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Lynnia Nov 13
Write me like a rose
Soft petals built of prose
Carve me like a keyless lock
Whose secrets no one knows
Draw me like a dream
Who isn’t what she seems
Mold me like a polished mirror
Who says just what she means
Craft me like a crime
Who stole all of your time
Paint me like an endless youth,
Never past her prime
Form me like a fire
That never, ever tires
Lull me like a legacy
That stays when things get dire.
Cat Lynn Nov 12
Could ever make up for what I did to you

What a mistake
Lyn-Purcell Nov 6

I was made to

So sorry, there’s been so many things going on on my end...
There’s been more down than up and I needed a mental break to prevent another breakdown.
I’m sorry that I disappeared again.
I don’t mean to worry anyone.
I really truly appreciate you all and all the support given.
I hope you guys can forgive me...
Love you guys so much.
Thank you so so much for 257 followers.
It's amazing I even managed to get this far...
Lyn ***
Andie Mcphee Nov 3
Your love was orange
And I never really liked orange
Before I could see the bright floating fire
On the sea of your iris’
Orange was the color of forced smiles
Days of sun when the world needs a little rain
But when the sprinkle
Turns to storms
I see you
And you don’t run for cover
You run for me
And I can see my orange
My sunset heart
For the first time
And I could cry
All the velvets and rivers and fields
But all I want is orange
Crego Nov 3
Funny how
it used to be
so comforting
talking to you
But lately
I’ve never been
more uncomfortable
just being around you.
She got on stage
Cleared her throat

And sang.
The first time I’ve sung solo in stage, the school anthem. It wasn’t planned, they just were desperate for someone who knew all the words and up I went. But I’d gotten so involved in the celebrations that day, the whole thing and all, it just felt like I was back in class, and I had no stage fright whatsoever.
A new beginning for my confidence levels and  home ground.
But really, this reminds me of the rise of a feminist or a voice to be heard.
duncan Sep 21
i swear i was born for the train.

slow and convenient.
high maintenance
and free if youre lucky
but cheap if youre not.

i can

get you close enough to
know youre lost.
a kink in these wheels
might send us flying.


i am so far gone
and past. the mold on
these leaves smell
much of home.
and i am giving my
skin for impossible deeds.

to rid us of time.
to live when i please.

in some way i feel
as though i am not living
if im not being hit
by the scaffolding.
a world is being built
while i check my
clothes in a passing window.

i will say words i regret
on this train, but they are
words i mean. like cyanide
for the agent i will die
for my cause if it cant
**** me first
trf Sep 21
I met a gal
Minded my nose and buttoned my pills
Quickly figured out
The tone was deaf and the silence was real
She was so wild
Dancin' on poles to pay electric bills
I became a child
She was 19, I was over the hill.

Brown bourban eyes
 A dash of **** and a pint of salt
To my surprise
She couldn't hang, it was all my fault
At noon she died
I carried her to the family plot
It's alright
Baby told me, always cause a thrill
Seanathon Sep 13
When I see you

My eyes turn to the side
Just past the wrinkles

To the corners of the world
Where the greatest hope still resides
Besides that of eternity

And you, you…

You seem to me
Like a picture of a jubilee

As a lightning strike
Before my eyes
You change the way I view the night

And the days so short
Which pass us by

Though your heart of Autumn
Often beats
There is always summertime in me

And the will to be

Yes, the mere sight of you
And the mind I see

Always makes me feel
Alone but I'm glad you're not. With a wink and a smile. I strive endlessly.

Best when read to the tune of - https://youtu.be/Y-Es0N3yOjs
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