All those ups and downs

With effort
Moments to celebrate
A glorious time
With the same effort
Some moments to felt
Even when
Being in the right lane

No Prejudice

Here we are trained
How to judge
Getting help of senses
Our eyes are judgmental
So do, the ears and touch

If someone dies
Of kindness
Let them search a scapegoat
Let them find us  

I don’t ask for much
Think for the few seconds
What, If the Stethoscope
Ask for a rest
Genre: Experimental
My only question is, where are you now?
I wake in the night with this blade in my mouth
And this hate in my scalp
deep in my dream I see ash in my tomb
my demons follow me
they dance in my room
when i get goosebumps
i think about you
I think I'm falling
and I see it all
i'm never alone
my skin always crawls
Sand paper love we share
I'm sick to my stomach
but I forget it all when I roam
I'm so alone again
And no one can save me
feed me to the shadows
they're dangerous
Blake 2d
Anything is art if you ask it to be
Though eternal it is when handled by me
I will make the life you live much more
Than any other you have lived before
I bring you here as my guest
A place of heaven and endless rest
Where the world itself burns with desire
Yet not a trace of fiendish fire
A place the earth could not attain
That I will forget once fallen sane
This tears on my bloody skin
Tears from your bloody sins
Tear from the words that won’t leave my mind.
Tears from what lies behind.

Deep cuts from within
Deep cuts on my skin
Deep cuts down my wrist
Life is so brisk
I like the risk.

They say "sticks and stones may break my bones"
But their the ones who always had homes.
"Words will never hurt me"
So why won’t those words stop replaying in my head and let me be.

Deep cuts on my thighs
Deep cuts from your lies
Cuts from what Ive realized
People are evil in my eyes

Your words teared my heart; and I my skin. It’s the only thing that alleviates the pain.
I felt it cut into my soul.
I reflect what you have said; your sins on my skin.
Daniel 4d
Thinking about thinking stresses my brain
It topples my rationality and drives me insane
I think that everyday is the same
Repeat and repeat and hope for some change  
To think that we live a whole life before we can die
Makes my mind contemplate if its worth pulling through
One day we will become nothing and be replaced
We will become part of the past and leave the present day

No more thinking about thinking
No more pain
humans think too much
I want to seem sane for him
to prove i have changed
but the truth is
i can't prove i have change if i haven't
Daniel Ruiz Aug 7
you are the cause of this feeling
that's stopping me from breathing

making me feel like i'm in between worlds
in space,
surrounded by matter
i can't see

floating but falling at the same time,
watching how both those worlds
are about to collide,

the stars watch around anxiously
trying to run away
telling me to do the same
by Morse code,
but i can't,
it's working against me

leaving me in the middle of this extinction
that's about to happen

my heart beats faster
i feel it trying to come out my chest

my mind is telling me
"i told you"

as the worlds colliding
put me to rest.

a firework show around me,
the stars
enjoying the show

the molten lava melting my will to live,
my last hope

that's how you make me feel like

like the little speck between two worlds
that collide

leaving nothing of me

but everything of them.
Daniel Ruiz Aug 6
my mind it's in a war with me
telling me how wrong i am
not letting me sleep

showing me things
i didn't know
i needed to see

but i guess i learn from those.

I am mad,
Persephone Aug 5
Wander into my mind.
I dare you.
You can go left into the north where the pool of mayhem swims.
Or up into the undergrowth known for the drawings of the mad man.
Choose to drift sideways and discover you will the drips of knowledge from the domain of hell.
Or take a chance over that way in my very own misfit lane.  
If you are lucky to locate the memory tree knock six times and she will welcome you if only I deem you worthy.
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