A boy taken from his Mother too soon becomes a wounded heart.


A boy left too long in his Mother's embrace becomes a wounded man.
The battlefield is a pasture, a desert, an Escher-esque catacomb of cosmic proportion...
It is a scribble, a stick body
With a hollow circle head...
It is a block of Earth, creating life with the dead.

Ink is the blood running; scattering non-uniformly
Across symmetrical horizons
And vertical skewed faces,
Asking for the emotion you're feeling.

A loaded glue gun fires
Building muscle and cartilage
Sealing wooden bones and providing the foundation
Of an artist born...
Hair of yarn
Marbled tooth and nail
Skin of clay.

I am a weapon...
A heart of paper folds and a mind untold
Written in BOLD.
A work about the creation inside all of us artists.
Amanda 5h
I wish I wasn't still in love
With the person I believed you were
I wish I remembered our time
Clearly instead of merged into a blur

I wish I could happen upon
A picture of us without feeling sick
I wish I was able to outrun
My pain, I tried, but it's too quick

I wish I was capable of
Saying your name without tears leaking out
I wish I had some control over
The honest chaotic words I spout

I wish I was better at apologies
I am sorry for causing you pain
I wish I was worse at forgiveness
My trust is too easy to regain

I wish I didn't miss your touch
And the way you hugged me
I wish I was able to talk
About us without saying "we"

I wish I was able to forget
How your face looks when your heart is sore
I wish I could listen to our song
And not crumble to bits on the floor

I wish I would have deleted your texts
So I would not reread them all day
I wish I had a magic wand
To turn our skies blue instead of grey

I wish I didn't fake a smile
In every picture I post
I wish I was brave enough
To exorcise your stubborn ghost

I wish I could escape the ropes
Of silence wrapped around my heart
I wish I wouldn't of bared my
Whole soul when you shared only a part

I wish I didn't see your image
In my mind each time I close my eyes
I wish I could forget the feeling
Of your fingertips dancing on my thighs

I wish I dreamed of something else
Besides your smile every night
I wish I could bury my hurt
Deep below the surface; out of sight

I wish I was an important enough
reason for you to change
I wish I could spin you like a
Rubiks Cube until you rearrange

I wish I had an easier time
Dragging this body out of bed every day
I wish I didn't want to hide
Under covers and waste away

I wish I could make the sun shine
And light up my life once more
I wish I wasn't too delicate
To speak openly like before

I wish I still felt beautiful
The way I did when you stared at me
I wish I would have stopped handing you chances
After number 93

I wish I didn't feel crippled
By this emotional limp
I wish I would try to walk off
This injury but I am a wimp

I wish I possessed the strength
To push myself off my knees
I wish I had the perfect plan
To save you from your deserved disease

I wish I lived in the present
Instead I am always stuck in the past
I wish I could slow down time
I'm powerless; it flies by too fast

I wish I could leave you behind
Move on, let go of this sunken ship
I wish I didn't let you drive
Each time we went on a guilt trip

I wish I could predict the future
What our outcome will be
I wish I had the ability
To write the ending to this story

I wish I lived somewhere new
So I wouldn't see your mom around
I wish I could ask how you are
And look anywhere else but the ground

I wish I could put my heart
Back together in one piece
I wish I was strong enough
To force these wants and needs to cease

I wish I hated you for putting
Me through all seven layers of Hell
I wish I didn't miss your kiss
The heaven I once thought I knew so well

I wish I was a heartless corpse
Incapable of love or emotion
I wish I would have my breath taken
Sorrows are waves and I drown in this ocean
The ending doesn't feel right but it was getting long
Emm 9h
In another dimension,
I would've sooner learned humility,
and since then
we would've been together...,
right after high school, that summer...
Married at twenty-seven,
a year later our first born...
reciprocated those adoring gazes,
reciprocated those adoring eyes...
Instead remembering you looking forlorn...

But so life is not a fiction,...
here in this reality
I denied your knocking heart a long time ago
said never for a life time, and here we go
I told you a lie just to let you go,
so you believed me and you live by that lie
you tell a lie too and you said to let me fly
So hurt or not, your heart is set in stone
to move away from me
So it be...

And in another dimension
a maybe, ...
just not in this reality
Americans, well, at least in the media believe that the way to change behaviors is to punish either criminally, civilly or socially anyone who doesn't fit the societal norm.

