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Ken Pepiton Sep 2022
Analog, anabasis… trip, short, burn the bug to carbon dust…

Seeking in my treasury of books, pared down to ones with personal attachments,
- I sought a Welsh-English pocket dictionary, gifted me
- by a taller and older, by experience, Overmeyer… Bob,
- but he was one of a few in the corp, band of brothers,
- who sang along with me, when he heard me humm,
- he knew the words, worth-ship fixing words, yes,
- we shall gather at the river that flows by the throne of truth. Mmmmhmm, so we shall see, so we shall see,
Oldman river, you know,
you wait, and wait, fishin' wishin' cogitations got from *** go,
known good, known evil, and evil comes for effect, not cause,
clean up, aisle five
hell, in a target store. And a Walmart, #26.
-- I recognized the anti particle, passing through either or,
becoming here, from there, your thinking my thinking,

wall of text, in your current context, this wall has hat

hooks to insights marked pertinent someday, in the wide ocean
at the end of any river mind me and error master,
as awareness, meandering as all fluids do.
Aligning in honed most saline crystaline form, as
current opinions shapened from dust and ash originally,
then spit the idea out as a word,
matter… mater, really, bottom first bit, was realized after
paterialization falled to manifest self reproduction…
patterned thought, fabrication, plane geometry… which we
as a team, a man and his tools, gunslinger, plus accoutrements.

Yep. Adam, did not work alone. The egg was first. He named eggs.
And chickens, full of eggs, no, hope, and chaos, nada mas…
- morals from old stories, we had lost all hold on those…
Stepmothers after The Hundred Years war, like as not was
first slave, with only obey believed enforce,
as far as
holy vows spoke allowed, but in a whisper…
hear us,
old folk, we scatterbrained old rockers by the fireplace
listen, this is living, right.
Pursue haps as haps occur, in thinking one thing or this other,

Our kind, fixed position ears perpindicularly augmenting per-
iferal vision, if, just, if. Immeasuarable meanings, justice, yes,

we settled at that point. All the Promises - in any living faith,
even dying proves life is a chance, we all go through it, and some leave marks, while others leave a heart felt
oxitocin, not cotin, red on yellow, **** a fellow, -tocin. Oxitocin,

Rush!- Kettle DRUM after a cello up run, or an old familiar rif,
Goin' up country, ' bought a map for a dime,
from a time lain aside in book, as I was seeking that Welsh word for these experience in side, feeling inside, but being mere, yes, not a limiting adjectival modification, on a word, intended to soothe,

NOT ******, soothe, as said of gentle rolling seas, calm as constant as Jupiter's ever near there, right there, red spot, there,
that is an anomoly, yet, there are those who claim clarity, that

Red spot, Ted-talk phaze, ease in, get a buzz, mmmm, slow, slow

whoa, so slow, what difference can plain-people, just us,
can we ever just know, this is the way, no obstacles,
and we leave trails, and trails widen, and widen, and widen,

wide as the milky way as seen from North Korea.
What a blessing, right?
--- God made these chickens we are eating,

no, child we selected these big red hens, people, like us, we can
know how earthly goods grow and we can help, as gard'ners,
retired guardians and priests can, make soil richer,
by leaven from the native soil,
fresh after fire, sparks the bloom

Patience, paid close attention, over time,
pay is as interest always is, compounding…
complex knots
slipping infinite loops generation systems
spinning straw to gold, bricks to build a tower…

to grow mustard into brocolli and cauliflower, prosper-o

we can engineer squash blossuming
be.. not spelch-pstpst-offt-listen,
- laughing
in my home are children, aged 6 to 13, across a seven year gap…
in my home with complete 5G internal Wifi, with cable
- copper, ah
- the humm, copper wire interference, acceptible as soft
- sub-spectra sfumati self-edged,- cut from whole cloth
Con, is with, fuse, is
blown… but, click, we are past that, where I live, on a pension.
I survived an oath in a war. And in America, the we, as
represented in Congress after Korea, and UCMJ, reach, reach,
- remember the ears that read, need to know
right, MP talk, uniform, all the exact same alignment and weave… for forsake, forsooth, forgotten gains, -- un-fore-gotten
upright walking, living concept, Phoebe Zeitgeist
- she made a word nest in my mind, on March 16, 1968.
- On a Douglas Flying Tiger insertion mission,
Flying to a foreign land more foreign than any thus far, redux.

Surreal stepped up to real, realms of preception, Metaverse/
uniform code under it all, we wished for this, can we, can we,

please, walk back in and watch the shadows morph to home sized I-max with true-fi dolby optimized to your very own, humanity
verified self--
- eyes up, look where we were when ever, then be come you now known as dear reader, responsibility free, cookie or no?
Be any mind you find you can wear with no wish to lie,
the wrong mind set with the ears and eyes, and we cannot lie…
you lose.
The whole ritual of prayer and supersites, tics, ****. We glow…

once illegal exposure
confidential, super-secret, super-positioned tyrannical systems,

whole cloth leprosy, black mold to dust time sequence…
-- such minds as fed us Elliot and Thorough Error-prone Poses,

as seen from the repressed mind of an unassimulated inate-ifity,
We are none of us, Adam sons, his model had nor repro circuits.

Hey, once there had to be something akin to ****** birth,
really, mitochondria developed virally, just fine, so, so fine,

imagine, we got the cell, a wall, with enzyme will efforts on the doors, we open to need, and useful matter is accepted,
as in another phase we open to expel the uselesshit, which then fills the red corpuscles, which use iron to hold the load.

