I think
When he leaves
My self-care will make me un.stoppable.

I think
When he leaves
I will fill my OWN needs.
I am here for me.

I think
When he leaves
I don’t want to hear anymore
For a while.
I don’t want to hear
Of montreal
Of literally anything anyone says /ever/
Compared to ~new orleans~
‘One of [his] friends’
Who has the sweetest gig

I think when he leaves
I will still love him
The way I love beautiful people
Even if his ignorance..
Makes his language
T o x i c  to  me.

I put so much
Into my contentedness
With life
My life
And i need to be recognized for these efforts
I need to be SEEN
To be respected for the depth of my being and not my #skillz on a skateboard
Or my patience for bike #factz and stories.

Fucking respect me with tenderness or I am

No matter how perfect I thought you were.
I wish he was capable... Of loving me with the same respect I pour into him. But he is DENSE. Because he says he cares, but he cannot see himself. Or me. How did I end up with a man so self-involved and blind.
Dorian Jul 7
Lying in the grass during a dark night
Lit moon
Half dressed
Half torn
Something's tugging you from down under

The grass equally cut around you  
It feels like
A blank stare
Clarity Jun 28
All those lies you told,
What did you get out of it?
I still don’t understand
But I’m not sure i want to anymore.
Why can’t I just get rid of you
I want you gone.
I’ve had too much of you
Its choking me
Im done.
PoserPersona Jun 25
That which is done can't be unseen
That which is unseen, may never be
That which may never be, such loss
That which is such loss, albatross
That which is albatross, you run
That which you run from, is no fun
That which is no fun, shouldn't be done
That which shouldn't be done, don't see
That which you don't see to, won't be
That which won't be, is total loss
That which is total loss, albatross
That which is albatross, is no fun
That which is no fun, is... wait what?
That which is wait what, give no buts
That which you give no buts, is done!
That which is done, ad nauseam
Autumn Lewis Jun 25
If only I had woke up sooner
I feel like my life can be sung by worn crooner
I have shut my eyes to most events and tried to escape
Everyone has left and made my heart and soul have a huge gape
I dream of what could have been , should have been
I could have opened my eyes and got up and done something but fear held me down but no one understands what I mean
It's hard to do the right thing when you're afraid of losing all you have
I've in the end lost all I gave
It's my fault for not knowing when
I still need help time and time again
The battle still wages and no one wins
Idk right now
Jamilla Jun 23
I wanted to scream
To ease the pain
I wanted to cry
To let it out
I hate to admit it
But I wanted to die
I want this to stop
To stop being sad
To stop being stuck
To stop becoming I avoid to be
Skylar Jun 23
You know better than anyone that I hate to be a coward
But I also hate confrontation.
You see I don’t see this conversation being any better face to face.
And after all, you know me better than most,
Better than everyone really
So you know this isn’t easy for me.
We’ve been through a lot together. Some good ups, some horrific downs.
But I think I’m done.
I can’t do this to myself anymore.
I can’t keep sacrificing myself and my happiness for you.
I can’t keep breaking down because of something you’ve said
Things you’ve made me do
You’ve worn me down, let me lean on you through my darkest times.
But I think I’m strong enough now to stand on my own two feet. I think I’m strong enough to let you go, to remove you from my life, for a better me.
We’ve been together so long now that you’re inhibited a steady portion of my life, but I just, I don’t think I can be this unhappy anymore.
So I’m letting you go. Setting you free. I can’t be what you need and I’m sorry.
I’ve slept in your bed of regrets and I’m ready to wake up
This is hard for me. I never thought I’d get to this place but I’m here and you can’t be here with me.
I’m not happy and I’m sorry
I don’t love you and I’m sorry
I never have
An ode to my body image
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