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Jeremy Betts May 17
I'm not gonna sit here and say
Why it is I feel I'm not okay
I'd be here all friggin' day
And you'd only lose interest anyway
Distracted easily midway
Forgotten before the rising sun of the next day
So, if you don't mind, I'll just take what I was going to say
And be on my way

i sit on the bench
and watch him roam
free to do as he pleases
within the confines of
our fenced sanctuary
that four-legged build up
of energy and excitement
taken by a sudden burst
sniffing at the long grass
as he bounds excitedly
up down around and back
only to stop abruptly
freezing in a Pointer's stalk
until the cause of rustling
in the undergrowth
reveals itself and takes flight
leaving him to snuffle
the scents that remain
exploring deeper
he pauses and looks back
checking i am still here
making sure i know
i am not forgotten
In final peace of offering,
Glass portrait left all to bestow.
Fearing time running out to sing,
Nested feathers seen as dark woe.
Was suppose to be a present,
To which I know would never be.
No more to you ever I bent,
You owe me nothing of a fee.
Shakespeare was already a fraud,
The slave was never seen of all.
Insanity all letters clawed,
Never crossing nor not to fall.
So screech the haunting demons chess,
Wept darken tears upon our mess.
White Shadow Dec 2023
In the echo chambers of a digital age,
Love adorned in a public stage.
Snapshots shared, a fleeting art,
Yet, whispers of real love set apart.

A symphony drowned in the social gaze,
Gleaming displays, love's public phase.
But beneath the glare, a truth unfolds,
Real love in subtlety, a story untold.

Not in grand gestures, or in fame,
But in care's whisper, a silent claim.
Respect, the currency of hearts entwined,
A dance unseen, yet profoundly defined.

Humility, the canvas where love is drawn,
Beyond the spotlight, a connection spawned.
Privacy, the garden where intimacy grows,
Real love blooms where authenticity flows.

In the quiet acts, in shadows cast,
True love thrives, a moment to last.
Away from the stage, a sanctuary found,
In genuine love, in silence profound.
Today's generation don't know what true love is, they're in a dilemm of digital space and showing off and think it as love.
A M Ryder Nov 2023
When all
You have
Are memories,
Who will
Remember you?
Jeremy Betts Jan 2021
I'm an enigma, a quitter and survivor, a pioneer weary of the change that literally defines the career
In desperate need of a savior or at the very least a lucky rabbits foot souvenir
One to keep me free and clear from the type of bad karma that's over the top severe
I've been thinking I don't belong here, I don't know if it's me talking that talk or the fear
I let it take the wheel and steer, my driving advise from the rear seat falls on a deaf ear
I guess I ain't suppose to interfere with the charioteer, the why isn't clear
Now I've gotta kick it into another gear to commandeer my own life like a buccaneer
This deer in headlights nonsense won't get me anywhere near my "new beginnings" frontier
I lost track of my trail guide mountaineer, forgotten about like I'm the fourth musketeer
The sheer volume of every collected tear almost drowns me at least once a year
Or acts like pavement when I smear across it after falling from the atmosphere
My guardian angel is a horrible puppeteer, seems to disappear when needed most like he's the one with crippling fear
...go figure

Jeremy Betts Jan 2021
They say everybody's bound to play the fool but I'm always the biggest in the room, a typecasted tool
A hopeless romantic who'll ignore the red flags and shrug 'em off, just act cool
Just to avoid numerous rejections like in the cesspool that was high school
But the pain of a lie is far more cruel, every one adds fuel and makes me feel minuscule, I'm weak, that's your que

Here's your chance to tie the knot and kick the chair, I'll pretend there's no one there
No one will see, you'll be free from me, freed of the need to care
So look at that there, all laid out, replace the smile with a pout and mess your hair
Give it one or two weeks after sorrow peeks then you can drop the act live on air

My soul will forever dangle here from the beam of my despair, a carcass chandelier
I want to cry out but the rope...well let's just say my throat is beyond repair
Seems that even in death I'm a forgotten chapter or just briefly skimmed over
Come to think of it, my body they have yet to discover, both in life and death I'm shown I don't really matter

I knew this life wasn't going to turn out well for me. How you ask? I listen carefully and obsessively study my history
You want a piece of me? I won't put up a fight, you can take it all, go ahead and feast on me
Just have the decency to finish me off completely and stack my remains neatly so I become part of the scenery
And be a reminder of your victory, you defeated me, who knew a broken heart could actually **** somebody...

Jack Oct 2023
Symphonies of unknown,
A mote of light piercing eerie night,
Through branches, where the moon retrieves.
An ancient tale with a spectral embrace.
Twisted trees whisper fear,
In shadows deep, where echoes leer.
Yet 'midst the darkness, beauty gleams,
A veiled, forgotten bride,
Once believed in happily ever after,
Remains in solitude in her own realm,
Wandering with her gown, her crown,
Waiting for a glimpse of hope, an unfulfilled oath,
A humble smile binds her to demise,
The beauty veiled behind the curtain of mist,
A haunting dance beneath the moonlight chandelier,
Untold grace remains in mystic trance.
Beneath the boughs, shadows weep,
A love unsought, a secret to keep.
Her spirit mourns in the lone kingdom of ruins,
A princess lost, in silence, adorns.
Odd Odyssey Poet Oct 2023
So, so many things I could say,
"I love you," "I need you," "I miss you," etc.
But the response is like a lot of messages
-unread, blocked, archived, and forgotten
So it all remains in my head; a better off place said
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