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Anya 4h
I write like a paintball machine
Spitting out balls of paint
In flights of fancy

I write like I think
My thoughts
And emotions
Coming alive

I write like a roller coaster
My mood swings apparent
High to low
And sometimes
Just plain wired

I write like I sing
At moments belting it all out
Other times, softer
Taking the effort
To sing so others will like it

I write like a camera
Taking snapshots
Of everything surrounding me
Both outside
And inside

I write like I cry
The words coming out like an endless waterfall
In a short burst of emotion
Before it stops
And I am light as a feather

I could compare my writing to so much
It’d probably take longer than I have
To name them all
But with just this
I’m sure you can relate

Writing can be a lovely thing
I observed
her closely,
long enough
to see the
and raw
in her eyes,
I was the
one to
hold her
hand when
her heart
fell apart,
as the moon
went into the
bed of the sea,
I held her closer
In my blanket,
as she wept
close to my
chest, I told
her these
“close your
eyes and sleep,
the sun will
rise, and the
world will
for you
as the
to meet
the love
of the sun.
City lights
Divided highways
Lead foot
Chasing midnight
Accelerated thoughts
Crisp breeze
Rear view mirror hindsight
You deserve better
Than a runaway
Trusting only
Her headlights

© JL Smith
it feels as if i'm walking on egg shells
trying desperately to keep everyone happy
being careful not to upset anyone around me
i mustn't disturb the order
but i'm starting to lose my balance
and i'm worried it'll be me
who will end up broken
sitting here empty
staring into space
wanting to scream
wanting to cry
wanting to finally let it all out
yet so emotionless
too tired to feel
i'm staring into the void
the darkness so inviting
i think about what it would be like
to let the emptiness consume me
then i think about what it would be like
to stop fighting the urge to jump
into the abyss
all the way down
no more problems
no more me
you fell in love with my beauty
both inside and out
you fell in love with my shyness
and the personality that lay beneath
you fell in love with my broken soul
and the pieces that fit with your own
but can you fall in love
with my poisoned mind
and the destruction it brings
Some who've witnessed death
Often fear seeing ghosts,
But if you pass before me,
Courageously, I'll hope it is I
You haunt the most...

© JL Smith
Nicole 1d
A moment, a second, a blink,
a breathe you take,
a gasp, a flinch, a scream,
something in your chest,
a feeling, an instinct, a reaction
A movement in pace,
running, running, running.

been having a bad day
S Rose 3d
They say true happiness
Is like the sun,
Rising—a lark, masking the dark.

Perhaps, but such joy is fleeting…

What’s lasting emotion?
Star in black sky,
Content with flight, through spectral night.
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