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                                      YES I DID
                                      YES I DID
                                      YES I DID
                                       YES I DID......
What a
It would be
To speak to yourself
So cruelly,
Lying to yourself,
You are only worth
As much
As your productivity
SK 4d
Her mystery,
Like a maiden on her first night

Though she is more experienced
Than you’ll ever be
Blood, sweat and tears
On her palms
Not ever her knees

She will reveal who you are
Battle wounds and scars
Not hers to wear
But yours forever to bear

Who will you be?
A successor to her dreams?
Or a failure in the midst,
Of her unforgiving blitz
Arianna 3d
There's a hole in my brain
From losing part of my mind here,

And after nearly two years
The trash cans still look at me funny.

Nonetheless, I've never laughed so much,
Worked so hard,
Or slumbered so little in my life, and

In the words of a wise man:
"You won't remember the nights you spent sleeping!"

So indeed,
Here I am,
Back again,
On my day off,
Running on zero sleep,
And realizing
That I actually will miss this place...
Due dates;
A revolving strain on time,
A resulting
For proven effort;
Our productivity
Our professional fate?
We look inward,
And contemplate,
And find
Our update
Is late
Sean 5d
I met a man, a gardener,
Who told of an auspicious seed.
He worked the seed, carefully
Its flower never seen.

The villagers would glance at him,
In times when things were looking dim
His ambitious eyes and sallowed skin
Reminded them to not give in.

When his work-struck shoulder stiffened,
strained back outed,
He still worked his seed.
And it never sprouted.

Until one off-beat Thursday morn,
the man did not get out of bed.
He passed away that fateful night,
The patch was left an empty stead.

The village gathered for the mass
A crowd with eyes of glass,
They stood and spoke, with admiration,
Of his hard-laboured inspiration - unforgotten.

Outside the Church, in the man's humble patch,
A seed sprouted, flourished - hatched:

Eden would have paled to see
The tree that came from this mere seed,
Hard work and dedication-
A tribute to his legacy.
Motionless I sit as the seasons change.
Inside behind my workspace I spend hours on end.
Until the days dissipate into ashes
Like the cigarette that rests in the seam of my fingers.
Inhaling I exhaust the fuel that burns my lungs.
Charred from my addiction.
I sit and I wait for The Clock to hit seven.
Im Tired of working so much lol
instant coffee under
fluorescent lighting

looking out over paradise
looking out over the dream
they’re nearly dead already
just repetitive motions
in tedious movements
while redundant music
plays overhead in the
grim atmosphere

instant coffee under
fluorescent lighting

and some say
only the insane
should be institutionalized.
I’m humming so that I can’t hear them
But they can hear me
And hate my humming
But how else do I cope?
Storm Albertyn Sep 2017
"Honestly if you dont care
You could just say it
Or you'll keep being haunted,
But if you keep it inside
Forces will collide
Cause we both know that this is

Your unsteady hands
And awkward glances
Seriously wont last forever,
We should sit this down;
Put our issues to the ground
Cause its better now than never

I know how you feel
I understand your pain
But there's no need to push it farther,
The dice has been rolled,
The game has begun
We'll end it one way or another

You think you're not worth it
And the world wouldn't mind
If it lost another angel
To the other side

If your time has not come
And your star has not shone
There's a reason you have not yet won
For the choices you make
Have already been placed
For success is a job well done"
I am sad Π^Π
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