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IP Jun 5
Do you love me?
I commit to you
From the core of my being
I commit to you
I commit to your well-being
to your good
in all its multitudinous facets
Emotion comes and goes as the wind blows
But, what is love if not a commitment of the heart?
Jeremy Betts May 29
Oh what a complication
Needs no invitation
Defies limitation
Beyond expectation
A relation
With my elimination
Only to silence the negative reflection

Zywa May 29
The Mystic Lamb moves

him much, so I keep looking --

at his emotion.
Painting "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb", 12 panels / Ghent Altarpiece (1432, Hubert en Jan van Eyck)

Article "(Aan) Mannen e-mailen over *** pak. Is dat nuttig werk?" ("Emailing men about their suits. Is that useful work?", 2024, Walter van den Berg, in the NRC of May 25th)

Collection "Glimpsed"
AceLione May 26
Throughout my life as a hopeless romantic I’ve seen the many ways of affection

And here I realize that when I see those many cliché ways, I end up in perplexion.

Because each time I give my heart to those I care for, I think I do something in an “unique” way

Only for me to realize I’ve been doing and romanticizing the cliché
I have not posted in a while
You grew up hard in
The streets,
Using pills and powder
Just to make ends

At the age of eighteen,
You felt a panic build inside,
On the day you said
You felt me come alive.

You were nervous as hell;
Just trying to get ahead,
Then dad ended up in jail;
Two people were dead...

Now I can understand
How you felt,
Because I put myself through
The same hell as well.  

You handed me
To your own mother,
While you cried,
Said you'd love me forever,
And you never lied!

By the time I was
A teenager, and things
We built our own
We were both the same!

Trading stories,
Trading lives
We were getting high,
We'd always end it
With a hug, when we
Said goodbye.

Now we're getting older;
We've finally matured,
We both knew this
Kind of life
Could never endure.

Now we leave the broken past
In the dark;
We have a bowl of pho,
Cigarettes in the park,

But there's one thing
To say, that I know will
Never change,

It's simple.

I love you, mama...

And happy mother's day.
Note: This can be sung to the instrumental of 2pac's "Dear Mama."
She's always been a Pac fan.

A poem for my mother that I wrote yesterday. She laughed and cried, as did I. Though she may have been absent for most of my life, I will always love and respect my mother. We've both struggled, and we continue to do so day by day.  But one thing never changes. I love you,  ma. Stay true,  and stay you. Don't ever change.
Gabrielle May 13
When I’m in the dark
All I want is him,

Blurred silhouette warm to the touch,
Skin to skin in the dim.

When the contours in the corners loom,
Hold me without sight.

In the dark, and nothing else,
We are one shadow, slight.

When the lights come on,
Unfortunate details grow.

Like a **** from a crack,
A blemish in the snow.

In the savage of the day,
The barriers of our skin discrete,

We just can’t make sense,
When light and eyes meet.
This poem is about wanting to be with someone who isn't right for you.
Jeremy Betts Apr 26
I am afraid of my rage
It's hard to gage
Even at this age
What will unlock the cage
Bringing the worst of me to the main stage
I am afraid

I am afraid of my depression
I've failed to get a grip on
This destructive emotion
An unmovable mountain
And the worst possible thing to become canon
I am afraid

I am afraid of my anxiety
Me against me
Me hating me personally
Confidence will atrophy
All I can do is hope no one can see
I am afraid

I am afraid of myself
I am afraid for myself
I am afraid I'm not good for my own health
I am afraid of me more than maybe anything else

Gabrielle Apr 17
When I get to Saturn,
Feet as sure as stars,

I’ll cry out in a voice,
Not a blemish or a scar,

“I’ll do it right this time”
No mistakes or misspelt words.

I won’t forget my backpack,
Cut my sandwiches in thirds.

I won't hurt anyone like I did in the last place,
This orbital acquittal for my crime.

I’ll love the right people, in the way they deserve.
And I’ll hold them for the right amount of time.

See, Earth is a write-off for me
I just did it all wrong

I tried until I bled and shook
This desert’s where I belong

I’ll wear this ring like a holy chaplet
My sins ice, dust, and rock

My memories sullied yellow
I leave them past the airlock

My mistakes can't reach to Saturn,
Though their fingers are thick and strong

I can’t break anyone from here,
My arms just aren’t that long.

There are no decisions here to fail,
No stanzas left to rhyme.  

Just me and all these moons saying,
“She’ll do it right this time.”
This poem is about hoping for another chance in another world
Gabrielle Apr 12
My best friend doesn’t talk very much,
He listens sometimes, nods his head and such.

He sleeps all day, loudly most times,
Unbothered by me or nickels or dimes.

He smells damp, his feet are warm
Circled next to my head when my mind is a swarm.

My best friend always knows what to say
If the piles of stones in my head start to weigh.

In that, he doesn’t talk, or even really touch,
He just listens sometimes, nods his head and such.
This poem is about my friendship with my cat.
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