Flushing blushing bride, Mito-mom, her daughters, imagine…

trackless wasteland, aftermath of minor miscalculation
in the dancing cosmos, whirling
whiling, smiling

I made it. 2022, Everest Pax, is the real name
of my youngest grand son, who randomly
reassures me he loves me, as though he wishes me
to not let that slip, naturally, his version of me is fragile,

what he imagines I am can disappear, in a day,
like Uncle Mike, and Uncle Dennis, and Uncle Richard,
and Uncle Remus…
none of whom were alive, when Everest Pax was named,
by his mother, with no input from me, save
the covenant aspect in the who gives this wombed man…
common pagan ritual adapted to post-Jesus Christ-sanity.

X-mas, nada mas. Agree, and take the cookie,
or risk another death,
on the real wrong battlefield… Well, what the hell… hero
or legend in my mind, thinking, what would any who do?
Raw raw raw
Anais Vionet Dec 2021
Love is but a game of false dice, sweet lies and oaths
to tame pretty rebels for astute, overmastering gentlemen
- harsh, dishonest and less in love, who loan affection with interest
and measure passion like coin recompense.

CH#64 - astute
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of the Day Challenge #64 astute
definition: marked by practical hardheaded intelligence

I was reading about Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction and thinking about Jeffery Epstein-ish kind of men. You know, every “love” poem looks at the “whole” of it from a certain angle on a certain morning *shrug*
I’m personally very pro-love, wait.. love ambivalent, no love thirsty - actually love allergic… I can’t decide. No rush =]

Happy New Year everyone!
Maja Jul 2021
You don't fight
fire with fire

that makes it burn brighter

You don't pour fuel
to the flame

for it to tame

Anger leads to anger
it never leads to good

if a match is lit
don't give the fire

Don't make it hotter

don't fight
fire with fire

use water.
jia Mar 2021
maybe if you didn't give any hint
like that time you liked my new tint
and when you gave me my favorite mint
i just wish you didn't

maybe if you treated others the same
like how it's only me that can tame
your only light and burning flame
so that's how it became

maybe if you were careful
and kind of less of a fool
a little more truthful
just thinking, it's wishful

maybe if i wasn't naive
for like a child, i believed
that you would not leave
however, i was deceived
Spadille Mar 2021
On a calm afternoon, a fox caught her heart
This beautiful fox was wild and not tamed
But in an instant she fell in love with it
She then planned to tame the fox

She approached it ever so gently
It was in the field basking under the rays of the sun
The fox sat there so majestic
And it bewitched her more

She sat beside the fox and said a promise no one could forget
"I'll tame you my fox, with my time and consistency you will be mine"
With all sincerity she have said that
And she plans to keep this promise until the earth crumbles

The fox agreed and held on to the sweet promise of hers
With all her love she will do anything for the fox to be tamed
No hearts will be broken and no tears will escape the eyes
For she took her promise seriously and it will not be shattered
I finally found the fox for me I wish to keep her as long as I could
Spadille Aug 2020
My beautiful moon,
I want to tell you that
You have tamed my raging currents
You have ruled my wildest waves
You have calmed my ocean

And every night I stare at you in awe
Never wanting to look away
Wishing for perpetual darkness
To see you shine the brightest
I will choose you over the sunrise
Simon Aug 2020
Trying to tame that which is within is a counter defect too something even more excruciatingly impossible too seemingly dabble right into! All because nothing truly ever remains the same afterwards...when all limitations are shot clean straight off the market! A market that is ONLY of the making towards what truly is from within, that harms ALL products into a complete stasis of "subjugation". Subjugation is how this thing (from within) is desperately trying too fool you into even trying to reach out from within (first and foremost). Actually, there's NO telling what could happen when you even try to "reach out from within"??? Since nothing is truly trusting when limitations start to burn out! Like a "spark plug" inside a cars engine that burned out because it short-circuited too many times, that it eventually wore it's entire self out cold! Showing that even while trying too tame (that which is within) may seem like just an incredible first.... Only until you are shown you've been left both lost and forgotten, altogether. Until you were to finally discover that nothing ever made sense to begin with. It's because you've been out cold this entire...**** time! WHY?! And why am I just noticing this now...?! Simple... Because a long, long, long...time ago... You tried to control something beyond ALL your wildest dreams of being capable of achieving! Especially while trying to tame that which is within! You can't erase the past! Just like when you are finally discovering that you've been short-circuited one too many times! Conclusion... The end result, is a massive tempting pleasure! Showing that you were obviously right about one thing... The market from within, is now spreading joy too your most wildest dreams about simply trying to merely take on that which is within!
PS... What do you suppose that could mean...?
You can't even (for the very lives of your individualities) try to simply attempt your "tempting" selves into taking on (that which is within)! You will certainly lose! As you were ALWAYS...meant too!!!
Dramatic faces and dancing clowns, who's next to make a frown.
Acrobatics and tiger tamers.
Creepy smiles, chills down your spine, oh look? there's Alice In Wonderland with her time rabbit friend. Creepy places, so eerie and dark, don't you want to come with me and see the other side of Circus Wonderland? where every creature comes to life. Even the unknown.
Their all wild, their running for their lives, going untamed but trying to tame.
Let's go to Circus Wonderland, where there's hot bags of crunchy popcorn bliss in the summer air.
Colorful lights, beaming sounds of fright.
Portals to unknown dimensions, where things we dream of come to life.
Come take a ride on the wild side darling, i promise you'll be alright.
Let's go to Circus Wonderland, where even the ballerina over the jewelry box dances under the diamond ring while the tamed lion jumps through the ring of fire.
To give off feelings of imagination, to visualize an unreal reality of fear into light.
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