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Zara Turner Aug 18
I left you one year ago,
You hurt me and so I let you go,
I thought that we had moved passed it though.

But you make it so hard to forget,
It ***** cause you know how to get,
Your words so deep in my head.

You know deep down what im like,
You know I’d never hurt you in spite,
But you say it so that what it sounds like.

Twist my words to mean something else,
Manipulate what I said myself,
Do you know or are you lying to yourself.

Don’t act like I did it easily,
You know know this wasn’t easy for me,
And if you don’t then you never knew me.
Just a poem that I wrote about when someone misreads your intentions when they should know that you were never intending to be hurtful.
Bhill Jul 22
The intentions were
To guide you through life's pathway
Where did it lead you

Did it guide you well
The pathway seemed to be bright
You brought love to all

Brian Hill - 2019 # 182
Who is your guide?
Renn Powell Jun 13
trying to read someones intentions are confusing , they may look like their staying. But they've already stepped a foot out the door.
Aa Harvey May 23
The creator of love.

Our hero rides again at night.
All dressed in black, still he cannot hide.
The man inside continues to shine.
You all know him, but he remains out of sight.

A reflection in a shop window that disappears as you turn your head.
Maybe he was never there.
Never let a bad word be said,
About his intentions,
There is no need to mention,
The way he moved you to be together.
He is spreading love around hoping your bond will never sever.

Karma is his friend and his only weapon;
He uses good vibrations to correct the mistakes of men.
He lifts a heart with his good intentions;
As he passes by he raises a hand and a smile comes into vision.
He needs no acknowledgement,
For he is content,
Knowing he has helped the two of you to figure it out.

The questions you had, he has put the answers into your head,
With all his whispered do not forgets.
Find love; cast your net,
For there are many fishes in this wild life of a sea,
So go find what you seek and he will do the rest.

He believes in love, so he believes in you;
Begin again with a love that is new.
A love letter arrives, beginning a new love life.
No thank you needed; a total surprise.
The present arrives at the right time,
For the day you forgot to remember to buy.
In your hour of need, send a wish out to him
And your dreams will all come true, he promises.
If you think you are ready to once more commit,
Then so be it; your love is a gift.

When your love is found,
He will float back into his cloud
And look out for the next believers;
You are content and do not need him now.

A lonely single person who is in need of being loved,
Will always find him when they need him,
For he is
The creator of love.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Toxic Healer

Reflecting wildly in reminiscent, eternal seconds,
I am not a bird or cat,
Cutting savagely in fractured minds,
Foolish I couldn’t see that,

I am an agitated growling beast,
Trying to help but tearing to shreds,
Treatment is a butchers surgery,
Selfish nature leaving me a feast,

Devilish smile in mask under slashing claw,
Yodeling certain sorrows that dawn wise learned woes,
Reciting what I see or once saw,
Growing flaws as nature flows,

Poison injected through playful bites,
Seconds too late, to mean no harm,
Temper short, I angrily try to help,
Chest tight in guilty grievance,

Envy for those who don’t feel,
Cold logic, calculated risks, emotions sealed,
I can’t help but try to heal,
Counting more hurt then helped,

Not my intention,
A point that is moot,
Facts lay in observed convection,
I truth I can’t refute,

Ever willing to learn,
To help heal and assist,
Breathe life that develops into a burn,
Over-focused there was always something I missed,

A just hell I feel their pain,
Caused by me or not,
I feel them scream, distressed,
So I take the shot,

Chastise and stare all you want,
One never knows when they are ready,
I try to grow steady,
At the end it’s me, my failures haunt,

Should I altogether stop?
I refuse to hate or abandon folk,
People trying to make it through their day,
Hearts guarded like seems of moccasins,

Maybe people shouldn’t come to me,
Sorry for the toxins,
You didn’t intend to do this
But you know what they say
About the road to hell.
And it’s full of near misses.
JKJI Mar 2
Some, come across broken souls,
unable to mend them.
Yet, insist they must.
Picking up the shattered pieces.
Inevitably, in the process,
wounding their own hands.
And through that pain
comes their lesson:
     If it is not yours to fix,
     it is okay to leave it broken.
I know you meant well.
here comes a heart
from the centre of the crowd
it came without a siren or a warning call
and like a lost dog without its golden tag
it had no owner to wait for at night

like a floating virus
or like an angry child
you didn’t quite know how to handle its intentions
so you lay awake
not knowing whether it will create even more severe
bitter winters
and minted tears
for the morning sun to dry up

you lay awake in fear of this raw heart
not knowing what lies its going to tell
or what truths it will unearth
but you stay in its rogue company
not knowing the next time you will feel warmth
without the help of sirens
or warning calls
what have i done, it
started with good intentions,
but now i have none
I didn’t need you to be the one to tell me that I will ‘find someone new’.
I know I was never very good at showing my intentions.
But then again, neither were you.
I just wish I could shut my eyes and things would be like they used to.
But when my eyes are shut
the dark space is flooded with memories of you.

however... it’s a vision that always seems to stray.
The fleeting kind;
A reminder that I could never make you stay.
That perhaps, this feeling deep in my bones
Telling me to trust no one,
Was so I don’t have to feel the pain of constantly being left alone.
But I guess you didn’t have a clue.
Because I still sit here wondering,
If there is a point in finding someone new
when I never really wanted anyone but you?
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