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gabriela Jan 26
you tell me that when
you think of me,
you think
"good person."
is that so?

i want to tell you how much
i appreciate the sentiments
or how
you make me feel just a
                                little less rotten
but the words stay
inside my mouth.

i want to be good.
i want to be kind,
i want to be holy,
i want to i want to.

but this tenderness was forged
in the fire and the fire
is all it will ever know.
one day i'll get there
My Dear Poet Aug 2022
May the flames of my heart
become the fire we start
between us and the storm

May the furnace in my soul
be the heat for the coal
that keeps our children warm

May the spark of my mind
become the flint that you find
lighting the darkest dawn

May the air in my lung
breathe the breath of the sun
and birth life into a love reborn

May the jewel in my eye
Have you searching the sky
and all the riches heaven has sworn
Andy Chunn Jul 2022
My cup runneth over
I’m dancing each day with delight
Calm, carefree in clover
Celebrate a cool summer night

The beauty of each day
Silently sings my soul be still
The wisdom and the way
Freely fashions my cup to fill

Shadows do not scare me
Goodness and mercy will follow
The valley now will be
Where evil is weak and hollow

Monumental mountains,
Sacred seas - I am just a rover
Free forgiveness fountains
Ensure my cup runneth over
Kai Zhang Apr 2022
I was no Harry Potter
Didn't have that much goodness in me
But maybe I was a Draco Malfoy
Trying to figure which road to take
Light or dark?
But somewhere along the journey
I scattered 8 pieces of my soul
like Voldemort
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2022
I will be back
where the sun returns.
Goodness knows
shunning how many stars
it comes on the way.
For me just meeting you is fine.
Glenn Currier Mar 2022
Even the most devout Christians
accept that Jesus was a guy
guys get ***** as do gals.

Yes, all of us have a creator in us
life-creating energy
and prose.

Maybe Jesus didn’t have the kind of darkness in him
that we have
the kind of drag
of pride and self-centeredness
that I have,
but by God!
he was faced with the same choices
between fidelity and desire
between horniness and selfless love.

Yep I fail in ways he did not
but he failed to get rid of lust just like I do
he failed to avoid selfish desires.
Of course, I act on them
and ***** up in ways he did not.
But do you think he didn’t feel ******* up at times?
Of course he did.

All of this humanity
is what makes me like him.
Jesus was a guy.
That he was more
is what makes me love him.
My mama had pictures of Jesus with rouge and a pretty face in our home. I never did like those pictures of him. Then I saw a picture of Salvadore Dali's Christ of St. John of the Cross. That's the kind of Jesus I could relate to as a teenager and young man. When I got my own apartment I got a print of that picture of this man on the cross. It captivated me and set me on a path to pursue this guy who was human and hairy like me. At that time in my life and for the rest of it, I did not like an overly divinized Jesus, a Jesus that made him less than human.
n-khrennikov Feb 2022
In your heart, in my heart
I had sung an ancient song to you.
And then I wrote in blood, within my soul. Death is but a wisp of shadow,
where no one is.
O Lady,
awake, awake...
I S A A C Feb 2022
I feel the crack of the dead leaves underneath my feet
reminding me I stay wondering around this dead place
once upon a time this was an oasis, once upon a time it was colourful
now it is all dead, storms more violent than the ones in my head
I guess I feel comfortable here, I imagine there's nothing to fear
make friends with the bloodthirsty, prove to myself I am unworthy
of anything better than this bitter taste
deserve anything better than this polluted waste
I swim in the chaos, I dive into the unhealthy
goodness is too overwhelming
In your heart
the sun is so bright
illuminate the universe

In your heart
the moon looks beautiful
illuminate the darkness

In your heart
I live comfortably
and no longer cold

In your heart
grow goodness
Indonesia, 9th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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