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What are we
but simple beings, wannabes
Every one a small piece
of the game, Reality™
We all live in conformity
social norms followed religiously
Until one dreamer dares to dream
steps away, breaks routine
gazes upward and flies free
Imagination is all we have
when this world is our lab
where we can be extraordinary
philosophers, never ordinary
Without these dreams
what are we
but simple beings, wannabes
"What do you want do with your life?"
I dont know, Live?
Maybe be a little of a success
Find love?
"Are you a good person?"
Ummm Whats your definition of good person?
And finally
"Who are you?"
I dont know
Im a sister
Im a friend
Im a Daughter
Im a different person
around each and every person
How am i supposed to know who i am
When around you im a bit of a attitude teen
Around her im a outgoing, Crazy person thats Happy, with a slight shadow hiding and coming every now and then
Around him Im caring and lovable and an angel with a tint of red
And the shadow still hides Not noticeable except a occasional glimpse
Through the windows of the soul
Around the everyone else Im a shy mess, Clumsy, smart, and weird
Around my parents im happy and occasionally upset and lil depressed, and Rebellious and weird, and silly...
To my brother..Just a sister whos never around but always says she loves him and always means it.

I cant say i know who i am..
Can all this really be me?
Or  is it a new act for every person?
                                                     I dont know anymore
Faith 3d
You are the answer to all of my problems
There for me whenever I need you
You're only one call away
Even when I can't see you
I feel you in my heart
The greatest love I could ever ask for is right in front of me
And you've been there the whole time
Now, who was I talking about?
A friend? A crush? Family?
Blake 4d
It all made sense
I felt so safe
Now it’s a mess
And I’m so afraid

What’s happened to me who am I now
I used to smile wide now I all I do is look down
As the tears fall from my face
It’s hard to believe that I once had grace

But it’s true
The world did once make sense
I was relaxed and carefree
I wasn’t always so tense

My eyes were full of wonder
Open wide so I could see
The beauty I would ponder
My heart was full of glee

I’m not the girl that I was a time ago
I have changed a lot, I’m scared of what I don’t know
I don’t keep my eyes open
For fear of what I’ll see
I never view the world as golden
It’s all black as can be

What’s happened to me who am I now
I used to smile wide now all I do is look down
As the tears fall from my face
Because I’m so afraid

I opened my eyes for I thought I’d find
A world full of people who were righteous and kind
When instead I got tricked by those I loved most
I thought I knew them but now they’re just a ghost

I thought I was seeing the light in the dark
When really all I saw was what I wanted to be
I thought they were my saviour, my animals for their Ark
But they were only lying, my true saviour is me

But what’s there to save
Who am I now that all I am is afraid
What’s there to bring back
From the dark where so long in silence I sat

For if I’m looking to save who I used to be
I should give up now for I don’t have the key
To the coffin that she’s in, deep underground
Where she’s stiff and still, and never makes a sound

Who I used to be is gone and dead
So should I try to save the new me instead?
Is the new one a person who I want to save?
To save from the dark and a permanent grave?
For if the me that I used to be,
Is dead and gone how different must I be
And is different good, do I like who I am
Enough to try and fight away the dark land
And live with in light for the rest of my life?
I’m not really sure if that’s worth such a fight.

What’s happened to me who am I now
I used to smile wide now all I do is look down
As the tears fall from my face
All I can do now is sit and contemplate
The question of if and when
I will cry again and again
I will die. But if and when?

What happened to me
Who I am now
There is no more glee
All I do is look down
The world took my wonder
There’s nothing in my eye
I became a goner
And now I want to die
Ehhhhh not the best but, it got out some of my emotions soooo yay go me? I guess?
I’m too wide awake to sleep.
I’m too dog tired to weep.
I’m too grieved out n so I’ve found.
I’m too tough to stand my ground.
I’m too weak to tough things out.
I’m too old to get involved .
I’m too young to even understand .
I’m too bright to dumb things down.
I’m  too deaf to hear your cry.
I’m  too lay back to procrastinate
Written by Philip
November 15th 2018.
Procrastination is the thief of time
I wonder if you see me as fragile or strong. I wonder if you think that I’ll break your arms. are you careful with my heart , are you afraid that I will fall apart?

Or I wonder if you know that I am strong, despite the fact that I have been wronged? Do you know that I have strength  despite the fact we both know I can break.

I wonder what you know.
brynnpowers Nov 11
Every day the sun rises,
And it kisses the sky with beautiful colors.
I wake every morning to these beautiful colors,
the deep reds and oranges emblaze the sky as if the clouds were on fire.
As I look at this horizon I admire it.
The sky shows the world in a different light,
In this moment currently as I stare at the horizon. All I can feel, all I can think about is how peaceful and calm the world is at this moment.
I often think about how it would feel like to be a cloud, not having much struggle,
I smile glad to be me and not a cloud because without struggling then how could I grow?
Yes, the world is full of anguish and pain but, not in this moment.
This moment is the moment where I can just be me.
The clouds do not judge, they don’t criticize the way I look or the way I dress the stuff I do I am human nothing more nothing less in this moment I am human.
The sky is a wondrous and mystical sight I am always trying to alter those around me to try and make the world how I want it to be.
This moment is what I want to be.
This moment is what I want my future to be.
This moment is what I want to look forward to every day of my life.
But now I must arise and start my day.
So, I say good bye to this sweet moment of bliss.
Johnny walker Nov 11
Times when young
so full of myself
thought to know It
all In truth I knew
of nothing tried to
tell my mum and dad
how full of knowledge
I was who was I tell
my parents who had
lived through a War
for I was protected
from all the harsh
the reality of life dangers
being a vulnerable child
so who was I to tell my
parents when I knew
nothing at all
Who was  thought to tell my parents I knew It All I knew nothing
Lil lotus Nov 10
I dont know why im crying
Who needs you
I knew you were gonna do it
I wanted you to
Though i guess i forgot
How much i actually wanted you to stick around
I guess thats the way i work
He got to close to this rose
Got cut by the thorns
I tried to contain them but i dont know what happened

I guess im just another toxic rose not made to love
Lydia Nov 8
everyone thinks they know me
but they only the version of me that they have instilled in their mind
based off of jokes, or conversation or encounters
there are a hundreds of me out there walking around with all the people I've ever known
assumptions or truth or false information about who I am swirl around me in all the day to day life
all of these versions of me have me mixed in my own cocktail of loneliness
even with all the ME in the world
I still dont even know who I am
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