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Back up and take a breath
Who are you pretending to be?
Someone who is loved by everyone when you cant even stand yourself
Your happiness matters and you are allowed to feel things
Go and cry
Don't be afraid and have to hide
You are human and no one has it worse than others
You are not selfish for wanting to cry for wanting to leave.
Let it all out

Back up and take a breath
You don't have to please everyone
Who only matters is yourself.
So go ahead and cry.
And say how you feel
Because no ones opinion matters.
No one else.
Dealing with a lot of stuff right now
n Jan 8
One thread came loose with alcoholism at a very young age.
She recovered. She forgot and proceeded.
One thread was yanked loosed by a growing tendency to self sabotage.
She clawed her way out of the spiral.
One thread pulled at others when she learnt she didn’t need alcohol to have a good time.
She felt deprived by self-restraint. So she slightly caved.
One thread burned along with her personality when she became a stoner again.
She was suffocated yet high.
One thread was singed by ****.
She fell back into her ***** habits. She found herself here, but not quite present.
She became dependant. As she flooded her body parts with superficial happiness, just a quick release, her mouth grew dry. Then the peeling skin on her stained lips began to stick together and she regressed into a still and faded silence. In the end, she was in shreds and blissfully unaware, alone with nothing but one solitary thread left to grasp at.
Based on my own personal struggle with addiction and how instant highs can lead to long lasting lows that i am still dealing through.
Mrs Robota Dec 2018
I was little
The first time they called me that word consisting of six letters
For trivial mistakes
For being a disappointment
For asking for help
I am insecure
I tried, but they broke my confidence
I developed a fear of failure
I tried, but they broke my enthusiasm
And it left a permanent mark on me
MG Dec 2018
nobody hates me more than She does.
though She knows the complexities of me,
thoughts, loves, ambitions, insecurities.
She's seen me *****; physical skin, down to what lies beneath my bones.
She's made me think:
that putting a knife to my own skin to make this pain go away indefinitely, is the only way to escape
She's coaxed me into drinking poison, to lay with men who don't care to know my name.
She is the most hurtful voice in my own head.
it seems these days She only wants to see me lifeless, so She can wrap a warm blanket around me and whisper "I told you so"

but maybe one day, She will learn to love (herself).
learn to forgive the pain she's caused others (and herself)
because i am all She has.
She is me. oops
ginny lou Dec 2018
i've began to study him
notice the things he says
the little lies which come out of his mouth
instinctual in order to impress
an automatic response.
tells stories about others, but as if he were doing it

but i don’t get mad
i just know i can’t trust him
i take everything he says with a grain of salt
just the little lies
yes i did this-lie
i didn't kiss her first-lie

why can no one be real?

i asked him if he loved himself
he said no.
but this i knew
was not a lie

but i understand his lies are not for me
to be more impressed with him
it is so he can love and impress himself

i wish he could love himself the way i love him
then maybe he would never lie again
just maybe
or maybe i just live in a ****** fairy tale
Emma P Dec 2018
They look at me
Without really looking at me
All They can see
Is what They want me to be

I hear all critiques
They try to disguise
They’ve burned me to ashes
I’m no phoenix; I can’t rise

I’ve tried and failed and tried
To desecrate who I am
No matter what I change
It’s not good enough for Them

So I lay here in the blackness
And try and fail and try
I lay here in the ashes
I’m no phoenix; I can’t rise.
Maybe I should’ve called it Phoenix, but whatevs
Vxlentine Dec 2018
Take a deep breath,
swallow it in
Don’t let them see
the darkness within
Unwrap the bandages,
pull on the sleeves
Force yourself
for them to believe.
But the whole universe is crawling
through my veins,
How can you not feel
these burning flames?
And behind a locked
bathroom stall,
I beg myself,
please, don’t fall,
It’s just a little blood,
can’t you see?
But the world ignores
my last plea
And the comforting darkness
gets a firm hold
On my tortured mind
that suddenly turned cold.
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