1) They're strangers in my head

2. Jumping on my brain like a bed

3. Hopping, hopping over moons

4. Can't you see the stains of red

5. We walk the ground for fun

6. Sipping blue tears from the dumb

7. This scene, scene will get prettier

8. We will only get mentally crazier

1-8. No one can or will take our pla-a-ace

1-8. Try, but we will prepare your gra-a-ave

1-8. Can you smile without your fa-a-ace

1-8. We love how we feel so insane

1. I'm nuts, but aren't you glad

2. The craziest friend, that you ever had

3. You think I'm psycho, maybe your wrong

4. Tell the bystander to put down the phone

5. Mind broken, losing my marbles

6. You'll like me best when craziness sparkles

7. I have a secret, I am unarmed

8. We all have some crazy, being sane is hard

1-8.  All the best people are cra-zy. All the best people are...

This is lyrics I created based on Melanie Martinez's song, "Mad Hatter". This was made as a recommendation from a friend on here! Thanks for reading.

You can never make the same mistake twice
She proved that to be wrong
But what do you do when you mistake salt for sugar?
She was drawn to them
The way their eyes danced with hers in the darkness
Like 2 shooting stars on the same path in the same night
Daydreaming of things she can’t have
She fell the second time hoping for it to last
Because she felt something real
But realized it’s just a repeat of the past
Like a dog running for a treat on a treadmill
She doesn’t stop chasing
For the wrong people to give her the right attention

Star BG 23h

If I wrote about dragons
on distant lands being rode by fairies
and spoke of them coming to earth
to rondevu with mankind,
would you think me insane or sane?

If I told you I sat on the back of
a purple grasshopper
to move in rainbow skies
singing songs joyfully through fluffy clouds,
would you think me sane or insane?

If I told you I took a vacation on Mars
and had a grand time
celebrating with my alien neighbors
as we circled the universe,
would you think me sane or insane?

If I told you we were really one
part of a living planet ever
evolving on a playground
guided by our higher selves,
would you think me sane or insane?

No matter for I am an avatar
and I can do and say anything
in the world of my sane insane-like mind.

Saw the words sand and insane and hence this poem was born.
Azrapse 1d

All my life i spent
looking for a place called sanity
and I finally found it
now I'm in sane
Completely in tune with my own brain
guess it's weird that i talk to myself
But I only do it cause
I'm the only one who seems to gets me
I'm pretty antisocial
so when it comes to conversations
I'd rather flake out
I don't really relate
It's hard to communicate
And let my thoughts out of my mind
Im on a mission trynna be a better person on my own
Cause I know there ain't a place called home for me
I'm just a nomad
Wandering blindly through this planet
I'm just another lost soul
Trynna find my way

Paz 2d

Lets begin.
Join the circle.
Show a grin.
Laugh hysterically.
Then you’re in.
Don’t be afraid to claim you’re sane just because you’re insane.
I myself am extremely spacey.
I’m fuckin crazy.
I am not them.
I am who I am.
I want you to join me.
I want you to see your psychopathic side.
The one that’s hard to hide.
People like us.
You and me.
We try to be normal.
We try to be the same.
We try to look formal.
But fuck it.
We drink from the devils cup.
People like us are just not normal.
We see beyond the stars.
So lets put on that fucked up smile.
And show these fuckers who we really are.
Sick minded, physically demented, fun dick headed, broken freaks.
We’re the takers of the diseases of craziness, the mimics of their saneness.

Despite all we've been through
You still believe the lies
The figmented truth they sell us
In neatly folded towels
Ironed sheets and fresh linen
Tempting us with home
A seemingly harmless word
Dragging us under
Sinking us deep
Those words held memories
Drilled into our bones
Buried in the recesses of hearts
While we wander the streets
Clutching to our rags
Nursing broken dreams
Scampering like mice in the night
Tugging at loose ends
On the pieces of frayed cloth
For the unspoken promises
The light at the end of the tunnel
The reward from the journey
You didn't believe me
When I said survival is for the fittest
But you have seen for yourself
There are no such things as miracles

Meg Howell Nov 5

When the house is quiet,
When the nighttime has come,
I am bombarded by thoughts
Of the things that I've done

A scratch on the record,
A static on VHS,
A mind bitterly thinking
About a discombobulated mess

I'm utterly happy,
Or so I believe,
Although it may not come across,
It may not be perceived

These thoughts are like alcohol
Dousing the flame
Don't come any closer
I'm already close to insane

Karma has its knife to my throat.
With a past full of anchors
It's impossible to stay afloat.
Childhood full of cannonballs
aimed at my boat.

Mutiny in my brain.
Vengeance through my veins.

A recipe for the insane.

Micah Alex Oct 30

The sun touches only my treetops
I am starved for light
I dive deep in freezing water
In search of a warm sun
Wading through crowds and crowds
Of people doing vocal exercises
Getting ready to sing and speak
I have been stuck in the shit pit from Shawshank Redemption
My freedom isn't here yet but if you would be willing to restart
My heart, there would be a lot of poison to pump out
Be a little butterfingered with scalpel
Cut me up in a thousand places
Let my bad blood run
And when I

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