Do you ever think
the painter
gets tired of his colors?
Sweety 4d
I will not let a tear roll..because I know you will never be mine
I will not show my feelings ever.. because I don’t want you to surrender

I will never call you.. because I don’t want to know that I am ignored
I will never text you.. because I don’t want you to feel obliged

I will never miss you.. because you were never forgotten
Black haired
Woman walks down
to the docks.
Her ravens land in their cage.
A ghostly ship
With a skeleton crew
Takes her aboard.
They wash away
to the forgotten land.
CM Lee 6d
It’s okay that you’ve forgotten
I know you and I had to end
It’s better we never see each other again
We’re too broken for anyone to mend

It’s okay that you’ve left
When I think of you, I’ve no regrets
I’m actually glad that you and I had met
I wish nothing for you but the best

It’s okay you’re happier than me
I’ve always been a lonely person, you see
But I’ll always wonder what you’re doing
How you’ve been and who you’re seeing

People ask me what happened
Why you left and where you went
Why my heart was closed and not open
I tell them things would’ve been worse if it wasn’t

No day will pass that I won’t miss
You’re perfect eyes and your kiss
But one day the clouds will turn to mist
And that’s when I’ll know I am at peace
c 6d
It has begun to rain and
I count its minutes washing away
The dirt of yesterday

In the hollow basement silence
I attempt to commit to memory the unadorned places I’ve kissed you
Before they’re washed away as well—

Shoulder blade.
Cheek stubble.
Letters in your name.

I consider pooling the falling rain in my arms
To show you what I’ve found

That you, too, embody
The smell of springtime

Eric Jan 10
As days set and let's go of the past , I start a new day with another mask .
Eric Jan 8
We love
We get lost
We gain content
We die.
I was alone, lost in an intergalactic cosmos
Wandering across the river of stars, with nowhere to go
It was melancholic,
Not even the sprinkling light of the sun can reach
There was nothing mesmerizing about me
Even I was abandoned by Gods in the underworld
Lumped with the living dead, and perished souls
A rock to small to be noticed, too far to be seen
Too lost that I was forgotten
This is my first poem about a planet so it wasn't that good.
English Jam Jan 6
Happiness staggers into a bar for the rest of the night 
Leaving us all to our own devices 
You say 
I ****
And someday I'm gonna run out of luck 
Well that's okay
And anyway
I'd be lying if I said this is heartbreak 

The pages of all your notebooks are stained with tears
Or so I've heard
But I'm not sure
You drew a little circle of black to surround you
Or so I've heard
But I'm not sure 
I'm just sorry that I ever let you through my door

Weird how we crumble apologies we never made
Sharpening words with the edge of a blade
You cut me off
I loved us cause you said you weren't like the rest
Run wild
Make believe 
Let's put that pain in my heart to the test

Lipstick kisses melt and blow away on my cheek
So goes the word
But who's too sure?
The bloodstains come from the rose we used to share
So goes the word
But who's too sure?
At the end of the day who's really sorry anymore

Worlds apart
From the start
Guess we tried to see how long it'd take
So one last time
Don't close your eyes
Just hold tight and watch this moment break
When we wake

Sometimes we feel emptiness

A pit of neverending downward direction.

We feel alone like no ones cares.

It's better if I go back to sleep atleast then I can hope my flightless dreams won't be crushed by roaming nightmares

Or maybe this pit I feel at this time
Is you telling me something is wrong

I'm not really sure, I just want sleep to find me forever.
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