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There is always
Something someplace someone there
To inspire you
Zack Ripley Aug 29
In the dark of the night,
Be the light from the moon.
Jagriti Aug 27
Be my moon
While I'll be your moonlight,
Be the bird of paradise
While I'll be your sunlight,
Be mine
While I'll be on your side.
Ainsley Aug 11
You turned out to be the chocolate
I go crazy for
You turned out to be the moonlight
I would sing a Serenade for

You were my beautiful disaster
I let all the calamity infiltrate through

That I lost myself
That I broke into pieces....

My brain then warned and pleaded my heart to not fall in love again
"Never fall in love,it in love it's paradise"
He was the drug she got addicted too..
He was the soul she was searching for....

But did she receive it back...
In some cases people do get their feelings back...
But in most cases true love always ends up unrequited....
LOVE finds YOU....

Will be waiting 😂❤
Thanks for reading 💝
IamVoss Aug 6
Know how to light a spark in unlucky room
Ask me how I feel
Dark as the room
I flood with tears till I doom

Rip me apart, skip me over
My heart skips 7Beats at once
Lit it from the roof ,for the sky at night
Checking on me every 5 Mins, I'm fine

Feels like I'm running in circles
I hate the cycle of hating myself
Trash my emotions, like an emoji
But I'll put on the same face of reality
In my sleep the pain is not forever
Reality is just a rough sketch
But I'll be fine
Someone checking up on you daily
seer human Aug 3

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!
Shout of a wicked fortune teller
Man so wise became a winner
His opponent get gun;pull up the trigger
Gossipers yell "police chase the killer!"

A man black suited reading newspaper
Squint-eyed; wrote "May I get your number?"
Waitress come near read the paper
Sherlock whispered "payment,later"
#sherlock #winner #chicken dinner #wise #unlucky
Whiling away
Comes easy
Trying takes a lot of trying

Don’t ever quit
You have immense potential
Believe in yourself

Express and communicate
Your fears your beliefs
It’s freeing a relief

Regrets and progress
Part of the process
Of finding true self

Be limitless
Written- 20-02-2020
Nada Jul 22
it grows, you pluck it
it keeps coming back
you spray pestizides
it withers yet it doesn‘t die
you give your best to **** it
remove it from your life
your garden of flowers
focus on getting rid of it
so much you don‘t realize
you’re killing a beautiful plant
a plant with loving strength  
fighting for the right to live
a life of acceptance and peace
for everyone who feels unwanted, you‘re beautiful <3
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