Pyrrha 5d
Someone once asked me why I like poetry so much
If its sometimes hard to understand
And its sometimes confusing to read

In return I asked them why they like to feel
If the feelings are sometimes hard to understand
And sometimes confusing to read

They cocked their to the side and asked what my words meant
They simply didn't understand
That the words from a poet are are tangled by the beat of their heart

Sometimes we can't help but to speak figurativly
Because we like to hide our thoughts and feelings in plain sight
Finding out what weight the words carry is half of the excitement

Just like wearing our feelings for our crush on our sleeve
Or ignoring someone when we're angry
You don't make it obvious, but you leave all the clues in the open
Because just like a poet, you want to be found
Sometimes people write because our thoughts get ahead of us when we speak, but when the words are released through our pens from our heart it all becomes clearer.
When someone tells you that you're their best friend
You have to ask yourself if they are yours
Written by Sean Achilleos 11 July 2018©
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Amanda Jul 5
I know I have been keeping secrets
It is a heavy load on my heart
Every time I don't tell you
Tears us a little apart

You don't want to know about
Things I try to hide
I keep them locked away
Someplace deep and dark inside

Refuse to see anytjing at all
Can't look beyond the mask
It's not really lying
If you do not ask

Love might not be strong enough
With the things I put you through
I believe we'll be okay
Despite the secrets I keep from you
An oldie
Shadow Dragon Jun 24
Lord If I may ask:
When we pray for the truth
and open our hearts to you,
will you be merciful
before you confess.

You used to make me filled with fear
low poetry Jun 24
i'm here
without goals/doubts/regrets
partly free from biases
partly free from prejudices

observing you
acting him/her/not you
what does your mind say?
what does your body say?
be honest
Lyn-Purcell Jun 19
Ask in prayer and believe,
maintain the faith and
you'll recieve
Keep the faith always. If you lost that, you'e already lost.
Ask yourself
Can you change the world?
Can you make its heart bleed?
Are you capable of storming its tallest of mighty towers?
Can you ring its shrillest of bells?
Ask yourself
Can you rule the world?
In the absence of a blood king by right,
Can you take charge?
Can you create the Empire of Necessity?
Tell yourself
No one died and made you king
No one sheds your mighty wings
But still
Someone can find them true
In the realm this side of blue
Tell yourself
You’ll do just fine
You’ll be ok
Just give your best shine
Ask yourself
Then tell me
When you can be
Finally free
Just ask
Sylph Jun 11
Ask first
before putting
your key
in my

No trespassing.

Welp. imsorry
stopdoopy Jun 10
Do you ever wonder if they care as much as they say they do?

Why can't they answer your message?

Why do they only give a few brief words?

Why does it feel like you're the only one trying?

If you have theses or similar questions then it might be time to cut yourself free and wait.

Wait until they ask you how you are.

Wait until they answer your message.

Wait until they try to put some effort in.

If it never comes, then they don't.
don't just wallow in your sadness either though
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