Mythic times,
Not gone from here,
But not here as well,
Mystic things,
Faded into the past,
Forgotten sects,
Rituals and magic,
Monsters, beasts,
Destroyed by man,
And even mans own creations,
Destroyed by his own hands.

This cold of my city reminds me of an unreachable place,
that I’ve never been to.

Reminds me of my crystal queen: severe and cold,
That I haven’t met yet.

Nostalgia for things that haven´t come invades me, saddens me, and flow through my eyes.

I miss a mirage, a long-forgotten dream.

I can feel nothing but white,
And the white
slowly starts
to fill

Quinn 5d

I see your smile and your laugh.

It hurts.

Every time I look your way,
it feels like a stab to the chest.

Is it an act? a play?
To make me feel the pain I put you through?

You moved on, rose above
but I'm still here, downing in the repercussions of our actions,

of my actions.

I'm now just a distant memory to you,


flowerheart Nov 6

“anna”. twice.
i’ve only noticed your eyes today.
i’ve worn them for a year.
how interchangeable we are. how replaceable.
maybe if I began to wear
a purple hat or something
people would remember.

Lexi Nov 6

It is like

God must hate me

And after all

I have done

There's no way He could not.

G J Nov 6

I can’t remember what it felt like to feel anything at all
I don’t know how to change or love
I am transparent
unlike you I can not see colour
and I wouldn’t be surprised
if you told me you couldn’t see any in me either
It’s almost as if I am no longer me
but then again I can’t remember a me
all I can try to do is imagine myself as a contrast of the warmest reds
a girl who loves and was loved
someone who is not afraid to speak but instead screams until heard
I would have the smoothest skin except it would not be thin
nobody would hurt me
nobody would want to not even myself
there would be no scars of apology
I would not be sorry for being me I would instead embrace my life
but that is not me it is only my imagination

The Dybbuk Nov 4

I haven't slept in days.
It's like something...
is missing.
My mind is just a haze,
It's like something...
is forgotten.
Maybe it's just a phase,
It's like something...
is changing.
My morals in a craze,
It's like something...
is wrong.
Oh god, oh god, oh god.
What is wrong with me?

Time allowed me to perfect you in my mind
glassing over
the cracks
you were lucid white
once again my kryptonite.

With porcelain skin
you shimmered
in effervescence
your idiosyncrasies
were no more
no longer
was I a whore
that you beckoned to your door.

You treated me
in a way
that graced serendipity
we were what we were always meant to be.

Snap back to reality
trapped by your carnality
in this loveless spin
bleeding hearts
will never win
patience growing
increasingly thin.

Jazzy Rose Oct 28

"I'll be back in a minute, honey",
He left, the shop being 2 minutes away.
He still makes my stomach feel funny,
The fridge was empty of milk today.

"Love you", "love you too",
Cup of tea, stood still, waiting.
You promised me the moon,
Curls of steam, slowly fading.

That fucking bottle of milk,
If I had known, I wouldn't of let you leave.
You always said my skin was like silk,
Your words haunt me while I grieve.

You never came back, my love,
That brew went cold, never finished.
I know you're watching from above,
I hope you know, you are cherished.

That fucking bottle of milk, why?
Why did this happen? It's not fair.
I wasn't fucking ready to say goodbye,
I'm on my knees, I whisper my prayer.

My world is crushed, I can't cope,
You were everything to me, did I tell you?

That fucking bottle of milk.

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