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everyone was afraid to ask :
"did i make you happy"
everyone was afraid to answer:
"you only make me wonder"
I didn't ask to be here
I wish you'd understand
That even if I hold the knife
You're the one who put it in my hand.

I didn't ask to be here
And you'll never understand
For while I waste away beside you
You reach for somebody else's hand.

I didn't ask to be here
And you never tried to understand
So next time you manage to turn your head
You may find that nobody is there.
Seanathon Aug 31
Any word
That was ever written
For the sake of money
Is no longer sacred

Scathing with regret
Within the I'm mind

It's in due time
That you will find
Your forward self
Looking back on history

So that at least when writing
For youself

You earn a greater
Peace of mind
In keeping with your own kind
In all you do, do it for Good. And money isn't Good.
I guess my heart spying
My eyes ask
He does not answer
The answer was found
By your heart
the answer of my question found at your heart
Blake Aug 14
Anything is art if you ask it to be
Though eternal it is when handled by thee
She will make the life you live much more
Than any other you have lived before
She brings you here as her guest
A place of heaven and endless rest
Where the world itself burns with desire
Yet not a trace of fiendish fire
A place the earth could not attain
That I will forget once fallen sane
writerReader Apr 2015
Oh, I'd
love to
thanks for asking
Steve Page Aug 5
It's so easy to drift into a slow 'if only' and wander again through a past possibility that didn't blossom into an anticipated actuality leading you away from activities that hold greater profitabilities while smothering you with unhelpful wistfullies and miseries that blind you from embracing future feasibilities and your Father's generosities that will exceed our feeble fantasies.
Ephesians 3:20-21
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."
Sit beside
She talked a lot
She didn't talk
She looked at
She didn't look
She gazed to
She didn't gaze
She read news
She didn't read
She asked one
She didn't ask
The only fact
When she went
She took an important
My heart
the life is journey . we will meet some persons at and we will not. to achieve our love ,must our heart be neared
Karijinbba Jul 15
Chinny how many boy friends
do you have he asked?
spontaniously my
first thought was
It depends, I thought
if you are one I have one
if you are two I have two
you gave me two pictures
show me number two?
now there was the kicker
thought number two
the wrong one
I simply answered
One Only One!
my lover saw our future in my own number two answer
fate spelled a greater struggle
deeper challenge for me to find his heart back
to hurt me very deeply still
to test my heart for gold
his second chance because he loved me and he was worthy
the love of my life was a poet
and two of him he was
just like me
two of me the difference was
he was all aware all awake
smart wise and very rich
the love of my life
hurt me very deeply
enough to let him go
the world had turn me ignorant and unwise but unpretentious
my lover tested wearing a mask
because he had to
haven't we all heard
the old familiar
he or she who loves you most
will hurt you very deeply
to test your heart
just to see you bleed
and then asks you if
you still LOVE him
this euphymism of fate changed my world of lack for his gold
but not for free
he bet his love on singles adds
using another name
I bought two magazines out
of of five hundred
it was Him
my ratoncito blanco
detective cupid using another name
wearing a MASK
OMG how did we
find each other again?
if you read between the lines
you too can benefit
beware of the lover who returns to you dead silent he hurts!
Fight to win his HEART
of GOLD back!
such Kings are hard to find
ask him to forgive you and
give you another chance
to love your cupid with
all your heart
explain how life only showed
how to LET GO
of all you ever love the most
to teach you how to
Earn and Merit his/her love
back but whatever you do
don't ever let the one who
walks your long winding road BACK to you feeling small

if he stands in front of you
drowining His tears
in Tequila is because
I am just an old FOOL
but Oh Lord
DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU with a mirror cell glass
you'll end up
instead of
the ever loving embrace
of the one true love
like the one
a person with a heart of gold
always forgives understands
is generous but nothing in life is  free sometimes all we gave us our heart of gold do awe give
it to he one we love and forgive him/her 70X70.
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