Kiara 3d

One day, I was painting my nails. It seems like a simple enough task and I have done it many times before. I couldn't seem to paint the nail how I wanted to. It looked wrong to me. I started over 4 times. The fourth time
my heart started beating very fast and i was sweating i felt trapped in the room and i started to feel i was the only person that existed in the world and death was impending
15 minutes later
I could breathe again. Slowly, I realized I existed and I was alive. I realized life is a reality.
I am always afraid. I live my life always afraid. That one day, one moment, one time

It is going to happen again.

Won't be alive ...

babe ...
world is so dark ...
with no colors ...
with no air ...
with no breathes ...
to my lung ...
where there no life ...
without you ...
my sweetheart ...

yes babe ...
i'm not alive ...
can't breathe ...
without being with me ..
because you are ...
my all breathes ...
my heart ...
which it only beats ...
beats for you ...
and because of you ...

babe ...
i won't be alive ...
without you ...
i don't want to breathe ...
don't want to be alive ..
if you are so far away from me ...
never to feel a happiness ...
if you are not with me ...
need you with me ...
need this life with you ..
only you ..
whom give a happiness  ..
and make me a life ...
love you ...

do you feel now babe ...
how i think about you ...
how i do feel you ...
and how much i need you ...
into my world ...
even through dreams ...
i get you ...
because i can't live ...
without you ...

hazem al ...

Simon B 7d

I can't even write a poem.
You've really done a number.
Just kidding you already know i'm thumbing-
through my endless concourses of thoughts;
Loves just another.
Just like your other lover.
Step back, lemme tell some things to your 'mother'.
How you hurt me, and don't wanna come back
in the best season besides Summer.
Here's a fact, you're insane. You and I
live on two different plains of life.
I'll go wherever I want;
And you won't be in my sites.
My little berry. That was A lie.
You are the one. I said that. Why?
All of the above doesn't matter-
Enjoy your fake schooling-
my life's on a platter.

Avalon Oct 14

Damned is the one who loves,
When one can find no boundary.  
Cursed is the one who loves,
In joyful constant foolery.

For a lover's will,
It sees one be brittle.
Lest the heart is still,
And oh, so too gentle.

Have you ever been sruck in a cycle of the same joke, over, and over. Up to the moment you start wondering "is this all that we got?" but afraid to tell him/her because you know how it will turn out. And at the end of the day it did turn out the way you had thought it would.

And might well be, the way it should.
triztessa Oct 14

do you remember
blank sheets in between our souls
while bodies meet behind closed doors
coffee stains in my eyes
the pain of losing the light

do you remember
listening to the music of my words
read out from my mind
as if you were inside
contained in my memory
painted in oil pastel
while you spilled water all over
the canvas of a summer night

do you remember
walking into a forest and getting lost
like children in a playground
and leaving trails for one another
like building a constellation
galaxies away from each other

we lifted each other up
until we stopped
we forgot how to be alone
do you remember me at all

Apoorva Oct 3

When sun sets down
And the darkness of night
Swallows the earth
We do the same thing
Again and again
Totally unaware, unhinged
Resting and pretending.
We dance to the beats
Without  music and words
In a steady pattern
Nothing to fear?
Lost in Paradise
But not aware of it.
Choose the day
And then choose your way
Don't be shy or pretentious
One day, you shall be glorious
If you choose to fight
Then do it every night
And remember, life is pain
So, don't let it go in vain
Be free
Be free
"As long as you can be"

Chris Oct 3

The darkest of days can have the brightest of nights,

if you look towards the stars and reflect on your life.

The loves that you've grown and the joys that they bloom.

Hugging your mother, and feeling safe like the womb.

The adventures of youth, oh so simple and blissful.

And the first week of spring, hearing singing birds whistle.

The landscape of time with it's summits and peaks,

is ripe for exploring 'til the heart cannot speak.

Times may seem dark but look straight ahead.

'Cause things will get brighter once this day is dead

I love you
Ivy Leigh Oct 1

Have mercy on me
for I am nothing
but a humble poet
trying to find my
place in the world
and myself.

My return to this site is official. I will not delete or edit my past poem, but I may write notes. Looking to get published this year.
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