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laura 7d
Life is like a roller coaster,
So unpredictable.
Sometimes things come suddenly,
And it’s like a big jump.
But, then you have to adjust,
And sometimes it takes time.
Just like a roller coaster,
It takes you a second to feel yourself again.
The joy of life though,
is its ride.
Just live your life,
and enjoy it.
a guy
in wild
sox seize
this roof
with threadbare
darts and
trim top
with gad
of post
and prove
velvet goest
with cream
here this
base ardently
shin eaves
in our
free fall
Aaryn Jan 26
The sign is a suggestion
If they really cared
They would have built the fence higher
We could have jumped
directly off the cliff
but instead,
we're paragliding.

These winds of change
are terrifying, tough, and turbulent.
Still, our stomachs are in knots.
Still, we wonder where we'll land.
Still, we will coast,
to the bottom.

And maybe I won't be scared
of heights,
or the ground
by the time it's over.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
maybe i jumped
too soon

~but you said you would

Alfred Hicks Jan 10
The earth warms in the Sun rise
The unknown is here it no longer hides
Soon to be shown by the moment that I've wasted tons of moments fearing.
Feeling the pressure of the other birds leering.
I was held down by the weight of their thoughts.
No, it was the thoughts that I thought they thought.
The thoughts that I thought I burried deep inside of me.
The self hating thoughts of no self worth that I despised in me.
No need to ask will I fall or will I fly.
When I stared at the ground and never the sky.
I sat and thought
Envious of time and the way it flew
n Jan 8
Don't think
This fragment is up for your interpretation. Take from it whatever you see/hear/want. It was written after cliff jumping. The whole thing is very daring. It becomes a repeated thought process turned personal motto. The 'darling' at the end is very 'me'.
Xandra Lynch Dec 2018
I convinced myself one day I could fly
Open my arms and allow the wind to carry me
Soaring through a brisk, warm air
Light-headed and dizzy as I see the earth rotate
From underneath my feet
And I realize the rotations that seemed ambient before
Have all gone away,
And I’ll be just like a bird
Bones hollow, a secret song swallowed away inside them
Free to go wherever I want
Without being looked upon
Surrounded by patches of deep, lovely, singing blue!

And I’ll forget what death means.
Forget blazing, unrelenting, merciless fire
Forget old salts and their adventures, in an honorable grave
In the slow, murky, wet, deep, dark, time-stopping coral grave underground;
I’ll forget muffled screams of dust and grime from six feet under
I forgot the wish
or dream
or ambition
or aspiration
or objective

So when I jump
There was no failing in my legs,
Or in my feeble, ****** heart
Or in my always-moving brain
There was no faltering in my breath
No secret wish for death
Just a quick, hasty JUMP!
Exhilaration and innocence
Frivolous yearning
An evanescence hoped for by many
Because it’s worth it.
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
Alone at home busy
Where is she?
Duty is duty
No one around me

Pouring water; plants and lawn
Washing floor with the pump
Blossoming flowers remind me bygone
They used to run and jump

Yellow flowers were eaten by rabbits
Two whites and one black
They forgot missing two, memory habit
Of the rest -  brain's bank

Missing one was pragnant, Oh so sad,
Wish you were hidding in burrow
Where you dug near the shad
Not a dog bit it up to hollow

Miss you the everytime I feed
Green fresh water spinach leaves
Only the rest three came to eat
Where do you leave? Where do you leave?
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