Sadness never knocks at my door, after all - she sleeps on my floor
Though we live together, I feel we’re worlds apart

She teases me with her presence, but we rarely embrace
For her companionship I offer my time and tears, but this isn’t her fee

When I come near, she lingers for a moment but then she flees
I’m mesmerized by her allure, an attraction that seems improper

So I play a song that oft we danced unto, one in which we cried together
And for a moment she’s swept into my arms, but she tells me “we can’t go that far.”

I fear she may leave and never return,
Alone I’d live with my stony heart

From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
JL Smith 19h

Memories of my past
Forgive me,
I would ask
Not at fault
But at your feet
To earn your love
To hold my keep

© JL Smith

JL Smith 1d

The race I run
Feels endless
The distance
Detours denied
Mountains to climb
Persisting ahead
Hope in the line
Victory in time

© JL Smith

Glass 1d

hydrogen or oxygen
are you emotionless soliloquies
from the decrease dianthus and
reactant, infinitesimally patios
in boulevard spiders
which confess across my
arrhythmia mining
mahogany that is a reaper hyena,
portraiture dark wood credulous
consistency because I am quantum
“scientifically ransom involved in
intrigued glasses clinking”
like rhythmic orgasmic relief
for his imperfect aeviternal are
locale right before my
spine even I thought
I could stay impassive
but these envelopes
are pendulum lamp quartz
critters mid session spades
intimate to counsel

- G

counsel my arteries
Nylee 1d

There's already a poetry written
describing completely
your state of mind
right now

how can someone be that powerful
to fucking steal your breath away
without warning, without physical harm;
no closure, other than your fucking ignorance-

how the fuck could you do that?

I see to deep and too much,
I hurt so much and so often,
I look away but I always look back.
Come cradle my bruised emotions,
I’ve got nothing left to bleed anymore.
I could’ve saved my life before
But I care so much…
To care about myself at all.

First published on April 29. 2012 at 6:46 pm via
Glass 2d

The subclavian enaid
has spurted lip prints into
exhilaration where odes to
finesse friction
resemblance elapse of vaudeville
expletives in excess
where "I have my denim jeans
stitched with a swan
that the urgency to feel
unattainable is ricocheting equate"
that I am clinched &
folded under sacrilegious
cerulean posture, likewise
he is witnessing summer frantically
disbelieving eyelids of pyre" because
tonight "I am a frolic
exemplary opium"

- G

JL Smith 3d

The happiest ever after
I've found
Is falling in love with yourself

© JL Smith

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