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Josiah Bates Oct 12
Sitting on its haunch,
Bear drinking river water.
Alone. Safe. Secure.
A random Haiku sort of thing about how my day went.
eight Sep 28
made honey for bunny.
isnt she such a bee?

i said, to the man
who eats honey like a bear.
Mark Sep 26
Tried my luck, under the roof of the New York Dodgers dome
Didn’t make roster, hopped on Route 66, went to another city
Ended up at the front gates of Walter Disney’s home
Which has been re-zoned to downtown LA, oh what a pity
Walked the streets, buzzing to pollinate all the beehives
Saw some Fred Astaire dudes, showing off their colorful jives
Wandered down a blackened, one way street
And who the ****, do you think I would meet?
The one and only knife wielding ghetto ****, Huggy Bear
Who said, I wasn’t now, looking all that smug, oh dear
Then along came his crew, Bonnie and Clyde
Now I wanted somewhere to ******* well hide
All of a sudden, a striped tomato pulled up and out jumped Starsky n Hutch
Yelling out to the ****, Huggy Bear, who spoke double-dutch
Leave the boy alone, and go on and get back on home
Thank god you showed up, for I was ‘bout to write my last poem.
Knit Personality Sep 2016
A mighty marvel,
The Giant Antlered Bear is awesome.
Brown, shaggy, and enormous,
He rules the darkest, coldest winter forests,
And is always warm.
With incredible antlers he is crowned
The Spirit-Animal of Christmas.

* .
Kon Grin Sep 6
Razored by torrential feelings
Fried between the scorch and sand
Bleeding, willing
To at last prosper in home land

I find a creature speaking seemingly the English
Though im the one who’s teaching her so what’s the deal
A form encompassing the all within the all
A pitch between eternity and null

A sweet delight she’s at
As I am circling her around my head
In thought i have to hide
Even from myself
Im willing not to catch up in the tide

September 19 - 2 years we met
as I was standing by the door
4 eyes and one realization
9, 4 and school

You’re sun, sunflower and a bear
You’re a bracelette id wear
For the rest of my
Life and I
Want you to know
I kinda love you,

Wont you please
Please wait
Until the “1 and 2,
Oh oh and 2, too oh and double two”
So I would do
Do anything at all
Not fearing hearing a reproach.≠
bbbennie and the jets
Reminds me of those sweet moments
I wouldn't switch it with anything
Either I'd have cried or I'd have gotten conflict
I used to hug it every single night
Say my dreams to it
N take myself to universe vlog
It pleased me often
The matter was just it couldn't get me to talk
Brought it to the parties
I spoiled it
I've always realised
That if there weren't any attention
Now we would be harder than a rock
There once was a bear called Marmalade.
She was a Peruvian brown bear.
She was abandoned in peru.
She was found in the only patch of desert in Peru.
She was rescued by 2 bears that found her.
In the only tornado to strike Peru in a century, her aunt perished saving her home.
In the aftermath of it, her uncle retired to the TrumpyMcTrumpface home for retired bears.
Marmalade's aunt told her to go to a place called London.
Her aunt's friend had an adopted bear there as well. They were good friends
When she got to london she went to the address that her aunt had told her.
When she went there, a weird human knocked on the door.
She called for someone called paddington.
Paddington was a bear.
When Marmalade told her story to Paddington, she was warmly welcomed into her home.
Her and Paddington fell in love and had lots of little baby cubs and lived happily ever after.
I'm brave like a lion.
I'm strong like a bear.
I will show everyone my loud roar.
I open my mouth and say hello like a beautiful bird.
Chirik chirik.
Power not always good friend. Power in words. :)
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