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Pr nandni Jun 2022
I forgot to be happy
On something I should
I was eager,
I forgot to smile! in order to chase something bigger....

Today when I can't decide whether
I lost or I won
Hard to gather my self....
To keep fighting!
For every step,
For your next move, when no one is around you!
I ignored to be happy!

Suddenly you are awake, by reality of your situation.
When you konw, its really different to hold.
Hard to breathe, heavy heart, blurry vision
Then that things which you ignored initially,
Is the only reason for happiness
Today you are left with!
Yenson Oct 2021
the charisma
beguiles and challenges them
truly the sublime force is too irresistible
in attraction and confusion they fake faux condemnation
and in awe the artificialities of superficiality offers sanguine solace
as dim counterfeit pundits give counterfeit commentaries
for who dares say this is one like no other
when to be real is a crime per se
wow! that charisma

his charisma
exceedingly shades all others
no one and nothing compares we know
God threw the mould away after making him
cry me a river and build that bridge over troubled waters
for a David walks head and shoulder above most
in truth we see his light but lie we must
when passion voltage overwhelms
its ebb is the afterglow
we live to die
Nynke Jul 2021
Closed your eyes
Now you never know
It does not hurt
Neither make you grow
~ N.N.
Interesting how,
They say to stop daydreaming
Stop imagining and living in your fantasies,
When those are the only things
That have given me the courage and hope
To get where I am now
And stay here
sometimes you do have to stop, or at least put those dreams into action. But without them, where would you be?
Just leave me be
Why can't you see
I want to be alone
I want to be on my own
'Don't give me that tone!'
'Leave me alone' I groan
I don't need you
From all I've been through
You just left me be
Why can't you see
You are nothing to me
You ignored me
Left me be
When I've been in despair
Were you there?
Did you even care?
Where you aware?
Of how I was feeling
Now that I'm healing
Am I more appealing
I know who you are now
I see through your disguise
I see through your lies
Àŧùl Dec 2020
You are indifferent to my words,
Loving you is my brand-new verse,
I confess your ignorance hurts.

Thanks for your love,
But your material gifts I don't seek,
Of love and romance I reek.

Hold me tight,
You claim to love me, right,
Show it not by gifts.

Give me your love,
Give me your time,
For me, your love is behove,
Now it's high time, be mine.
My HP Poem #1901
©Atul Kaushal
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