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Äŧül 2d
For you, I am an artist,
My art is music,
My art is love.

For you, I am a soldier,
My duty is guarding,
My duty is protecting.

You lost someone special,
I'm an addition new,
Do not worry, Mitali,
I'm here to stay now.
My HP Poem #1852
©Atul Kaushal
Hannah May 17
Dreams are like art canvases.
You can paint on them or do anything to them,
but no matter what you do they are still beautiful.
When you sleep you fall into a whole new world,
your world,
where you can control everything.
They are not as beautiful as your life.
Your life is also like an art canvas.
But this world is real,
are you are living in it right now.
Your life is filled with wonder, joy, excitement, and more.
You will be able to experience some of the most wonderful journeys you will ever have.
Those will be the memories you will want to have for as long as you live.
No matter what.
Southern Icarus
by Michael R. Burch

Windborne, lover of heights,
unspooled from the truck’s wildly lurching embrace
you climb, skittish kite ...

What do you know of the world’s despair,
gliding in vast solitariness there
so that all that remains is to

Only a little longer the wind invests its sighs;
you stall
spread-eagled as the canvas snaps

and ***** its white rebellious wings,
and all
the houses watch with baffled eyes.

Originally published by Poetry Porch. Keywords/Tags: Icarus, flight, flying, hang-gliding, kite, glider, wind, canvas, South, southern, truck, unspooled
vanessa marie Apr 10
my life is stretching before me
an empty canvas waiting to be painted
but how can you draw a million smiles
how can you capture a thousand adventures
how do you tint a hundred sunsets
or dye a couple heartbreaks?
all i want on my canvas of life
is to have my heart stained with the colours of you.
life has just begun, and we could all use a little light in these dark times
with a gentle touch
caressing your thigh
making you quiver and moan
with her fingers grazing your skin
in vulnerable places
kissing your lips, your neck
your stomach
draping her legs around yours
so delicately
almost like a painter
touching you with her brushes
seductive art designed
on the submissive canvas
She Writes Feb 3
when they ask me why i choose
to cover my body in pretty tattoos

I tell them it is to canvas the scars
from others attempting to mar

to wear my afflictions as a badge of honor
reminding myself that I am stronger

to show the world pain can be beautiful
that I am here, and I am unmovable
in state of being chafed
hues of the canvas cry fake
to sympathy our comfort zones
settling our opinions in the bones
clearly who cares the tones?
Laura G Jan 8
I've forgotten how to do damage with a pen
All I remember is how to slash these swords against my skin
Crimson drips from the mutilated canvas and,
it becomes interesting
The candyman promised his stuff was the good kind
Guess he forgot to mention with every high comes a goodbye
I'm a ticking time bomb
And I hear the clock ticking
Tick tick tick
But suddenly every tick becomes a good time when I remember
That the end of every goodbye becomes the chance for a new high
Jon Thenes Jan 7
burn all the study notes
smash the greenhouse windows
destroy the lab equipment
and flood the basement storage

shell anything personal
shuck any valuables
abandon this invested waste
become unpossessed

you think your heart is broken ?
her token is silt in memory
take it to the streets at night
sully it thoroughly
and file off the organs remaining operations
make it un-abusable
and option-less

what about your face ?
bleed away
you recognize nothing
bleed actual jail from your eyes
and crawl from the fight that mauled you
claim your part in the background
a pant of the great huffin'
lose yourself in the noise
the trade
the interference
the indifference

you're a vile version
and drag this edition
to it's rotten point
the lowest style of limb
where you needn't fend
where you are securely unmended

a gentleman approaches...

you peer from pinhole

he looks 'the you' over

you pass the city border
beyond the last streetlight
you have earned ghost
now you may be of some use
now 'you' are not

                                        - canvas
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