Lillian 2d

How do plants adapt?
do they cut the person out of their life
do they pretend it didn't happen
how do they get the water they need
where does the sun in their lives come from

How do others know whos the one?
do they date until they think they cant do any better
do others settle because they can't get who they want

How do geese know where to migrate?
do they pray to find their way
when they shoot for the stars is it ok if they miss
do they get tired of the same thing
or rather just comfortable in normalcy

a blend of orange and yellow lights
smell from markers
sound echoes from the cube room
chairs are arranged
light traced the room from the window pane
swiftly, pen and paper work
noise and undescribed joke,
like here and go

money get in my mind
career path has choosen
now i'm sitting on office bench
talk about you and us

I do not want to be jostled as though I were a leaf in a storm,

I would rather be snuggled as though I were a new born,

Cocooned and caressed,

by it's soft warm embrace,

Ensconced in my nest,

Having won the rat race.

Lure Pot Nov 2017

Let's all work together
and build a world where
no one is starving
no one is homeless
Everyone is like a friend
Everyone is like a brother
We will feel pain together
if someone gets hurt
when someone feels helpless.

Let's all love each other
And build a world where
no one will hate
nothing is loveless
Everyone likes their beloved
Everyone likes their mother
We'll be successful forever
if someone gets pleasure
when someone feels happiness.

Yeah, let's all leave behind
a better world
to our nation
We should leave behind
a better feature
for our children
That can only be achieved
by ending war
and joining together
to work, together!
Let's be all together!!

Kimi 5d

Positive thinking got you drinking yourself in shrinking it off like it was a bad day, just a bad play, that it'll go away maybe if you pray
Blinking the lies, closing the lids at the rest of your life, just to avoid losing your way, stop you from jumping off the bay, try to find that ray
Meditate, let the light illuminate your mind, realize that it is not your day, your month, your time to be alive, shoulda just dived
Leave behind the weight, everything that's falling off your plate, starve, kill off your sex drive, collide into the divine light

 Job, having a boss barking off orders behind the shop, his saliva tasting like cola pop, go back to making corn on the cob
Walk the fury off going to the bus stop, have the boss pass by with the new drive, feeling like your head is in a throb, your whole life is a joke
There you go asserting, to make sure you keep that earning, determined that this what you should be deserving, absorbing it because you got no other yearning
You're overworking, jerking yourself off cause you got everyone overlooking you, shaking you off, like you're nothing, of no concerning

Come back home alone, grab a beer to cheer yourself up, forget that you have no one dear, no peer to be sincere or express your biggest fear
Eat some made up meal, feel like a pioneer putting together some canned tuna with weird aroma, do some tear and stir, end up with an unclear gear
Binge watch some netflix, six episodes in a sitting, call it a quick fix for your emotional mix, wonder if its time to bring the crucifix, 
Expel the demons that keep making snips and ticks, writting a bad script for your life, six episodes and six more and another six, wonder if its all just a bad trip

You're a meaningless grain, this pain is in vain, you're not even part of the food chain, abstain from being the main one to entertain
Don't let the grey slob penetrate your right brain, don't complain to the earless strangers about your acid rain, they'll call you insane, show off their gain
You won't find in anyone a golden ray, they'll shower you golden then flush the drain,  steal your blood when you cut off your aortic vein, 

Rise above before your demise, realize you're the one holding the light, that life is more than smelling like french fries, that if there's no light, you rob a flashlight.
Cries and kicks won't bring the sunrise, sanitize your thoughts, do not penalize your gut, ride the highs before you die, customize your hell ride.
You're on your own, and time is drippin on, you don't get a clone to do a re-do and reach the throne, get off your phone, soon you'll be staring into a light in your tombstone
Grow a backbone, burn down your belief of home, do not pospone your will to live because its out of your comfort zone

returning to familiar ground
is, at this point,
never pleasant
or at least it isn't now

faces i hoped never to see again
smells i can only pick up there
sounds that attack my ears, unique to this space
it's all coming back to me now

jagged edges of the lights
the colors
the voices
ripping me apart each day

the same mechanical words rise like bile in my throat
burning vomit fills my mouth, escaping through my nose unbidden
the same mechanical words, once thought purged from me
leave me uneasy

my mind is crying out
not again
not again
and i'm meant to smile and be joyful

i must be grateful for the friends i don't deserve
love i don't cherish with my whole heart
spaces and feelings that will never be mine
family, torn asunder from within and scattered to the winds

am i meant to believe that things will get better from here?

Full circle to
the earth
a suggestion
of warmth
is all you
on your knees
in the moss
while the crows
circle down
for the kill.

At peace is
a momentary lapse
of worldliness
that slides through
undetected while
the warring parties
reload their
guns and a bird
calls his spring song
long before you
even hear it.

Then suddenly
it's gone and only
the echo of the
blast remains,
the gunners lay
the bird flies

There's another war,
someone else is

there is a thin
layer of grease
over everything
that i touch

yet the skin over
my knuckles is
dry and red
lips cracked

i try and try
and try but
never manage
to be enough

maybe they put hate
in the cleaner
i soak my retainer in
because i feel it
every time
my teeth clench

i know your name
your order your
lunchtime nuances
about your dogs
your job and house
little useless details
about what makes
everyone in this town
who they are

but you don't
know me
and neither
do i

copyright 1/12/18 b. e. mccomb

You know what,
Fuck my insecurities.
Fuck my over thinking.
Fuck doubting shit.
Fuck being angry and jealous.
Fuck being quiet.
If I want something in this world I’m going to go get it.

Fuck my responsive mind state
The past can stay there.
You’re worth...
I want you and a whole lot more.
It’s time to work.

The screen is blank
Waiting for an input.
I sit there and ponder; thing after thing.
I give in and move, pressing key after key.

Fingers moving ever so carefully,
Pressing keys as if the movements are watched by crowds.
Hours and hours later, it is finally done.
The screen is blank

Just something random I thought I'd write.
# of days in a row = 1
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