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seraph Sep 3
I would ******* if you asked me,
**** the marrow from your bones,
I would, only if you asked me,
Bare my chest, shred your neck
Made it last if you asked me,
Take your heart from your chest
And put it back if you asked,
Bruised you blue, made you new,
I would love you if you asked me;

Only if you asked me.
Johnny walker Aug 21
Sometimes we travel a lonely path through life and never
seem to get a break there are the lucky and those who have no luck at
To me that's what life Is all about Its possible to make your own luck but probably not for me never had enough believe In
A total lack of confidence
has always let me down been that way since childhood so guess thats the way I'll be staying
Now my sweethearts gone I guess I'll remain alone for Its
only with Helen I could really be what I wish is to say one final
rather have my memories
How do you cry for help
When all you know
Is a silent plead?
Steve Page Aug 7
Ask now about the former days,
ask before praying
before this pause

Listen now about the former days,
listen before rising
before this story

Speak now about the former days,
speak before forgetting
before this memory
Prompted by this quote from Deuteronomy 4 verse 32.
Place value on what has gone before.
"Ask now about the former days,
long before your time,
from the day God created human beings on the earth;
ask from one end of the heavens to the other.
Has anything so great as this ever happened,
or has anything like it ever been heard of?"
Mickey Jul 25
I don't have the strength to ask you.
Everytime I think I have the power to bring it up I fall back.
I am so afraid of all the what if's. Terrified of the answers you could give.
And I just don't have the strength to ask you.  
They have broken me with this before.
Turned me down or made me feel worthless.
So really, I am afraid I will never have the strength to ask you.
"What do you think of me?"
“He is the ocean in my life while I am a single drop in his. He is the sun in my sky while I am the breeze that goes by unnoticed. He is the moon that guides me at night, while I am nothing but the darkness in his life. Excitement pulsates when he texts, but not a pulse more when I text. For I am just like the other girls he talks to; just one of them when he is the only one for me. Happiness rushes through my veins and nerves feel a gentle tickle in his presence. I feel everything deeply; pain and happiness when it comes to him, while he feels nothing. Sacrificing, asking, encouraging, adjusting and compromising when it’s never the same. He never runs when I slip away, but I stay when he walks away. I feel like I am chasing him; on a constant run for him to care. But he doesn’t care about me, as much as I care about him; and that hurts deeply than I ever thought it would.”

- excerpt from an open letter
White Lily Jul 20
Semua begitu suram,
Semua begitu kelam,
Semua begitu buram.
Kupu-kupu tak lagi berkumpul di kebun,
Lebah tak lagi menghasilkan madu,
Burung tak lagi berkicau merdu.
Ditanyakan pada alam,
"Apahal semua ini?"
Ditanyakan pada malam,
"Apa yang terjadi?"
Ditanyakan pada siang,
"Mengapa seperti ini?"
Tapi percuma saja,
Semua hanya bisa membisu.
Bagai abu sisa bara yang masih menyala.
Steve Page Jul 12
Do we really need
all the friends we can get?
Are we truely better off
not knowing?
Will it all work out
when we get to the end?
And do we need to get tough
to get going?
Its good to question assumptions.
All the answers are in us.
If we ask, we can find the answer.
When we find the answer, we grow, change.
I know it’s wrong to beg for someone to stay
so what if I just asked politely
or what if we said the same goodbye a hundred times and we never actually reached the part where you walk away
you have to think that we were lucky to know love like this, even if just for a moment
I don’t know how to grieve the loss of you
I don’t know how to stop loving your ghost
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