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Ah, Mesdames et Messieurs!
you 99% who number themselves
in the know-it-all category, the
largest subspecies of human animal,
fail to appreciate the vast eternal plan
that flexes & fluxes with gravitational
pulls and pushes, sunspots unpredictable,
can you ever predict the AM headlines?
have you checked your bank balance today?
always look both ways when crossing a one
way street, twice, just to be somewhat sure?
have you told you loved ones dryly and
routinely of your affections after every text,
emai, and even the most dreaded phone call
(tyou borrowed the car and left the tank on E)?

you’re an A+ student, prom queen, a cheerleader,
a high school football star, till you wrench that
knee because you were too busy admiring yourself
in the reflection of your selfie and didn’t notice
the open grate, the potholes or the orange cones
that appeared overnight, a cause for fright delight,

thank you so much for providing he fodder for this
pink sapphire of a poem, and please continue to
forget to utter your morn prayer to whatever God,
you entrusted your soul while sleeping, cause G. is
smirking at all the fun mishaps planned on today’s

you zipper open?
your blouse on inside out?
your metro card in the wallet
of your best friend who forgot
to return it?
What! you forgot bout the cheshire
grin on the Biology Prof’s face, when
he said “Anytime, Anyplace, surprise quizzes
are graded at 0, if you should  fail to appear at
your 8:00am class…

ah well, check your sneaker laces, try to recall
why that string is tied to your index finger or
take you chances of random probability that
having read this missile missive you’ve already
messed up and be careful our there, there are
very dangerous natalino poet~prognosticators
out there ready, william and able to take advantage
of  idiots who fail to be properly superstitious!!!

Salt, anyone?
tapping the well
Wilkes Arnold Jan 12
The ultimate judge is oneself
And I'm afraid I've found him wanting
What's to be done when you've found the one
But the thought of being with them is haunting?

A pure life and one condemned
I wouldn't risk tainting the cure
For how could one condemn the girl
That they would give the world for
irinia Dec 2023
the sea of sleep was shivering the other day
today the clouds are in a rush towards the freedom
of the leaves perhaps, and I don't need to know anything about love
cause I can feel it silently labouring, growing more space for sight might light night for despite and ignite for dynamite and satisfied
the child, the lover, the warrior, the go-getter, the wise and the fool
the vulnerable, the humiliated and the daring, the dreamer
they need to talk to each other like the winds talk to the roots

is this all one can give to another, the patience of the flow,
and nothing more  more space to be
is it the echo of your bones that I can't left behind?
ZACK GRAM Aug 2023
1 woman 2 women 3 women 4
get me some more

make her my ***** an do chores sore here go the chorus

slap a chick quick
Clap a demon out her
Bust on her face an *****
do discrace
put that female in her place
no case
Till death do us part
body in the river
Fresh start

Back to the top
1 woman 2 women 3 women 4
get me some more
6 Feet
Robin Carretti Jul 2023
Growing or shrinking
last star exit in mind
New trend
Is life the dead-end?
Star casting kiss
No exit to miss
A friend

Finding courage
Circles and stars breath
Feeling nameless no
picket white fences
Eyes adored last glances
Society- Supreme- be
Forget me not Garden- of- Eden

  Wish upon a star hidden?

The last digging dandelion
yellow ray  
In the end no more suffering
until the day
Like poem book* open and end
Something stiff glued together her life
Paper- Mache
Making amends Sales man

Taking his last exit he picks desire
The spitfire Rare- star sire
Computing- reliving-  dying
Don't settle for scheming
The last star exit

The last scripture
Vivid mixture
Mind storing like a cache
Rare Robin bird great
Recherche last meal al -dente
Smell the last flower herbal- ritual

Petals open up new portal
Blue elf Viola sing like Mona Lisa
*        *        *        *
Autumn red wine star bridge

Grenache field of mirage
Seeing stars you fell
Where's my falling angel
Strong words vocal
If its the last exit don't disconnect

Dots.. and dots.. connect
God casting
Its written stars for all in our name
Starry- end
Things feel like there to sudden not knowing when? We all want the everlasting but we live through a time like bomb blasting take your best moments let them last In life there are all exits
Nina McNally Jun 2022
"****'s gonna be okay It's gonna be alright No matter
How far down you are tomorrow's on your side"
It's gonna work out even when
The whole world is
Spitting it back in your face and feels like there's no

Guarantee-- it's gonna be just fine!
One day you're gonna get everything you've worked hard for.
Now just breathe and move through this moment
No one can tell you how to live your life
And no one can

Be a better you than you.
Each day is a new chance to try again. It's

Okay to not be okay sometimes! I'm here with
Kindness and love for the both of us!
written back in Jan. 2022
song title and lyrics from I Fight Dragons
grace Apr 2022
She no longer personified the young flower bud,
that she happened upon last summer,
sweet and delicate, swaying carefree in a field of wildflowers.

after all, she had endured heavy rain,
fierce storms, and unrelenting winds from the West.

She was bold in her quest for sunlight,
and had learnt to stand, unbending,
resistant, in the face of adversity;

No-one was more deserving of the petals
that blossomed for all to see.
Spicy Digits Aug 2021
Loosen your


Your vowels
And your bowels
Be kind you never know if someone lost a friend
Be kind you never know if someone lost a pet
Be kind you never know if someone lost a job
Be kind you never know if someone had a bad day
Take time for yourself
Talk before it before it's words that's never said
Pause but not to long before it becomes a memory
Be sad
Be happy
Be angry
Be frustrated
Be kind you never know if some just lost a friend
Be kind you never know if someone just lost a pet
Be kind you never know if someone just lost a job
Be kind you never know if someone just lost had a bad day
Be kind there's enough hate in the world
Be kind.
Descovia Aug 2021

Each other. Love thy neighbor and honor him/her them accordingly.

In complete unison
we stand, with stronger chances against the fall of the world.

The only means for survival
depends on the quality of our connections and commitment.

The love you have for understanding, appreciating, learning and growing with others more than on a physical level.

We can rebuild our home through revived hopes and disconnected dreams.
This generation will survive and we will not be slaves to systematic death anymore.
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