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Rowan 4h
They say "I'm not sure,"
and they know it's veritable.

Cluttered desk--hats and
textbooks and papers and
earbuds all askew, heart
pumping too quick

Sitting on a black plastic chair,
legs curled up underneath, eyes
flickering to The Latehomecomer,
stomach unsettled

"I'm not sure." of what?
head down, eyes searching,
mind spinning, lungs catered
like coffee at noon

Supplied lies, shaking hands
pouring chamomile tea into a
white cup, hoping for--
that too.

"Everything?" on their mind
is falsified and unknown,
twisted skin ruddy,
shoes all in a row,
nails bitten like marionette

"Anything." of confirmation
belongs to the stables
which blossom with the
stench of sweetness and
wild, roving insecurity

"I'm not sure," they
murmur, "what you mean."

Precipices are lonely business
and so are "People like me,"
Forks are steel but the
mind is molten
and rusted in decay

"dream of quiet," they laud
slick on thin ice of
the essay due tomorrow in
history on the death
of too many

Sunglasses are similar
to winter waters and
lightning spirals in the
they are in debt to
themselves, in depth of

"broken moments." that
clash and too much
to think
              slivers down in silver

carcasses of thoughts
"Okay, I can't help you."

"I know," filters out
behind lips of burning iron
"I never expected you too."
floats down the crowded

They're not sure of
everything and
I'm not sure of

I know it's true.
We are the human race.
Surely that counts as something.
Stop fighting against each other.
Because by doing that, we are loosing at our own game; life.
We should all be working as one.
Our goal should be to make this world a better place,
lets fight sicknesses, destruction of the planet and things that make the world go down.
Instead of fighting with ourselves.
Because if we all united,
it would help the world go round.
Peace. Not war.
Sanny 4d
Can you read me enough to know?
I guess not.

I've worked too ******* this mask to let you..

This mask of strenght.

To you I'm strong, a role model even..

Truth is, I'm weak.
Behind closed doors I'm broken, too broken for life.

I need someone to save me.

Yet no one knows..

Still I hope,
for someone to see the real me.
Stephen 4d
I am,
We are
The fuel for their fires,
The sugar in their coffee,
The vulcanized rubber tires
Of their impossibly pretentious transportation.
I am,
We are
The only work they do,
The grease between their gears,
And the motor that turns them,
Round and round and round we go;
When will it stop?
I am,
We are
Their commodity;
Their work force;
Their *****.
I can,
We can
Find a new master,
Find a better master,
Enjoy slavehood,
Sing and dance for them,
Spend more and get less.
I can,
We can
Never really escape,
Never be our own master,
Never break free from the tyranny
Of their master plan:
Work, to get out of debt,
Accumulate debt, because you work,
Ad infinitum.
Still chasing a dream
on a whim of Belief
Destined for the journey
Facing me.
Chasing your dreams
Eve Stumpges Nov 5
It is not enough to be passionate,
To feel that surging quickening of your breath
At the thought of how much love
Or knowledge you hold inside.
It is your offering of words spoken at a time
When supply is low and demand is high.

Life is a trade with no guarantee
That your ego’s work will remain of value.
Shea Nov 4
I've never wished death on anyone
But you, you see
Hurt me too deep.

You never swallowed your pride
When you cut me

You decided to blame me
For your mistakes

Though everyday I pray that you Would go away,
Begging please on my knees toward ***
You're a sickness no pill could ease
Nazim Rizvic Nov 3
The ungrateful plate, of
food to be. The strength,
lacking, hateful of this, I
see clearly. The shameful
madness, as you call to her,
pleading, for the sapping, of
your spirit, exhausted, to end.
Had you foreseen, her dreadful
will, no doubt, as it grows within
you. None can be pleased, yet still
we foster, a living, a life, he, the imposter.
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