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Caroline Sep 20
Could it be that the rivers of my heart run with good waters?
Could that really, ever be?
The fragile banks erode and
Crumble into sorrow,
But the sun glints off the surface still each morning
And there is solace in the shining.

Could that brightness really be mine,
After everything I should have done
That might have changed the arc of time?
Like words I could have said
That would have left
Certain hearts alive.

I haven’t fought all the right fights
And some beautiful things have died
Right here in my hands,

But I think there is a chance
That these waters still run true;
The mountains stand unmoved,
After all.

And the rivers of the heart rush and fall.

They rush and fall down the rocks and

They are still pure.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 13
When the poet's pen
lends on the page
the magic can begins.

Goodness knows
who and what will read
and touch the dream!

The Sun might
turn the light off
for the cool Moon.
And the stars will never
show up in the daylight.
But day or night
in a poet's mind
they shine so bright!
Ken Pepiton Aug 19
Gates imagined in times

open here and we pause

is this the life well spent,
or the life un-examined?

Are we Faustian Fellows or mere mortals
rockstar vibes on the boulevard

brakes. (witness, we saw it coming)

What good can come from this?
here some secret place?
What keeps its secret here?

he emerges rather as a master syncretist of widely divergent materials and as a devout theopantist

From <>

Artistic Intelligen-seers build cumputorionic
for the pew-trade-ification
easy as pi t' lie about knowing
as goatphorgoneconclusions, leading
sheepish men astray

afar from the madding crowd
screaming out loud
for christ's sake (really. What's that mean?)

Christmas is christ's cause, I would think,
given proper cause determining algorythms at some time after my

toddling twos expecting, child-like
equivalent -- equal in balance factor
twixt why and how and try and

needed on the uphill side of every vibe.

Has Christ mass more meaning than
anointed (oiled-to shine-or-burn, per hap)
a class of good
news, a whole bunch of new good
ideas for things,
witty inventions with the best of intentions,
Christmas Time!
on earth, good will to
ward men,
the idea of god as truth life and the path to next; and man, wombed and un, recon-

conciliated, with no con-sessions to bogus-science but to learn

to use the food we eat. learn
to chew our mushrooms with a touch of lemon,
lemon tree, so pretty but impossible to eat,

Ah, why,
ya jus'asker what she knows,
she's sure to show you
wisdom wisps, entangled in your hair…

take a taste,

now, hear this, peace, I give, I loose
oil on the water, but with the best imaginable

not good as men measure;
good as you measure good,
good ideas you make do
good, sometime

thereafter your arrival as the hero in your story.
here after there, as Bilbo did, we left the gate a jat and left a trail of tiny blue mushooms.
Elena Aug 19
Serene words
are like good seeds
planted in the mind.
Watered by the smile
that will bloom for miles.
Michael H May 25
The wilderness is passion
Trees cope, moving
It's the people that are still
To follow God's will

People ****
Then oxygen wants freedom
Trees have their fill of spirit
And the goodness gives us our green
40 - Going to break a few minutes or more. Hope you like these. Let me know (MESSAGE me) anything
PawanTube May 17
What should i say maa ?
How could i say thanks maa !
My thanks wouldn't seems  enough,
To describe you.....
Things you did for us,
Wouldn't i pay back, rest of my life.
The one who hold me with care
Whatever the pain is,
She knows the cure.
Your presence in my life
Like a treasure full of secure.
The simplicity to you.
No whisper toword our cause.
You look at us,
Before you see yours.
Proudly sacrifising the whole,
To see us hearty soul.
And goodness is that
You ment to my life, and
Forever i'm your..
a few words for my mumma
Negativity is a bane
Don’t feed it your pain
It will grow manifold
And leave not a trace
******* you into its vile vines

The goodness in you, a boon
Revitalise the seeds
Nurture well, and see them flourish
To be cherished on a sunny day
Or a chilly winter’s night
Just some thoughts
Joseph Miller Apr 30
On a sea of chaos
love floats
if you believe
then you know
love is seeing
goodness grow
Marla Apr 12
What makes you shine
Lies not in your gold;
Age yourself like wine
To accentuate the soul.
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