Unknown 2d
A stagnant pond
It would be nice
Apply slight effort and it might sustain life.
Two lilies, a goldfish maybe.
Over two years it's been sitting here
The lining is intact
The pump will work once cleared of its leaves.
But don't touch the water-
It might kill you
Sometimes you know youre guilty
And sometimes you’re not sure why the people around you say your guilty
You try so hard
So extremely hard
To get yourself into an appropriate position in a puzzle.
And your trying to see which piece you’ll work great with.
A piece you can connect yourself to
But the puzzle
Has no missing piece
You feel like an outcast
A bystander
Someone trespassing a house with people who are content with one another
And will never be content with you
They say you arent looking hard enough, for the puzzle piece
When they cant get themselves to believe that there is no such thing.
I will never be apart of their puzzle
Their unit
No matter how hard i tried to look, i never found the missing piece.
And i never will
What they dont know
Is that they are hiding the missing piece
They’re hiding it
But they’re oblivious to the fact that it is there
With them.
And if they choose to give it to me, i will gladly take it
They’re all connected
They all form a puzzle of an image
A gorgeous image
But there are words hidden
In between the pieces
Words left unsaid
An image of roses
Is what they’re connected to form
With gorgeous silky scarlet petals
So perfect.
As if they were painted perfectly
By Picasso himself
Perfect structure.
Healthy stems
Gorgeously shaped leaves

And that is how others see us
But they dont see how im treated


My actions are never appreciated
When i bake cookies,
its my way of showing love
I wont come up to others
Just to give them a hug

I wont be able to show
My love to anyone
But people do not respect that
They think i do it just for fun

They think im just hormonal
They believe i am a source of stress
When stress never defined me
That when they say it, i love them less

Maybe i am heartless
Maybe i do burn
So when i fall or stumble
No one ever seems concerned

They say im hard to deal with
They say im a burden too
Like im a heavy weight they carry
That theres nothing they can do

Theyve taken me to doctors
To them, thats so extremely bad
“the others arent like you”
Like im the worst theyve ever had

I live in a puzzle of roses
With the prodigy child, the wise and the sweet
I try to fit myself in the picture
And hopelessly, i drown in defeat

I try to think more about it
Ive read books, been to lectures too
But somehow all that is overlooked
And my hatred for them grew

You’d think “ its no wonder she hates them!”
“ its no wonder she’s always so sad!
But believe me they arent like that
They see me as heartless and bad

They look at me with fear
As if i carry a gun wherever i go
They believe my heart is nothing
But a stone thats as cold as snow

They think im not trying hard enough
They dont know i lose sleep
All because i try to be
The good daughter they wish to keep

Red velvet, scarlet, ruby
Garnet and cherry red
Colors that overwhelm my brain
Colors i imprint in my head

I never seem to match
A single shade that is close to theirs
I wear a completely different color
With which, they arent willing to bear

In my eyes,
Im as white as an elegant goose
In their eyes, im as dark as ever
To symbolize how “my purity,
Was never mine to lose”

Roses have gorgeous petals
Their appearance always good as new
Although thorns have their good features
They have bad ones too

They bear a weight on their stems
An unwanted feature resting there
although these roses are pretty
That one feature, they hate to wear

The frown i wear on my face these days
Is one i have never worn
Its due to the undebatable fact
That every rose has its thorn

So please call me L.A.W.N
And do not see me as white and pure
For my family thinks im a burden
A disease that has no cure
Simply hearing is not enough.
Simply reading is not enough.
If you don't do it, what is the point?
If you don't act out what you hear or read, what is the point?
The knowledge you gained would just be sitting in your mind,
rotting away, and soon, forgotten.
Simply reading the Word,
Simply hearing the Word of God would not help.
Maybe for a day, it would.
Maybe it will help but not on its full power.
and Forgotten if you don't act and be doers of what you hear, what you read.
Especially in God's Word...
i don't know. I would probably write another one based on this title. Not sure yet. Please give me feedback!
My pen bleeds just like I, in this abandoned home of mine.
I feel the emptiness inside, but still I say “I’m fine”.
I sit in this tub and weep as I wonder what it’s like to not be alone,
For this house is not truly abandoned, it just feels like it though.

