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Maja Sep 2021
"There’s too many”,
And they looked at me.
Did someone stab me?
It felt like it.
And then they said my name.
Did someone twist the knife?
It hurts.
Maja Sep 2021
it's not about what you get
it's about what you do with what you get
Maja Aug 2021
it’s okay
no, i’ll pay
even though you bought it
even though you said it
what I did was clearly wrong
no *******
but i’ll play along
Maja Aug 2021
barely a meter away
i can hear them
so why can’t they hear me
i can see them
so why can’t they see me
it’s like i’m invisible
it’s like i’m mute
in reality
i’m just me
and they are just them
and we are close
but we’re a world
of friends away
Maja Jul 2021
You don't fight
fire with fire

that makes it burn brighter

You don't pour fuel
to the flame

for it to tame

Anger leads to anger
it never leads to good

if a match is lit
don't give the fire

Don't make it hotter

don't fight
fire with fire

use water.
Maja Jul 2021
I don’t want to be alone,
and don’t want to feel lonely

I want to fly with somebody,
to rise with somebody,
to cry with somebody
to die with somebody,

To be able to be,
never alone,

And when I fall,
to have somebody to fall with me
Maja May 2021
Life was
like being dropped from a hundred feet
then asked to run on broken legs

was like being told to drink acid,
then asked to speak without a tongue

Life was
like being set on fire,
then asked why

you’re burning
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