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I don't want to be remembered
When I turn into ash and dust
I want to be remembered
When my bones are still alive
So that when the embers
Of life die out,
I'll be able to enter
Death peacefully
Knowing that I am a member,
An impact, in humanity.
Sierra Blasko Apr 24
This today is grey and rainy
and feels painfully like a word
meaning neither yesterday nor tomorrow

And though reason dictates
it will be one soon enough
I think it will be one of the forgettables
remembered only by this paper and these words

(and today, please, today
i need the reassurance that
i will not be the same)
Akira Apr 22
You're a book,
a good book
that will
never be
Books are remembered if it's good.
I will always remember you, my love.
Amanda Apr 4
I yearn for days wasted in my youth
Had not known the value of each one
Wishing back summers hanging from tree limbs
Those unpolluted seasons are done

Dimensions of yesterday remembered in color
Dappled spectrum of greens and blues
Berries picked preciously with eager pleasure
Firm trail wild beneath worn shoes

The thing I wish I knew back then
What matters most is today
Failed to appreciate my younger years
Best times of my life I just let slip away

I can't help but think about it each and every day
Reminiscing about the good old days
Maja Mar 30
I heard you die twice,
once when they bury you in the grave
and the second time is the last time
that somebody mentions your name

- Glorious, Macklemore Ft. Skylar Grey
From: Glorious by Macklemore Ft. Skylar Grey
MSunspoken Mar 26
Voicing fervent beliefs
As hard as stone
Carry your legacy on-
Or simply create your own
strut the halls
With perfect posture-
Never forgotten,
Is that confidence
Swing your gait-
A daring sashay,
And lead the weak-
make them tough as bone
Yet never forget
In which you came-
So speak your name
Scream it to be remembered
The name in which
leads people together
This isn't for my "challenge"...
BUT! Somehow, this isolation is feeding into a new writing block.
Being surrounded by people sheds a light on my writing, giving me near endless possibilities. Though-I no longer have that.
So, here I am, trying to recover (of course, it had to be an inspirational poem).
Faizel Farzee Aug 2019
As fireflies infinite lights a darkened sky
The memory of a perfect love freshly lingers
Her honeyed kisses I still taste with every breath I take
Her touch of healing still warm against my mournful skin
Her angelic face depicted in the stars
a wave of untainted emotion storms my soul
Our souls unbreakable promise to be entwined for all eternity
With every moment spent apart tears me to tears
A punishment unmistakably unbearable
The only solace a voice recalled…
The words drenched with hope dripping from her lips in ecstasy
         .....I love you…
Unbreakable love
Brandon Amberger May 2016
The Road to redemption
Is a daunting path
It’s an uphill battle
That is slippery and steep
It goes against the current
In the frigid rough rapids
With rays of blistering sun
A jagged wall of obsidian
And a sea of sand
There are no shortcuts
Only cuts, scrapes and bruises
What you did in the past will never be forgotten
But what you are remembered for will have changed.
TS Lefort Jun 2019
Consumes me, controls me with a Poisoned passion that cracks my face
Against the past;
The horrors of my idiocy, the idiocy of
My horrors,
Falling and failing, falling further still
From my fainthearted present toward
Those broken, bitter,
Love soaked memories.

Takes me, betrays me, awakens me
From my calm to reap my soul
For lovers still held fast;
In that pain of passions fire,
The scars of youth;
Beautiful but fading, fading faster still
To a shadow of a hope once held fast
In my reckless,
Broken, love provoked yesterday.
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