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Alex 1d
Blank pages shuffle at my feet.

Stories unwritten shine through white.


Lean forward and see,

They are written.

Just unsaved.

Words screamed into my head,

Never making it onto paper.


I frantically throw them around,

Looking for one word.

One sentence.

One anything.

That I've written.

But empty stares are my only friend.

Have I done anything with my life?

Made any mark on anyone?

My pens are all out of ink,

They leave temporary indentations.

My colored pencils are all broken,

They leave granite shards behind.

My hands are broken,

My mind made up.

Red ink writes my end.

Goodbye, goodbye.

See you next time.

Hope we never meet again.
I'm trying out new styles so this one is really rough...
Audrey 2d
I hate myself I hate how I think
I wish I could be different every time I blink
I wonder what it's like to be someone else
Because I really don't want to be myself
I would give anything to be like her
“She's going to go far in life because her head's on right”
Yeah but mine is twisted and bruised
Yeah i’ll be fine
Yeah I think i’m sure
But i’m the one who’s not bright
Im stupid
A mess

I wish I could just be blessed
I get more sad and sad every day
I just don’t want to live this way
I try so hard but what gets in the way is myself!
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I don’t even believe in myself and i’m ready to face my true fate

I’ve disappointed everyone enough and
I just want me to be enough for them
not me
Tay S 2d
Warm, sparkling waters are rising
And we drink it from filthy, cracked glasses
They say "No worry, no problem.
Only high class in the masses"

Have you completely lost it?
Are you absolutely crazy?
My opinions remain unchanged
My mind's gotten a bit hazy

Engulf your mind in
euphoric tides
and speak your true mind
as if it's truly where your heart resides

Glance at your reflection
What do you see?
Devil horns, lizard skin?
Or a face carefree?

"Don't say that!"
"We don't think so, it's okay,"
How could you?
Do you not see infinite shades of gray?

I just want to swim deep
Lost in the high euphoric tides
Where time has no restrictions
and this horrid storm subsides.
Marzia 2d
it feels like
you've given your every single bone
to the idea of existing
inside of someone else's head
promising yourself
you would never force yourself again
to love, to hurt and to be hurt
yet it feels
you've given too much already
to stop feeling
like you've ever belonged to yourself

bruised knuckles
forcing their way
through the concrete of your guts
trapped in your own cage of dreaming
to mean something to yourself
Marzia 5d
I have never thought that feeling empty
could bring me happiness and relief
and I would have never said that I
would be laying, cold and alone in my bed
at 1AM on a Saturday night, believing
believing that the best is yet to come and
you've finally set me free by breaking me
because who will find a better piece of match
for my shattered body and soul, stuffed with cries
than my own hands, my own legs leading me the way

I've certainly written a scenario in my mind
and I've been rehearsing to play this part for too long
astonished, I've read it a thousand times
paying attention to everything but details
and oh, what a fool I've been promising myself
that I would once find the pattern in the stars
that had led me to you, broken and bruised
oh, what a fool I am not for reminding myself
I know my own self the best
having created the concept of my own existence
and passing it into your hands, without realising
that my own demons were always human
without a doubt crossing my path only to bring
the only things I've ever feared, but still
I find my heart more of a decoy than a perception
of all the events existing only n alternative universes
and yet I still manage to underestimate my experience
and keep re-opening the wounds, cutting deeper

why would I ever trust myself
when my own body wants to reach self destruction
putting me on the edge with every decision,
when did I lost the ability of longing to be my own
have I ever belonged to myself anyways?
very personal
A mirror reflects harsher words than I’ve ever heard,
Even if they’re slurred.

These words say they won’t grieve,
Won’t care if I leave.

I go after my veins looking to bleed
Maybe then I can be freed.

These voices continue to come in a flood-
Maybe I can escape with my blood.

I can hear them no matter how much I scream and shout
Maybe another sting will draw them out

Another sting and I’ll feel something else.
Maybe then I’ll feel my pulse.

Another sting and maybe it will mask the sting of my own words...
Savannah Aug 27
I reek of new living
the silence of sobriety is deafening
Can't stand my heart beating
Chest rising, finally breathing
Falling together at the seams for the lack of grieving

Jump out of my skin at the sound of my name
Hearing a whisper of enthusiasm scares my wandering brain
I am standoffish but I'm not timid nor meek
You say you're here for me but I'm not who I seemed
Am I better because of my brand new living?

No, I am not new in the least
I pretend in my imagination but I'm the same old me
Time to stop writing
Time to go to sleep
Thanks for reading
You’re an angel,
With a haunted heart.
I’m the devil’s son,
Straight out of hell...

If you’re smart...
You’ll run and protect yourself.

From the demon living in the dark...
There’s nothing to be gained, 'cause I can never change.
And you can never understand my sickness.

(I’ll never understand my sickness...)

Save yourself...
From a life full of lies, and a heart full of pain and sorrow!
Save yourself...
From the choices I make, cause nothing but failure follows!

Save yourself!

When it hurt like hell...
I needed you...
There’s no one else I even talk to anymore, and I curse myself...
I know that the right thing...
...Is to give you up...

I’m overcome by shame, cause I can never change,
And you can never understand my sickness!

(I’ll never understand my sickness...)

Save yourself!
Kit Aug 19
I destroyed the pretty.
It's all emptiness now, what do you expect? You can't expect me to trust you further! Why would you let me break?

I destroyed the pretty.
It's not the question if you trust me, it's the question if I still feel a needle in my arm. It's the question for love and pain; a heart attack in a field of broken Roses.
Why can't you break me further? I am done, and you took my lifesaving essence.

How may I feel betrayed today? If it wasn't you that destroyed, oh, but it was me.

I ruined the pretty, I destroy the last lovely, I broke it.
One was left, now two are shattered.

So give me pain,
pain to ban the feelings,
pain to ban my life decisions,
pain to ruin further what's already lost,
has always been meant to be lost.
God why does it hurt so bad?
It's not like heartbreak,
it hurts like betrayal
and it hurts like death.
The feeling of death, deeply sitting down, wearing me out like a broken glass of beauty.

I threw you down, Glasshouse
I destroyed the pretty all the beauty is what I took away.
Shattered on the glass wood floor.
Death crawls up my spine like a spider to its to be killed prey.

I can't hear you anymore, how could you???
How on this earth dare you???
You left me!
You let me break you.
Why would you want that?
Isn't one destroyed body enough?
Isn't my misery beautiful enough?
I felt the worst when I wrote this (not about writing it, but I was chaos when this was created) , it's about selfhate and a person very important to me...
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