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Stark May 19

"the exposure looks kinda funny"
"maybe just adjust the aperture a bit"
"add in the lighting"
"is the white balance set?"

the chair squeaks as it moves to the left
the weight shifts the couch in their direction
heat radiates from the family
whose fake smiles are nearly as blinding as the flash from the camera
despite the tripod, the camera sits off kilter
like the uneasy tension in the room
it feels hot--no, sweltering
unsettled emotions sit like
discarded mail
away and out of sight


"Okay, we're good"

and the family heads off in their separate ways
with no goodbyes for the others
inspired by dean's dayfly
I cannot wait
I really can't

If I ever get married
If God has that in my stars

God, will it be great

There's no distance I wouldn't go for them

Pain now is temporary
And those eyes will always hold a glint for me
I will--am chasing that glint
Until I belong to them,
And they want to belong to me

Until that silver shines through me
My eyes, my nose, my mouth,

Until that light reflects back
Brighter to them
Than my open, vulnerable, enamored,
Eyes received them
Though I know I'll never believe it if they say so


I can see it now,
Can you?
The flash from their eye?
As quick as their breeze walking past,
But twice as warming
Now their smile!
A smile
I would bear the rest of my life
If only at my final conscious sight
I would see it
In person
A tender voice.
Dulcet tones reach tingling ears.
I soak in the details no one else hears.

Teasing blue eyes
A secret song

Unpinning my heart,
- In a flash it was gone.
Black,Brown,yellow or white,
Tall or short,what's in a height,
Thin, fat or obese,
What's to do with size,
From zero to XXL,
Beautiful,**** or normal,
What the hell!
It's Your life,
Live it without strife.
Savour its flavours,
Reach out for experiences, newer and richer,
Be a Rockstar.
Soon before you die,
Your life before you will flash by,
Make sure,your ending is your best goodbye.
Seanathon Jan 11
Missing the spark of your flash in the pan
The blinding seering light most quick
I miss
Not the way I'd behave when things would go amiss
I miss the fog of war
The flashing flay
And the feeling of victory
That most ignorant bliss
The spark
The flash
The flay is what I miss
Amy Duckworth Dec 2018
One day life will flash before your eyes,
make sure its a good one to watch.
Try Dec 2018
you can't game & watch the clock,
that's how you lose another stock,
she run away with your cash,
its a smash and dash,
over in a flash,
at least you still got to tap dat ***,
sitting back puffin da herb,
think how its so absurd
that 69 be the cap
in smash,
that's the ultimate smash,
****** innuendo
right in front of your face,
hurry up and get your fix,
that taste,
that glaze all over her face,

© Try
for all those who are enjoying Super Smash bro Ultimate
RN Nov 2018
These past few days are fast
I want to be as fast as Flash
Travel back in time and change our past
So I can meet you first before he does

Gonna break the rhymes in these few lines. .

I don't want you to forget him
Just move on, and say your goodbyes
Live your life and make it nice
Date, drink, travel, wink, sleep, lick, ****

Let's go back. .

Past is past, focus on your present
Almost done, will give it to you as a present
In my mind, babe you're always present
You're the teacher, I'm your student
You're my doctor and I'm your patient

Time flies very fast, man
I'm the victim and you're the gunman
You shoot my head and chest, ****
Now I'm dead to you, what a successful plan
Rhymes in my Mind
Emi Jay Sep 2018
the night sings to me with silence,
the whisper of trees and far away cars,
noises and nothings steeped in sibilance
as ceaseless and steady as my somnolent breaths
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