Think about that for a minute,

...when someone is emotionally conflicted to the point that their behavior is no longer considered within a range of acceptance and THEN society decides, or any group, movement, political ideology or party to shun or expel, to incarcerate, admonish and thereby torture an, "emotionally conflicted," soul what you have accomplished by society's response is to create permanent anger and hatred.

Permanent anger and hatred.

American society therefore can be said to relish hatred and permanent anger as a way of life for all of it's citizens since every single person whom is inflicted with pain upon suffering will be assured to continue inflicting whatever pain and suffering they can on everyone else the rest of their life. So your only solution is to remove these souls from society permanently.

Was that the intent?

Is that the goal?

Do we need law, rules and fantasy crimes for every single thing a person says or does?

Is the endgame to remove these from society or to reform them?

Imagine now,

America arrests or imprisons one million people per year for using drugs,

...there are forty million felons alive today.

Wow! Lot of bad guys off the streets huh? Let's put that another way shall we?

America ruins a million people a year.
America creates a million 'soon-to-be' violent felons every year.
"Felons," who were nonviolent before being tortured by society and tortured in prison...forty million angry people live around you right now.

Forty million people!

America must want the nation to fail for every year we destroy a million people just because we want to be able to say at least I am not as bad as that person and point your finger while knowing there is no reason, no civil crime, that warrants bankruptcy, imprisonment, violence, rape, abuse, belittling, shame and banishment just because you personally don't like video games.

...or you don't like gambling,
...or you don't enjoy sex.
...or you don't smoke marijuana,
...or you hate Hollywood liberalism.
...you can't stand alcoholics,
...or you're afraid of the mentally ill.
...or your jealous of the sex you perceive someone having,
...angry because you think you work harder than someone else,
...because you deserve a better life so why not destroy others right?

Hatred as a virtue.

I wonder what our economy would be like if the 'fifty-plus' MILLION alleged criminals had jobs instead of listing away producing the smallest amount of productivity possible because YOU THINK they deserve to have a worse life for acting in a manner you do not agree with PERSONALLY.

That is one out of every seven people in The United States.

Hatred perpetuated.

That is American culture and that is why Black Lives Matter.
Jabin 1d
"Lucid Souls"

Although it pains me to know it,
     i’m no poet.  
The words I love-come to me lucid as a-
An ineffable messenger
not angry, or
     perhaps so, in the moments when I fail me.
This prognosticator led me--
     believe or don’t
to believe in and trust in the mingling of
As the man on the street corner
Sings his blues
So my fingers type each bruise

To experience such joy
In only a moment
I had first witnessed pain
Years, broken and molded

Look closer, dig deeper
You'll begin to see
To the eyes we scream sadness
But it's persistence and strength

He belts from his soul
About the love he had lost
But he stands before the world
Sharing his song at all costs

I speak through my rhymes
About the hurt I've endured
But I reveal each scar
As I've grown and matured

He'll keep singing his song
I'll keep writing my words
To share our stories of ache
As we persist, undeterred

© JL Smith
irises 2d
and close

and release

your emotions

and find
your peace.
The yellow hue
Lights up the sky
Inside her mind;
Her eyes illuminate
With joy and glee;
She smiles
To herself;
It looks like the sun,
And smells
Like honey and
Fresh picked flowers;
She can feel it
It feels like
The dew dripping
Off of leaves
In the early morning;
Faces of the
Ones she loves;
And emotions
That she never
Wants to forget;
Blankets pulled
Tight around her
In the midst of winter
Providing warmth;
And crackling fire
Filled with sparks
That float through
The air above;
Cups of tea
With hints of cinnamon;
Suppressed giggles
And small, hidden smiles;
Long car rides
That leave you tired,
And the joy that
Comes with the destination;
Hugs that make you
Glow on the inside;
Numbers that
Leave you with
A sense of satisfaction;
Sunrises at dawn,
And sunsets at dusk;
Blended colors
In streaks of paint;
that is her gold
what is your gold?
It's one big puzzle
Piecing this with that
Learning to walk
Without falling flat
Placing one foot in front of the other
And not looking back
Falling in love
Getting sidetracked
Making time for others
A balancing act
Nurturing yourself
Embracing what lacks
Forgiving the source
Of the pain from your past
Letting go of it all
As it comes and goes just as fast
Like tides of the ocean
And the weather forecast
Challenges arise
But soon they will pass
The grand picture unfolds
As your stories amass

© JL Smith
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