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Reckless, in a cloud of bloom
Ocean salt from seeping wounds
Eroded sands and mindless chats
Raised eyebrows, and an empty hand
My pulse, waves of emanating pain
In the troughs, is the space
You placed your absence within

Fortresses of shy encounters
Built around memories of happenstance
My cloudy speech and murmurs of nonsense
Infiltrate the speck of soil that still remains
Barren land, and you, a seedling of perseverance
Have found an impossible way
To grow
In my aching heart
Mrs Timetable May 27
Even if the lyrics
To our song
Were none
It could be
A beautiful one...
My heart is
To be filled
By your notes and chords
Go ahead
Practice on me...
I am here
Sometimes there just aren't enough words to express our deepest emotion...but music alone can convey it...just take the time to listen
irinia May 19
that moment
as fragile as a snowflake
when I slip into another's poem
and something inside twinkles
like a firefly full of wonder

"Be the bliss of my trembling
like a tree’s leaves:
give a name, give a beautiful name
a pillow to this disintegration."
— János Pilinszky
Katie May 12
After fear expires,
When love cannot fuel it's pyres,

What can remain but apathy?
Descovia May 3
The absence of a person very much needed
Is not the reason you deserve my frustration and to be condemned

When your life celebrated
gave me fulfillment in everything
which the blind can see, has define meaning.

I will not be the father to you.

Mine was to me.

Your essence provided blessings for my youth to remain eternal.

You never failed anyone. I promise you.

I can only live one life time. Although worlds beyond the metaverse and multiverse have brought experiences and traveled multiple in dreams, to this day that still mystifies me. As your father, I am more than willing to give my life up for you. My attachment here only serves purpose to protect, empower, heal you primarily, along with queens and kings of good heart morals.

I can only leave this life time once. You only have one life armed with endless capabilities. Use them to your advantage. Never lose sight on that concept. Everyday, I chose to live for you. Because, I refuse to phantom or imagine a realm without your existence.


Lead this world with love, which lives in you. I believe in you, and I am more than proud to be your father. You going to change something of this world with all the other babies growing to be adults.

Never stop winning!
A conversation between my son and myself inspired me to compose this.
I will provide the comical version here

Isaiah: Mom-Dad....

Me: Eh. Same difference. Your mom the pretty one. Just remember Daddy the ugly one. :/ Well, attitude wise.

Isaiah: * shakes head and rolls eyes * You're not ugly Dad.

Me: Thanks for disagreeing son. You see the good in everything huh?

Isaiah: Mom and you taught me. Remember?

Me: Hmmm..........  ( on the inside: I am so glad you're emotionally connected with everyone and logical as hell at your age 😭 UGGGGGGG ❤ He is only 6 and he sees the beauty in everything!)
sordid scripture,
warring woman,
both menace and coquettish innocence

and restraining orders,
filling the garden:
decorations of
sunlight on a clock,
and a view into tomorrow,

revealing the "texture" of her skin
within the realm of her navel,
as soft as lace,
as smooth as
the surface of a pond.

before diving in
gives an otherworldly radiance,
her shape and smile
compared to everyday realities
are solemn in the extreme,  
the dawn threatens
to break in the east.

her voice,
(a lungfully deep, sensuous purr),
is so distinctive,
come what may,
this could be happiness:

sullen, waylaid and capricious,
her urban sexuality hidden
in the attic of revolution,
suffused with the dreamlike, hazy glow
of colored lights and tinsel.

desire is like Christmas
—it always promises
more than it delivers.
Mrs Timetable Apr 10
The vibe of you makes me melt
But not so I can sleep
Puddle of emotions
Cannot be explained
You let me inhale
A trace of that vibe
And it's all I need
Just knowing you are there
Himani Dhaka Apr 4
Eager emotions depart from their destination
For they have travelled all resisting
From heart to the eyes with caution
Then, tuple! Comes the first sound faintly

Tear shreds all around my eyes
And make me more alive
For, a teddy smiles with no lives
Tuple! Comes the sound from tear-hive

Tears come down kissing my red cheeks
Making me realize I care
Worries for me and mine leak
When tuple! Come the sound from eye glare

Tears cling to the cliffs of my face
Thought clings,” I feel more intensively
And express more intensively in every case
For tuple! Comes the sound intensively.

Last tear finally falls on the ground
Teaching emotions to have fluidity
If you stop—you drown
Then, tuple! Comes the last sound with serenity.
Seb Tha Guru Mar 31
Had to get off the internet.
Thugging, Im not the biggest but pose a threat.
Maybe because I'm black or my colors repped.
Where fake **** will get you stretched.
Dealing with so much pain I can't recollect.
Roll me up a blunt of my deep regrets.

trying to focus, I need a check.
Dealing with all the glory and disrespect.
Been betrayed by ****** walking my silhouette.
How far can a Brutus stretch?
Steady learning my worth, others far fetched,
want to use my head just to get a check.
Got trial, I need to rest.
Temptation, money, drugs, and guns made me disconnect.
I still came right back, I had to die a sec.
**** could be worse, learned from the wreck.
All this going back and forth about who's the best.
You do so many shows but where people at?

Success has been over mapped.
A couple of turn in had me overlapped.
But I will make out the cloud;
too deep to rap.
Sophie Mar 24
Something in the atmosphere

I can smell it

I lie to everyone

“I’m doing well”

We talk about the weather.

Desperate efforts are made

To keep strong the dam.

To stay calm, to

Keep the river from overflowing.

It is, anyway, overflowing.

I will flood the space around me

You will all drown as I drown.
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