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JKJI Mar 2
Some, come across broken souls,
unable to mend them.
Yet, insist they must.
Picking up the shattered pieces.
Inevitably, in the process,
wounding their own hands.
And through that pain
comes their lesson:
     If it is not yours to fix,
     it is okay to leave it broken.
I know you meant well.
here comes a heart
from the centre of the crowd
it came without a siren or a warning call
and like a lost dog without its golden tag
it had no owner to wait for at night

like a floating virus
or like an angry child
you didn’t quite know how to handle its intentions
so you lay awake
not knowing whether it will create even more severe
bitter winters
and minted tears
for the morning sun to dry up

you lay awake in fear of this raw heart
not knowing what lies its going to tell
or what truths it will unearth
but you stay in its rogue company
not knowing the next time you will feel warmth
without the help of sirens
or warning calls
what have i done, it
started with good intentions,
but now i have none
I didn’t need you to be the one to tell me that I will ‘find someone new’.
I know I was never very good at showing my intentions.
But then again, neither were you.
I just wish I could shut my eyes and things would be like they used to.
But when my eyes are shut
the dark space is flooded with memories of you.

however... it’s a vision that always seems to stray.
The fleeting kind;
A reminder that I could never make you stay.
That perhaps, this feeling deep in my bones
Telling me to trust no one,
Was so I don’t have to feel the pain of constantly being left alone.
But I guess you didn’t have a clue.
Because I still sit here wondering,
If there is a point in finding someone new
when I never really wanted anyone but you?
I really hope I can make this work
I've said a lot of hurtful words
To the ones I've loved before
And I can't take those words back
I kinda ****
I'm awkward
I'm pretty dumb
I say things before I think and ruin everything
But my intentions are never bad
I never mean to make people sad
I can also be a little too trusting at times
Yet I still get jealous very easily
If I ever seem like I don't care
It's just because I'm scared
I don't want to say the wrong thing and mess everything up
Also I get attached really fast
Because of certain things in my past
I'll get to that later
But right now
I just want you to know
You are the only ******* my mind at the moment
And that will stay that way for a while
I really hope this works out...
the school counselor
what a cliche
but your nonchalant attitude
is irresistible
you're young too
it's quite uncommon
how'd you get this job, if i may ask?
ignorance is bliss
as they say.
nonetheless, i haven't seen you much
except in the halls sometimes
but you called me downstairs the other day
and i noticed how you're not so perfect
as i imagined
you've got a beard to hide your acne scars
slightly overgrown eyebrows
but, very broad shoulders
dressed to the nines in a suit every day
blue or gray, to be precise
when you spoke to me
asking if i was skipping class
you were awfully close
not that i minded
i'm also not sure where you were looking
i hope at my lips
rather than my eyes
eyes are the window to the soul
and we both don't want to know
what my true intentions are
wrote this on the metro coming home.
LWZ Jan 5
Intentions strung upon my own
Waiting for the flowers to grow.
I dig and dig and dig and dig.
Not much time for thee to waste.
The roots they yowl beneath thy feet,
dragging surely more than any plain old dirt.
No, nothing ordinary about it.
Stones, bones, eerie tones.
Not the kind that ***** you.
Not the kind that **** you.
The kind that swears to never let you go.
The kind that invades your brain to morph you.
That will insidiously destroy you.
All the while you cry and plea.
Please don’t try to leave.
Daisy Jan 2
Alright, I confess it, honey,
That I am making your life ****, only for money,
But my intentions are good,
and I don't wanna sound rude,
But it's what it is,
Call me betrayer but it doesn't change that you’re a ******,
There is no way in this world,
To go away from you,
But I have my hazy planning and so do you,
I am a devil in a clever and innocent disguise and you also have an issue,
It's a torment to survive,
But hope keeps us alive.

Your obsession is a pain,
Well I don't regret Yelling at you,
You are violating me, aren't you?
Your dolly, a nymphet and a little harlot,
Tell me tonight what you got?
Your weakly obligations and my duty,
I'm tired and you're fruity.

Ok I confess I had a little crush on you,
But I never thought it'll end like this,
It's not an ending and that's an issue,
Give me a dollar if you want a ****** kiss,

Sometimes I wonder,
What my life has become?
Traveling like a Wanderer with no purpose,
Reading magazines and everything is so murderous,
Murdering my innocence,
You so crafty and villainous.
I was a Daisy fresh girl,
Living my life in my little world,
Law is killing me, and you know it,
Got nowhere to go except to be your ***** kid.

Our little ***** secret is our end,
Why do you love me so much, I don't understand,
Is there any day when I don't have to pretend?
Why you don't like my friend?

Orphan is what I am,
Lame is what you are?
When I grow older, would you love me the same,
I know that I'm going very far.

Tell me hum
Do you like my sarcasm?
Get me bubblegum,
If you want it tonight, then that's not a problem,
You are welcome,
In my temple, or whatever you want to call it handsome.

Dancing step and step,
And you watching me like a creep,
Listening to the radio while I'm reading my newspaper,
Sitting on your lap, bee coming in, ecstasy taker.
You giving me breakfast after I do my obligation,
That's how my day starts, no need to mention.
Harley Hucof Dec 2018
Love me.
That is all i see.

Everybody is scanning for a bond,
While i lie in the shadows angling
My mode of perception, to correspond
Your routines and rituals of acting,
And asking for boundless love.

So i abscond and you can't ask for more.
Because you noticed my kind and my codes.
You knew I was designed to be alone.

I lay my tranquil smile and keep observing us coincide
Feeling the pulse from the inside
I drift trusting i am the aftermath of a calculated plan
But something is always missing somehow
Lost in my thoughts
I blame the inventor

And i grow wiser,
Knowing i will never understand the true motives of my designer.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Thoughts and feedback are welcomed
Cristina Quebral Nov 2018
new moon tonight
please hear my wishes
may my intentions fluorish

new moon tonight
i seal my wishes
may what is mine nourish
From this part of the world, it is the time of the month. It’s time to start everything again. New chance, new hope, the beginning.
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