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I'm trying not to think about him, but I know his eyes, his mouth, his energy is there in the back of my mind.
Like a finger scraping down my spine
Like ignoring the lyrics of a song when you can feel the bass reverberating in your stomach
It's that nervous tossing and turning exhaustion after a *** of black coffee has left you buzzing
I can pretend
But who's going to buy that when you can see the mosquitoes prickling and buzzing about my cerebellum?
Go ignore yourself, go be someone else,
Say it’s all okay, smile another day.
smile, inside you’re crying,
Laugh, inside you’re dying.
Say it’s just a moment, it’ll go in a minute,
hide away your feelings, bottle all emotions.
You keep hearing questions, questions you can’t answer,
You don’t know the answers, growing sick and tired.

Go ignore your friends, possibly the best,
watch em walk away, from this utter fake,
Doesn’t know themselves, doesn’t know what to say.
Smile, there’s no tomorrow,
laugh, there’s no today.
They don’t know you, darling like I do.
Ignore the silent voices, mute yourself you’re silent,
watch as you scream and shout, look there’s not a sound.

Go ignore you’re family, they don’t mean a thing,
No it’s all ok,  they‘re just everything to you.
Go avoid your father,
just cause he will hate you, if he only knew,
who you are today, such a disappointment,
Bad taste , bad excuses, god you’re really hopeless.
Go avoid your mother,
Yes avoid her questions, go ahead keep you’re distance,
Watch her sit in silence, watch it you’ll lose her too.

The world still turns and turns,
the worlds still in its orbit.
We’ve got a billion thounsand heads,
millions loosing their sleep.
And a billion thousand hearts,
millions of them hurting.
I am only one,
in billion thousand souls,
So insignificant,
So irrelevant.
bk Apr 18
My last lover left a bitter taste in my mouth.
It is something I cannot quite ignore.
Oh lover, why did you leave me like this?
You have made my lips sore.

My last lover did not know my heart is of paper.
He did not care one bit.
He tore it and now I have a cut.
Man, it hurts like ****.

My last lover let go of my hand.
He let me fall.
He left a void in my palms.
Who am I supposed to call?

My last lover did not treat me right.
But you put me above.
This does not feel like last time.
Wow, could this be love?

clever Apr 5
maybe this time
you can figure out a new way
to flex your way out of this
Ash Mar 13
You were a liar when you were little you’re a liar now
You’re lazy
You’re selfish
You’re a disappointment
You’re not worth furthering a friendship
You’re overly sensitive
You’re depressed
You’re insecure
You’re  anorexic
You’re not making any progress you are degressing  
This is the anthem rerunning in my head
Yet I harbor too much anxiety to end it
Too much fear to run away
And as I cry you stare straight through my face
Leaving me hunched over and neglected.
Tanya Feb 4
Thank you for the ignore
with which you close the door
               when I come in pain
simply in a need
               to talk .

Showing me
what your door is made of
was the greatest gesture
so I don’t waste my time
trying to get on the other
Kmary Jan 21
It’s been 14 hours since we’ve last talked
and your still on the center stage of my mind
             The amount of self-discipline it takes to not call you
              is pretty ******* amazing.

& the truth is that I already miss you;
I know you are angry right now
            but know I’m sending you thoughts of love you messages
            hoping it reaches you in time.
Haylin Jan 14
At least say something.
Please don't leave without saying
It causes me pain that you won't have to
But don't make me wonder,
Did I do something wrong?
Latifah Jan 7
On some days
You have to turn the music louder
Forget the world exists
Wear dark sunglasses
Ignore the voices
Keep moving forward
Don’t look back.
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