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If Locust are 1 inch and dig 12 feet deep and sleep for 10 years whos to say a dinosaur 1 million times its size didnt dig 12 million feet deep and slept for 10 million years? Explain that.   Can you dig 1 million feet to check? Lets just say its 13 thousand years and we are dinosaur food... if we learned to talk in 200k years whos to say dinosaurs didnt learn it over millions of years.
Fact Check
Madeleine Mar 20
My child
A simple task
You sometimes forget
Jeremy Betts Jan 28
...and I
I don't even bother to ask
I'm not interested in hearing another lie
So I
I just touch up my mask
A little tape and glue should be enough to get by
But I
I finally realize it's an impossible task
Physical and mental abuse still not as brutal as goodbye
Will I...
Will I?

Irakli Beria Dec 2023
Three days ago
my brother returned
from Afghanistan...
And during these three days,
when I was going home,
brother was not there
and when brother was becoming,
I was not...
On the third day, I went out
and kept thinking about the military uniform
hanging on the chair,
which has traces of desert,
which has my brother's name...
I got a call from home in the evening...
A familiar voice was heard on the phone.
"Where are you, Irakli?"
I'm tongue-in-cheek,
quickly went home
and all along the way
I had so many questions to ask him.
I imagined a standing ovation
I imagined a picture of our loud meeting,
but when I entered the door, I was frozen
because I met the sleepless and battle eyes...
We stood for three seconds
and after three seconds
we hugged each other
without saying a word...
tell me
which is better;
writing using mind
or using heart?
Indonesia, 8th January 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Jennifer DeLong Dec 2021
Its just a ?
Its a feeling ,  I get
Its gives me this feeling
It makes me ?
Its causing me to wonder
Its causes me to think
Its causes me to ?
Why do ,  I
What am ,  I
to do but ?
So do ,  I
Should ,  I
© Jennifer L DeLong
Ylzm Sep 2021
The ground leveled before my foot stepped
The chasm bridged as I blindly crossed
The world shaped and changed that I become
Then I saw in ignorance I'd asked
Joseph Gassmann May 2021
She acts so strong... like stone
Putting the needs of others ahead of her own  
holding them up... the toll... Unknown

She does not phone for help
She acts so strong...
Just ask because you do not need to face these things alone
We all have that one person... It might even be you
I will ask for the heaviest rain for today, so that you won't go anywhere, including leaving me alone.
Indonesia, 31st March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
leeaaun Mar 2021
not every
Q u e en
asks for a King,
but Kings sure do ask for
q u e e n s!
queen got it all
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