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adept 5d
ur making a mistake
but i’m gonna let u

ur taking me for granted
i hope u pay for it
i hate u
.       let
                                  me in
        sacred spaces
                                                         i can

             let me be your offering
when you're feeling better
when the scars have healed
let me know
when I should turn around
when things look brighter
tell me so
when you're done cheating
when the lies about her stop
say it to me
when the bullsh*t is over
when you wanna tell me the story
I'll be over here
when that times come
when we're finally back in reality
that's when we can finally be
honest with ourselves
going through
a lot more than
i usually do rn

Aleena Sep 23
Jump to take off
That’s the first step after all
But what if I fall?
Bede Sep 22
Every emotion fills my brain
And I'm left here to sift them.
I'm grateful for time
Dedicated to myself.

My wants, my needs,
What is it I need?
I tell you the one thing;
A hug every day.

To have someone to hug
To hold, and they hold you
That is a treasure
Worth holding close.
I just need hugs and thoughts, smiles and kind words.
DivineDao Sep 18
A veš kje
Si mi

Med Otroc!

A veš kdaj
Se v mislih

Pa te prou zares

Neki me vsakič k te u 2D pogledam
Tam Ti Si Mi
Tolk Kulski

čist do tvojih pikc pa

Pa sej veš...

Ko te On
Tá Lepa SanjskaDuša
Za tebe
Adam Schmitt Sep 18
My love only goes where the green grass grows,
always on the other side,

   Well, yeah I'm jaded! What do you want me to do?

            I'll jump around...

Through the shadow and the deep dark sea
through the blinding light of insanity
through the webs and the lies of mine
through the filiments of shattered time
through the categories of abstract space
through the waters of unearned grace
through the vortex and through the hoop
through the cortex and through the ****
through the ediface of a house of cards
through the door of a room full of bards

     And when I finally find
     what I'm jumping around for,
     then I'll make me a pallet
     upon the grassy floor

Share my water, and share my bread
Share the wine, share the


Aaaannd­ share the pain inside my mind...

My love only goes where the green grass grows,
always on the other side...
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