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Ronney Mar 16
the Words do not thrive
Spoken with derision  
its the lack of ambition
no will, no way, no drive

Hope to inspire. I try.
All ideas have shriveled up, fallen away and died.
Washed up, gone away with the tide.
Wasting away, waiting here, biding my time.
Pray the words come back, A treasure I seek to find.
Been craving for the words to come to me.
Every thought and idea has been so elusive
Aindri Jan 30
I'm just sitting,
Hoping for a day,
I don't have to face,
A blank page.
Any tips for inspiration?
little glowing flakes
blissful and divine
snow glistens into my bright blue eyes
the beauty of simplicity
of a simple blank white canvas
means winter is upon us
jessica obrien Oct 2021
i am parting my lips with a

out comes
juiced page
lua Sep 2021
i zone out
when i find myself
falling in a rabbit hole
mid-comment scroll
to think of nothing
and everything
to think of where i am
where im headed
and where ill stop
to think of who i was
who i am
who im being
and who ill become
to think of why i do the things i do
what my purpose is
what it is to be in love with myself
like how all the other girls seem to be.
Dilshey Aug 2021
This foggy mind,
where the mist won't cease
Opaque clouds drift
to my thoughts - the breeze
intentions unclear,
abandoned with slight fear
passions muted -
purpose is queer.
White page lies blank
Black ink is drained
the brain's an asylum
neither insane nor sane
Is this the Kingdom of Boredom?
for all empty souls & crumpled blanks
Please reach thy vibrant hands into the dump
with the glimmers of galaxies in your eyes
& drag me out of this living slump.
In a phase of feeling blank
Sometimes a paper lies in front of you
And a pen sits still in your hand
But the only thing on the paper
Are wet drops of tears
Falling from the heart
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