I appreciate that you decide to work well. Not everybody puts the best of themselves into their work. Some of us never had to live hard lives or put up with the world treating us like we don’t matter. But some of us have something we’re looking to achieve, something we want.

Something we’re willing to work for. Now I don’t know what or who it is that you work for, but for some reason you work. I hope that whatever it is you’re working for, that it’s worth it.

Not all of us have something worth fighting for, or working for. So don’t forget why you work so hard. But also remember to take it easy sometimes. You may not have time, or maybe you don’t want to, but you should at least try.

I hope that you get what you want, and that the hard work pays off in time. Thanks for finding my letter.

~Letter Writer

Depending on where you come from, work is and isn't the most complicated thing in this life.

Stoic abandoned complexes,
Where such work was done,
Men's lives worked away into dust,
Until they were shambling shells,
Scarcely resembling,
The proud human they used to be,
Driven into retirement,
A lone chair to decay into,
Passing time and days,
Spent losing youth and life.
Man the only animal,
To work himself to a grave.
To have his son he spawned,
Do the same.

Sixty words per minute// no errors
Five hundred plus poems// written
Thousand firm handshakes// given
Countless prayers cried out// frantic
And if you ever saw me work// well
You'd be surprised

Keeping this one a mystery. ;)

I'm not a lazy tower.
I'm a t-shirt worn.
I crank up the power.
I feel hell being born.

There is a drip
It started years ago, slowly
It is torture
The drip is faster now, incessant
My love and I weathered it together, for a while
We are cut off now
I am North and he is South, I miss him
Sodden, waterlogged

Up North I’ve found an umbrella, a friend
Twenty minutes a day reprieve
My love’s umbrella blew away, across state lines
Zero minutes a day respite
Not even an old grouch to splash in puddles with
I do, I splash, at times
But when I am with my umbrella, I am blessed
When splashing, appeased

My love and I reunite at home every day, he is sopping
Nearly drowned
I offer intimacy it warms him, dries him off, nearly
A mist still lurks close
Next day it begins again, the dripping
Unceasing dripping
I believe I have the fortitude to handle the drip
But I am not impermeable
Even with my umbrella, because my LOVE is soaked
Sometimes hypothermic

It is about working together at a dead end job until we split to two locations, and our new friendships or lack there of.

Now don't get me wrong,
This whole time that I was trying to understand
What you wanted, I couldn't help but notice
That I can't make sense of it all along.
This and that, blind tales, you have my full
Undivided attention, filling my head with
Strange and odd promises, telling me that
Although it seems strange, you could just
Let them all in. If I took your "sound" advice,
If I'm alone, I could sleep with people on the street,
Put all of my food and drink upon
The ground, drag food around, your obsession
That I should feel fine to just pick it up and eat,
To try to defy my "religious" obsession, always
Try to be the one in charge, look for opportunities
To go off and put away or slay the "baddies" at large,
Become the person of the hour, or a follower,
Get a job where I can sweep floors and wipe tables,
So that I'll really be excited for the first time doing
What I do for a living, even if I'm not really able.
Who cares if this life throws everything bad at me,
I'm ready to attack all of the things that hold me back,
Even go for the things that don't interest me, instead of
Letting them be! YES, I believe "everyone" should work,
Even if they are really lost, psychologically unwell,
Major transportation issues and other real
Problems, No matter what we've been through,
No matter the actual real life hell,
We were all brought into this world to be
JUST LIKE YOU as well!

Fuck its a slow night !
Mike said from across the table nursing his coffee inbtween passing the flask between us under the table.

Jack you pick up many fares tonight?
Bout the usual drunks bud but no its not been the best night .

Honestly I was happy bout the down time I was nursing hangover and truly didnt feel like dealing with peoples shit .

Listening to Mikey was bad enough he loved to ramble on about old stories and hookers he had nailed in his cab .

I swear I think sometimes he lived in that son of a bitch.
He certanly dressed like he did .Wearing the same clothes from last week .

You guys ever actually eat or do you just exist off dirty stories cigarettes and coffee.

Hey Susan you know I only come here to be in your presence .
Yeah right Jack hey you got anything in that flask you passing back and forth?

Sure do sweetheart I said as she leaned over the table she took a hit from the flask damn near emptying it.

Id care but I was to busy looking at her cleavage.
Hey leave something for us bitch Mike piped up.

Yeah well thats the cost of your buddy here looking down my shirt .
And what wonderful view it is sugar I said as she refilled my coffee totally ignoring Mike as usual .

What the hell man you wanna piece of ass I can tell you.where to look but dont let that bitch take all are booze Jack.

