What have I done.
Under a different sun
You’ve cursed my life.
Have only brought strife.
Was I fooled even more
than you were my dear.
I’ve brought you so many tears.
I’m so ashamed...
People walk with a mask.
And I just give them class...

I’m so sorry it came to this my love...
It’s not fair to you
I’m not fun anymore
I don’t want to be so serious
I’m bitter, and I need you
Teach me please...
You are my joy
You are my world
Autumn Jan 11

I'm an old toy.

Waiting in your chest.
And I'm trying my best.
But these feelings won't rest.

You pull me out of hiding.
When your new love is dying.

Your new toy breaks.
And I'm yours to take.

I'm your second best.
Only wanted in times of distress.

So what happens to you?
When I finally break too?

I'm not an old toy.
I'm your old toy.

Sometimes you just feel like someone's old toy. So many good times together, but no time spent with one another.
starchild Jan 10

aisle upon aisle
looking just for a few groceries
then it hits me
graham crackers
your favorite.
i grab a box,
leave all of my other items
in my cart,
and check out.
i drove to the lake
and fed every last cracker
to those annoying birds
you always hated.

Ayeshah Jan 4

There use to be  
                meaning to the word  LOVE
                                Now; Love's meaning
                                              is to use people
                           Selfless is now;
                                     being more
                                        Once there used
                                                      to be a woman
                                                               who loved
                                                           ­            LOVE  

                                                         She got used
                                                            ­   to being Used
                                                                ­   & now LOVE is no longer
                                                                ­                          welcomed here
                                                                ­                               ANYMORE!

© 2015-2077 by Ayeshah K.C.L.N.
All rights reserved.®
No part of this may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,without prior written permission of Ayeshah K.C.L.N

HI! with a warm smile.
              I will release you quietly from my mind, he received.
He shoots guns on Thursday's, grapples on Tuesday's, and lifts only on Saturday's.
                                the lost, gone look dady-o in your eyes. see me. don't feel me....that's my job. he won't let me in. thunder in my tips, a quiet needling, let me in, dammit'
                that gone, far out ptsd look. is this why you still shoot? your eyes are empty because they developed you, bullet boy? you're going to let me in and I WILL BREAK YOU DOWN
         ya fibrotic fuck, such a firm stature. Only solidified by rust and no water. I put you to sleep ya bastard, stop seeking some old life. You can wake up to my smile and feel the ease. I read your cells like a beam. We spoke and they're tired of their old life.
                            so sad is the man who can't roll his head towards a woman who can embrace, break down that wall of tearing, ripping, dead layers of an old life. It's ok, I'll see you possibly next week. Bye.                       Take care, soldier boy.

                  ii got through and you were happy but terrified.
                                 don't test my distribution.
                           soft shows more result than bruises.

Oh, aha! How telling is the energy one is to carry.
L M Biese Jan 2

I * you
I * you
I * you
I * you
I * you
I * you
I'm * with you
I * you
All my thoughts turn to you, don't they?

Druzzayne Rika Dec 2017

Nothing ever lasts forever
the new height, the length greater
the chances all the slimmer
Winning is worse than ever
The very pressure all time higher
it is easier to fall over
but to forget and do what to be done
and fall down now than later
seems better.

Piper W Dec 2017

Leave me and my thoughts
Do not bother me anymore
Leave me alone

Asonna Dec 2017

Building walls to break them down
but sometimes they're forced.
find a penny, pick it up
and all day long you'll have good luck
unless you won't..

3 is the number of shatters i hear
all within different times.
if only pieces i picked were like that penny,
I could really use some luck.

Rivers bound around the pores,
slopes below the cheek.
waterfalls placed at the chin
where it pools onto my skin.

Kindness I have too much of
It's slowly becoming fault
advantage taken where feelings are broken
my walls come crumbling down.

I should have learned my lesson now
it's only happened twice before
I guess I'll know better now
and keep my feelings to myself.

Pain thumps loud and hard.
i can barely breathe.
Instead of lucky pennies,
i've only got shattered glass instead.

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