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mint Jan 2018
there was a crack in my soul
then you picked me up and mended me
putting gold in the cracks

and then you dropped me again

now there are many cracks  
and the dust of the fools gold you left behind-

why does thinking about not having her anymore make me feel so broken
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
I'm blocked again
Why does this keep happening man
Please tell me it's just cause your drunk
I've had enough
This back and forth
It really hurts
I need to read your writing
I need to see your words
My stomach hurts
Sunshine Girl Apr 2017
try to unsee the horrors you've dealt me, the crosses burnt into my thighs.
then ask yourself...
did you ever really care?
Tay Mar 2017
I am on top
But I have been dropped and rebuilt
This time nothing can hold me together
We all have the fragile moments  in our life.
Jayanta Feb 2016
There was a miscall
When called back
Only weeping was there  
then it was end!

There was a miscall
When called back
Only anguish was uttered
then switch off!

There was a miscall
When called back
Only hilarity was overt
then it was disconnect!

There was a miscall
When called back
Divinity replied
“good time is approaching towards you”
Suddenly call was dropped!

Try to call again and again
but line remains busy!

So, waiting for the miscall!
JayceeJellies Sep 2015
I don't want to sleep without you anymore
too many times I've looked to my phone
in the middle of the night, longing for your
presence; I want to inhale your essence
let me hold you in my arms and explain
how often I picture us touching.
Lets close in the distance and
become one human; individual
no more waiting for us.
If you let me try again
I swear I won't mess up..
Just let me look over and
see the timer on my skype
slowly going up, telling me
that our call is still intact
I don't want to leave your
heart cracked..
Please tell me that you're
still there....
RH 78 May 2015
She came in late
There was no hello
I wasn't asleep
But she wasn't to know
My head on the pillow
Eyes closed shut
She'd been out drinking
And was now half cut.
She left her phone upon the bed
She went to the bathroom
Her texts I read..
Intimate messages from another man
Consumed by her..... not in my plan!
Yearning for kisses meant for me.
It takes two to Tango... Not three!

"Thanks for the kiss" her last text read.
The nail in the coffin.
Was our relationship dead?
How long had this been going on?
The Toilet flushed
The bathroom door creaked open.
She tip toes across the hall.
Into the bedroom.
"I love you" she whispered in my ear.
The penny dropped!
How considerate.
I was well and truly taken for an idiot!
Cat Fiske May 2015
I talked to her today
not that it did any good
she never would
She never could
Watching her smile
makes me to for a while
but as the depression nears
the smile disappears
dont pull the card
that being a kid isn’t hard
its hard to get up
when you feel so down
the voices in my head
telling me to drop dead
I dont belong
I should be gone
How he and I help eachother out on our bad days
Silence Screamz Apr 2015
I sang to the sad man
only to hear my own echo
Reflections pitched in a confused tone,
dancing with silent partners in an empty ballroom.

Circles of sound filled the chamberhall,
nothing heard but the feather that hit the floor
It was me, talking to myself, my whispers imbedded inside my empty head.

I heard the final pin drop.
A lost echo no more.
Do you hear your lost echo? Trapped inside your mind
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