HB Aug 4
Red lipstick
Six inch heals
Black leather boots
And a dress made to reveal

Stood waiting
Day but mainly night
Waiting for her next trick
Watching for slowing headlights

She slips into his car
Pleasantries quickly over
Money received
Time for her to takeover

She barely registers his face
Just a quick profile taken
Middle aged, clean and married
Time for him to become awaken

She unzips his pants
And wipes him clean
He's soon standing to her attention
As her mouth works like a machine

Her mind wanders
Two more tricks
Then her rent covered
As she mixes in long licks

Time to finish him off
Her mouth moves into overdrive
Nails know just where to probe
As his saltyness arrives

It hits the back of her throat
The taste as familiar as a shot of tequila
Out back on the street
Fuck the rent as she looks for her dealer
Emirate city
A district filled with lies and deceit
Home of fabrics and silk
Blessed with honey and milk
Where a man controls it all; like it's his compound
Where he rules like a god with the power-bound

Emirate city
Where liveth handsome and pretty
But their greed and pride; I pity.
Where kids are raised
To raise mace against their race
As long as there's cash; the guilty’d beat the case
And the innocent will die in prison jail

Emirate city
A big city with the view of a family house
Where ma'am sell their dignity for bread and blouse
Where real man are those who could puff-in weed
Just to get em high to fulfil their mission of greed
Where those who wear hijab are criticised
And the half-naked are tagged as civilised

Emirate city
Where graduates walk around the streets
Looking for handy job to get his belly feed
His certificate may not grant him a policy
Why? Because he is not involve in politics

Emirate city
Enormity district
Fortress of lies and deceit
Where man sees lies as truth
Where being upright is rude
Where Money is man's only desire
Home for only those who pledge allegiance to their sire

Emirate city
Where men of God has turn to ritualist
And the politicians and religious leaders are much of spiritualist
Where black coal burns to black ash
Where horse rides on man's back
Where the head controls man's heart
Where man is the slave and money is his master

Emirate city
Where silence is our default
Those who yearn for revolution are seen as thugs
"Ranti omo eni ti o nse"; parent tell their sons thus
Proverb passed down from ancestors to grandsons
No matter how oppressed we are; we should not talk
No, this will not work
Not anymore
Every sector in the Emirate city is corrupt
And every form of justice’s being disrupt
Now we are pushed to the wall
Our rage for change's erupt
They say we should just pray, work hard and wish
But we're too tired and we can't keep being like this
They say if we go against him; then, we're ungrateful
Religion leaders are much hateful, they don't even feel shameful
He, who takes away all our harvest and give us just a seed,
He, which should serve, but rule over us with greed
A definition of a true pillage
And yet they call him our true image
Maybe their sense is not in its normal state
Maybe, he's got hold of their brain, and now he remote-control their fate
Hmm; I just guffawed
Should we keep mute till this virus kill us all?
Away from our home, should we flee and run
No, we'll stand tall, firm for our children's sake
We'll sleep-walk and dream while awake
We really need to wake
For our future is being put on stake
But we keep-on singing "we are the leaders of tomorrow"
If we keep-on on this path we follow
Our dreams and hope will end up in hollow
Our weakened heart will be pierced by filthy arrow
If we make oppression our host; and we become its parasite
We'll die as civil slave,
And heaven will reject our stay
We'll not be chance to be a guest in paradise
Because paradise is not meant for cowardice
Sovit Pokhrel May 23
I smoked,
I tricked.
I drank,
I tricked.
My mind !
Misused and abused,
substances i used.
Believing i tricked,
My mind for pleasure.

Wheezy and Winded,
Distorted and Dazed.
Unaware, i was.
A fool, i was.
Believing i tricked,
My mind for pleasure
Quit playing tricks on your mind before it starts playing tricks with you.
Be Aware of your desires!
Recognise the power !
Channel it into something fruitful.
Be alive and prosper.
Brent Kincaid May 17
We’ll steal their pensions and their land
Won’t that be amazing and grand?
And there’s not a stinking thing they can do.
We’ll blame it all on the opposition
Then take an outraged position.
They’ll elect our congress and governors too.

