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Eva 2d
Our photographs
capture the many memories you've forgotten.
The ones you've thrown out
but I kept close to heart.
Dream is a bubble,
easily burst from a light touch.
At time, I forget I am a guest in my dream,
A host and a guest;
In control yet not,
bizarre yet naught,
unexpected yet forgot.
Life too, is a dream,
a very long dream indeed.
One day I'd just be forgotten
By everyone and anyone I know
Deleted from all their minds
To never be thought of again
That is what I fear the most
Melody May 19
Late afternoon. The world sleeps on,
cocooned in shale-green stillness —
a tremulous moment, solemn breaths
preceding your surrender to the flames

The air screams. Unforgiving smoke
and another force infiltrate the scene
only to amplify the horror of the last act
resounding in those of sound mind

Discard the impossible ideal, one last
scornful smile for the ones left here
your eyes fixed on the world to come
knowing you do not belong to either

We are foolhardy children of April
expelled into existence the same day
(with decades spanning between us)
I still mourn your silenced voice

I know you return to this place
when the night air is cool and sweet,
pace these eucalyptus groves barefoot
to perpetually seek all that we've lost
Liyanne May 14
And just like a butterfly
You appreciate me when i'm there
Then forget i ever existed
Once I disappear
Im here
Liyanne May 14
Each day I wake up
And let my messages buffer,
What if someone chatted?
while I was on my slumber

I received the usual messages
From groupchat's of school and friends
I read each message I missed
Until the very end

I do this every morning
Unless I don't feel well
I put some messages in ignore
and turn off my notification bell

I don't know why I do this
Maybe I want people to see
The girl that had always been there
Hasn't been online lowkey

I still check my messages
To see if someone's there
I let my messages buffer
To find that it's all bare

That day, I learned the truth
The painful truth that scars my heart
Even though you're always there
You are never enough
Antique brain
retains few
furrowed fears--
memory recedes;
conscience clears.
Phoenix May 11
You spited me for my actions
that I did without realisation.
You committed the same sins
With a clear mind.

Condemned for my distance,
forced to tear down my walls
only for yours to tower
and push me further away.

Our actions were one of the same,
our mistakes almost identical
The only difference was I loved you
and all you could love was yourself...

I wish you the best,
for my heart holds your image pure
but my mind knows the truth
Watch me push away my logic and let you in
old willow May 7
Swift was dusk, reminding people how time flies by quickly before one realized.
Their world was separated,
two boundaries that could never met,
as was fated by heaven itself.

Slip from the crack of the boundary,
The two illusionary figures collide.
Stretching across the land,
White flakes cover every nook and cranny,
Their figures were like two magnets attracted toward one another.

She knew of his name that was covered in blood.
He had walked a path filled with corpses,
the murderer who slaughtered millions with his sword.
Looking at him from a distance, she laughed.
Nothing was needed to be said,
for words were meaningless to the both of them than the look they gave to each other.

The country is broken, though hills and rivers remain,
In the city in spring, the grass and trees are thick.
Chaos, like oil mixing with water, order is not to be anchored.
Enemy, are many;
Peace is few.
In this world, my enemy is numerous as clouds,
Are you willing to accompany my path?

Her smile was the blooming spring that would be coming.
Somehow, she had always believed in him.
He would never fail her.
If he walked the path filled with obstacles, then she would accompany him!

Alone in the northern lands,
The two of them burrow their feet in the earth,
Hands held gently against one another as they faced each other.
A tranquil solemnity befalls on the place,
as all of nature was to witness the soon unity of the couple,
Far from the turmoil of the world.

First, Prayer to the heaven and earth present to witness their love.
As if signifying their presence,
The earth shook, the clouds cleared.
Their heads held high, and their gaze locked onto each other.

A bow to Heaven and Earth,
This bow is as surreal as a dream.
First thanking Heaven for bestowing conformity upon the two of us,
Allowing me to meet you among billions of people,
Till white-haired yet never parted.

A bow to Heaven and Earth,
Kneeling love and hate into dust,
Before kowtowing the earth, permitting a place of quietude for the both of us.
let us imagine the world hatred as congratulatory,
In the end, neither of us owning the other anything,
This life, this moment,
There are only the twos of us.

And the final bow to Heaven and Earth,
the last to represent that they would stick through thick and thin,
a bow to each other,
Immemorial promises to remind each other that they are one yet not, alone yet together.
Their conviviality was sent as a prayer to Heaven and Earth,
coveting their thoughts for peace,
And may it last forever more, under the eternal heaven.

If not this life,
In the next life,
May we meet again.
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