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Braedon 1d
Cryin my eyes out, hurting
Grippin my pillow, lonely
Long, cold nights, unworthy
Lonely dark corners, safeplace
Missing that connection, broken
Thousands of thoughts channelling in my head, restless
Holding myself in unbalance, fearing
I’m me,
Expect I’m not, I’m not the thing I see in the mirror
I’m cold, dark, empty, a lost boy
Please find me
Before the real me is… gone
Love and hold me, don’t break this fragile soul,
I’m one in 7 billion, don’t lose me.
Please don’t abuse or misuse.
I’m cold and empty today,
And I’m just hoping you will stay.
Well, for years i've struggled with finding my identity and my true purpose in life.

we are infinite beings
awaking slowly
from some eternal place

our ultimate coming to "be"
unknown to us as any mystery

it is learned in stories told of us
in our primary relationships

gradually we open to our identity

our essence
forever an enigma
endlessly pondered

awareness dawns
like the gradual rising
of a fresh-born sun

we feel the substance of our emergence
as it flows molten
effortlessly into timelessness

it courses through or eternal beings
as our essential lifeblood

we become
what we have always been


it is in that becoming
that we see
not over the horizon
for we will see no horizon
no boundaries
being perpetually beyond

we will comprehend no end
immersed evermore
in our ongoing infinite beginning

it is therein this mystery
that's locked the quandary of existence
the miracle of now

we are infinite beings
conscious in this ever-moment
dreaming to sustain the moment


rob kistner © 2018
Who are we?
Why are we here?
Where do we come from?
Where are we going?
What is reality?
How do we know?
The eternal questions of existence
The existential alphabet soup.
Who am I really
What am I doing
Where do I belong
When should I care
Why am I here...
These are the questions that swim through my head every day
who am i?
what am i?
Do I really exist?
What form of life Do I have here?
Is my identity really determined by my actions?
If so, that makes me someone who'd rather write than live.
But is that all i am?

I am creative and self-destructive
naturally skilled and unproductive.
I am fragile yet tough as a man,
struggle thru life with no real plan.

As each day passes I can feel it,
I'm slowly losing a part of my identity.

My friends are all screaming;
"who are you!?!"
"is your mask anything like you!?!"

My head is hurting,
I don’t know how it’s still on.
I'm still aching,
After all the breaking that has been done.
Kristina Sep 8
I've been told to take a breath
And to soak in my young-ness
Without a shadow of a doubt
I thought I couldn't wait to get out of this mess
But the years keep on moving
And I just keep circling
Around the dreams I used to have
Wondering what happened to the soul
I used to carry
But I guess growing older
Means there's some things you have to bury.
I was split into two when I was
I met a new me
He would cover up my feelings, his job was to fix.
I was split into three when I was ten
I met a new me
She put up a happier me, her job was to bring back the friends I lost back then.
I was split into four when I was thirteen
I met a new me
He was the smart one, his job was to get me out of troubles that I couldn’t have foreseen.
I was split into five when I was fifteen
I met a new me
He was the aggressive one, his job was to protect me from anything that was mean.
I was split into six when I was sixteen
I met a new me
They were the loving one, their job was to spread excessive love so it would keep me serene.

I was split.
I met a new me
They didn’t know who they were unlike everyone else.
Who am I?
Tell me, what do you know about me
Am I just any other guy on the street
Am I being hoody
Or that type of guy that walk around; moody
Am I the type that always tries to protect all
Or that type that loose confidence in front of the projector
Am I that maths-guru that always take all the A’s
Or that computer guy that’s good with symbolic-gate
Am I that proud guy that always put his shoulder’s on
Or that humble boy that’s always scare to fall
Am I that lover-boy which love makes him to change his art
Or that ugly who walk around with half-broken heart
Am I that man who isn’t good with public speech delivery
But write poems effectively
Am I friendly, annoying, stupid, handsome, ugly, optimistic just to mention few
I exist in different dimension; what I am depends on you
Seanathon Aug 31
Any word
That was ever written
For the sake of money
Is no longer sacred

Scathing with regret
Within the I'm mind

It's in due time
That you will find
Your forward self
Looking back on history

So that at least when writing
For youself

You earn a greater
Peace of mind
In keeping with your own kind
In all you do, do it for Good. And money isn't Good.
What is Music?
What is Life?

Who is Music?
Who is Life?

Genre: Romantic
Theme: The connection
blue Aug 28
I ask myself this 3 word question every waking minute

I am a lesbian
Or so that's what I believe I am

I know that I crave women
Their smiles
Their lips
Their curves
Everything tiny detail about them

But recently I've been questioning

Not about my love for women
But my a more complicated matter

My mind is scattered
Almost like the stars that shape our night sky

I long for a relationship
But not with just one

Perhaps I'm not over my past endeavors and thats why I lust after more

This leads to the thought of myself being polyamorous
Part of me is okay with this
Part of me is not

I lie in bed wondering if this is who I am

For now I'm me
This is just a brain dump of a single question I'v been asking myself. I'm not sure if anyone else is struggling with this. Whenever I date someone, I always want someone else. I've only been in 3 serious relationship (one of those 3 which I'm in now). The first one I didn't experience this. But during the second and current one, this has constantly been on my mind. I also think this might be myself thinking that I'm over my exes when I'm not. Or that seeing them with other people makes me jealous. I can't imagine pursuing more than one person at a time. But I can see myself with each person I'm thinking of. I feel like shit.
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