Girls rest their hand on the same armrest.
Does a girl hope/want
her hand may grace his,
so it may be held?

Guys go on the scary rides with her.
Do guys hope/want
to sit beside her terror,
so she may be comforted?

Girls forget their jacket on a cold night.
Do girls hope/want
that the gentleman beside them
will offer them his warmth?

Guys act differently around guys than girls.
Do guys hope/want
to establish dominance,
so they may win her love?

Why do we do these crazy things?
Do others think it’s weird too?

What other things, unlisted, do we do for this same reason?
Is it necessary?

Do we not have the words to speak,
or are we just afraid?

Actions speak louder than words,
but why are we confused with the definitions?

Aren’t words meant to clarify and explain,
to ensure the confusion is eliminated?

Meanwhile, we hope, we want, but we don’t speak.
Are our actions, or lack thereof, saying what we mean?

If anybody has any insight, please share, lol.
fika 4d
How i dream to be surrounded
by the mist of mystery
Oh! Let me be you.
Who walks with a sun in your pocket
for every rainy day.
Who stood at crossroads
and decided which road shouldn’t exist.
Let me be you for a day.
So that I am not the one
who hides in hollow words,
who makes her bed on the dreams of others.
Let me be you,
so that I can put out my hand
always with the confidence
knowing that the love I ask
shall be given.

But what is this that I feel?
Why my hands shake?
Why my heart cries?

Is it because
the one who is breaking the wall
with bare bleeding hands
has the same pain, same fear
as the one who is hiding behind that wall.
Is it because
this love, this life
leaves no one without scar.
While observing this love of ours,
Over the time this world will be jealous.
Me you will always find by your side,
But we won't let 'em drain our hours,
Mine you are solely & I am only yours,
Over the decades, they will observe us,
We will rather enjoy our lovely showers.

Yes, my love, we are going to be happy,
Over the long time span of several years,
Under the blessings bestowed upon us,
Rose of our love has no thorns,
Up above into the bed of soft clouds,
Onto our heads from the divine mother,
Yes, my love, it'll be her blessing for us.

I love you and that's an irreversible fact,
Nostalgia of her loving caring nature is here,
Toss all the worry away into the water,
Onto the surface of an agitated stream,
Think of us both as the same entity,
Never fear the outcome of a nicely done job,
I am your friend and your mother.

Cool whispers will make their way,
Onto your ears they will make ways,
Medley of pop songs they will play,
Even though we will have differences,
My love you cherish, multiply & reflect,
Over the moonlit sky so dark blue,
Calling all the best caring careful souls.

We, you and me, are blessed to be together,
It's as if we were never different actually,
Let's not worry about the unknown future,
Let's just receive what comes with open arms,
Let's not fear anything that has not happened yet,
It's impractical to worry about the unknown,
What if we succeed should be our thought.

Because you love me like you have never loved,
And I love you exactly like you ever wanted,
Being together should be our foremost priority,
Yes, with each other we are creating magic,
But this is just a hint of our potential together,
And we are capable of a lot more after marriage,
Because you and I love each other so much.

A baby will come into your womb,
Another thing about this love of ours.
Reverse quarternary artistic acrostic poem.

My HP Poem #1705
©Atul Kaushal
the upshot constituted a figurative straw
     that broke the virtual camels back
where yours truly fingered as scape goat,
     who meekly, passively, and subserviently
     felt the stinging crack
of wooden, smooth,
     and oblong paddle and stands pat,

     asper innocence, though now
     (myself more than two score years
     orbitz around sun) remains more defiant
     for purportedly causing Roberta -

not her real name flack
and clears that blot (now a composite
     of petrified spitballs) as a hack
writer of poetry, feels jilted like Jack

donning many major protagonistic ruffian knack
nursery rhyme roles, which fables never didst lack
for upstart precocious, kickstarters impish grin,
     as if he just wolfed down a swiped Bic Mac

and goose that laid more than one golden egg
McMuffin running from the Giant,
     with spindle shank for each leg,
and sliding down the beanstalk, which didst peg
world wide web Marathon record
     suddenly the envy of Queequeg,

which way word ness
     far off course from the theme of this work,
hence hold tight
     to hazmat bag of poop pin jay dreck,
     while poetic license allows me to twerk

intended story aye (captain...
     oh captain) moost not shirk,
lemme reel yar attention
     back to the classroom of missus Labosh,

     hood didst whistle and perk
unbeknownst to me, my scrawny derriere
     unaware what quaint, hence danger didst lurk
for letting passivity
     find me singled out as the bona fide jerk

wishing Moby Dick could swallow
     hook, line and sinker
     with a slight even Steven crane
of his neck, every mother plucking bird brain classmate
     deemed Scott free, and Chutzpah didst gain

while this smart ass wannabe took a crash course,
     sans weltanschauung "Artful Dodging
     Spitball Shooting Maven" in the main
quite heavy on Physics and Trigonometry as became plane.
PhoenixPoet Mar 13
You seem safe when you open yourself,
so I open up as well.

What if we all stayed open?
Is heaven the gateway to hell?
Dainty Bones Mar 12
I don't wanna eat
I don't wanna sleep
I just want to be in your arms
  and hear your heart beat
I have always been
  and will always be yours
every time you smile
   you give me something new to adore
I have always loved you
even when I didn't know
all the times I longed for you
  I wish I could show
but now you're with me
and as the world can see
our souls were absolutely
meant to be
I just wanna know if you like me
I don't wanna mess with my psychee
I'm just wondering what we might be
Cause I'm stressing out slightly.
I don't take feelings lightly
My doubt will always fight me
I'm over thinking nightly
Just wondering what we might be
Even when you held me tightly
Unsureness will always bite me
When you smiled at me brightly
Does that mean that you like me?
I hate that you're just like me
Thats why you'll never write me
The truth put concisely
Is we're both scared
of what we might be
And we're both scared of what the other mighht see
Love is a road paved icy
One slip and they might leave
Oh what might be
Can be scary.
Danial John Mar 12
She fell into a hole.
Is she still alive?
Still there?
I ask her, she doesn't know.
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