The best lies are those webbed from the truth
Spun with mockery and delight
They climb slowly up your mind
And when the truth is insight
You are already wrapped in silk
Staring at fright and Death's bite
See the reasons warring

who fools fools for money then makes the king pay

that one m'y be the culprit

whence came the king thing?
I mean it did not pop full formed
into mito mom one

day as a re of sun set its eye on a
particular nail hole
in the tin roof corrugated

good word, rug ated, like walked on, y'llthank?

a collective loss of soul
noticed by the few

mad men who felt some call to lie'n when
camera obscura facts, proved they saw
I saw
light bent
through a nail hole
brought the sunset to my wall

or all of it that mattered,
the part I saw...

face? No,
yeah, I could see that,
If I could see what you say you suppose

supports your pre-sense presence if it ivity
whither Grammarelyearly versions

howled as I claimed the idle words holding true

riches from the stone re
jected jeckled and hidden, lapis,

was there a gem with in and a gen with out?
Ah, he sang that line

Ragpicker evolved to Recycling Frontliner Earth day Youtube stars
what a job. Save the world...

stumbled and
lost the thread

fracture  ice cracked ice mud shrunk in from
hidden  edges where the weakest

or most open

imagine you are with me in the mud

bubbling old ideas settle peace

fully here fully there, the ever over
flowing where
we met.

?¿ yen yanker ****** ain't it?¿

hiero-glyphic ifs effeing ity ness. per se.
mud shrunk in from
hidden n-degree edges where the weakest

or most open bonds are loosed on earth as they are
let go let be let

until he be taken, obscureference,
Bubble Bible fact' never acted as if I knew

he who letteth shall let until he be taken out of the way.

may be today. lest we forget

imagine you are with me in the mud
I find I am enter tained in ways no hermit ever imagined. Good days are to be commended for having been, I pose or posited.
instant coffee under
fluorescent lighting

looking out over paradise
looking out over the dream
they’re nearly dead already
just repetitive motions
in tedious movements
while redundant music
plays overhead in the
grim atmosphere

instant coffee under
fluorescent lighting

and some say
only the insane
should be institutionalized.
thesa 4d
i offered you my weakness
and you comforted me
while getting consumed
by my demons

how could i
hurt you
like this
how could i make you handle
my craziness

i beg you
forgive me
forgive me

there’s nothing else i could say
because even an 'i love you'
won’t make you stay
          I found a person that I can't describe,
          I think she is perfect, she is my type,
          Never too somber and never too daft,
          She will talk and laugh and design and craft,
          Beautiful art all winter and summer,
          She understands pain and gives me comfort,
          Recently I've thought, "This can't be real life.",
          This is too good to be true, somethings not right.
          I was correct, it's too good to be true,
          I can see past her beauty and UwU,
          And **** it all, she just acts like she cares,
          Now she is part of all of my nightmares,
          Does she want me or not, I'm so confused,
          I want to end it all, this is abuse,
          Mental abuse that I'll never forget,
          I hate her and wish that we never met.
Hiding insanity to the best of my ability inside of my feelings which is nothing but heartache... distorted heart...

Falling into despair
My happiness doesn't matter it seems
Losing myself in the darkness has never been so calming.

Between despots and manipulators
My heart bursts each time
Arteries being devoured by deceit, leaking crimson liquid splattering across my chest cavity.

Without trust we radiate hopelessness
Hopelessness leads to depression
Depression becomes it's own monster.

In a world so consumed by chaos
We can trust so few
It's no wonder my sanity has taken a turn.
Shifting into differently sane
It's no wonder some can watch their lives burn...
And still have a smile on their face.

I'm slowly getting to that point
Starting to feel like I'm J.
"Madness is the emergency exit. You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away… forever."
Dika Agustin Jan 8
she is not insane,
she just loves the one
you think she doesn't
deserve or even real.
she is not insane,
just her beliefs are bigger
than the universe.
she is not insane,
all she wants is true love
who won't run away
after seeing her monster
not a big pocket or
even a prince charming.
she is not insane,
for she knows herself
more than anyone does.
she is not insane,
she just loves to show
her feelings,
but all you do mock her
for you think
she is a drama queen.
she is not insane,
she just wants to live
her life on her own
but no one understands.
to the girl who has been told not looking the perfect one
thesa Jan 6
you got me into it
and i trusted you
i thought i would be fine

but it shattered me
left me in p i e c e s
and i let you break me
time and time again
because i thought it was love
and that you'd keep me sane

when you in fact suffocated me
with the same hands
you'd traced my skin
telling me i was the most beautiful
of all your secret sins
Beanie Dec 2018
i’m going crazy,
i know i am.
emails at 2am,
incoherent and rambling.
i know i mentioned
criminal minds and my mind.
they don’t have a connection.
but you see,
i’m going crazy,
i know i am.
cracking my knuckles
two different ways
popping joints and punching walls.
i don’t want to hurt anybody.
but you see,
i’m going crazy,
i know i am.
even the professionals are worried.
up at 2am to watch a serial killer
get caught because he left DNA
inside his victim.
it’s messed up.
but you see,
i’m going crazy,
i know i am.
i’m refusing to sleep because
when my eyes shut
it’s blood and blades and
Camille Saint-Saënes.
it’s like dancing,
falling over a cliff at the end.
but you see,
i’m going crazy,
i know i am.
i feel like i'm messed up, you know?
Amaris Dec 2018
Scream and shout, kick the ground, fall apart crying
I hate the world, it isn't fair, hold my heart from breaking
My life stretches way too far into a fog I can't see through
No one's fault you don't understand but you don't have a clue
Stop thinking stop thinking my mind keeps on racing
Not words it's all emotions like I just can't stop feeling
Endless accusations left unformed drive me insane
I'll be alright but this moment now all I think about is pain
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