Oh honey child!
Whither are you going?
Your wedding cakes are on the hearth
Thither they are glowing.
People are coming
To bless you
For your bliss ahead
Oh honey child!
Whither are you going?

Your wedding gown
Decked up with
The chicest of jewels
Waits in silence
To witness
As your accompaniment
The storm of joy
Of merriment
And good hope
Oh honey child!
Whither are you going?

The honey bride says
I know not what calls me
To the nature's lap
The woods
So dense and deep
Periwinkles and wild roses
Daisies and vivid poses
Of the sceneries
Of Mother nature
Oh mother
I know not
My feet are chasing
Someone unknown

Oh honey child
Marriage is bliss
Why do you face away
And give
Your life's fortunes
A 'sad' miss?
The master groom comes
Lay your hands on his
Exchange the garlands
Of love and life's vows
Find your way
Merrily with his
Oh honey child
Handsomely would he come
And take you
For he is your loving bridegroom
Honey child'honey child!
Whither are you going?

The spirits of joy
The scent of
Blissful solitude
And beautiful happiness
The song
Of the koil scented
And the unknown
Merry wilderness
Calls me
O mother
Not will I stay
I will go.....

Inspired by someone....
Anton Jan 2

Amity My Benevolence

To meet you, I've never expected,
For meeting you was fated,
Even though we are never related,
Becoming your Friend was Destined,

We are always together,
No matter what's the weather,
We always do things better,
As long as we're together,

You made my world vivified and clear,
My friend, I want you to stay near,
To help me fight all my Fears,
So that I won't shed anymore tears,

Whenever your heart is in vain,
I'll be taking away all your pain,
Even if there's nothing that i may gain,
As a friend , I will still Remain,

This was My School Poem Back in 2015 it was published in my school 2 years later. on the yearbook  :)
Axion Prelude Dec 2017

Seasons pass, tempered by insalubrious fervor; treasonous design remiss of fate

An echo of prior songs resonate somber atrophy; mourn the passing of  constant defeat, stained by triumphant dissonance and disdain

Fear strides along the broken path, left alone and solemn and crass: Through sour feats of vindication, tones of plight become dismissed

Surfeit, the sound of temptation rides upon the crest of dawn, blinding darkness like calming waves caressing infinite stretches of sand: soft and warm; kind and welcoming, embracing in its gentle touch

Sentience hides behind a creeping fog, whispering secrets of life eternal, bearing gifts wrought through sensuous candor

Two threads lost, now found; slowly bonding, uniting purpose, rhythm, rhyme, and reason; born from the same cloth, garnering habit, singing in harmony what echoes from within

Beautiful, intelligent, staunch with profundity; stark, handsome, wholesome, and good

The call of a true home may finally beckon..

The most enrapturing, green eyes, gently kissed by hues of orange and blue
Simon Monahan Nov 2017

I have sung too much, too long, of pain.
The litany of syllables dictating pangs of wounds
And memories of shattered hearts and minds
Has drowned out all else.
My suit, my complaint, has become a filibuster
Against the very light whose absence I mourn.

I do not reproach myself for it;
T’was necessary, and, more importantly,
It was thoroughly real.
Even the bleakest song was a worthy agony
And so this is not a new lament,
But a canticle of reversal.

Now I will sing of truth, for truth is beautiful and good.
I will sing of wisdom in her refulgence,
I will sing of knowledge upon her ivory throne,
I will sing of understanding which pierces the veil,
Breaking down barriers between hearts and minds,
Of that light which dispels ignorant shadows.

I will sing of goodness, for goodness is true and beautiful.
I will sing of courage, hero’s courage, bold, bloody courage,
I will sing of love, mother’s love, sacrificial love,
I will sing of charity, generous charity, of humble almsgiving,
I will sing of justice, no less just for being merciful,
I will sing of humility, so true and sweet it will not sing for itself.

I will sing of beauty, for beauty is good and true.
I will learn at the knees of the weeping willow,
And the stoic mountain shall reveal his smile,
I will rediscover sunrise and sunset with each revolution of earth,
And I will dance with the birds of paradise,
Cackling gleeful with cheering toads and crickets and hooting apes,

And I will sing you a new song.

G Rog Rogers Oct 2017

"What good is it to a man
if there is no profit."

-The Holy Bible (KJV)

Then ask;

What profit then
if there be no goodness.


Retention of repetition in modified replication reflects the information of evolution's disquisition demographic disposition to ferry the merry who listen
Psych out the vex and hex the wicked complex
Circumstantial reason in the season its civil unrest
Complacent implications ignited by degradation
The muted separation of lungs and aspiration
A few maybe more to mob the truth be unexplored
Forsaken by tradition of wishing never more
Disputing time and relativity inability to be given free
Verse the heart though be not amazed by the lack or hidden empathy
Commiseration of unmitigated hesitation casting darkness before the integration of our heart is a meager part devoted to the subtle structure of ones nature developed underneath the poise of well built character  to divide and conquer if one were to try and squander the real power and only wander for it's those very same demons of the past that are now used as fuel for the fires of the future. How will you temper the flames that burn so?

G Rog Rogers Sep 2017


Goodness never
walks alone...



Chris Neilson Sep 2017

Finding happiness can appear
an unachievable goal
or an expensive toll
looking inward not outward

Finding something that's more important than you
and devoting yourself to it
can bring huge contentment

Finding the value of pride
never is or was a sin
staying honest with yourself
treating the world well

Finding goodness reflecting back
comes from an open minded outlook
bad things do still happen to good people
but good people can still find happiness

Some thoughts for the day
Deep Ponderer Aug 2017

Be stars in this wicked world,
Shine a path for those with darken hearts.

Be a good example for those who have lost their ways and think they have become futile.
Paul Butters Jul 2017

I am king of the world, universe and everywhere,
But I have only a hint of power.
So all I can give you is attitude.
Just pointing out injustice
Where I see it.

Classes and castes and religious divides
I see as evils
To be opposed
With all my might.

For sure I’ve little might
Of course,
But I still have the right
To say that it’s all wrong.

Classless society is what we want:
Well anyone who’s worth his, or her salt wants that.
Religious discrimination is another thing
We need to remove
From our way of life.

There are many more evils in our world,
So we must do
All we can
To obliterate them
At every opportunity.

I can’t put this any other way,
Poetic or not,
We have to stand
And fight
Against all that we see
As bad.
For the Common Good.

Paul Butters

Angry! Provoked by a documentary on India by Joanna Lumley, featuring the "Caste System".
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