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Maja May 2023
The ledge was slippery,
Like my mind at the moment.
A time in space
that didn’t seem to matter.
I fell,
I didn’t jump
- I was pushed.
I might have made the leap,
but I never made the choice.
I might have made no sound,
but I never had a voice.
I fell,
but the truth is still that
I didn’t jump
- I was pushed.
I silently drowned.

I had been dead for a long time
before I even hit the ground
lua Apr 2022
breathe in
the ice cold waters fill my chest
as delicate strings strum in my head

"careful, you'll crack your head open"

careless, my thoughts come pouring out

jump in
unwind and relax
droplets ebb and flow
with a mind of its own

reach out
extend a helping hand
these shallow waters
soak my shoes

unstrained and wet with tears
living in a daydream
has never felt this real.
lua Sep 2021
wind chimes in early morning breeze
the sizzle of shadows
from the blazing sun
kisses my skin
all sticky from sweat and heat
i twitch
the whites of my eyes are painted with tears
take a step
and jump
plunge myself into the blue
and bathe in the grey afternoon clouds
til i wait
for the sunset.
Here I go, head first
Jumping and not being pushed
Into the deep end.
Rea Apr 2021
isn't it funny how
the best things come out
after you're taken the fall.
how my heart had to break into a million pieces
before i realized what poured out of the cracks.
the potential to love
like a cup that's been filled too much
and it pours down the sides
and on your hands
and on the floor
and suddenly it's everywhere.
something so tiny, you didn't even know it was there
until it was plugged in
and now it's thousands of lights
that won't burn out.
you're blinded by the brightness
and you think "how could this all be contained inside me?"
and all you want to do is throw open the doors and invite everyone in because you know your heart can withstand it.
you know now you are strong enough to
love and break a billion times over.
so jump then fall and see what comes out.
Andrew Layman Apr 2021
My decision made
only air caught me
resigned to fade
from the highest place
with the most shade
I'm coming down
that hand I've played
sent me below
but I'm not dismayed
when beckoned by the ground
I heard and I obeyed.
pcb Mar 2021
I could, I would fall so hard for you,

If only there's any space for me to jump.
—I swear I would bungee jump as soon as you let me.
Ps Forbes Dec 2020
She stood on the edge of a cliff,
looking out to a world that didn't exist-
while waiting for the winds kiss
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