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At times my spirit was broken, but I'm fighting
back, I will not be broken for I'm coming
With a true fighting spirit for I'll never give In, a much stronger person for the pain I have suffered, through the loss of my
For I've done all that I can but can do no more, never stop loving her to end of my days
But have to move on, or die where I am, so sad and so lonely just a tired old
My spirit was broken but I'm fighting back done all I can but sadly In life there no coming back
Styrofoam Soul,
You fit the mold.
You’re light,
And hollow,
And fragile.
My fingertips
Hardly graze
The surface of your
And yet you still
Under pressure.
You are close
To broken.
I am closer
To putting you
Back in the box,
And shipping back
The mentally defective,
Sulking, narcissistic,
Woe-as-me *******
To the “non-profit”
“Go fund my happiness”
*** kissing
That brought the two of us
Together in the first place.
I could fall asleep on endless,
Drop from the stars above,
Drown in the darkness of the pond,
Or dance off the highest peak of the mountains.
I could drive to and through the end of the road,
Drink 'til my liver's thin,
Or dizzlily walk into oncoming traffic,
And, honestly, that would be okay
Just got to make it to break, and then... what?
Sanny 7d
I got the chance to have you one last time.

A wake-up call for the both of us.

A different one though, you felt more.

I felt less.

I needed that one last night to realize.

You're free to go.
Haylin Dec 7
It’s all been said and done before,
But we’ll say it and do it
All over again
how did it feel when you saw me hit the ground
when you heard earth break under me
the coldness of your heart that infected with a touch
when you saw me get up and wobble away
out the door in the middle of school
i left i wouldn’t come back
i’d leave
leave everything behind
not having to do it again with the same ****** people and the same **** emotions
never again
you watched me as i walked out and you cursed under your breath “**** i didn’t mean it”
you didn’t ******* mean it then why was this not the first time
what was this a daily thing in your routine
but no i won’t have it cause i’m done tonight
you won’t see me again
i’m okay this isn’t a cry for help don’t be worried :)
I spill out my heart
She reply's with a word
Why is it this hard
Am I not being heard

I show my affection
She shows me none
Is this her intention
I think I'm just done...
Doesn't feel good
Em MacKenzie Dec 4
I’m straining my arms and I’m pulling my shoulders,
from pushing each line and carrying our shared boulders.
And my hands are burned and skin’s scraped,
knuckles cracked and broken fingertips,
a few careless words escaped
and I wished to push them back behind my lips.

I’ve got the motor warm and running,
and the waves have settled as they should,
I write down just how I find you stunning,
I would voice it if I only could.

You ask if I’m confident and I tell you I don’t know,
can I make an impossible jump,
oh holy Holly, I don’t think so.
I’m no Henry, no Fonz, no Winkler,
I’m not a stunt performer on T.V,
I barely run through the sprinkler,
I sure as **** will find death in the sea.

The rope’s as tight as a fresh noose,
and my ski’s barely fit my bottom soles,
my hands are clenched just too loose,
I would prefer to be sleeping on coals.
The crowd’s cheers become a lashing,
blood dissolved into the water and salt,
an angry tail’s now thrashing,
my situation is entirely my own fault.

I’m jumping the shark,
without a trial run.
Leaving an infamous mark,
just before it’s all done.
I’m jumping the shark,
it’s the end to my character arc.
I’m jumping the shark,
desperation has never stood so stark.

I’ve glimpsed shadowed empty sets
and walked among great ruins,
I’m tired of swimming in regrets,
pretty please, can I hide in your flesh wounds?
I’ve been taking theatre classes
to act like I’m not terribly bothered,
but every beach goer casually passes,
my body that’s been brutally slaughtered.

I want to feel the water the way that I once did,
with carefree wonder like when I was a kid.
But I always hated the sand, and the way that it encased my toes,
but they’re calling me to set to stand, to see how this final shot goes.

The hoop is placed ontop of a mild wave,
I wish that they engulfed it first in flame,
they praise me for being so brave
but it’s I, not the shark, that is tame.
They’re calling out the term “action”
and I look for my highlighted script,
I only read a small fraction
before I thought it best to rip.

I’m jumping the shark,
without a trial run.
Leaving an infamous mark,
just before it’s all done.
I’m jumping the shark,
it’s the end to my character arc.
I’m jumping the shark,
cut camera and roll credits in the dark.
Aghubbs Dec 1
I'm sorry,
But I'm done.
Done breaking.
Done feeling.
Done crying.
Done cutting.
Done with life.
It never had to be like this.
When I'm gone
You'll say
I loved her.
When if you told me that before
I would have lived.
So it's not your fault
That I hated myself.
It's your fault that
I killed myself.
Daniel eason Nov 30
The sun comes up but doesnt shine on me
My branches broken like a neglected tree
Untrusted associates meaningless time
Resorting to crime just to get by
Time to put this to bed
Its easier said than done
All the fun has been had since it all begun
A poem about troubled times
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