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I should be thankful,
To be able to live the way I do
To not rely on my parents
To no longer suffer from abuse

This is the way I make a living
But it's hard for me to show up.
It's hard to explain it,
How I feel is tangled up.
I want to live in a book plot.
Self custody your Bitcoin now
There’s nobody you can blame
When you take responsibility
Of holding your own claim

Avoid the risk of “Trust me, bro”
For trust is a dangerous game
And letting others hold your coins
Allows THEM to own your claim

Stake your claim with “Proof of Work”
For “Proof of Weapons” is a shame
Help build the world you want to see
By fostering freedom's flame

Twenty one million Bitcoin
No other project has the same...
Mission critical purpose
So get some and stake your claim
You can see this poem on a background here -
Roman Pavel Feb 14
Challenge me intellectually
Inspire me spiritually
Support me emotionally
Excite me physically
Jellyfish Feb 8
Why do I restart my life once a year?
Restrict myself from growing,
Whenever conflict appears
I'm not passionate about anything
Restarting is easier than keeping on.
Even though I just want to be done
I start over
Jellyfish Jan 18
The child in me asks
Will we ever find passion
She had big dreams
and was determined to aim for them.

The adult me feels sad
She doesn't know what to say
How do you explain pain,
How do you explain disappointment?
I've been trying to do the inner child work in therapy, but it's really confusing. I find myself always listening to something to avoid the voice.
Zywa Jan 11
Office is a place

of meeting where people talk --

and that creates work.
Novel "Een Fries huilt niet" ("A Frisian does not cry", 1980, Gerrit Krol), Prologue

Collection "Rasping ants"
David Cunha Dec 2023
Hurdles and trials
Deadlines and bills, stress galore,
Find me an angel
- David Cunha
december 28, 2023
12:34 p.m.
Zywa Dec 2023
These are caring days.

Eating, working and bathing --

These are perfect days.
Film "Perfect days" (2023, direction Wim Wenders, screenplay with Takuma Takasaki)
Song "Perfect Day" (1972, Lou Reed, album "Transformer"), but without ******

Collection "Summer birds"
l i z a Dec 2023
At times I wish I didn't care
and didn't feel anything too deep
but if i refused to care at all
I wouldn't be here, I wouldn’t be me.

Many things I see, I find pre-defined
A darkness is left, the kids aren’t alright
Yet within the chaos, the shot of hope gleams
A chance for redemption, before the final dream.

My love unveils both joy and sorrow
A kaleidoscope of emotions for today and tomorrow
Even in depths of despair, resilience rises
Shadows and trials end with silver-lined surprises.

To feel deeply is my way to truly live
A tapestry weaves the stories I have to give
For even in shadows, my light does grow
My heart guides me to what the truth knows.

So I seek to embrace the highs and lows
Through my rivers of tears, a garden grows
In vulnerability, I find a reality
Worthy of bonding with all humanity.
When the flesh is tired, the spirit will move on
So, work young one
Work while you still have the strength
Today you can, tomorrow you may not
The spirit still abides
So work
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