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Nina McNally Jun 16
"****'s gonna be okay It's gonna be alright No matter
How far down you are tomorrow's on your side"
It's gonna work out even when
The whole world is
Spitting it back in your face and feels like there's no

Guarantee-- it's gonna be just fine!
One day you're gonna get everything you've worked hard for.
Now just breathe and move through this moment
No one can tell you how to live your life
And no one can

Be a better you than you.
Each day is a new chance to try again. It's

Okay to not be okay sometimes! I'm here with
Kindness and love for the both of us!
written back in Jan. 2022
song title and lyrics from I Fight Dragons
grace Apr 22
She no longer personified the young flower bud,
that she happened upon last summer,
sweet and delicate, swaying carefree in a field of wildflowers.

after all, she had endured heavy rain,
fierce storms, and unrelenting winds from the West.

She was bold in her quest for sunlight,
and had learnt to stand, unbending,
resistant, in the face of adversity;

No-one was more deserving of the petals
that blossomed for all to see.
Spicy Digits Aug 2021
Loosen your


Your vowels
And your bowels
Be kind you never know if someone lost a friend
Be kind you never know if someone lost a pet
Be kind you never know if someone lost a job
Be kind you never know if someone had a bad day
Take time for yourself
Talk before it before it's words that's never said
Pause but not to long before it becomes a memory
Be sad
Be happy
Be angry
Be frustrated
Be kind you never know if some just lost a friend
Be kind you never know if someone just lost a pet
Be kind you never know if someone just lost a job
Be kind you never know if someone just lost had a bad day
Be kind there's enough hate in the world
Be kind.
Descovia Aug 2021

Each other. Love thy neighbor and honor him/her them accordingly.

In complete unison
we stand, with stronger chances against the fall of the world.

The only means for survival
depends on the quality of our connections and commitment.

The love you have for understanding, appreciating, learning and growing with others more than on a physical level.

We can rebuild our home through revived hopes and disconnected dreams.
This generation will survive and we will not be slaves to systematic death anymore.
Timmy Shanti Jul 2021
Leave the rut
The comfort zone
Let the magic happen

Be yourself
Not someone else
Needn't any shepherds

You're a star
You're meant to shine
Leave the hate to others

Be yourself
No matter what
Proudly wear your colours
ca. MMI
Hannah Jul 2021
How many social media breaks will you take
until you’re okay
you’re okay
you’re okay
Abunde Jun 2021
Once upon a time, there was a little me
A courageous little dude that caught a bee
It buzzed, and buzzed in the jar
It buzzed and buzzed till it fell onto the floor
The jar broke and it flew right out the door
I tried to catch but it was too fast
I chased it on my bicycle till my tire burst
Watched it fly higher than a kite
It flew far out of sight
I couldn't catch the bee
And again it was just lonely me
She is the bee and I the catcher, hoping to be, I let go just to hold on
Maria Mitea Apr 2021
our dying kiss
two babies were born
with flying wings
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