Water is a mere
liquid yet it breaks even
The earth and mountains.

This shows that softness
Always overcomes hardness
Using persistence.

stand tall like the trees
be strong like the earth
be graceful like the ocean waters

Dharker 6d

You lend your hand out
Only a lover should take
Not wanting what you give
yet you insist, with no break
I worry about you
as you patiently wait
For what?
This desired thought...
I hoped you care enough
to finally leave
Gain some sense
in self
Figure out
what you don't need
Yet here you still are,
with both hands now out
Ready; despite of me

The one who tried for a reason in which makes no sense at all... this one is for you.

I look at you and see beauty
I look at you and see honesty
I look at you and see smile
I look at you and see style
I look at you and see eyes
I look at you and see nose
I look at you and see love
All I need is your love.

I apologize for rudeness
I wish you'll be endless.

I had been waiting noon to evening
But It was busy day couldn't any say
I'll be waiting up to morning
Maybe for a new day
It's pretty bunch at your quick lunch
Brighting photo yours flower tattoo
Nothing, I have to learn yours motto
I'll be waiting up to morning
Maybe for a new day
This is mid night sloth all might
Glad smile and great happy
Now you are tired so sleepy
I'll be waiting up to morning
Maybe for a new day
Then everything is alright
Again will be bright
And give some shine ray
On the way at blue bay
Sorry, for been kind of a hectic day.....

Emil Jun 19

If you were
the sky
i'd be the sea
and when
you shined bright
it would reflect in me.
when you're at rest
i am steady.

Emil Jun 16

I am here
you are there
between us
lies an ocean
let my arms be your sea
my heart the deepest ocean
let me
drown your sorrow
if only
for a
little while.

Brianna Jun 15

Have you ever felt that unbelievable rush, the amazing excitement, the terrible fear of the unknown?
Have you ever felt that cotton mouth, palms sweaty, knees weak and heart heavy feeling?

I was in love.
With your green rolling hills and bright tree tops in the autumn air.
With your bright stars out there in the middle of grassy fields so wide and open.
With the memories laid out there on the pavement leading me back to your parents house.
With skyscrapers and cute shops running the lines of Charlotte.

I was in love.
With bright green eyes and sandy blonde hair turning darker each year.
With strong but soft hands that used to hold me in the night when i was crying and afraid to leave because I always knew.
With rain drops on windows and lakes between two states that held the best of you and I.

I was in love.
With an idea of you.
With the memories of you that were no longer real.
With dreams of you I had made up in my head.
With feelings that linger a little too long for comfort.

Have you ever felt the nerves bubbling in your stomach when you see someone you hadn't see in a long time?
Have you ever felt that simple joy and feeling of complete and total content when you hear it for the first time out loud?

I was in love.
With someone who didn't love me anymore.

Let the future be your motivation
Your drive to make it down the road
Remain focused, remain persistent
Although the direction therein, you do not know

May no know, yet, to be specific
JuliaLazareto Jun 12

Love is just a word,
Sometimes it's better to be left unheard.
Action speaks louder than word,
But sometimes action is a big blurred.

"What is meant to be, will always find it's way."
But fate will challenge you day by day.
All you have to do, is to deal, and play.

I believe that I met you for a reason,
Maybe you're a blessing, or a lesson.
Either you'll stay, or go,
I'll assure you, I'll still be loving you, wherever you go.

Did we met coincidentally?
Or, did we met because we're really meant to be?

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