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clementine Aug 13
take my heart and break it
make me love and cry
make me think like it
only to expect and nothing betides

happenstance is luck
but luck is foreign to me
the only thing i wished to be
is for you to be with me

reasons aren't present
so why should i think so?
it's my mind that takes me
to places i shouldn't go

expectations hurt
but it always has a way
hope is different
when there's no reason to
think that way

intoxicated by you
fading into blue
i just want a person i fear to lose
because your love is the one
thing i wish i knew

my hearty intentions
hurt so bad
i could be so knuckleheaded
to think we'd have a chance

the story i wished to play
wasn't written in the stars
so i'll say goodbye, to your love...
and deal with a broken heart
Myrrdin Jul 29
I have said things I didn't mean,
The kind that you don't apologize for,
Until they know you didn't mean them,
Sometimes I pretend to feel things,
To protect someone else's feelings,
If I keep saying things I don't mean,
Maybe one day I'll mean them.
I smell The salty breeze

calm before it reveals.

The true intentions

of coming this close

submerging the evil

What is this sense
between my eyes
Do we aim to do our best
Imperfect form
Intentions less
Creative flows
Mixed in with work and rest
See the signs laid out ahead
Connecting lines in time
Progress starts from the chest
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Silently humbled by birth
Too late to care in such positions
Both paused in bumbling notions of joy and despair
Times condition gapes and separates
Layers merge
Control lost, costs constructed
Impacted foresight of what might
Tight lines blind

All answers are finite

To suggest anything less
incrementally raises discrepancies
We do not falsify intentions
When mentioned only give to thyself what is true
Where we see the other in you
In what could be
Is and was
Nothing exist but her
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Ruheen Dec 2019
If the road to hell is paved with good intentions,
Then what's the point of having them?

It's not like bad intentions are going to get you
A free, one-way ticket to heaven.

We have to do good deeds,
But easier said than done.

Bad leads to hell, and so does good.
Which means, most humans, if not all,
Are ending up there.

Lucifer and his demon friends
Must be having one hell of a party.
A very crowded one, too.
I just had a thought. And then I played around with it. Came up with this.
Yes, I know it means we can't just have the intentions to do something good, we must act upon that intention. But if you did something wrong even while having good intentions, that shouldn't make you a bad person.
This whole heaven and hell system is incredibly discriminating.
Nina Dec 2019
I'm that waitress
Every guy wants to be served by
Wants to talk to
Wants to bring out on a date
I'm that waitress
Guys would want to hit on
Want to bring back home
Want to take advantage of
Sadly that's all I'll ever be
A waitress they want to get laid by

Maybe someday
One day
There will be a guy
That will say
She's that waitress
I would want to marry
And have my future with
Maybe one day
I'd be a waitress
That people would view with good intentions
- Nov 2019
doesn't matter
if you got the mask on
even hermits could see
your true intentions through these
Bhill Nov 2019
Intentions are just that
Having the intent to do it
You don't get credit for intentions....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 284
Get on the road and do something...
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