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Maja Sep 26
”look at the sky - it’s crying”

”what for?”

”well, why does anyone cry?”

”because there’s too much inside those clouds.
it’s too heavy for them to bear, so the raindrops have to fall.”
Mark Wanless Jul 16
i am a bear i am a wall
many things can ****
a bear and break a wall
Betty Jul 15
Only poke the bear
If you can outrun the bear
Best to find out first!
Love bears!
Such a loving delicate hand that grasps and claws its way beyond redemption.
Staring up with tearful tender eyes you see the beloved become the bear.
Bracing against its hunger for flesh you watch your clothes disappear.
The bear stares down licking its emaciated lips.
Its giant paw fumbles at its food, starving yet playful.
Stayed by terror and dry with fear you surrender your meal.
The Bear begins to feast.
Aarvijain Jun 19
Pain will not leave,
But it's wrong to cheat,
Is pain too much to bear,
Than the tear your loved one will share,
Being a coward is your choice,
Leaving the world is not easy way leaving the life,
The pain you leave is not nice,
People are crying because you are not here by your choice.
every one becomes having long tail
trying not to get *****
wanting to throw away
or hide it at any way

trying to be silent
covering your nose
and do also with mouth

as the world does not bear
your breath
if you still go on that road
which was not faith and had bad fault

expecting the worst comes
and the world will wish you to be absent
this causing of virus makes us showing the world into its clear photo. so moderate your self to be so good
Mrs Timetable Apr 22
Thank you
For pushing my stuffing
Back in place
When I have one of
Those days

I would do it myself
But I can’t reach

It means more
Coming from you anyway

We will find our needle
And thread someday

Your grumpy 
Brown eyed bear
Tough day support
by Michael R. Burch

a bitter
ache to bear . . .

once starlight
in your hair . . .

a shining there
as brief
as rare.

Regret . . .
a pain
I chose to bear . . .

the torrent
of your hair . . .

and show me
once again—
how rare.

Keywords/Tags: regret, bitter, ache, pain, bear, starlight, shining, hair, brief, rare
Sam H Mar 24
My warm and fuzzy friend,
tuck me in every night in bed
and leave a gentle kiss on my head
should you depart by days’ end,
rid my tears that have been shed.

Your loving memory has no end.
Until we meet again.
Lonely, lost and freezing
Desolate and bare
How sad it is to be
A lonely polar bear

My friends all left me long ago
The seals all swam away
And every night I wonder
If today will be the day

The day that I too,
am swept up by the sea
Like all of those other bears
who wandered before me

When your genesis is our Armageddon
Your victories burden is ours to bear
Oh, how sad it is to be
A lonely polar bear
Its about global warming obviously
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