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Viki More Mar 24
The remained was eternally desired affection,

Alas! That was only a fantasy, a sad confession.

I regret the failure to bond a great relation

I have never been kissed, a remorseful expression.

Would you kiss me? He had asked

I remained wordless and shocked.

Now I see him in frozen dreams,

The handsome body immersed in to the streams

His tender touch couldn’t reach up to me,

Like he is lost in horizon far away from sea

Oh come back my sweet love! Come back again!

You shouldn't have resisted the feeling,

I hear unknown voice in my ear whispering.

So I woke agitatedly in the middle of dark night

And wondered gazing at the glittering star

If he'd come and kiss my ****** lips with a delight

Then I realized and collapsed knowing he’s already gone far

Kiss love
Remembered to be
Tell me you remember me and come back
annh Feb 20
𝙸 πšŠπš– πš‘πš’πšœπšπš˜πš›πš’ πš’πš— πšπš‘πšŽ πš–πšŠπš”πš’πš—πš,
πšπšŽπšπšŠπš›πšπš•πšŽπšœπšœ 𝚘𝚏 πš πš‘πšŽπšπš‘πšŽπš› π™Έβ€™πš– πš›πšŽπš–πšŽπš–πš‹πšŽπš›πšŽπš πš˜πš› πšπš˜πš›πšπš˜πšπšπšŽπš—.
πšƒπš‘πš’πš—πš” 𝚘𝚏 πš–πšŽ 𝚊𝚜 πšŠπš— πšŽπšŸπš˜πš•πšžπšπš’πš˜πš—πšŠπš›πš’ πš”πš’πš—πšπš—πšŽπšœπšœ πš™πšŽπš›πšπš˜πš›πš–πšŽπš πššπšžπš’πšŽπšπš•πš’,
π™Ύπš› 𝚊 πš–πš’πšπš˜πšŒπš‘πš˜πš—πšπš›πš’πšŠπš• πš’πš—πšπš’πšœπšŒπš›πšŽπšπš’πš˜πš— πšπš˜πš›πšπš’πšŸπšŽπš— πš πš’πšπš‘πš˜πšžπš πšπšŠπš—πšπšŠπš›πšŽ.
πš†πš‘πšŽπšπš‘πšŽπš› 𝙸 πšŽπš‘πš’πšœπš πš‹πšŽπš‘πš’πš—πš πšπš‘πšŽ πšœπšŒπšŽπš—πšŽπšœ, πš’πš— πšπš‘πšŽ πš πš’πš—πšπšœ,
π™Ύπš› πšœπšπš›πšžπš πš–πš’ 𝚜𝚝𝚞𝚏𝚏 πšπš›πš˜πš—πš 𝚘𝚏 πš‘πš˜πšžπšœπšŽ...

𝙸 πšŠπš– πš’πš— πšπš‘πšŽ πš‹πšžπšœπš’πš—πšŽπšœπšœ 𝚘𝚏 πš–πšŠπš”πš’πš—πš πš‘πš’πšœπšπš˜πš›πš’.

Ancient dwelling places, forgotten pathways and neglected graveyards fill me to the brim with an enthusiasm for the mundane. As the fabric of life thins the voices of the celebrated AND the unknown whisper their legacy in the stoney structures which remain.

β€˜Oh, the wizardry of history. All the people who have lived and died,
the people whose stories have survived.’
- Isaac du Toit, Passionately Curious
Zack Ripley Jan 14
Everyone is someone
In some way, shape, or form.
And everyone has been through hell
Or survived a storm.
Some made it out better than others.
Some didn't make it out at all.
Some were thanked for their bravery
By immortalizing their names on walls
But even if their names
Aren't on display for the world to see,
Everyone has someone
live in their hearts.
Even you and me.
TS Lefort Nov 2020
Your unsure gestures sought out our bond
In whiskey glasses and cheap cigars,
With no more in common than our blood
That spilt upon lost chances and unspent years.

In that awkward silence we found our home
Those words unsaid were a common tongue,
And now I long to hear such nothings again,
As It was there you were my father and I your son.

TS Lefort November 2020
Maja Oct 2020
I want to be immortal
I want to be remembered

The day I’m forgotten
Is the day I die
Inspired by "Glorious"
SA Szumloz May 2020
I don't want to be remembered
When I turn into ash and dust
I want to be remembered
When my bones are still alive
So that when the embers
Of life die out,
I'll be able to enter
Death peacefully
Knowing that I am a member,
An impact, in humanity.
Sierra Blasko Apr 2020
This today is grey and rainy
and feels painfully like a word
meaning neither yesterday nor tomorrow

And though reason dictates
it will be one soon enough
I think it will be one of the forgettables
remembered only by this paper and these words

(and today, please, today
i need the reassurance that
i will not be the same)
Akira Apr 2020
You're a book,
a good book
that will
never be
Books are remembered if it's good.
I will always remember you, my love.
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