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Nat Lipstadt May 30
my grievous faults

~for SJR1000~

the sun is out after a week of island fog,
(different from regular citified fogginess)
days seasoned with rapacious, hard hitting
all-night-long-rains, steady winds of
fifteen miles per hour, made “outside”unattractive,
yet, even now, sun inside with me, writing you

listening to Tupelo Honey, sets me awondering,
have you figured out how people work,
uncovered the source of human misery,
so we can get that vaccine asap, for something
a 1000 times more deadly than coronavirus?

my grievous faults, many, well catalogued,
but one of the chiefest is a side effect of a
virulent ego that cuts off vision, thoughtfulness,
letting good people slip away, and when called out,
I’m aggrieved, my faults, they wicked, embarrassing

so I’m asking, you, myself, anybody else, eavesdropping,
if this is true, for me, for you, you got the experience, if

”It don't make no difference
Escaping one last time
It's easier to believe in this sweet madness
Oh, this glorious sadness
That brings me to my knees”

write me, enlighten me, and if the answers are
still a fugitive escaping, no matter, just way it is,
no pressure other than the sixteen tons of mining
life’s coal dust vicissitudes, its mysterious way of tilting
the scales, then escaping, side venting, through poetry
^ lyric from”Angel” by  Sarah Mclachlan
Maja May 15
What is the most dangerous, between hate and love?
They both makes us blind,
one makes us ignore,
the other makes us find
Bella Isaacs May 7
I am a girl, since in my soul I know no better, of curious notions:
I take storms in teacups
I collect them, and channel them into whirlpools
When my soul can no longer take the ups
And downs, when I no longer possess the tools
To build a façade, or can no longer hold them
I accumulate the dust from molehills
And make them into volcanoes, from which stem
And flow the plumes of fumes and spills
Of my lava anger.
And if my spirit intellect were stronger,
I would not bottle my emotions.
Anyone else like that?
I am not a nice person
I talk bad about others
Because I am too afraid
To confront my own faults.
Anyone feels this way?
The Insignificance of motherhood plagued through an orphans hope
Toying with insecurities, yet to show
And as wild hearts have shown, love is all we've owned
But never given or showered upon others we know
And as riches grow, the failures to love have risen to show
A father without a road, a mother we should have known
But !!
For what worth is it
In placing voids within a ship
To only carry as burdens the way to home as we see fit.
Did I
Provide the cause
With all my flaws
To take ownership
For these faults
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Amanda Jan 8
I act like I can
You know about all my faults
Do not care I can't
I wish I saw myself the way you see me
He turned
My mother and father
Into trees

Then he went
For me
But he didn’t know
My tricks
Run to hide
Be Camouflage  

He doesn’t know
The magic word  
I’ve been tricked
To much

So much of my life
I’ve run
I’ve hidden from all the monsters

He’s made me scream
Go crying to sleep
Now he’s going to pay
For all his thieving

He’s going  to get
Locked up in a cage
Boxed in like the
Animals at the zoo
Except for a whole lot
Bhill Sep 2019
As the chilled breeze wisps across my covered face
I think about the life I've led and wonder
I wonder if somewhere along the path I wronged anyone
Anyone that crossed that path
Anyone that bid me hello or goodbye
Anyone that could have or should have made a difference

Not at all sure why this particular moment and this particular wispy wind has brought such thoughts to my senses
All I know is that thinking so deeply gives birth to the heightened awareness of my faults and weaknesses
What to do
What to do

Brian Hill - 2019 # 244
Let your deep thinking begin...
What will you find?
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