Paging Dr. Jekyll ,
he’s gotten lose again.
No, no casualties yet,
just a long trail of sin.

Yes, we understand,
control’s not the issue.
I think it’s time for drastic measures,
yes, you know what to do.

What do you mean,
he’s part of your mind?
It doesn’t matter at this point,
he’s too dangerous alive.

Kill him dear friend,
or the blood’s on your hands.
He’s hurting people,
and that simply won’t stand.

He’s a monster, a freak,
you’re much better off.
There will be side affects,
but nothing’s gained without loss.

Hello? Dr. Jekyll?
Are you there? Is it done?
Oh God Dr. Jekyll,
what have you done?
run from thou
the reaper
that cold night
hood was drawn
but to cry is a sin
so run for you life
as he comes down
what blood was drawn
oh, the fatal tale of a rogue mind
Luna 5d
Our love is covered with dust
Four years ago ,we made a deal
To love each other till the end
You walked with me to the top
This is why i cant stop
Youre mine and i love you
With you i am safe
With you, you make my day
And i am a little more okay
Youre my sweet fool
, with your honey green eyes. That makes me drool
You offered me the universe..that feels like a lovely curse.
Sweetheart, why cant u understand your worth
We were defined by birth to die
But i know i cant say goodbye
Without you by my side
Every time
I think I'll stop

I'm not getting
through to you

Every time
I think it's useless

that I'm talking
till I'm blue

Every time
I bite my tongue

and want my song

Every time
I think that I'm insane

I open up
and words fall out again
SangAndTranen Apr 10
You’re preaching your vanity
To my innocent insanity
But I will hide within
While you strut and jut your chin.

Feeble destruction, I confess
Sitting in my pretty dress.
Ribbons of gold and silk of blue
I wouldn’t lift my skirt for you.

Roses white and gentle pink
Stained with red when the thorns prick
To behead a rose - 'tis not wise
Our stinging beauty terrifies.

Among the peonies, footsteps soft
Pretty little ladies’ faces don’t rot.
Corsets choking our manic laughter
Underneath her frills it’s a disaster.

My innocent insanity
Comes with a smile.
Take my paper hand good sir
Stay with me for a while.

You’ll enter blind
And leave a new man
Able to hear
That that is not there
And barely able to stand.
Domtwo Apr 7
Amore ardente da dove prendi tutte queste energie?
Dalle memorie confuse tra sogni e paure che vorrei bruciare?

Amore perché persisti e non sei fugace come lei?

Strapperei il mio cuore dal mio petto per non sentirlo più pulsare d'un amore morto.

Amore violento che mi hai reso succube dei miei sentimenti, non vorrai mica bruciare per sempre?

Attendo pazientemente che tu mi illuda della tua fine con le tue ceneri
Millie Apr 6
My mind is noisy
All the characters in this room are awake
One says to be quiet
Another says to speak
One says to cry
Another says she is strong
One says to apologise
Others don't see a fault

No one is in control
I'm not sure what to feel
or what to think
Its just a party
A loud, busy party
where everyone wants to be the star
of a show they have no details of

My mind is noisy
The soul has lost control
The body wants to end this show
The show is pointless
Is there a puppeteer
Make this stop
I want to disappear
Luna Apr 4
How can i not love you.
We are a perfect two
Love dances between us
And goes up our veins in a rush.
All I've become is..

just 5am and you
People think ive gone insane
But im not playing any games
This is love.
when they throw a man
in the mental institute
for believing
he’s a tall glass
of orange juice
all you can do is
keep him at
cold temperatures
to prevent him from marring
and walk him around slowly
so he doesn’t spill
Based on a true story
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