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I see the happiness on your smiley face
and the river flows through my eyes
I'm so helpless and so hopeless!
and this heart weeps for missing my kins.

The world's heartless and I lost my family
Yet I have become stone hearted
How helpless I am, oh indeed!
I'm unhappy, but acting like I'm happy
I'm the darkness and your eyes are full of light!

You have a happy smile but I'm so sad,
Sometimes dream makes me scared,
Yeah, I'm so hopeless in this cruel world
How happy you are but I'm dying inside!

The morning comes to your eyes, but I'm still in shock
Many birds sing in your forest and flowers smell good
But I'm still so helpless and so thirsty of goodness.
Be with you the light of peace forever
and I have devoted my Creator.
Rick Warr Mar 17
sometimes you disappoint me
especially when you
massively buy toilet paper
and sometimes you express great compassion and generosity
when you make sure fire victims are supported and nurtured

essentially you are followers of leaders
which begs the need for good leaders

never before have we needed examples of goodness to guide us through the challenges of the future

and so i offer this

be the reason, someone
believes that there are good people
reaction to recent events
Dark Poet Mar 16
I hope to not be trapped in a hell that I call my own
Maybe I will be happy and not feel so lonely
But happiness is what I pursue
If I finally obtain it
What is there to chase after?
What is there to spur me on?
I hope to be somewhere good
With nothing but the things I need
And everything is just perfect
In my own little world
But what if that version of Someday
Doesn't exist
And I am only left with a bad taste on my lips
Wishing that I had never thought of Someday
Of a world that is better than ours
With no pain
No suffering
And no wishing that you could die
Sadly I think Someday
Will only ever exist in my mind
A place of war
And heartache
People and their wavering lies
I'm sorry that I told you of Someday
A place so perfect
That it will never exist
I'm sorry that if for a moment
I gave you the smallest glimmer of hope
That one day
You could find this Someday
And everything would be fine
That all is good in the this small world
That I'll just call Someday
Shofi Ahmed Feb 29
Goodness is soul
see it sprinkles
across the board.
We can count on
every nook
every angle.
Where it is
in the whole
there is God!

No pain no birth
but the mother
only showers love
to her newborn child.
It may not pop up
but with food
for thought
God's love for
the creations!
liakey Feb 11
dear happiness,
please stay with me.

used to think you were out of my reach-
been feeling lately like I just couldn’t see.
used to think you were illusive; an impalpable, unattainable dream-
forged by most, and truly felt only by a few elite.

now, you’re here, revealing that you were always hiding beneath.
into the depths of the ocean, I explored to bring you back from the dark, daunting sea.

so I beg of you now, please don’t flee.
I will cherish each moment that you choose to spend with me;
thank you for finally setting me free.
For some

For the rest
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Faith
Author's Note: Every act of goodness is a god, and I'm no one to convey, what goodness is. God is not, who, god is what. If one believes in goodness then he/she believes in god. Now introduce me, who is an atheist?
But I see god in you.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
And when
Right one comes
Nothing will be the same
And you will be grateful
Saying thank you
For all
The wrongs

So here, you will be
In the journey of dreams
Just how things are
For any act done
With nobel heart
Timing can't be wrong
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Acknowledge
Author's Note: Never regret, when you have a right heart, even when nobody understands
Love is a luxury
Yet no one can label it
Some have a lack of love
The land in their heart unfertilized
No fruits to be produced
I must admit
We could use a little unconditional love
Let the land be fertilized
Fruits of peace
Fruits of patience
Fruits of joy, kindness, gentleness
Oh, the feeling of goodness
Yes, it is a luxury
Love is a luxury. We can stay alive without it but living without it is different. Who can truly live without some kind of love in their life? We all need a little bit of love in this crazy world. Love makes life better and easier.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
We are divine

We are the God
We are the God's creation
We created the God

Who believes
Than the God
Are merely

That's all
Genre: Inspirational Abstract
Theme: At birth we share the same divinity, with time it may disintegrates.
Author's Note: You should read again till it makes sense.
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