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Klita Sep 2019
Shadows bounce in the corners of my mind
Tugging at the memories
I've buried inside
Making me doubt my sanity

Shadows dance in the corner of my sight
Teasing my eyes
Just out of reach
Blooming like blotches of ink

These tricks of the mind
These shadows of the mind
Are becoming blind to my senses
and the smell of Aconites consumes me
Get on top of me without asking.
Talk to me and tell me things I want to hear.
Wear those Adidas pants that show your *** off.
Make me want to show you off.
I told you I couldn't hold it in anymore.
You grabbed me and bit my lip, grabbed my hand and made it wet again with your innocent girl tricks.
I love those girl tricks.
Iv'e never really know what *** with feelings is but you make me want it and you made me call it love.
You know wants up I love how you get it up and put it back down like you own it.
You're making me speak Spanish and ask for god in my language  like ****, girl that beautiful hair got me learning new moves and it proves that you just know what to do.
The way my eyes grab on your *** like you just want it to last.
I got this don't you worry I'll make it last just keep throwing back that ***.
LightShade Jun 2019
He was a magician
  but he saw the magic in her eyes

A trick only cupid knows
  and once he was convinced

He got fooled again
  It wasn't real

It was all slight of Happiness
  with nights of Tears

Roll up his sleeves
  show your hands clean

Once eyes are on you
  your magic sets in
Love or Trickery
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2019
Game of Election
Have a single Rule

The Rule States
"Follow NO Rules"

This rule is Simply Not a Rule
In-fact it’s a Commandment

Inscribed in "Tricks and Politics"
The holy book for Politicians

Politicians bow before the book
They blindly follow the book

By hook or the crook
They fight elections

They may either win or lose
But the rule is never overruled

They always abide by the Rule
And play the game with true spirit

What you think about Election???
Nelsya May 2019
Tricks could be dangerous
if it was done
by the wrong people

Disguised in pretty lips
and polished words
they were trained to manipulate

Be careful not to get caught
in their petty tricks
that are disguised in fancy lies

So it is best
to think before you absorb
and to have a mind of your own
Peter B Mar 2019
It used to be fun
watching them
juggling and making silly things,
embarrassing themselves
for the sake of it.
I welcomed them in my life.

But not anymore,
now I am bored,
I'm fed up with them,
doing the same tricks,
pulling the faces,
making funny sounds.
They don't entertain me anymore,
they don't make me laugh.

They annoy me,
they bore me,
I don't want to watch them,
I'm done.

They can *******,
stupid clowns.
emrullah Mar 2019
I love my heart so i speak it.
The freedom, i seek it.
I need and believe it.
I've got more tricks up my sleeve.
You'll see when i achieve and
On the highest degree.
What a relief.
Qui vive...
tmartin Mar 2019
hope is a force that wields
great power and great strength.
maybe there's no actual magic in it,
but where there’s hope,
you can make things happen,
it’s almost like magic.
Excerpts from my new book “Desperate Acts”
Johnny walker Feb 2019
Chasing shadows through my dreams shadows of my
wife In my dreams I see them flickering on my walls
Like the gold at the end of a rainbow one never finds when I reach the spot where her shadow momentarily
falls there nothing
but out of the corner of eyes, I catch a glimpse of Helen standing there but full on view there nothing
must be my mind playing tricks but would rather have the shadows on the wall than nothing at
So much In love I was think mind playing tricks through my dreams but rather have dreams than nothing at all
Johnny walker Feb 2019
If ever anybody asked me how am I doing I always
lie and say Im OK but deep Inside I know I'm
Always the pretender hide
all my feelings try not show my emotions for If I opened
up showed my true feelings allow emotions to flow than others would be hurt by seeing my
I'm just a pretender and been so all my life too late to try and change for this old dog Its to late to learn  new tricks
Great pretender always say Im all right even though I'm not
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