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Laura 18h
There we were standing.
In between the scattered glass
that used to be our love.

And while you were trying
to fix the broken pieces, I
just wanted to ram them into your heart.
Laura 1d
empty promises
written all across my skin.
Burning like fresh ink
Made of fire and flames.
In all the places you
Kissed and touched me.
Burned flesh,
That’s all you left behind.
We have links
Several we want to sever but just can’t
Even though we are breaking inside
The constant reminder of that link being there is calming
A painful calming
Resistant to the thought of loss
Forgetting is too cruel
Why is that so hard
No one wants to disappear
Out of mind anyway
I have links I cannot get rid of
Yearning to rid myself of the guilt
But I ask and ask if I really care about it?
But I do and don’t
My throbbing heart is hurting due to this exhausting reminder
A bond that will never be severed...even when it is painful
im not going to give you credit
and say that you are the one that
you obliterated my life
because i can do that by myself

im not going to give you fame
by saying you tortured me
because i can do it

i am going to tell you
you made me strong enough to leave
and smart enough to know when to leave
im not romanticizing abuse im just stating what i know abuse to be
Amanda Nov 6
Tell me I'm beautiful
Then tell a lie
Hug me with need
Before you make me cry

Kiss me with passion
Then cut me down
Love you for everything you are
You are tired of having me around

Heart is sore from fighting
Morning, noon, nightfall
Wish I stood my ground
To you I once more crawl

Peace of mind or a piece of mine?
A place to run to or away from?
Hoping to experience love again
Instead looks like I'm going numb

With the scars upon my heart
See me almost exactly the same
Why can't you always make me feel beautiful?
Instead of feeling constant pain
How many times have you been called beautiful by someone who eventually made you feel ****?
Luna Nov 5
I am not the flower you want.
You tell me you do
But it's all wrong,
I know you'll leave soon.
Louise Nov 5
I never wanted to leave you anymore.
I never wanted to stop making more memories with you, because for every new ones that we create together, all of our old, bad ones seems to be fading into the nothingness,
and I find that pretty amazing... magical, even.
I never wanted to stop sharing laughters and jokes only we can understand because when we're side by side, laughing together, it feels like oasis in the middle of a desert in long drought.
Whenever I see you laugh as if nothing's wrong, whatever's falling apart seems to be just falling into place.
I never wanted to stop holding you and carressing you in places that's hurting,
if only my touches can heal and help.
I never wanted to leave anymore.
I even swore, remember?
But if my presence would only remind you of the pain of her absence, then I'd rather be gone and absent myself.
I'd rather be lost if that would be the cost of finding yourself.
I'd rather fade into the shadows if it would mean finding your light.
I'd rather be stuck in time if that would make the hands of your own clock move faster to when you will be in a genuinely better state.
I'd be more than happy to always just sit in the darkest hour of the night if that would make you run to find your morning light.
Oh, I'd rather mourn all night.
I'd rather be forgotten like a bad picture, if it would make you remember the spellbinding painting of how happy you were before all of this happened—before you met me.

Please heal and be happy, that's the very last favor you can do for me, out of respect for our time together and our relationship.
Please be happy.
Daksh Nov 3
Broken glass, wine on the floor.
Everything red, red Everything.

Let blood flow and guide your soul.
Don't be scared, deep down you know.

What's it like to leave and to lose everything.
Everything hurting, hurting Everything.

You know you cared but never shown.
That's your burden to be known.

The wine was red, so was the blood.
All i'm doing is getting hurt.
i know i'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight
and that's not a fun feeling to have
Skye Nov 2
and i once said to myself,
"let it be that you are sad, broken, helpless, alone, wanting..
let it be that you are nothing.
because when you are,
you are free-
free of the vines that drag you down,
of the shackles that keeps you in place.

of the you
that you were bound to let go
a long time go.

let it be that you are sad.
let it be that you are broken.
let it be that you are hopeless.
let it be that you are alone.
let it be that you are wanting.
let it be that you are hurting.
let it be that you are how you feel.

let it be.
so once you're ready,
you can finally let go."
a lot of realizations. oof
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