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Mark Wanless Aug 8
without conflict i
wish to **** the bear that walk
with us in the dark
Abi Carroll Mar 15
Mindlessly applauding
the torn for choosing right
denies the open weight felt
of them not choosing left

The ripping of blank paper
is heard in your
congratulations and affirmations

Giving pride that isn't yours to hold
remains unknowingly empty
Wrapped well

Let go of optimistic ear muffs
and bright yellow shades


Tugging left turns
misled me to the same stop sign
begging to be dismissed

Lost in a spiral,
in my own left turns,

not abandoned but alone

Despite being desperately sought,
these roads are different in the dark

No comfort or guidance
in this backpack made of bricks
with bricks too sharp for a stuffed bear,
bricks too large for a lamp

Concern and direction
slip through
the cracks and the bricks
in the deafening darkness

Left again,
just one more time

What shades am I wearing,
what muffs are mine
that instruction is muffled,
that care is shaded grey

Even still,
my lefts are my right
my right to make
and to hold
and to keep
and to breathe
and to bleed

Save your pride
and your rosey half-full glasses
Hold your applause
and the promise of a later okay

Acknowledge the bricks
I am carrying now

They are concrete

More so,
than the life you see
that might never live to be
Akta Agarwal Feb 10
Hey my love
You are so cute
Just want to hold you tight
You always do bring smiles in any person's face
May it of any age
You are chubby
And I love to kiss you
In my sleep I always do hug you tight
And then I never left alone
You are the best and simplest gift I ever want,
Love you my teddy bear 🐻
Love you teddy bear
Mark Wanless Jan 30
the dog ate some flesh
off my arm then killed the bear
okay i agree
Mark Wanless Jan 17
the dog barks two times
i go outside to look see
the hungry bear dies
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
At the bottom
This empty hole I've dug inside myself

Waiting to be saved

Catching a glimpse of light above

Those glimpses are getting fewer
Far between

I think about the idiots who told me
"It's mind over matter"

I had a mind
To lift above matter
Ever since I lost it the matter is too much to bear
Really feeling this one right now
chris Dec 2020
raindrops fall in winter
smoke greys out the sky
an old bear curls up
he's laying down to die
but he hibernates for winter
gathering all his strength
she'll brave this darkened time
and go on in life at length
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Their hearts were broken
Without doubt
It was too sad to bear
Whenever he saw her out
Passed like she wasn't there
It is so sad to watch two people who obviously love eachother so much pretend like they don't
Brejesh Shan Nov 2020
There is a girl,
her skin so fair,
her heart so pristine,
her gaze so elegant,
her touch so tender,
her lips so luscious,
her aura just scintillating.

Her eyes are stars around which a galaxy transmogrifies into existence.
I am nothing but a speck of dirt floating in front of the vast expanse of her benevolence.

Her hands are ethereal, which deems the wings of a celestial powerless before their sublime grace.

She is the princess of an empyrean world, the ruler of my heart and the keeper of my soul.

There is a girl,
and she is my bear.
she is my bear
Maja Sep 2020
”look at the sky - it’s crying”

”what for?”

”well, why does anyone cry?”

”because there’s too much inside those clouds.
it’s too heavy for them to bear, so the raindrops have to fall.”
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