How many brown people
Did you kill today?
Which of your promises
Did you break today?

We’ll concoct a bunch of lies
And convince all the unwise
That everything we say is the truth.
We’ll fool the older Republicans
And win some undecided fans
Everything but the clever and the youth.

In no time at all, we’ll succeed
And underscored with greed
We’ll take this gullible country back.
The Democrats will help us to
Do everything we plan to do
Because the dummies chose to elect a black.

How many brown people
Did you kill today?
Which of your promises
Did you break today?

Our war against intelligence
Is really making a difference
In getting voters to not smell a rat.
The richest civilians are helping
With the lobbyists they’re buying
And we gratefully tip our MAGA hat.

They are letting us make laws
That defy any philanthropic cause
Except when we get our hefty share.
We deny them their health and aid
And needn’t be the least bit afraid
Republicans will ever become aware.

How many brown people
Did you kill today?
Which of your promises
Did you break today?
Simra Sadaf May 14
her blood stained canines have
ripped out your heart,
her malevolent words have
eaten through your soul,
every word a figment
of sinister plan,
every day, every night
they are like a knife
pressed against your throat,
she was your lady
and you were her man,
her mouth now spills
poorly worded apologies,
her charms were tricks and
tactics to a game
she loves to play,
there were clear signs
which you chose to overlook,
like when she said she did not
like reading Hemingway,
or when she bought you a book
to divert your attention
from seeing her real look.
Meaby Pom May 7
A wreck, A mess
A lonely dress, god bless.
Stress, a concious?
A need for less sess.
Drugs on the mind
Only a glance, nothing to find
Write like a pre teen
Lucid like a dream.
Give me a break.
Not shook?
Well the shake, gives you away.
Sign the contract, make the deal
Sell yourself on your sex appeal
Not a care in the world, not a worry to be heard. Not about me, but a generalization about the world and what its come to be.
Joe Gibson Jan 21
I was hiding within a stormy world,
Ice slicing deeper, a hurricane swirled.
Whatever it was that was coming, was coming for me and me alone,
I waited there in terror, frozen to the bone.
I hid and shook and waited, for the beast, deadly as can be...
The beast was hiding deep inside,

deep inside of me.
A poem written to portray how the most terrifying things in life, though scary are usually coming from you.
Deemz Jan 7
I bought myself a pair of wings
and convinced myself that I was now able to fly,
so I jumped off the tallest limit I've had set
in the first couple of seconds,
I felt free, in control and weightless
but then the weight of reality fell on me
and I was left on the ground
with a broken mind.
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
you planted trees down my worries
and grew love in all of the places i was too afraid to shine
and now a forest grows in all of the corners your fingers got to know
and wonder dances through the leaves to your magic breeze

but someone once told me that curiosity killed the cat
and yeah maybe when you smiled at me that first time
i wondered where you had been my whole life
and i think that's where we went wrong
just like the nights you spent telling me words
in the way your language speaks them
and i spent my hopes and dreams on them
i could see them being the key to all my wants and needs

but magic is made up of tricks
and you sure are the master
at making me believe the trees were real
but lately the plastic leaves have melted from the fire
you rekindled in my heart
and even if the words weren't true
you gave me something bright and new

i know we all are trying to be the best humans we can possibly be
so i don't blame you for leaving what you breathed into me
because really, i chose you to come do these things to my heart
i prayed and hoped and i manifested you to be there
when i looked up from my lonely hands

if only you hadn't come into work that night
if only i hadn’t stumbled to that side of the beach
to that side of the world
if only i had done something differently in my past
then maybe, just maybe then
i wouldn’t have fallen into the arms of lost hope
and maybe we would have never known
that magic could exist in strangers
maybe everything occurring now would feel real

but instead i am walking through some kind of lucid dream
and i can't figure out what my room used to feel like
because now it just looks so unfamiliar to me
like the person i am

i can't find her

what did you do when i looked up at you? some kind of spell..
i am ready to be free

i want you

but you don't have room left for someone like me
i still keep space for you
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