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Poetic T May 25
I think the moulds were broken with humanity,
for if we were perfect
there wouldn't be so many faults
                                    in the mould.

But we learnt to smooth over the  cracks
                      and realise
                                            that we aren't perfect
but together we can mould a better future together.
Aa Harvey May 23
The life that I live

Time is not infinite; life is only finite.
Please do never waste my time, for I only have this one life.
The day are not all numbered, we have only just begun to love.
This love you people speak of…will it ever be enough?

I can repeat the mistakes and I can make a change,
But I chose to do neither; I must find my way,
To become a better human being.
I have never been like you with your liar’s true feelings.

In the pit of my stomach I know there is really nothing wrong,
But still I go on passionately apathetic to all the faults you own.
I am not saying I deserve this or regret hearing what you want;
I am simply stating that I hate you for leaving me all alone.

My water is so full of salt, drinking leaves me crazy.
This glass is no longer drinkable, for it tastes of forgotten ladies.
I am forever dying from your thirst,
Without the realization that love is my curse.

Forever searching inside illusions;
My ghostly hands look real to me.
I am lost in a place of complete confusion;
I am lost in your reality.
Negative is my positive;
I carry lightning with my thunder.
Behind sunglasses I hide behind eye-lids,
This cursed spell I am under.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Tess May 15
Mankind think of themselves like deity,
Yet they are unable to touch the stars;
They foul the world, searching for aureity
And when earth dies they search for life on Mars

We ignore the collateral damage;
We ignore the all-consuming wildfires
That burn the world, leaving it in famine;
Man acts high and mighty on their pyres

We train our children to stand in straight rows,
Murdering all their creativity;
We tell them life’s purpose is buying clothes
Cynically we prompt naivety

Here, above, with no more conspiracies,
These are the faults of the perfect species.
Tess May 15
He sits on his chair of unearned power
Time caused his temper to spoil and grow sour;
Faulting those lower in the hierarchy,
He rests, contented in his monarchy;

He wreaks havoc on anyone with dreams;
Though his entity divides at the seams
King of his castle, he sits unconcerned
Playing with fire, about to be burned

He has not learned: what goes up must come down
Breathing in water, and soon he will drown
He pushes others down to lift him up
He is bitter and decaying closeup

Written and read in a voice of deadpan:
The crimes of a diabolical man
Nolan W Apr 27
I think that I've been branching out,
You ought to have seen me before:
Idling abed, lying about,
Wasting away, frightened to live
I think that I've been speaking more
My own faults striving to forgive.

But I still need to feel alone,
I know you do not think like that,
Some days I must turn off my phone,
Some days I do not want a friend
And cannot stand to have a chat.
After this spell I'll make amends.

I do not hate humanity,
So I ask you not to conflate
or demonize my oddity.
Nor kindly do not misconstrue,
And most of all do not negate
The fact I love my solitude.
I seem to lean
into my shadows, failures and faults.
That ***** too natural
and my downward leaning too easy.

What darkness have I learned?
What sullen seed has
merged into the deeper passages
to transform
into thorns?

Is it my repeated stumblings
or the sin of another
inflicted early
but now forgotten?
Maybe it’s so terrible
my mind has stashed it way way down
now a fungus still alive in the dark?

I feel too at home
dwelling in that cave
and I am in need,
I am sorely in need
of light,
enough lasting exposure
to **** the blight
scorch the itch
and set me leaning
into an upward pitch
to thwart the dark

Empire Mar 13
I feel so alone
So much of the time
Surrounded by people
Who love me
And who don’t
It doesn’t matter
Because no one knows
And I’m
For someone to
See me
All the way
Through all my crap
All my walls
All my pain
All my faults
And then still
To pull me in close
And kiss me
Because he is
So furiously
In love with this
Entire mess
Oliver Philip Nov 2018
I’m too wide awake to sleep.
I’m too dog tired to weep.
I’m too grieved out n so I’ve found.
I’m too tough to stand my ground.
I’m too weak to tough things out.
I’m too old to get involved .
I’m too young to even understand .
I’m too bright to dumb things down.
I’m  too deaf to hear your cry.
I’m  too lay back to procrastinate
Written by Philip
November 15th 2018.
Procrastination is the thief of time
Sketcher Nov 2018
The fault-finder finds faults in paradise,
It's about time that we all realize,
The outer is a reflection of in,
If you find faults; it's your own problem then.
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