I feel as if I am forgotten, even when I’m not,
I feel like everyone has left me, to float in this tub and rot.
It feels like I am drowning, and the water has grabbed my throat.
And I know I am breathing just fine, it just doesn’t feel like it though.
Such treasure long forgotten
Marked with an X
Finding the rhythm
to see such sight
By ship sailing day and night

A heart of Gold by Your name
I found
The missing jewels of a piece
In ground

Your heart differs from my stone
It's buried deep inside
Taken from home
My heart is trash while yours was a diamond in the sand
BM Green Jun 9
I realized tonight
While I laid in what use to be our bed
I realized that your voice
has left my memory.

I can't hear it anymore
Not like I use to.
I can't remember it
I kept trying so desperately to remember

What did it sound like?
Any of it
when you laughed
or even cried.
What sleepy noises did you use to make?

I can still see your smile,
thank God I can still see it
I can see the crooked grin
but I can't hear you.

You're beginning to fade
I don't know how to stop it.
I don't know how to memorialize
every part of you.

You're drifting away
I thought I could hold on for eternity.
I thought for sure I’d keep every bit of you
Locked away in my memory
I was wrong.

You see we’re human
And humans forget
I'm so scared one day
I will wake up and
you'll just be gone.

You've been gone
4 years now
I don't want anymore
of you to leave me.

I will not,
I can not survive that.

I squeeze my eyes as tight as possible
Hoping that the memory
of your hand on my thigh
will come back

Hoping I can still feel the feeling
of you fingers laced with mine...
It's gone.
I can't remember how rough the felt.

I can't remember
the exact shade of green
your eyes held
I have lost the smell in the air of
when you first got out of the shower.

I still remember
it use to be my favorite moment
First thing in the morning
but now it's disappeared
with so many other things.

It’s losing you all over again
I don't know how to stop it,
stop you from becoming
a fictional time in my life.

You were real,
We were real.
You loved me.
You loved me so much
I know you did

There are people
People in my life now,
that have never heard your name.
That never knew us...

People that have only known me
Without you.
How is that possible?
Who even am I without you?
Just a casing of who I use to be?
A hollow person with nothing to give?
These people don't even know
They don't know me at all.
Amanda Jun 7
Walking into an
Empty forgotten bar to
Drink your name away
And orders a shot of apple crown because that is my favorite... haha don't mind my silliness.
Lemonade Jun 6
No, this time it didn't hurt me much,
maybe I am used to it, now.

Maybe I have had enough of us.
Maybe the fact that you're not there, doesn't bother me anymore.
Maybe I became more independent this time.
Maybe this time I knew where each of the pieces goes.
Maybe I don't expect from you anymore.
Maybe I grew up a little bit.
Maybe this time, there's no jack to my Jill.
Maybe this time, Jill knows how to fetch some water, all by herself.
Maybe this time, I want more from life.
Maybe this time, you just stick to the white-ruled pages of my diary.
Maybe this time, the whispers around streets aren't about you and me.
Maybe you don't lie close to me anymore.
Maybe, those peals of laughter are now replaced by the smell of coffee and battered laptop screens.
Maybe, my hands don't search for you in darkness, anymore.
Maybe, my eyes don't search for you in our favorite hangout places, anymore.
Maybe, my lips don't mumble your name while sleeping, anymore.
Maybe this time, I finally get that you don't care about me, you never really did.
Spike Harper Jun 5
The use of the word "it".
To personify.
Is indeed a boast to say the least.
For not every piece of writing can take on attributes.
Not every poem will breathe.
Only a select few will grow strength.
To have the ability to move.
Now that is what we poets strive for.
Because there is a beast.
Constantly tearing away at our hearts.
Spewing a story of such does not sate this very real phenomenon.
Yet those that tap into its growing power learn to maneuver..
Guide the outlet.
And in so many ways give it a new face for other to look at.
Giving others a chance to gaze into a new darkness that...
Maybe they haven't yet.
But the darkness is only there to show how precious certain lights can be.
So not only is it kept around.
It is cultivated.
Allowed to walk the streets to grip someone else.
Possibly to loosen the noose around a suffocating soul.
Long enough to bring a tear.
Or a slightly longer sigh.
For if this is just for some common blink.
Ill save my copper for the boatman.
And ask him to tell me a tale for a change.
Gray Jun 4
I look into the infinite abyss.
And ponder all the many things I've dismissed.
All grandmother wanted was a call on the phone.
Yet, i continued to have that simple call postpone.
All my old dog wanted was to play ball.
Instead i decided to further withdraw.
All he wanted was to have someone to talk.
But i chose to go on a far away walk.
Now it’s too late to grant their wishes,
For now they’re are just fading reminisces
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