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Mona 2d
I travel through your brain waves
The static distorts your words
Emotions blow like pollen
Creating opposite reactions

Years of being a recipient
Finally I’m immune
‘‘Tis all fleeting you see
Shallow and brief engagements

What I seek was never outside
Never inside another either
‘‘Twas always beyond you and I
Somewhere deep and far
Bryce 2d
It is the way the world looks
When the sun has hidden itself
And the sky is glowing in sad gradients of shadows
Teal, aqua, lilac nights
Making statements to space

I wanted to believe that rocks would take in stride their banishment from life

I wanted to believe they'd be okay with being stepped on
Ground up
Tumbled, tributaried, washed and molded
Into a beaten perfection that lasts momentary--

But they weren't.

They cried gems!
they made the best replica in silica they could

They were insulted and worn close to the breast at first, but shining too bright those greedy fools mistook them for

a legendary thing, sacred, not ***.

I wanted to believe that these rocks were intrinsic, that they had something in them
That gold was worth more than its weight
And malleable

That there was *** in those plagioclase tears, that they were not the embodiment of sin

I was not convinced
Thorns 3d
SPEAK and be heard, or cower and be silent.-Thorns
Naoki B 3d
I’ve kept a collection of our time together
Like the long nights talking
Through storming weather
Tears that you shed sleeping
Thinking about your dying mother
Even the stares you give, I’ll always relive
So with the feelings you foster
It shows how much you endeavor
And I’m so happy to have loved you too
Even through the weather
I stood behind, ready to catch you
Please be warned everyone to be on your guard when dealing with this person, Marie Lewis from Elgin on Facebook Marketplace or anywhere else. She obviously has something wrong with her. She sold me an item recently, namely a shell type Art Deco lamp and claimed it was genuine. It turned out to be both fake and broken. When this was pointed out to her Lewis became extremely abusive and threatening sending me endless messages containing increasingly vitriolic abuse termed in illiterate pidgin English which is apparently her usual style. I have counted circa 18 such messages since I first expressed my concerns to her. She could not even spell her own postal address properly and it's difficult to comprehend her broken English. I believe that she has treated other people this way. I stand by my claim that this item is fake and if it is genuine as she claims then she is guilty of selling an item belonging to an endangered species a matter that will have to be reported to the authorities. I thought there was something wrong with this person when she sent the fake item to me wrongly addressed and before I could even pay for it. I had only expressed an interest in this item. She subsequently sent me demands for money couched in threatening terms. I will now have to send this item back to this person who even mispelt her own address which I had to research again. She continues to send me abusive messages and photos and unfortunately has my private address. Be warned everyone! Jack in Perthshire.
Please be warned everyone regarding this person, Marie Lewis she is dangerous
. . . I diluted myself for you
I spoke less and moaned more
I softened my spirit
I offered up yeses that once would've been no's
I held my tongue between *******
And wore pretty pink lace where there once would've been the blackest leather
I put fewer cigarettes between my lips
And instead pressed them together
To keep you from remembering
Why you didn't love me before
I put on an apron
To play my part
I served you smiles on dinner plates
And sipped white wine in place of whiskey
I put hearts in a lunch box
To keep you company through the day
Then mourned who I once was
While you were away

. . . I thought that if I was softer
More feminine
More pure
That you would be kinder
That I would fit better in your arms
That if I didn't talk back
My lips would taste sweeter
That you would listen when I spoke
I thought that if I became weak
We could be strong
That if slaughtered my Independence
And laid it to rest at your feet
That you would want to ****** my hair like you once had
When I stopped standing my ground
In the kitchen where I performed
And let the peanut gallery at the table
Critique my every adjective
Only to curtsey before their taunts
That when doors closed
You would whisper that I had done well
That your heart had space for me again
I thought that maybe if I hid it when I bled
You would leave the whiskey alone and finally come to bed

. . . But instead
I committed a ******
I killed the woman that I loved
I took a spirit and trapped it in a box made of yes dears and I'm sorries
By replacing her combat boots with pointe shoes
And her pride with warm baked cookies
I slit her throat with a knife made of compromises
Chained her ankles to the kitchen table and forced her to dance before lesser beings
I made an arrangement of the wild roses that made up her lips
And left her unprotected without any thorns
Then cut out her tongue and made her watch
in stunned silence
when you trampled through the garden with clumsy careless feet
I murdered the woman that I used to be
Sacrificed everything just to find that you never loved me
. . .

. . . But fear not, even the goldfish who lies belly up can swim again . . .
carole 6d
One day,
I allowed myself to let go.
I was no longer a label.
I was no longer a dancer.
I was no longer beautiful.
I was no longer a poet.
I was no longer a woman.
I was no longer black.
I just was.
Maxim Keyfman Nov 28
be water know water
here is the man’s lot
here it is the lot of every century
know water be water
every every every day

and all the mountain peaks with
magma and solids
all books are thin and thick
bound with pictures
on the stretcher all the water

all water means never everything
water and therefore always what
it means my I am my humanity
my I am my each
day i hear see hear see water

he talks about other girls
but i want to be the one talked about
he tells me he would hit that
i just laugh
i want to be whats on his mind half of the time
hes on mine
Bryce Nov 27
She had shown to me,
Aurora sweet alighted
the excited verdant ions
a scar of atmosphere
the mantle undivided
to give as sacrifice
to give life to snow

Ye not tempt me with it
Burden of beauty
of foggy things in my dreams
at fancy diamond mirages

to be found in the refrigerated drink section
outside the air is cold and cools oil on gravel
while across town the burning embers of a home
melt the snow into rivers

The fog of dew on the leaves
drunk, speak the lips of the slain
to look up into the blue
and find solace in the rains.
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