The goodness of my heart
Is too bright to be broken up
By a broken heart

© Katli Mathobela 2017
Marchenemy Apr 12

Not always, but sometimes,
in the unseen depths of
dark, inner chaos...

All it takes is you
being there, being true
to save the light of another.

As kindred spirits do

George Krokos Mar 23

I am moved to tears when I see the spontaneous goodness of a person’s heart
that at times is surely lacking in many people of the world which we’re a part.

Sounds more like a confession or admission. From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
iamtheavatar Mar 15

This life.

Nothing more
than dust and dirt.
Nothing more
than a pause for breath.

Yet You chose to speak
to these skin and bones.


Speak Lord.

Let Your voice
touch this weary heart.
Let Your Spirit
pour like eternal rain.


Speak Lord.
When these lips
don't know how to praise.

Speak Lord.
When these hands
are too heavy to raise.

Speak and set me ablaze.

iamthe_avatar ©2017

A poem for love.
Ceyhun Mâhî Dec 2016

Beyond that bitter, grudging and vile lip,
Who only spews and is covered with pride,
There lies more when you make it with love flip,
Like an old coin who has another side.

The first few verses I wrote after I woke up from an inspiring dream.
Little Brush Nov 2016

Let there be,
in this moment,


Let in
these pages,

let there be peace.

You kiss
my soul
to sleep.

And I know,
that I know
that I know

You're good to me.

Ceyhun Mâhî Sep 2016

From the thorns come forth a beautiful rose,
From chaos comes forth a luminous star,
The gloomy rain is the cause for rainbows,
And Ibrahim came forth out of Azar.

Alan S Bailey Sep 2016

I once had faith in human-kind's goodness,
The idea that people could grow up,
I once thought people were genuine,
But now it's all gone down the drain,
People are just one and the same.
Some men are afraid to be sensitive,
Certain women can't seem to toughen up,
It's all what popular society wants,
For people to become something they're not.

But this has to sound like a cruel song,
No one wants to hear how I feel,
In the end everyone is on their own,
You love defending the master, at his heel.
I will do as I'm told, carry on with a heavy heart,
This way of life will tear us all apart,
I bid you adieu, time to be swallowed whole
By societies ever oppressive ways and greed,
Become what people want, never what they need.

It's the worlds end, like anyone pretends they are aware,
And in the end it seems that no one was really there,
And in reality, no one even cares.

After one cares! Will delete this POS soon, I've been writing for so many years, and I'm still a newb! I suck! I'm sorry I offended you all with my trashy poetry!
Alan S Bailey Aug 2016

The love bug bit me
I don't know quite what hit me
It all is within each of us you see?
It's all about how love is free.
Don't be blind, being vain is what's desired,
It's about the ones who get left behind,
Please remember them, they are "easily fired,"
In a while they will be "found so vile,"
No one wants to be with them, they "have no style,"
It's this sort of person who deserves love most,
It isn't real if being good for
The "in-crowd" is what you boast.

Here goes! My love poem. Probably won't even get noticed. Oh well, who cares about honesty and love anyway?
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