a last shot into unknown,
dive deep into the soul less ink,
only to impart your own,
perhaps to emerge victorious?

imbue the stale cruelty of the inanimate
with the vivid cruelty of the soul,
bleed unto the mocking desolute canvas,
drawing blood from mindy & body in whole.

a last shot with broken minds,
write words that are not your own
for crazed usbthe hand that the soul hides behind
a battle of thoughts, then all alone.

Was it really anything at all?
These things I write, I can't quite trust them.
Yet I can't trust what I don't write.
It's so easy to get lost
In the _ of  _
Late 2019!! Hopefully I will start writing more this year, I've had a couple written that I'm still editing. A little uncharacteristic, but I hope to do something uplifting after this just to push my limits.
Jade 1d
I feel like a blank canvas
And everytime I think of something to paint
I second guess it
Till I no longer like it
I feel empty
But everything that could make me feel whole
I shut out
I feel broken
But I can’t fix it
So I’ll just stare into the darkness
Hands over my mouth
Because no one is allowed to hear me cry
Jade 4d
Staring at the ceiling
My mind overflowingly empty
Thinking about how I’m thinking
Of nothing
I don’t feel alive, I don’t feel dead
Like a place inbetween
But only inside my head
And I don’t know if I like it...
CM Lee 5d
I am burnout
Have nothing to talk about
Each minute my mind racing with doubt
But nothing seems to come out of my mouth

Today, I don’t have anything
Not a single idea I could bring
My heart is so numb there’s not even a sting
Maybe it’s better off to be just stopping

I know I don’t have enough talent
But this is the only way I can vent
To help my soul slowly mend,
Writing became my only friend

I wish I had more words to say
But my head is still swimming in gray
I need my mind to fly away
Because maybe then, my body will decide to stay
Bella Jan 1

Stare, blink.

A formulation of words




You shout

Piercing volume

Cutting your foes with

brash feeling

and blind intent

Pure force of empty mind


Something is missing

Running faster

Your breath is racing


You can’t do this

A tear falls.

What is this?

In Your mind

Thoughts appear.
You can read this forward or backwards ;)
sushii Dec 2018
what's left to say?
nothing's here
what's left to hold?
it feels so wrong

there's no way to talk
it's all gone
my hope is dim
barely hanging on
like a *****'s limb
R Nov 2018
And then the weather changed;
from a hot, burning yesterday
to a cold, freezing today.
At least it changed,
while here I am, my feelings have estranged.
I couldn’t find happiness for me to play
nor could I find sadness to pray.
None of these have exchanged,
they all went missing.
If you could find my emotions,
I am willing to give you a cent.
This emptiness is overwhelming,
Please go travel the nations.
I want something different.
my teacher just gave me a rhyming scheme of ABBAABBACDECDE
elle jaxsun Nov 2018
emerald linen edged with jade
a book titled with my name

and it’s heavy.

i flip through the pages
but they’re blank.

or maybe they’re written
in a way i cannot see

or maybe it was never written at all.

or maybe it’s a reflection,
an empty book, an empty me.

& maybe I’ll write it someday.
I had the pleasure of working with Boi again! This time I shared my poem and he gave me some awesome ideas for adding more concrete images into the poem. If you'd like to check out Boi's awesome work, you can find it here: https://hellopoetry.com/swoopingevil/

Thank you, Boi!

Original (11/19):

a book with my name on it.
i flip through the pages.

but they're blank

or maybe i just can't read them
or maybe it was never written
and maybe i'll write it one day.
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