Seema 3d

Forgotten was I,
Unnoticed in everyone's eye,
Everything I did for anyone;
They only seem to say goodbye,
I wonder why people tend to lie,
Am I the only one with this feel,
Trying to let this torment heal,
Of why people are good only from outside,
And so reckless rusted from inside,
No one to walk by my side,
Left alone for me to decide,
Of how I should let myself go,
But no one surely understands me, so
I have made myself a deal,
To be positive and work for my meal,
Diverting my negative vibes,
So it doesn't affect others lives,
With positivity I feel a glow of aura surround me,
That's all to everything I probably just want to be...


Amanda 5d

So little soul, how long have you been lost?
How long have you been wondering these halls alone?
For awhile now I'm guessing?
Well of course I'm right, I am the shadow that follows you.
So lost soul, why are you so lost?
You've lost your way? Your will to stay sane?
Why are you crying? There's no reason.
You want to go back? Well I did too once. But now I just wonder these halls like everyone else as a forgotten shadow.

Distilled by blackened blood,
Our ancestral integrity
Dissipates between damaged hands-

Hearts and loins
Scarred by the jarring truth-

Two lions warring 'til death.

Transference imprisons
Our fragile egos-

Forces discomfort
Upon the burdened soul-

Dismembered and scattered
By mercurial synapses.

A once steel-trap mind-
One-way vision-

Sears apart

And convolutes his confusion-
Human ashes lost to the wind.

Oh ancient wind-
Bearer of truth-

Whisk away my insanity-

A mere whisper in the dark.

Scarlet M Jan 13

aren't made
be kept,
to be

Tess Jan 11

I may be forgotten by history.
Win or lose both sides will despise me.
In battle, I will fight valiantly,
but in the end, I will die alone.
My weapons rust as time continues on.
Of my fallen friends, I'll sing a song.
In this endless battle, I will stay strong,
knowing I have no chance of winning.
Flattery has long since then been replaced.
To lie is no longer a disgrace.
Is there any honor in such a place
where the thieves and the murders thrive?
Becoming the best is that which I sought
But time in jail was all my efforts bought.
Escaping once held captive my thoughts,
But still in jail is where I do rot.
My lockpick is gone, my crossbow is too.
But one day again, I will debut.
Though I'm old, frail, and a bit out of tune,
The life of my work will never undo.
The young lads do earnestly aspire.
The old do after time retire.
Crime will decrease, or at times run higher.
No matter what, you can't douse our fire.
The law hates. Thieves destroy competition.
Old methods are gone despite petition.
Will they put an end to our life's mission?
Not as long as good and evil endure.

Henry Mich Jan 10

You, a monster, you're not really human.
People feel compassion-
Do you even know what that is?
Is it just another thing you think doesn't exist?
You walk, you talk, you laugh, you smile, but I know what's behind your eyes.
When you take from this world another part of me dies.
I hate you with every bone in my body, every part of my soul.
Life is not a toy to be taken and tossed-
My life, his life, her life,  gone.
Left a shell, a broken vessel abandoned for the carrion crows.
But now I see standing is this mirror hating the monster for what it did.
While knowing when my angel died,
The monster was laughing deep inside.
Hesitantly I pick up the knife
For the the angel’s sake I will take its life.

Isabel Jan 8

You forgot
that you left
with my broken heart
in your hands.
Leaving me
With an empty void
That would never be replaced.

Airisgone Jan 7

If drugs elate these feelings temporarily
Then I'd see why people go crazy for it
I thought I was strong
I thought I had control
I too am tired

"You will find rest..."
The scriptures said

But I want to sleep
An eternal sleep

But I want to live
And so, I continue

An Illusion
Tony Oquendo Aug 2014

I am god the devil born of strife
living this hell that we call life
a tormented servant a leader of man
an empty shell no salvation at hand
You reached out but I forgot to say hello
I died but you forgot to say goodbye

To my only LOVE
I will stop falling for you
Will hide this feeling
Because we never work out
You were my lover and my friend
I do not want to lose
Let me stand right next to you
Baby,  I am afraid to be alone and forgotten
Our LOVE STORY, its over.

                      To my only LOVE
Embrace me, Push me
I fucked up a million times and so did you
I am sorry so forgive me
Let spend time together
I will pretend not to feel
I will stop falling.
I will stop loving my only LOVE.
And YOU are my ONLY LOVE.

My bittersweet goodbye.
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