Seema 3d

I rolled the dice, got FIVE
He pulled away the trigger and kept me alive

I rolled the dice, got FOUR
He punched my face, dislocated my jaw

I rolled the dice, got FIVE again
He kicked me like a crazy insane

I rolled the dice, got TWO
He locked me in a dirty filthy loo

I rolled the dice, got SIX
He dragged me out and took pics

I rolled the dice, got ONE
He said pack your bags, you're done

I rolled the dice, got THREE
He opened the gates and set me free


Fictional write. Inspired by Snakes 'n' Ladders game.

I watch the dust particles,
floating in the glow of
The computer screen.
My eyes focus on one until it
Gets lost in the darkness.
Perhaps they land on my eyelashes.

"Do the work,"
I tell myself
"Just write down the stupid answers,
Just half-ass it like you always do."

My mind is in constant battle
With my body.
I know all the things I need to do,
Yet my body will not cooperate.

"Just do something!"

I tell myself this as I
Stare at nothing,
At air,
Like some insane
Catatonic person.

Seema 6d

The lasting fragrance
Of that perfume
Just hits my head and
Puts me on fume
Going crazy with the smell
Too much to bare,
Seems am put on spell
Now that my head feels light
But something's not right
Why that smell
That delirious spell
The ringing of bells
The gates of hell
Almost insane......I can tell!!


I love perfumes, the enchanting fragrance...and each unique mesmerising smell, casts a spell and opens Windows to different worlds or just hell ;-)

What's your favorite fragrance?
SeaChel 7d

Every evening in the moment where
the late night turns to early morning,
my mind becomes stuck
on the same loop of thoughts.
Over and over again they play,
just like a scratched record
that won't stop repeating itself.
The difference though,
is a record player can be stopped much easier
before the skipping drives one crazy.
These looped thoughts that haunt me
from 2am to 6am without fail,
might just drive me to the brink
of insanity.

"What did I do wrong?"  "Could I have done something differently?"  "I wasn't important enough to acknowledge..  I don't mean anything."  "I'm too much.  I always love too much."  "Yet, no one ever wholeheartedly loves me."  "Nobody will ever genuinely love me without getting sick of me."  "Maybe I'd be desirable if I said things/acted as promiscuous as her." "The pattern just keeps continuing."

Don’t aim to befriend me Reem
I’m the last person you should unscrew,
My secrets are a savage and suffocating stream
Stay away from me. Will you?

I’m mournfully wounded and my profound wounds are infectious,
Can you not see? Are you that blind?
I am a wandering breathing bomb of demolishing disaster
I am a source of convulsing confusion ready to explode when defined,

So don’t ‘Try’ my toy buttons and stop dissembling my adumbrating disguise,
Please, walk the opposite way Reem
You’re walking in the wrong detrimental direction and that’s unwise,
Don’t you see everyone running from me? From danger’s beam?
And you’re walking towards a living dynamite? Open your visionless shut eyes.

Has mother never taught you of what danger is?
Danger is the silent girl sitting in the back of the class alone
It's the boy burying himself in a grave of books
Hoping to somehow die in a fantasy of his own,
It's the ugly, the loner, the cry baby, the outlier, the unworthy, the... Unfathomable
So please just run away from my rayless zone,

Because you are cracking open my disintegrated heart’s disoriented dreams
Like a dentist fracturing my mephitic tooth out without a mere apology
Pulling and tugging until it bleeds screams
Until I bleed buried emotions that I don't want you to see,

You've already made a few flimsy tears crawl out from under my unsecured lid’s suppression
And it wouldn't be fair for you to do so more than once
As I c.a.n.n.o.t withhold the tears I’ve stored in buckets from spilling when you ask questions
So it's better you never seek the irretrievable key to unlocking my inflated chest
Because it will only unleash an ocean of tears and confessions
That I've tried so hard to keep locked away from everyone’s distress,

It was really kind of you trying to unlock my rusty keyholes with receptive keys
But I'd make an atrocious friend, a moribund tree
So please, leave me be
I'm better off alone as a lost solitary card would be
Without its pack to judge, humiliate and weigh it down, unfree.

