Fall for my tricks, let my demons go wild,
May these words intoxicate you with a spell,
Jump off a cliff, walk thousand miles,
May they help you reach through my ****.

Golden blood drips from your twisted finger,
A charm of love that melted in your throat,
Bursting galaxies underwater,
And your voice suddenly taints with oat.

Fall for my mask, let my demons untame,
May these words intoxicate you with a spell,
Dive in the stream, run to the flames,
May they scatter your broken shell.
Persephone Sep 2018
Turn their fate into fear
Dabble in the arts trickery
Shout out those who shout at others
And never leave your heart with another
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