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in a world where everyone
is trying to get ahead,
make their family proud,
and their neighbors jealous

i'm just trying to feel useful,
like if I was to die tomorrow
I'd be missed,
and not replaced within a week
when I compare my life goals to others,
I feel so alien, so out-of-place
It reverberates in your spirit
the song that touched that chord
the power that you feel each time
in every note, and word

You know the lines by heart
the flow you can 't deny
it sings like a choir of angels
no need too clarify

Raise up your voice in song
in or out of key
play the tune from memory
her name
is/was Melody
You know what I mean ;D
Poetic T Jan 12
Loss is a moment remembered,
           but the memory of those live on
       within the moments we remember.

We never forget those
    who where a light within the moments
                                                      of our lives,
even though gone they still shine bright
Eric Jan 12
When someone tells you they love you
What does that mean to you ?
It means
I lose everything
I lose my very being
I lose everything I'm used to seeing
But love you decieve me
Tricked me into contentment
Believing I was comfortable
High Apon my feet shouting with Glee
But you decieved me.
Now I am alone
Not making a move
Because it comes with a fee
You take it so easily
As I crumble
With every part of me
I'm lost
The cost
Is too much
I let go
And forget I breath
I thought I was better
To know
When I was decieved.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Saw someone In my who works In my local Supermarket yesterday hadn't spoken to her since before Helen passed
With seeing me on my own she was Insure If she should speak, Just naturally assumed word would have gotten
But she didn't know she broke down and cried when I told her that's how
much Helen my girl was loved by
Nearly a since Helen passed but still people we knew cry
that how loved she. was
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
When I die,
I don't necessarily want to be
a legacy,
a story,
just someone with a lot of money.
I just want to be a memory.
Someone who lived their life free.
Someone who lived their life worthy.
Someone who made their life into a fun journey.
I don't want to be someone
who swam in money and fame.
I don't want to be someone
who thought that life was a game.
I just want to be remembered
for doing something for this world.
For letting my voice be heard.
I just want to be
remembered for being
who I really am.
Oliver Philip Nov 2018
A limerick.
There was a young lady of Riga
Who went for a ride on a tiger
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside.
And a smile on the face of the tiger.
Remembering from school.
Posted by Philip. November 24th 2018
A young lady of Riga
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