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ScaryGary Apr 11
Please keep yourself safe from the bird flu. Do not drink out of bird baths and do not drink after your parrot. Your parrot may have a late night friend, that you don't know about.

Check around your house for bird feathers. They might be sneaking in through a window.

There is also bat flu and pig flew.

Stay Safe!
Don't worry, we are safe from the monkey flu
No one understands me
Just get to tell me what I feel
Tell me they're here to help
I'm like a cup of tea
Every bump in the road more Tea escapes
Living on a tilted *****
Running from the water rushing twords me
Falling down the rabbit hole of thoughs
Mad as a hatter is me
Carzy as the chesier cat
Calm as the rabbit
Insane as the red queen
Blood falling from my smiling mouth
Think im crazy
Staying stuck in the moment
Spilling tea on me
Teacup spilling my my brains like boiling liquid
Boiling my skin
Cant let in the light
Blacked out
Never getting out
Teacup spilling
Emotions blindinglight thoughts insane multiplepeople
I gifted you the power, I know it's my fault...
Mistake is mine, then, who'll face the assault?
(Obviously me...!) So...

Make me cry, give me all the pain...
I'll endure all 'cause I'm insane...!

Don't mercy on me, you're battling a war...
Bruise me down, give me more scar...!

Cut all my veins till it get dry...
Let me bleed just through my eye'...!

Punish me hard, hard as your desire...
Turn me into ash, extinguish all my fire...!

Cool the ash down, don't leave even a mark...
Close all my ways, crush down every single spark...!

Then I'll rise if you won't crush it down...
I'll turn into fire and burn the whole town...!

Once I'll get power, I'll show you my disaster...
You're getting last chance, destroy me faster...!

It's better to be safe than to be sorry...
Just close my chapter and be free from all your worry'...!
Reposting it again  😅

Worry' — Worries
Town refers to the kingdom of power.

Give the powerful their time to destroy u till their turn ...but once they fail to destroy u ... then destroy the kingdom of that so called powerful and teach them that power is not to oppress but it's to help the unprivileged... when ur turn arrives ...!

This poem is little politically inclined too .
Estelline Jan 24
You said you’re trying to stay
On your own today
All the way till next year
Because this last one was nothing but hopelessness and pain
With no gain
Messing up things inside your brain
Making you feel like you’re going insane
But hey I’d feel the same
Can’t blame ya there
But I just wanna share
I little secret tonight
If you swear you won’t tell
Anyone else

I’ve been through some stuff as well
Makes you feel like you’re living in hell
But nah man
it’s just the real life
But leavings not our choice to make
Even when you feel like you’re breaking
And things are changing
Always for the worst
Being carried away in a hearse
Would be giving up on today
When tomorrow's right ‘round the corner

I see a you that’s perfectly flawed
Leaving some people standing in awe
one with a future
one with stories to tell
And when I fall
Into your love
I’m gonna give it my all
Not gonna let myself slip up

I’m just waiting till the end of the year
Or the end of the decade
If that’s how long you need
To see how perfect we’d be
If you’re ever feeling lonely just give me a call
I wouldn’t mind at all
We can talk till the sun falls.
Estelline Jan 19
Feeling like a monster in my own skin
Can’t let nobody in
They can’t see the mess I hide
I hate their staring eyes
Like fireflies in the night sky
I see them everywhere
Just want them to pass on by
Then when they’re gone I’ll cry
And wonder why
I can’t become their friend
I’m always too afraid to offend
And too self conscience
Overthinking everything
I try to pretend
And smile through my pain
Keeping it locked up in my brain
But It’s making me go insane
Dare I start to complain
But everything I do seems to be in vain
Everyday it’s the same
Will it ever end?
nif Nov 2021
clear signs of insanity
mind racing
dazed and unorganized
eyes look left
eyes look right
not enough contact
there is a clear detach

mad at myself
and laughing
hysterically I sing
a ring a ding ding
a crazy hymn
a dim dim a dim dim

I hear my thoughts
they're saying
**** him  
but I must not sin
I wanna take it to the chin
I can feel my grin
ripping skin
energy wearing thin
I am finally living

I feel no pain
I am pain
I inflict it on the lame
I am to blame
Only to regret my shame
Time will tame
In the mean I clean
spotless spaces surround
I am nowhere to be found
detached again
just cleaning
alive and aging
Thomas Steyer Nov 2021
I often look weird in photos, maybe because I'm vain
When I'm certain I'm smiling, I appear to be in pain
I could practice my friendly expression in the mirror
But then I'd have a stiff face and probably look insane
A A Oct 2021
Sunlight beats in through the window
offensive and obscene.
I wonder what ungodly sound just awoke me,
was it only the alarm, or
was it the deafening sound of my conscious
that so disturbed me?
Upon waking, one has to ignore the weight of existence
Or drown in it's wake.
Sleep, running away from me, abandoning me,
Has led me here to this moment.
Rising out of bed, reborn from the night,
for the millionth time, and still
always questioning everything.
"What has my life brought me to,
that I must continue to wake for it,
and why is it more worthy than sleep?
Is participation in life truly necessary?
Why does each day bring with it the same
repetition I've always known?"
Sun rays never speak, never answer
The questions that morning brings.
Kingston Sep 2021
I'm pretty sure I'm leaving,
But it feels like grieving,

"What's going on?"
"Don't talk to me, you FREAK!"
"Go away"
"What did I do?"
"Didn't you hear her, Go away you FREAK!"

Was I turning into someone crazy I start to laugh
"Guess so" I smile.
"I am a freak, so why don't you get away from me" I laughed.
I walked into a room near the Bio Lab.
A girl with really sharp teeth looked at me.
"Hi" I smiled.
She looked at me confused "Hello?"
"Don't worry I'm just a freak, I'm pretty sure your not sane either" I smiled.
Like I said were not all Sane...
Thanks. I was feeling like a freak at school so...
Brett Jul 2021
Everybody passes the buck. We pass it to politicians
They pass it to private owners
Who pass it right on down back to us.
We’re too lazy, nobody wants to work.
Flippin’ burgers at McDonald’s isn’t worth
More than a couple bucks. Give us your life
Give us your labor
We’ll give you death; once we finish
Using you up.
Condemned in the womb of your windowless room.
Attached at the brain, phone chargers like chains
Keeping you lame.
Double click for your fame, lay to sleep all the sane
As they point fingers of blame away from their face.
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