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The hands of time
took care
from one minute to the next
till they left it in an hour
and moved on without it.

Time, then, broke.
Everything feels so draining
Nothing being self sustaining
I couldn't ever fully stay afloat
Seems everyone is cut throat

I go to speak just to be scared to
Afraid to even say thank you
I'll bottle any of my emotions
Don't want any commotions

My self image so destroyed
I'll walk the edge of this void
To feel my heart pick up pace
Counting on me to show grace

In me I feel this strong resistance
Could never follow your insistence
Can't do much as I slowly drown
Besides give up and shutdown
their scars protrude like mountain ranges
each stretch of fibrotic skin
bears their soul for all to see

but how very few notice
and how fewer reach out
Cait 1d
up and down
forever falling

peaks and valleys
never reaching

crests and waves
always breaking
LS 2d
and so it seems
the lingering affects
consume and suffocate she
ever so quietly

taken into the stars
where even they are lonely
at least it's better
than crying here

the girl who
is thrown around by
her emotions, a state
of broken pieces

gravity unknown
eyes closing
the stars
comfort her endlessly
I still remeber
that elegant curve,
On that beautiful frame.

I still remember,
How it made me feel.

shivers down the spine.

I still remember,
That elegant smile,
On that beautiful face.
A smile is the only jewellery you need.
Wear it everyday.
Silence is the loudest sound,
It's distracting,
It wakes people up,
It reminds them what life's worth,
It reminds them of fear.

On the other hand...

Silence is peace,
It is the absence of thought,
It is you melting with the universe,
It is the softest end,
To the loudest beginning.
Tina 3d
What am I?
Just an item on the shelf
Just a painting on the wall
Just a lifeless body on the streets

Who am I?
Just a past time they want
Just a toy to play
Just a nada

I am there for all
I am used by all
I am pushed away by all
I am ignored by all
I am lost in all

Don't need to brood
I'll let you know who I am
I'll let you continue the torture
I'll let you hide in the darkness
I won't ignore you
For I am a part of you
For I wake with you every morn
For I sleep with you every dawn
For I exist if you exist

Hush now!
You have always known me
It is just that you don't really know me
Maybe you just forgot me

It's all good now
I won't torture you more
I will depart on a merry note
Hoping one day
You won't ignore me

Your Feelings
When I first saw you,
I wouldn't have known
That the one I was seeing is worth more than gold
And as you strolled into that room
That I was watching my dreams all made true

Yours was like the first sunlight of Spring
That banishes the frost so the flowers can sing
And though my heart was once covered in ice
I now feel warm and happy and nice

I wrote this for you, to help you see
The magnitude of who you are to me
And though for a time I have to depart
I will love you forever, with all of my heart
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