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HANI Oct 12
just like forever, ignore me
just like forever, make me feel like a stupid person
just like forever, just like forever

just like forever, think that i’m not exist
just like forever, live your life without me
just like forever, just like forever.

just like forever, i’ll live my life, and you’ll live yours.
just like forever, i’ll be invisible.
just like forever, don’t bother to mind me.
just like forever, just like forever.
hi! i’m back from the dead. i’m not really good with pouring words into a poem, that’s why i don’t post much. so, this poem is about me. about me being stupid in front of everyone. and everyone looks down on me —or at least that’s what i’m thinking. i know, that’s not good, that’s not right. i know i have to think positive. i’ll try.
Zack Ripley Oct 5
Hiding how you feel isn't lying.
In fact, for some people,
It's a form of surviving.
It may not be the healthiest way to heal;
Ignoring the pain and feelings
To the point It's not real.
But do whatever it takes
To see tomorrow.
Denise Uy Sep 21
is it my fault you stopped shining
when i took you in my hands?
why you stopped burning so bright
and undeserving of your glance?
Shoulders slouch

The limbs attached to the strings
In hands of the puppeteer

Do the dance, or do not bend

There is a chance
You dance

Or learn to ignore

The hands of the puppeteer

i am forever, cursed to never age
the death i have to repeat
is the heartbreak you've given me

you can choose to ignore me
but you know i am there
lingering softly, longing for the beat of my own chest

i am a ghost
plagued to haunt you forever
as much as you haunt me

is this what you wanted?
Ellesora Rue Aug 30
i spoke, but no one heard
i shouted, but they ignored
so i whisper to myself
that one day they will know
the person they ignored
was someone who wasn't heard
but she kept on talking
and was finally known
as a speaker
who respects all
and a speaker
who speaks for those
who may not be heard

who in your life
is ignored and unheard?
take some time to hear them
for if they keep speaking
though ignored
it means they have something
worth saying
is this you?
I whispered but everyone was busy talking to each other.
I called out but everyone's got their earphones on.
I waved at them but everyone seem to look through me.
Afterall, none's as blind as those who will not see.
You deserve people who cherish you, not the ones who don't care or even acknowledge you. You deserve better. Leave toxic people before they drain out your soul.
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