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tell me
which is better;
writing using mind
or using heart?
Indonesia, 8th January 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Jennifer DeLong Dec 2021
Its just a ?
Its a feeling ,  I get
Its gives me this feeling
It makes me ?
Its causing me to wonder
Its causes me to think
Its causes me to ?
Why do ,  I
What am ,  I
to do but ?
So do ,  I
Should ,  I
© Jennifer L DeLong
Ylzm Sep 2021
The ground leveled before my foot stepped
The chasm bridged as I blindly crossed
The world shaped and changed that I become
Then I saw in ignorance I'd asked
Joseph Gassmann May 2021
She acts so strong... like stone
Putting the needs of others ahead of her own  
holding them up... the toll... Unknown

She does not phone for help
She acts so strong...
Just ask because you do not need to face these things alone
We all have that one person... It might even be you
I will ask for the heaviest rain for today, so that you won't go anywhere, including leaving me alone.
Indonesia, 31st March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Lee Aaun Mar 2021
not every
Q u e en
asks for a King,
but Kings sure do ask for
q u e e n s!
queen got it all
Alice Jan 2021
you told me I don't have to be okay all the time
you told me you still loved me no matter what

its hard because I want to believe you
god, I want to trust it so badly

but every time I've put the walls down
lay down my defense

the only thing i've been left with is
ash in the wake
Hannah Dec 2020
Do you care about me?
It doesn’t feel like it.
Do you forget that I am here too?
I feel invisible.
Do people forget that I like to talk too?
I feel alone.
Why are you not asking me?
I need you to ask me
Are you okay?
I need to hear those words.
I need someone to say them so I can release my bottle.
To help me on my path to happiness.
But I’m not sure when that day will come.
I’ve been waiting for a while.
No one seems to notice.
I suffer invisibly.
Just waiting.
mae Nov 2020
it’s been a few days since anyone asked how i am.
it’s been a few days since i said i’m alright.

it’s been a few months since anyone cared how i am.
it’s been a few months since i told the truth.
Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
you ask me
who the "you" is
in my poetry.

you want to know
who I'm referring to.

you're assuming that
the identity matters.

oh honey,
you have it all wrong.

I don't write these for you.
I write these for me.
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