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Anya 7d
Before you know it
It’s over
And you’re left wondering
How did it start
How did it end
Is it really gone?
A suspicion of deception invades you
Until your rationality convinces you otherwise
Its really done
No more
And tomorrow
And the next
Your heart refuses to believe
For the longest time
As you gaze at your phone waiting
Until it gradually grows slow
And cold
And slower still
Till it stops all together
aih Sep 13
I reached
A dead end
With you.
With you
Was a
So continuous
And repetitive.
I needed
Something new.
So I did
Just that.
I took a left
And I was right.
I knew
I reached
An end
With you.
xbdulrxhmxn Sep 11
I said {I’m trying}
but i don’t believe it
cause I feel {I’m done}
in my stomach
Alexander T Sep 5
people tell me I dont look the same
maybe ive lost weight
maybe ive lost all

the truth is
im just not the same
im a disaster waiting to happen
or already happened
just ask anyone who was ever important to me
Jolan Lade Sep 1
I'm born into ashes and grown up in fire
I'm raised wearing a mask and have developed my own casque
Trying to perfect the impossible and achieving what you require
I'm raised to believe in realistic ambition and repeating manque
I'm done, now standing with my back against the sun, ignoring your commando
Now looking deep, and lost into my own shadow.
no gold
Eyithen Sep 1
I am worn
Tears threaten to spill
An oncoming storm
Thunder rolls with anger

They are testing the waters
Don't you see the dark clouds approaching?
There is a shift in the air.
Can you not  feel it?

Pushed too far
I'm about to burst
A darkness is descending, beware

I'm reaching my limit
You better watch out
Like a cloud i can only take so much
Before I break from the weight.
worn, crying, storm, anger, pushed, limit, weight, break, done
mc ish Aug 30
a smiling terrain
i hope you're happy
im taking myself back
begging my heart for a break has been far too incompleted
your grey walls and titanium windows have kept me down, haven't they?
your watermelon grin is fateless and faultless and i hope to God it never goes away
but when it does--remember to love?
thank you for hurting me and making me weaker
i definitely might've needed it
be joyful
i will be too!
closure has always been a foreign concept to me. this is my last poem to you, friend.
I'm done with you


it feels good to say

you broke my heart
and hurt my friend
you destroyed my self-image
but shattered yours as well
you fucked up
but ricochet and hit me instead

I'm done with you

now all I have to do is tell you...
Draggéd into this hole
That temporarily makes
All the empty whole
Celebrating without cakes
Alone in drunken sorrow
Who's tears may I borrow?

Someday far away
Before I'm old and grey
I'll be alright again
For seeing you means less pain
Happy birthday 'ole friend
the magi Aug 24
Yes I am a girl,
No I do not want to end up with someone mean,
Or muscular,
Or extremely handsome,
Al I really want,
Is someone who will be kind to me,
Share a pot of coffee with me,
Be nerdy with me,
Watch horror movies, and doctor who with me,
Who give good hugs,
And is there for me,
They can have any body type,
I don’t care,
I’m so sick,
So tired,
Of all the guys,
Who only care,
About the thickness,
Of their dick.
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