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Just who this person is
who has the audacity to be
somebody to care, somebody to miss
a somebody to me
We argue, we care
We laugh and we smile
everything we share
Have got to admit, he's got some style.
We plan trips together
from Bali to Rome
we dream of forever
because he has started to feel like my home
Nylee Sep 2
I am just a nobody
to somebody
A nobody,
To almost everybody,
Anybody cares?
Zack Ripley Apr 2022
I can't see the future.
But somehow, I have a feeling that someday, you won't struggle when you have to decide
if you should stay or go.
And that's a day you'll never forget.
Because that's the day you'll realize
that you don't need anybody
to make you feel like somebody.
Maja Jul 2021
I don’t want to be alone,
and don’t want to feel lonely

I want to fly with somebody,
to rise with somebody,
to cry with somebody
to die with somebody,

To be able to be,
never alone,

And when I fall,
to have somebody to fall with me
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, wonder for the above not the below:}

no cry

no baggage to fly

keep on stimulating the deny

or maybe the break that takes a taste a lie

over the clouds I'm high

don't know if I want to belong if I want to draw or die

Daisy Ashcroft Feb 2021
'I am afraid to own a body'!
And yet - here I am
It's strange: am I somebody?
Or just a lone vessel that can?
Inspired by Emily Dickinson's famous line: 'I am afraid to own a body'.
Shara Miedema Aug 2020
I'm in love with a person who has severe social anxiety.
He does not come out of his cave unless he's got something amazing to show me.
And I am always on the run from where I live and all the noises, all the discomfort.
I'm not afraid to die, I hate my life.
I wish to be somebody, somebody that can reach you or just anybody.
But not me or my sister because she's fighting just as hard or even harder than me.
Just to live, and if I have to live I need to be with somebody that is worth surviving for.
Oh, come on, every day and night is still just getting out of hand and just not really worth it anymore.

But what can I do?
What can you do?
How can I love you?
What can I do for you?
What can we do.
How, what but....

Help, I just exploded and so I woke you when you were half asleep.
You said you didn't mind and so now we had another time to find how we relate.
We relate, relate too much.
I wish it was just me dying and miserably lonely.
But the monster had to bite you now too and it even figures that it has some real and pretty very serious kind of catching up to do.
On you, my sister and so now you're fighting just as hard or even harder than me.
Just to live, and if you have to live you need to be with somebody that is worth surviving for.
Oh, come on, every day and night is still just getting out of hand and you wonder if it really is even worth it anymore.

But now what can you do?
What can I even do?
You know I love you.
What can it do for you?
What can we do?
How, what, but...

I love you.

I'm in love but I can never love you like I wish to.
I love you but I can never be there for you.
But, what, how...

I really really really really loooove, love, love, love, will always love, will always be connected to....
Will always be in love and will always really love, love, love, yes I really always looooove you!!!
Lara May 2020
Do you know me?
Do you actually know me?

Or are you just assuming how I am by my looks?

I don’t know what you think or how you see me

But you don’t seem to know me

I am me

And I never showed you who I am

You just assumed it

Like I’m a rumor

Everything somebody says about me is true.

That’s a lie.

I don’t know what people tell about me and I actually don’t think I’m anybody’s topic.

I am just me

And if you would ask me

I would show you who I am and how I am

Because I am me
I am just me
And I don’t allow everybody to see me
To see the real me

Because I am the real me
See me how I am or see me how you want to see me

Don’t judge
Ask if you want to know something about me
Don’t assume
Just ask it

Because I am just me and actually not here to judge people by their looks

I am here to find out who some people really are

Because everybody is just a me

And somebody may not know me
Do you know me?
The Foodie One Apr 2020
Leaving you
soul-breaking -

But in the end,
I’m happy
I got to love you;

You got it, too:
to love somebody -
doesn’t fade from view.
© 25/03/20

Remembering old grief.
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