Amanda 7d
By now I've come to realize
You will always keep your secrets too far
Even after all these years
I still don't know who you are
Even after all this time I still don't know who you are
Tears for the girl who never loved me

Our wedding bells are only in my ear
If your love is an ocean, I want to drown.
Everything around me was only for me dear
Without you, my soul is down.
But don't worry, it's not the first time i die.
And I'm so sorry for you, but I don't lie
You're not a mistake
Because I'm the biggest mistake.
I tried to make you happy, 'cuz was my mission
Goodbye, I hope you're happy with your decision
Tears for the girl who never loved me

I remember your smile
Even when I hated the most
The darkness from your lie
That's the reason why I am lost.
The beauty queen from my dreams
The source of my fears
Even through my tears
I see Rose, the love of my life
The only one I wanted to be my wife
Tears for the girl who never loved me

A better version of me
Lonely if i am
I want to see her, ****
Nobody can feel
A love for you like me.
I believe in our deal
Love or hate me
You are everything
Johnny walker Dec 2018
If tomorrow never comes would I honestly really care I can truly say probably not, for I've  lost the one I really needed most
And there"s no coming back from such a blow
and no way Is this written because I'm feeling sorry for myself
I like to write only the truth that's just the way I am, for there are sadness and sorrow In each and every one
That just the way  life Is, for It's not we change the world, It the world that changes
It's not we who change the world, It's the world that changes us
Jeannery Dec 2018
funny the way we laugh
but we can't stay like that
some times we are rough
someone's always putting a dot

i hope you get it
but I think you don't, I bet
I want it to be fixed
I hate it, you broke us at six

tired, I'm losing my grip.
i dont wanna lose you.
but what can I do?
**** girl, you already tripped.

and now that we're over
i want you to remember
the night we kissed on november
wretched, I lost my lover.


an untitled poem for the person who gave me reasons to write again, and now she's giving me reasons to stop again but I've been thinking about it. The pain she gave, the more my words are becoming powerful. Oh, i need her like the poet needs pain. Untitled, x.
Naoki B Dec 2018
The women circle the man
Prayers to a sinner, the one who is ******
Who's hunched to a blade half-mast
Now time is nothing but a glass of sand
So he prays to *** asking for mercy at last
ruqi Dec 2018
days without
are the worst kind of days
because they remind me of the time
when were still here
when we used to laugh all the time
and never be without a smile
even when i had trouble to

every day without
keeps me regret ever meeting
because people cry as much as they laugh
and made me more happy than anybody

all the days without
keep reminding me
that aren't here anymore
that can't speak to me anymore
can't sing to me anymore
can't smile to me anymore

days without
tell me that i can't live without
that i don't want to be anything without
that i am nothing without

still love
this is gonna be a pain to read
BA Khan Dec 2018
"Where flows the ..Ganga,
I am from there too,
By its banks I gaze at stars and the moon too
You see I am no different from any of you
If you know what I say, gaze at the stars too
The moon will shine the same on me and you too.'

(BA Khan)
This was for Pradeep Chattopadhay .. who has mentioned that he lives not far from Ganga
rebecca Dec 2018
What is wrong with me?
Am I just not worthy?
Because who determines who deserves to be happy?
Who decided to **** us to be eternally unhappy?
Why is it me?

How is it fair?
I've been drowning all my life and I just now got a breath of fresh air
Does no one even care?

When will this stop?
When can I just relax and not dream of jumping off the top?
It would be so easy, letting myself drop
The truth is, nothing is wrong with me
I am worthy
I deserve to be happy
No one can explain why it's me, and no, it's not fair
But people really do care
Someday this will all stop
and I'll just remember when I wished for that deadly drop.
I haven't written in a long time.

I'm currently going through a really hard time with my depression. I would appreciate the prayers and the love <3
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