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Mark Parker Sep 16
American barcodes
All sit with a grin.

American barcodes
Can’t you see my skin?

American barcodes
I’m wearing my mask.

American barcodes
The police don’t ask.
Raeann Sep 10
Didn't sleep much
on suicide watch I tell my coworkers
being I good friend they think
who'd a thought the friend I was watching was me
I'm 31 and its gets dark sometimes
The time when,
The self-belief system is down
And you are running on autopilot,
Is the time to start asking some real questions.
Ylzm Jul 23
Prayer is like a lottery ticket, but better;
For it's free, but for a mere price of promises:
for eternal gratitude and such — albeit you lie —
you asked freely for prizes: of millions, love, or power

To whom it may concern: the wind, the devil,
the great unknown, whomever, it matters not.
For you have heard and believed it happened;
And only fools will not cry out for more, freely given.

And anyone and everyone can pray, for you —
Each by his own formulation and his own magic.
Chances far improved by numbers and better art.
For the price of asking, artless you too have hope.

But true prayer is not asking, for you have without asking,
And only to be amazed at the depth and wisdom of Love.
Zack Ripley Jul 23
Stop! PLEASE stop saying "don't."
"Don't give up."
"Don't be afraid to ask for help."
"Don't be sad."
"Don't keep it bottled up inside."
I could go on and on.
"Don't be scared."
God, I hate that one the most.
Like, why the hell shouldn't I be scared?
Look at everything that's happening.
Look, I know you mean well,
But when you say that word,
It feels like you're trying to control me.
And I already feel
                           ­        Out
                    ­                     Control.
I know you want to help.
And it means a lot to know you'll be there if I need help.
But I need to do this on my own.
MoonBunny Jul 11
clock is ticking,
waiting for that question,
am i seeing you again or am i not.
Dayda Jun 26
Hello there little fella
Why do you look so awfully glum
Is there a reason behind that tiny little frown
Why are your eyes so glassy and bright
What can be the reason you look so down

Where is that huge smile I used to see on you
Where is that loud laugh which fills up the room
Where is that tiny little hops in your steady walk
Where is that cheeky glint of mischief shining in your eyes

Hey there, hey there little dear fella
Come now come here and let yourself free
Don't sit gloomily there in that dark dusty corner
Let me be the ears to whatever your heart dismays

No. No. That can't be true
You're wrong. It can't be. No. No
You're imagining it. Its never true
You don't know what you're saying. No. No. No

Don't cry now little fella. There, there
There, there. Do wipe those poor tears
Don't let them fall. Don't let them flow
This too shall pass. This too shall go

You will be fine now little fella
You will be ok
You will get through this
You will be walking your way

This hug you are in now, it will always remain
This strength you feel now, it will always be there
This courage you hold now, it will always stay
This love you have now, it will always be yours

Even the toughest person crumbles deep inside.
Maja Jun 1
when people ask,
they don’t really want to know.
they just want you to tell them,
what they already think.
enn May 8
people always
"how was

or maybe,
"how was
work today?"

why is it not,
"how are
you doing?"

that's more
rather than
And people wonder why some don't open up to them.
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