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Justice Sep 23
I can’t tell you how much it hurts
When it starts and it doesn’t stop
It’s gonna **** me
I’m in a cell and this game is hell
Girl with you I can’t tell
It’s a stand still
This wieght you’re putting on me is heavier than anvil
I want to just cancel
All of our plans I’m mad still
When you do this
I confuse us
With the true us
But it’s delirious
I need to slow down take this serious
And finally ask the question
Am I just begging for your attention
Or do you feel the tension
The push the pull
It’ll roll you away
Like a peaceful melody
I guess I finally got to say what I wanted
Let’s just see how she responded

We used to talk in the dark
We used to be not apart
But we fell away
You were the one that got away
I come to think of this everyday
I hate when it be this way
Girl can’t you see the way
There’s a Path back to me
Back to us
Back to when we once was
I hunt the feeling of your memory everyday just to see you again momentarily
Aurora Camet Sep 11
Life isn't simple.

Nothing is ever easy.

When was it easy?
Who ever said anything was easy?
I sometimes see you,
Your face lingers in my mind,
Eyes of leaves and snow,
Your colors haunt my pale heart,
I think I miss the autumn.
I saw your eyes
and it was like they were the sun
shining through with autumn gold
you were beautiful
but now
all I see
is rotting leaves
Who are you? nobody or somebody?
a specie called human or a
specie known by its name
if that is so,
you share your name with many,
who are you? nobody?
then why are you here?
a null is also defined then why can't you, says another
who are you? somebody?
if that is so,
care to mention that some, says another
everything has an existential reason, says one
then, why can't the existence alone  stand as a reason? says another
living aimless shouldn't be a reason, says one
then, why say "live without conditions"
and so goes the questionnaire with the society
at last found to be one!
is it somebody or nobody?
is yet to figure.
in world of ablutions sometimes we feel the void in us then the question raised in the mind are put into ink
I met someone today
With cute black clothes
And a long trench coat
We walked to the park
To sit on the swings
We talked as we watched
All the cars in the street
She told me all her stories
Of almost being arrested
For smoking ****
So why does every cute girl
And every edgy guy
Have to get high
And listen to MCR
Where are my preppy goths
My ****** band members
Because I'm just a punk
Who doesn't do drugs
And wants some friends
My parents won't hate
I have no problem with people living their own lives and getting high in public parks. However, my parents aren't so accepting. Also... MCR? That's it? K.
Johnny walker Aug 29
I've lived at times a difficult life never always been easy
being abused as a child didn't give me the best upbringing
never had the love
of a
It angers me greatly when hear of people who commit despicable crimes and the experts say oh they came from a poor background absolute utter
You've been treated badly
the last thing you would want Is subject another to same suffering you had suffered they are evil
people simply
I have a twenty year old son
because of his mother's illness I raised him and he's turned out to be the best son one
ever have so kind and helpful totally free from knowing of my own
Johnny walker Aug 29
The first ten of our twenty years together Helen had metal health Issues but Improved In those first ten years were
but last ten years became sadly Helen's disabled years In all that time as I was 24/7 carrer to her thought
knew all about pain but It wasn't till Helen passed on to heaven that I became
to develop osteoarihtis which was
one of the many things Helen had wrong with her but I realise her frustration In being unable to do the simplest of things most people
take for
and think It just a bit of pain have absolutely no Idea It takes away your Independence
your capability to make love to your partner and give those who suffer very poor quality of
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