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Strying Dec 2021
creating cages
can't control
can't counter
can't contest
can't clean
can't cry,
can cry
cancel culture.
I hate cancel culture :(
goodnight ya'll
julius Sep 2021
with a kiss
sever the chords of my throat
play a melody while i choke
take my breath
somewhere far away
beneath your skin and your face

i feel 2018
the way we breathe
as our spines collapse
and fall beneath

and i pray
to no one
that you and i
will still be
after all
on a scale of 1 to 10
how much did you love me
how much did you care
show me with your arms
i think that seems pretty fair
never tell someone they can't
unless you want them to succeed
in that case,
tell someone they can't
they will
they can
because you tried to tell them that they can't
because you tried to tell them that they can't
Escape Jul 2021
Zoe Mae Jul 2021
Is my car really that good on gas?
I mean think about it...
And, what's that spltoch on the ceiling that's been here since I moved in a decade ago, and is now starting to look like a gigantic two-headed cherub? What is that brownish stain actually made of?
I mean think about it...
And, is Philip Michael Thomas still alive?
I mean think about it...

Mind blowing
Asonna Apr 2021
he loves me
he loves me not

He loves me not

Never in a million years did i imagine this,
sensation of lonely haunts me.

                                         *consumes me

becomes the true identity of what it means to be me.
                           Forever more.
No love to give,
No love to share,
No Love, that's it.

she loves me
she loves me not

She loves me not

you just haven't met the one,
oh you're young,
there's plenty of time,
                              stop stressin ***.

but that's not the point.

Used so much my soul screams for protection,
had people walk out,
judge me for my choices,
                               Like they were my choice

She loves me
He loves me not

*They love me not

sinking ship.
iceberg ahead.
I'm going under.
Ready to give up instead.

My walls are up,
Don't need to take cover.
Put the gun away.
Spare me of this final blow.
Jennifer DeLong Mar 2021
Tear at my flesh

you still can never

reach my soul

Daring and Willfull

trying to get in

despite the pain

Knuckles bruised

not once giving up

wanting to reach there

For you see

you can't hurt me

I'm blessed in this flesh

built this fence
around me

Sadly you will lose
as , I stand here
looking into your hell
Seeing what once was a human
now all , I see is

the sad sad
weaker of you

I live in spite of you

and you will never

reach what's


my soul is human

© Jennifer L Delong 🦏1/22/2018
NightOwls Mar 2021
I see you
leaving tiny bread crumbs.
I'd follow them
and eat them along the way.
I feel as if maybe
you'd poison me.
Or maybe you would lead me
into a deep and empty abyss.
Feeling trapped, I would
never be able to let go.
A prisoner in my head,
but yours too.
Hopeless Outlet Feb 2021
In the dead of night
where the ghosts watch you sleeping
I reach out in the dark
your fingers intertwine
with mine
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