Nyx Mar 3
I remember the days where we ruled the world
I remember the moment you first said hello
I remember the start and the soon coming end
And I watch how quickly my heart has becomes dead
The words and the sayings that once filled my mind
The broken pieces all starting to collide
The Once perfect boy that we all knew
Has fallen from his pedestal and has now become taboo
The scars in my soul will remain unseen
Until its finally time to que the final scene
Like fragments of a memory that just past us by
My love for you stands until I die.

Remember the sun as it blazed from above
Remember the stars as we talked about love
Remember the time when you stood up and said I am dying without her so I stayed in her stead
My chest grew tight as more time moved on
Always thinking about her and the things that you did
The treasured memories that I hold dear
Mean nothing to you, so I must shed a tear
Holding on tight like I have nothing to lose
I threw away everything to side by you
But why is it now that life has passed us by
That I stay here in silence as you live on just fine

Do you remember me running my fingers through your hair?
Do you remember me humming sweet tunes into your ear?
Do you remember me holding you gently in my arms as you cried about her and the things you did wrong
Drinking only dulls the pain
A temporary solution I would always explain
As I listened to your woes time and time again
I could surely feel my stomach filling up with dread
Slowly over time I became your number one
Only for that to falter as soon as she became undone
I loved you with my body soul and heart to rest
But why is there still a sinking feeling inside my chest.

I remember all the days that past us by
I remember all the simple things that made you cry
I remember all the nights that I lay awake, talking to you and making sure you were okay
The fun times, the dark times and all the in between
Nothing came between us until the later scene
A offer was made and you took your chance to run
Leaving me behind with nothing left but my love
Desperately clawing and trying to hold you close
Trying to express the words that I forever left unspoke
I wish I could have meant something more to you
I noticed a lady sitting across from me today.

See, she had a worn face from living hard, and tough hands from working harder.

And her piercing eyes, they screamed five words:

Don't let me be forgotten.
Just a short thought.
Why can't unicorns be real
Why do parents play make-believe
So happy we were as children
Until a rusted locke was uncovered
Slowly anything from our stories we read
Never took us to our fanatasies ever again
now where did our one horned friends go
they were thrown down a bottomless pit
Since our minds would never again accept them as real
to this day it level us in sadness unbroken
I am the swirls in the steam above your tea cup, the whisper of wind in the tops of trees; I am that high and light laugh that you can never find the source of, that soft tap of feet that always follows you; I am always there but never tangible, always just beyond where your eyes can see even when they look right at me; I hide in plain sight, even when I shout it is a whisper; I am stuck between two worlds, always where you are, and yet a million miles away.
hidden in the blinds of your eyes,
a memory unflinchingly forgotten,
erased, mercilessly timed
but I'm nowhere near

among the pretty, glazed faces,
frosted over time, the sighs
exhaled, perfumed blue
but I'm nowhere near

empty lies,
shallow thoughts, submerged in a waterfall
of emotions, shattered tomorrows
and I'm nowhere near - to be found.

What's a (wo)man to do,

I yearn
for peaceful oblivion.
Experimenting with wordplay (still).

Drink myself into oblivion,
Let me be the forgotten son.
The forgotten one;
I will soon be forgotten and gone.

Gone from you, gone from this place;
I want to be gone from this space with no kind of grace.
I want to find out if Heaven is real or just a myth on a piece of paper.
I believe, I don’t believe, I will believe when I meet my maker.

I thought I knew how to belong,
Now all I do is wrong
And all I feel inside is, I want to be gone.

Now we are gone to become the ones,
Who disappeared, like we have become God’s.
Our skeletons shall be the only mark we leave on this planet,
My poetry my only indent on this Earth;
My existence will disappear when the electricity is gone.

Thinking about you shows me how little I knew you.
Who are you?  What did you believe?  What did you do?
Any question answered, it’s all in front of our eyes;
Still we cannot choose which question to ask.  Which question is right?

You may call it intuition, or you may call it a day,
But there is nobody left to call when they have all been sent away.
We live in but a second, we exist for an instant;
We are soon to be gone, so make a good impression.
We are here, then soon enough our time has been spent;
We never accomplish all our goals, before our death sets in.

Now I am gone;
I am higher than the sun.
I walk alongside God;
I am humble before Him/Her and all I want is to not be forgotten.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
june 4d
I sit back and listen.
I am in the forest, sitting in the grass.
Surrounded by mountains, the sun kisses me.
The flowers bloom.

I open my eyes.
I am not where I thought, sitting in a room.
Waiting for myself to bloom.
Into what I was before.

Can I go back?
Just for a little bit?
I ask myself, if I really want to.
I realize that there are better things in store.

If I can just hold on for a little longer.
jul 5d
whether we know it or not,
we are constantly being drowned by
the oceans of our minds and
the rivers of our thoughts.
our tears fall from the sky and
drenches our conscious to believe that
we are a tiny speck in the sand
at the bottom of the ocean.
we float constantly in the reservoir of their hopes,
where they drink our souls to nothing
and get drunk off our foolish dreams.
we dream of being alive and free,
but we walk with our feet tied to an anchor
that struggles to pull itself through the sludge.
they laugh at our foolish attempts
to obtain the feeling of being important.

it is crazy to think that we are matter;
living, breathing, human beings.
yet as each day goes by,
I become more minuscule and I drift to the
city of atlantis.
I miss the way you taught me about jazz; forceful,
loud, but ready to turn it all around if you sensed
for a moment that I was unsound.

The way the land spoke between us and the ways
the winds blew and we'd pretend we both felt
the very same chill.

I miss the day you told me about shadows; sketched,
hatchet, with a careful eye to match it when you felt
the inspiration and desired to catch it.

The way the trees billowed and bent before you
it was like watching a controlled burn with nobody
to care for it but us.

I miss you.
The way you used to lean on the balls of your feet.
I miss,
The way you would smile and hide it, and then let me see it.
I miss you.
old friendships and what we notice
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