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Daivik 4d
It flashed on the television screen
The death toll rising
It was just another stat for me
Just an inanimate number
General Knowledge
Before that day

Before that day
It was just a boring news piece
Repeated all the time
Shouting matches on television
No on cared bout the dead
Just numbers to them
To me

Some days less some days more
A minister said deaths per capita were less
Tell that to the widow
Percentages and line graphs and histograms
And vultures and hyenas for trps
So dry no emotion
Before that day

Anchors and politicians
Calculating and comparing
Different countries and classes
By deaths and cases
Like stock market
Humans in flesh and blood
Like shares and indices

These lives these smiles
What destiny held for them
Who knows
Gone away in the icu
To just become another statistic
Another pawn for politicians to fight about

Thousands and thousands of people
Becoming numbers
Meant to be forgotten in days

The magnitude made me numb
I didn't care
It wasn't me
Wasn't my family
It didn't affect me
To me it was a
Just a never ending vacation

Rates of poverty and unemployment
Didn't matter to me as a child
Misery and anguish of people
Millions and millions of people
Just a figure to be momentarily saddened by

While I cursed at the zoom meeting screen
Someone's mother and father passed away gasping for oxygen
Leaving a newborn orphan
And while I ate the same bland food
Someone died walking miles towards his home

Before that day
It didn't matter
It wasn't me
Wasn't my family
Till it was

It's painful
A person becoming a statistic
Just to make it sure
Me and my family are safe
Yeah I took a line from a cranberries song hope you can find
Isa 4d
will my day change if the moon is out at 11:37 in the morning
and the sun at 1:02 at night?

will my feelings change with the wind or the waves?
the comparison is the same, and my feelings do not change
Isa 4d
I reek of abhorrence
and I taste like the comets in hell I've sent for you.

my skin is like sandpaper
as you scratch it to climb up from the ladder at the bottom.

I see your face filled with terror
and I hear the flames lick your feet as you slip
and farther down.
I smile like god
Isa 4d
anger is felt in the stomach
the core of our bodies.

it eats your heart
and feeds your body fire.

our rose colored world becomes red hot
and we see flames atop our enemies heads.

our words bite off heads
and cut through spears,
we seethe with danger.

we feel ultimate control
and power.
power to tear down the others.
power to eat them alive.
power to destroy the sun,
and become it with our burning heart
that turned to ash when we forgot our human innocence,
that we gave up to let out anger drive us.

forget not that the control and power
is an illusion.
a lie to keep yourself in check
when you're the most insecure person in the room.
let your anger humble you.

anger is felt in the core,
but is driven by the soul
and stems from betrayal.
anger is the emotion I struggle with most
Jason 7d

I've scoured off my skin needing to scrub it out
I've exfoliated to the bone wanting to rub it out
I've been used and abused hoping to love it out
I've put on twenty pounds trying to grub it out

(Who doesn't love a big but?)

There's no infomercial-Oxy-booster to clean this stain
(Your absence a dark blotch in my sight)

There's no late-night ShamWow-savior to absorb this pain
(This displaced grief and fright)

There's no thought deep enough to wash you from my brain
(Nor the contrail of confusion behind your flight)

There's no shower cold enough, it weathers even this caustic rain
(Love's inexhaustible light)

© 05/10/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Started this one a few days ago but couldn't get it to come out right so I never finished it. Not sure if it's right, it probably *****, but it's finished! ;p
Been kinda slow to write anything lately, and I've fallen behind my own internal challenge, but oh well.  Depression has been ringing my bell like a prize-fighter whose mother I just insulted.  Viciously insulted, apparently.
Ahl be bahk.
Summer’s heat.
A blazing storm.
A soft breeze.
Thunder and lightning.
Birds chirping.
Loud crying.

I can’t tell you what life is...
It could be a feeling,
Distinct and distant,
Present and close.
If I could blend all its colours
It would be the brightest of lights,
The most brilliant of whites,
Shivering in fright,
Shining with might,
Flickering in and out of sight.

How can I be here,
And you can see me?
Both of us
Pulsing like waves
Upon waves
As the perfect harmony plays.

Each pulse, a chord.
Each move, a dance;
Every emotion is a trance.
And if I bring all these sounds together,
I couldn’t bear it.
My heart may burst out of my chest,
Because I cannot possibly experience
These many faces
Overwhelming my senses
Rendered senseless.

So it is with a heavy heart that I admit,
I can’t tell you what life is.

Only the eyes 👀 of realist could see the intensity of such beauty in her. I see beyond ****** expression. See--- those teeth creates romantic emotion.

Gradually I'm getting possessed, obsessed by thy love--craft, emotionally flew his heart reaching out to her's. He's intoxicated drunk in love.
Lost in the
lovesome thought of her's. His
heart is detained  underneath
the water of
her soul.
So we're
soul mates.
We met as 2 rivers confluences.
what these mean.
The crescent moon embodies peace
in the dark night, and
the triviality of the sky changes;
a kid who witnesses the light from the night exchanges; verve
with the crescent of the sky and his heart ...
She opens her brown eyes wide
But shuts them tight quickly
Time passes
She tries again
This time squinting
She looks at the clock
So carefully arrange on the bedside table

The world is gently stirring
Soon people would be making their way to work
Like ants filing out of their nest to forage
Five minutes more pass
"I'll get up now" she thinks

Broken by sudden noise
The air around crashes violently
Heat and noise invades her sanctuary
Explosion, the whole room rocks and shakes
The silence and dust

Catherine Maddis was her name
It stated that upon her door beside the bell
Which lay across the floor in the hallway
Shouts, screams and pleas pierce the haunting silence
From beyond the hallway
Footsteps echo

The dust settles
Smoke seeps into the room
All is still, the pleas fade
Slight movement, a spark of life
Her arm falls, a trickle of blood trails to her wrist
She looks so peaceful

So quiet
Broken by the increasing sound of footsteps
Far, far, nearing, nearing, faster, faster
Faint echoes and scrambled words
Finally a peaceful silence remains
Fade away
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