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Iska 7h
The universe has a language we've forgotten,
one spoken by all the earth.
and in our haste to create our own "beauty"
we've forgotten how much it was worth.
and once we noticed the absence
we attempted to fill up the hole.
we replaced the feeling
of freedom and soul
with words like money and fool.
yet as we forgot the language,
the world around us did not
and cried for us and our ignorance
as they watched us cut the world up.

into little bite sized pieces,
trying to fill up our cup,
guess we didn't know,
it was still empty
from all that we've given up.
Ella 1d
Yeah, maybe
Maybe I know that people do love me
But does it
Does it frighten anyone else that
That one day no one will know your name.

(I'm frightened)
Well, isn't everyone frightened of fear?
When I'm gone, all of me is gone and
When I'm here?
I guess not even I know me
I don't know what synapse in my brain is firing you see
Do you?
Know your own brain?
Because I like to think that I'm important, but
Really I'm another human, just like
The rest
And so are you and you'll die
And so will I
Which is comforting
And not
Once all I've done will be forgotten
And my memories will be sodden
Or everything
Of that I'm not sure
I guess that's why no one ever knew before
It's comforting
And not
That no one else knows what on Earth we are doing
On Earth
But, I digress
When I'm all gone and not even a dress
Will be left of me or you
And that means there is forever mystery in what we do
Which is yet again
And not?
I've confused my brain now
Let this be forgot.
There’s a lonely light left on,
In the farthest corner of forgotten space.
Where dreams come true,
And hopes shine through,
A beautiful stained glass face.

A face with friends and a family,
Filled with heartwarming smiles and tears.
With stained brown eyes,
And lips metal tied,
Unable to share the stories it hears.

There’s a lonely light left on,
Illuminating all invisible forgotten space.
Shining through the pain,
the stained glass window pane,
Sharing stories in a way you cannot hear.
Enjoy, or don’t —I don’t care. This is the 8th version of this poem I’ve been trying to write. This is best version so far but it can always change and get better. Stay awesome!
Isaac 2d
The future everyone has forgotten about now.
So do what your heart truly wants to do,
Inside these forgotten days.
Written 19 October 2018
Locked up in the
Pits of darkness
I often wonder what the
Stars would be like

Sitting here in utter darkness
I can only imagine
The night sky

From the glimpses
Of my forgotten life
It's only the stars
That I long for the most

They twinkle in the night sky
Calling out to me

Hear me oh friend
Through you
My wish will come true

When you escape this darkness
And enter the light
For I never can
Would you say hello
To the stars for me !
Tatiana 5d
Long ago, Moon reigned alone and empty
born of the Gods Sky and Sea.
The world was painted with a pale light,
that came from Moon's own might.

"Hello, I don't believe we have met before?"
    "Call me Heat."
"I am Light."

A meeting destined in the heavens above,
inspiring Heat and Light to love.
For Moon had grown sickly all night,
as she never had time to rest from her plight.

"What shall we call it?"
    "The yellow light that we lit?"
"Yes. It's like a disc. A shining disc."

Light circled Heat like a shield.
Blinding those who do not yield
with their interest or attempts to charm
Heat away from Light's arms.

"Perhaps we shall call it Light?"
    "No, we shall call it Bright!"
"Please, we cannot fight."

This world moves forward even as time stands still.
Heat takes Light's hand with great thrill.
A movement not so grand,
yet it's worth more than the price of this land.

"Feel the warmth of his heat!"
    "He climbs the sky with no fear of defeat!"
"Moon can finally rest her weary feet."

The pair watched with great pride
in the sky, their child no longer hides.
Look at him! He soars! He flies!
Bringing heat and light to the lands beneath the skies.

"My child, formed from Heat and Light"
    "Please do not feel any fright."
"My child, vow to keep balance with the night"
    "An eternal dance with Moon so bright."
"And remember above all else,"
    "That when the dark arrives,"
"know that Moon will maintain hope and life."
    "Maintain life and hope, my Son.
© Tatiana
Son vs Sun
I just wanted a good story. A warm ending to those troublesome vowels.
Well, that's the end! I hope you enjoyed my forgotten vow(el)s series! I certainly enjoyed it. It has been a challenge to try and avoid certain vowels. E and O were extraordinarily difficult, but it was so rewarding in the end. I did it and I'm proud! If anyone else would like to challenge themselves, I would suggest trying to drop vowels or even consonants. Force yourself to write differently and you'll be surprised by what you can create.
Thanks for reading!
Anya Oct 12
My mom got me a pair
of blue jeans
I never used to wear
Buttoning and zipping
was a pain

Then we got a dress code
And jeans
I could wear
But not blue
Too casual

And so they sat forgotten
Until a few years later
In a rush
I grabbed something
to wear
and it was
My blue jeans
And you know what? I don't look half bad.
I’m the whisper on the wind
That you don’t care to hear
I’m the ghost in the shadows
That you don’t care to see
I am the memory
That you’re willing to forget
I’m the minute detail
That you’re willing to overlook
I’m the speck of dirt
That you don’t even consider
Invisible, unheard, and ignored.
How badly I wanted to be
A Hero
to be exact
The Hero of your story
cause life is full
of twist and turns
that I believe
heroes will not be forgotten
I wanted to be the Hero
so won't forget about me

So I started to be one
to you and only you
I was the hero when you where crying
held your hands
when your life was rough
said we will push through
cause I'm here for you
as a start it was easy
because when I held your hands
you held mine
I said I could really do this
protected you from all the harm
you paid me with a sweet smile
that had me charmed

Eventually you got used to it
that I will always have your back
that's why you never look back
you got used to the Hero
that will always look out for you
that you forgot to look at the hero
Now its starting to get hard
cause I wanted to be the your HERO
so you wont forget about me
but life doesn't work like that I see
cause the Hero
I wanted to be remembered
have been forgotten
no notes just words
Jay Lewis Oct 9
I suppose I never truly had closure
I guess that's why I still grieve
I miss you all the time even though it's been so long since you left me.
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