Funny thing is its never are booze when I buy it Mickey.
Fuck you man you know I would share if I had a bottle .
Yeah I really cant say bud never seen you ever have one you prick.

Yeah fuck you man.

Mike never could handle being picked on.
Alot of loud mouths couldn't .
Mike was one of many but he was a good laugh on a ocassion and kinda grew on you after awhile course so does a tumor so he wasnt exactly my favorite person in the world.

Course I never did like people .
I saw all there worst sides driving them the drunks least were semi honest .

The yuppies never paid you any mind you were there ride nothing more.

Shit Jack I ever tell you bout that couple a few weeks ago I picked up?
I knew mikes silence wouldnt last long.

No you didnt .

Hell man so I do a pick up at the Raven you know that dive off Atlantic?

Yep been there many a time .

Well anyways I pick up this couple let me tell you from they were making out on the sidewalk I knew I was in for a show .

The chicks got this hot as shit little black cocktail dress on .
Fucking guy barely can tell me the address cause the chicks all over him.

So I head to the address well no sooner Im heading down the road I look back in the review and this bitch is going down on him I mean she's putting a Linda Lovelace to shame back there.
No shit well I know your demented ass was happy beats a drunk passing out in the backseat pissing himself .

No shit sherlock mike replied .
Anyways Im like fucking enjoying the fuck out of this fare .
So much so a figure why the hell not jerk off.

Are you Fucking nuts?
How the hell you going to drive and jack off truly you are one sick fuck Mikey.

Shit hell man I'm a professional brother unlike you .
Really you got to loosen up and live or this job will drive you nuts .

Yeah like your sane I thought to myself .

Anyways she's back there going to town like she working a porno scene .
Everything's feeling good but I just kind of lost myself for a moment
Swerved hit the damn curb .

And I hear this guy fucking almost scream.
See when I hit the curb she bout bit his dick off.

Fucking funny shit the guys yelling get me to the fucking hospital she's keeps telling him she's sorry.

But thats not all of it he's going off cause he cant figure out what he's going to tell his wife .

Aint that some shit and to top it off the bastard didnt even tip me.
I cant imagine after almost giving him sex change why he wouldnt want to tip you Mickey.

Oh like I'm some asshole for getting worked up watching this chick go to town on this guy.
Okay hotshot being your so more noble than me what would you had done so differently .

I sat looked at this fellow cabbie trying not to laugh.
Honestly mike .

I would have pulled over and left the meter running till she finished .

I never was much at multi tasking like yourself .

Fuack you Jack I heard Mike say as I left a tip on the table and was on my way out.

Be careful out there Jack I herd Susan say.
Dont worry sugar I always am .

Stay crazy .


Yes before you bring this to my hangover attention I know this is a a short story cause im a alcoholic not stupid hamsters
Sean Holshouser Apr 17

She sits,
Her pencil quietly pacing along the page,
Left to right; left to right,
Pacing through her work with the consistent monotony of a swinging pendulum,
Left to right; left to right.

Her mind wanders,
Flying with the color and speed of a kite curving through the air,
Left to right; left to right,
Vividly weaving through carnivals, old romance movies and young ladies dancing,
Left to right; left to right.

She sits alone,
Her mind quietly vacationing off to a calmer place, her body sways,
Left to right; left to right,
Feeling lonely there, thinking of the oak trees outside of her window, swinging,
Left to right; left to right.

Her eyes are the color of the trees,
They twinkle and flash with the rush of the circus, and the old movies,
And the beautiful music playing its melancholic, nostalgic tune,

She is the young lady dancing, dancing through her life with love in her heart,
And even when she feels lonely, or sad, or afraid,
She needs nothing more than to remember the world's unending, growing love for her.

As she continues her work, she hums to herself,
Her mind painting pictures of indescribable beauty, matched only by that of her own,
And if she listens closely enough, she hears the whole world humming back to her, gently, across her heart,

Left to right; left to right.

Lori Apr 14

jacksgap, my envy to new horizons

Jackson Harries took a year's gap. blew up on Youtube.
since Finn smiled. viewers sighed. a multitude.
Finn, the better twin, went to college
Jack, long hair and beard, kept travelling. baggage courage.

iisuperwomanii, my motivator to hustle

Lilly Singh sings a new philosophy.
on Youtube every Mon. and Thurs. viewer therapy.
She slapped it on a BAWSE book for the world to see
toured to share it personally. awarded a sleep deprived degree.

clerihew prompt, its a four line biographical poem. Day 14 of Napowrimo. This is a fun write for my favorite baes on youtube. I love their content, vlogs and channel. If you don't know them, go check 'em out!!!
Anthropos Apr 11


Mood music for Mr. York
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