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Maja 1d
I was born a blank canvas

Now I’ve been painted with scars

Scars in my mind

Scars in my heart

I was born an empty sheet

Now I’m broken art
I was born, empty like space
meant to be filled with stars
Instead, my skin is littered with scars.
I turn the last page,
The next is blank.

Blank blank blank blank blank
Blank blank blank blank blank
Blank blank blank blank blank
Blank blank blank blank blank



So white it's screaming
So empty I’m left reeling

The lack of words
A void so loud
I squint my eyes unseeing.

I don’t think I’m ready yet
I dont think I'll ever be,
It hurts too much to be alone
Is this the price of being free?
Spriha Kant Oct 2
When clusters of anxieties roam inside me i try to read the blank last page of my life.
Nylee Sep 19
I am a blank page
For you
You can ink me
with your colours.
You ask me what's wrong.
I can't answer.
I'd tell you if i could,
I really would,
But I can't express it.
I'm not sad or anything-
I just feel blank.
Something feels wrong, but nothing out of place
and it feels like a brick in my brain.
I'd tell you this,
but you would not understand,
and would worry,
and i cannot find the words
to ask for help.
so i say i am fine and silently beg the universe
to release me from its choking grasp.
Alex Aug 6
I write everything what's on my mind everyday,
I write when i'm sad,
I write when i'm happy,

But today it felt neutral at all,
Like a blank sheet of paper of an essay writting about life,
Like a song i can't figure out,

How i paused just to think,
But my mind is in the state of emergency,
No thoughts, Just living,
Nylee Jun 26
My best verses are never written
Nor do anyone gets to listen
They dance in my mind
every word properly bind

The words conjuring the bliss
the smallest sentences
with deepest meanings

disappear when I take out my pen

and start over a blank sheet
with one word staring back
Composed and forgotten

In dark abyss
absence of words in canvas
Cannot remake the very rhyme
The painted masterpiece
Stolen away as
Reality strikes again
Lisa Conway Jun 24
I wanted to write a beautiful poem
full of joy and love but my pen is still
the ink no longer flows
idea’s long gone, all dried up
so I sit and I ponder, perplexed and bewildered
wondering how to create an ode
when all I have left is an empty mind
and another blank page
but out from the ashes of those desolate thoughts
this verse begins, gathering the edges of my tattered thoughts
clearing away the embers, allowing words to run free
©️ L Conway 2020
Coming through and overcoming writer's block
Amanda Jun 15
Just write
Express your thoughts
On backs of napkins if required to
Sand at beaches
Any surface will do!
And the men and the women who inhabit are the authors of this story titled life
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