Words elude expression
And on pages blank,
No ink splashes emotion.

Words refuse to materialize.
And when parched lips part,
No secrets elicit nourishment
To the bleeding heart.

Colours play hide and seek.
And inside bland lives,
Never do hearts find a reason to beat and beat and beat.

But often,
Expression survives without the crutches of words.
And even the blankness of pages
Become evidence for the empty hollowness gnawing inside.

But often, blurred words escape the rhizome of parched lips
As they quiver and quiver in hopelessness and speak a tongue of their own.

But often,
Bland lives fail to seek colours and remain bland
Their world turns into a living coffin
While the dead caravan of numerous bones breathlessly goes on and on and on.

Nylee 7d

They ask me to speak
but I have no words in the head,
I am the blank state
and they are not going to wait.

Their voices erupting
their sounds disrupting,
the construct of my thoughts
turning it too short.

It feels ridiculous
how empty my mind feels,
words do not say
what they are suppose to.
I loss my breaths midway
forgetting to open my mouth,
they say to speak loud
they are being unnecessarily rude
they do not know I can't.

It surprises others that it is not easy
to find your voice in midst of the noise,
silence though nice gives you no presence
and no one comes to my defence.

Try clearing my throat
struggling to open the mouth,
waiting for sound to let out
with words that support my cause.

Svode Nov 11

Wasted parts of space.
Lost in thought and in uses;
a blank canvas without any muses.

A friend of mine claimed that the hardest part to writing poetry was finding a topic, so I made this for them.
Nylee Nov 9

Walked away
as slow as I can
could not stay but. . .

Time spent
little, little to many
though I have too less to. . .

Dreams disappear
As wild as they arrive
their presence is what . . .

The journey
well, it never began
what could have been. . .

Maybe just a blank space,
                     The actual answer.

Lizzy K Nov 9

I wanted to write
exactly what I felt
but somehow the paper stayed empty
and I couldn't have
described it any better

lately it feels like I am overwhelmed with no feelings

Staring at blank screen
Dark night and caffeine
From wasteland trying to inspire
Barren- and true to nature I desire
To have what I can’t hold
To possess what can’t be sold
Life to fill this mortal frame
Not with child but with flame
In vacuum of my own making
All things numb to stop me breaking
Can’t survive like this for long
I imagine myself strong
Force my eyes to adjust
Force myself to trust
That the night holds beauty in a different way
Revealing what can’t be seen by day
But see no purpose to this torture of my soul
Except I know I’ll be stronger when I’ve crawled out of this hole!

Jungdok Oct 26

Just blank.
That's how my mind was
Ever since you left.

Shane Leigh Oct 24

The waters are calm tonight.
No tides clashing,
morphing into something familiar
but all but unknown to her in the night.
Above the horizon in the distance
she sees a straying light;
how it battles with the dark waters;
it creeps,
peeking just over the waves
like a child's curiosity,
like an urge to see what shouldn't be seen;
but none of that matters ...

She drifts on the water,
temptation in hand,
and still none of it matters because
the waters are quiet,
mesmerizing ...
The waters are calm tonight.

© Shane Leigh
I'm not sure where I was going with this one. Honestly, I've got so many emotions colliding inside of me right now, this is just a product of a few of them.
Enjoy (:
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