I’m sorry Reem,
Forgive me.

Polka Jan 2

tick, tock. tick, tock.

hmm. I want pizza.

tick, tock. tick, tock.

I think I'm going to draw today. Yes, I'll do this.

tick, tock. tick, tock.

oh no




i suddenly remember


i suddenly remember that life has no meaning


i suddenly remember that we're micro-microscopic


microscopic in this universe,


this universe we know nothing about, and, oh,


oh, i'm losing sight of who i am and where i am and why anything in this world matters and oh


i dont know why my hands are shaking when i dont have a reason to shake them i dont know why i ask myself these questions when i dont have a reason to ask them i dont know why i write this when i dont have a reason to write them and i


dont know why i try when i dont have a reason to try and i dont know why i dont try when theres every reason to try but is there really and


what is a reason but something i myself conjure up out of little things do these little things really matter what is the quest for life other than a quest to release more happiness chemicals in our brains holding us away from the drug and


why do i live when theres no reason to live but why should i die when theres no reason to die and why do i lie to myself on a regular basis when theres no reason to hide myself from the truth but is


it really the truth or is it a lie ive lied to myself so long i cant remember because the only person who believes my lies


is myself


oh. the pizza is done!

tick, tock. tick, tock.

that's nice.

tick, tock. tick, tock.

i might make pizza again sometime

tick, tock. tick, tock.

Allen Faust Dec 2017

I wish I could get rid of these nightmares. Brand new hells await each night that I tread upon the hallowed ground of the dreaming. Flashes of lives so alien to me that I have little choice but to lay back and accept the inevitable. Every step in that realm is a new life, with new fears and new memories, like I've slipped into the forgotten moments of a life besides mine. Worse than the nightmares, or even the agonies of others, are the first moments upon waking. The moments I reach for someone who isn't there, the fresh feeling of loss starting every day. I wish I could get rid of these nightmares.

Comments and criticism appreciated.
Alec Dec 2017

Pain, without love
Pain, can’t get enough
Pain, it’s all i love
I need to feed this hurt in me

Pain, drugged me up
Pain, it’s all i want
I need to feed this Beast in me

Pain, in solitude
Pain, it’s what i do
Pain, can’t get too deep
Just what i need to feed this Beast

Pain, in agony
Pain, it’s not what you think
This is release
The pain is inside me

Pain, flowing down
Pain, it won’t get out
It’s all i want, it’s all i need
Just feed this Beast inside of me

Pain, make it stop
Pain, it’s ‘round the clock
Pain, where’s my lunch break?
Pain, won’t let me escape

Pain, it’s all i want
Pain, it’s all i need
Pain, i need to leave
But not unless it won’t let me

Seema Dec 2017

I grind my teeth
Hearing the clicks
What are these cords?
Puzzling with all these words
It seems alienitic
They say I am hand picked
To use such things
No! not the ringtones
Take it away and leave me alone
Stop making me act like a clone
These machines make me crazy
My brains and bones growing hazy
They not mine not my own
How am I here in this time zone
It's suppose to be 500 B.C
And here I am sitting next to a P.C
Hail God! get me out of here
I fear my end, I fear I am nowhere
I'm getting insane, I am haunted by phobia
The trouble I get in, is through this techo gear
Year by year they send me here
To examine my head cause I am a lunatic
A crazy being over used brain, a phobiatic
No pain just systematically down insane
A shot and a dramatic labelled in vain
Technophobia was the tag
And again they let me out of this bag!


Fictional write.
Lightheart Dec 2017

Close your eyes and start to scream
You’ve lost your mind, you’ve killed your dreams
You’re dancing in circles and laughing out songs
But you’ll fall back in the hole before long
You’ll dance for them across this rope
You’re holding on, but what is hope?
You’re spinning out and up in flames
The voices screech “you’re who’s to blame!”
You love this world and hate your life
Is that why you flirt with a knife?
Healing to hurt and mending to break
Just make it end for goodness’ sake
One more night to loose your mind
With bones to break and scars to bind
You’ll sit and stare and lust for death
But force yourself another breath
Hold on

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