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Rasha Joie C Feb 7
A guy from the car trunk
Changed his hair from black to brown
He's as big as a rock
But as soft as my arms
He makes dull moments happy
For me, he's my Spidey (Spiderman)
A person I can stick with
His eyes are full of sadness
But no one notices except me
He laughs, smiles and sometimes cries
I can hear his heartbeat,
but care not to share it
To me he's not just nobody,
but somebody I want to keep
Published this after almost 3 years
Jules Oct 2019
Nobody's writing love songs about me
Nobody's longing to kiss me
Nobody's asking to hold my hand
Nobody's a somebody's no one of importance
Wishing I could be seen by you
Wishing I could be heard by you
Wishing I could be loved by you
But Nobody is who I am to you
Pravalika Vayya Aug 2019
Who are you? nobody or somebody?
a specie called human or a
specie known by its name
if that is so,
you share your name with many,
who are you? nobody?
then why are you here?
a null is also defined then why can't you, says another
who are you? somebody?
if that is so,
care to mention that some, says another
everything has an existential reason, says one
then, why can't the existence alone  stand as a reason? says another
living aimless shouldn't be a reason, says one
then, why say "live without conditions"
and so goes the questionnaire with the society
at last found to be one!
is it somebody or nobody?
is yet to figure.
in world of ablutions sometimes we feel the void in us then the question raised in the mind are put into ink
Johnny walker Aug 2019
Sat drinking coffee In my local cafe and watching
the world pass me by and can't help wondering why maybe
It's just
But sat here asking myself
what the hell Is this world really about now I'm  retired I look at things In
We begin life and all In between seems to me we're
just working towards the Inevertable
Life how strange I find all this to be and all we do between birth and death at the end of the day means very little at
So I guess It comes back to the age old question what the meaning of life and why did It come to be so I guess the answer to this
will never be answered for I don't think anyone really knows If they do they're certainly keeping
quite about
Emily Aug 2019
I need somebody to see,
Somebody to hear,
Somebody to love.

I want somebody to hate me.
To hurt me.
To **** me.

I know somebody sees,
Somebody hears,
Nobody cares.

I wish somebody would care,
Somebody could heal,
Somebody would love.

I know nobody loves,
Nobody cares,
Nobody knows.

I need somebody to understand,
Somebody to losten,
Somebody to care.

I’m getting kind of tired of telling you that you’re not a monster.

Actually, now that I think of it, I’m getting kind of tired of telling you anything and you not listening to a word.

But I suppose that now I’m just somebody that you used to know.
When you find the one,
let their voice blow through your hair like a blissful breeze
and let them paint pictures with their fingers on your back.
When you find the one,
your feet will feel lighter, but your chest will feel heavier.
yet you know that carrying all of those butterflies are worth it.
When you find the one,
You'll want to conquer ever battle, every bruise that leaves a mark on your skin, with them.
Your spirit will run wild in a sea of stars that only you two can explore.
You will feel more alive then you could have ever imagined.
Your eyes were once weak and nervous but now they're bold, alert and focused. They've found a reason, a purpose to keep staring.
When you find the one,
Never let them go. Never let a single day pass without them on your mind. Life moves way too fast, and they could be gone in the blink of an eye.
itty bitty poem
Kelly May 2019
The ties between isolation and liberation
Seem faulty

But in felt driven black
And blotted skies
I find myself in that between
From meaning of life and gentrified
Feelings where we are assumed to spend
Most of our time

I tried

I wish I could hammer pointed flathead nails
Into my harrowed chest
Without the screws of drivered nights

Rendering me blind

Though now I understand I’ve been that way my whole life

The comfort of what’s always there
Illusions of truths
Falsified by minds so accustomed to presume
That we are never alone

Absent of human nature

But as the faulty lines
And sharp riptides
And avalanches
Of hidden tries


We are alone

I am alone

She doesn’t know me
Where the other won’t hold me

What a shame
Who’s to blame?

Me of course

For my heart is too tortured
To harbor
Any broken armor
I’m just softly
Bandaged and bruised
By life’s tumultues

And I’ll never be arounded
Always surrounded
By fire and demons and unwanted reasons

As to why my mind screams in drones
Of always



Being alone
Nobody is honest
Ashari Ty May 2019
I'm glad you've found somebody.
I'm also glad I'm not there to see you happy.
I guess I'm glad. Maybe a bit sad.
A bit late for the news.
A bit too late for you.
Can't remember writing this but it's in my drafts maybe I was drunk.

Anyway here's another poem for you. Whatever.
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