Nylee 1d
who is to blame
for the flame that burns me within
my destiny's storm.

who is to blame
when everything remains the same
it is always the constant pain.

who is to blame
surprisingly locked in frame,
I better learn to refrain.

who is to blame
by everyhow the entirety came
apart, nothing left to claim.

what is to be done
when nothing can be undone
so all I have is the blame
Keller 1d
I don't know what it feels like to be someone's first choice.
To be a priority.
To be special to someone.
I'm tired of aching for things
That I won't receive.
I'm tired of hurting for people
Who can't even remember
What color my eyes are.
My heart hurts.
As terrible as it sounds, I can’t imagine living a long life
I’m sick of it
My existence is a mere blip of what has been and what could be
I am a drop in the bucket
I wonder somedays if it’s worth getting up
Worth going to work
Worth any of it
I wonder if I cross the street a little too late
A little too slowly
If that transit bus will strike me just hard enough to end it
Because at least that way I’m not hurting my family and friends by killing myself
Not directly at least
I’m kind of tired of it
Life, that is
I mean, what’s the point?
My own mind and I can’t even be cordial
What a waste of space
If my sheer presence in the universe wasn’t such a monumental miracle, I’d give it up
Because sometimes
In these moments
I realize
Living is a fate worse than death
Listen to the words that slip from my lips
Listen to the way my breath escapes
Listen to my heart pound

I listen to your words
I listen to your emotions
I listen to your wind
I listen to your pounding drum

But you say I don't hear you
I don't hear your cry
I don't hear that breath escape
I don't hear you beating heart

But in reality it is you
You who doesn't listen to my words
How selfish are you
You who can't hear my breath escape
Why do suffocate me

My heart pounds in my chest worrying about you about my job
Because you don't care if you tell the world about our frowned upon relation
You want the world to know of the things we've done

But what I want is silence
I don't want to hear the things you have to say
I don't want to listen to your breathing
I don't want to hear your heart beating
Because I need to listen

I need to listen to my heart
I need to listen to my breath
I need to listen to my emotions
I need to listen to the most important person
I need to listen to me
Asonna 4d
Breathe in, breathe out
the pain is all the same.
Faith stained, i'm not the same
Yet people choose to believe in me.
Meaner, Darker
Could care less about the feelings.
You let the past get in the way,
critique for the way I recover.
Am i void and empty?
Simply because i'm not pretty inside
have I disappointed your old reflection?
I'm actually good. I can't help it if you're tilted.
bright and bold, Loved by everybody.
Made mistakes that penetrated deep
but now standing before you
redesign, a newer model.
Me. You. It's still the same
Hard times, times are troubled
Shield themselves to save the truth
Run. Gun.
Strong and confident, in and out
Bare and hallow leaves a mark
With every breath I still hurt
don't toy with it.
I'm done.
I'm done fighting
I can't handle it anymore
Is it even worth writing
What am I doing it for

I can't keep up
To the worlds pace
They tell me not to give up
And that it's not a race

But I hate this game
Where the world out smarts me
And puts me to shame
To an extensive degree

When will it end?
Zafreen Apr 12
I'm so fucking done at the moment
because to be honest I'm basically stuck in a cage
No one can trust me enough to let me fly.

But what they don't know is that I've flown before.
Many times.

But no one seems to care.

So I sit.
Stuck in my cage.
Watching the birds fly outside.

Even If I was allowed out no one really likes me.
I'm just annoying.

But please since I am stuck in my cage and always will be,

Just stop. I don't want you in my life more than you have to be.
You make things worse and you are the reason I'm here.
So just shut up and leave.
I'd rather be flying with my real friends.
This poem is about some people in my life at the moment
Merope Angel Apr 10
I don't trust you
And you hate me
Truth is you are just too fake for me
And you admit it
And now it's my fault
You burn bridges in your freetime
And pour down asphalt
And you call it,

You really love to throw out words
Like they mean something

But you're uneasy
And I'm impatient

With your lies
Your stupid lies

Good bye mommy

I don't trust you
And you hate me
Truth is you are just too fake for me
And you admit it
And now it's my fault

No more lies
Your stupid lies

Good bye asshole
Truth is losing your friendship was a huge weight off my shoulders, but I'll always love the fake ass bitch that you pretended to be.
Keller Apr 10
I hope someone can heal you,
I'm done trying.
Losing hope
Losing faith
I cannot wait
To be free of this
Why should I wait
Why do I care
Why is why
I know he don't care
Trying was tough
Thinking it through
I just need to be done
With you your games
Your selfish ways
leaving me here
Not caring
not ever asking
how I'm doing
or even a hi
once in awhile
While you sit there
in your easy chair
Oh well
you loose
cause I'm done
with you
guess what
Now I don't care
about you

© Jennifer DeLong 4/2018
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