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A puny nib tells it's affliction to perception sheet.
Enzo Dec 2018
I showed you love but you were color blind
All you could see were two colors:black and white;

Man and woman, woman and man
Thats what you see, love living only in binary

You're straight with the hate when two from the same gender procreate
You're pro-life but never did love life nor live a life of love

All you are is hate hiding behind your faith

I could diss you and spite but yknow I'm not like you
I swing my own way, why should you care if it ain't straight?
Not *** or bi or anything but I love my lgbtq+ friends
Stark Nov 2018
Red for the blood dripping from a vein
White for the sheets that cover the dead
Blue for the visible beyond that is the sky

For every drop of red silk that
Glitters in the sun
One is a step closer to freedom
From the blood that ties us
To its fiery core

For every pure cotton cloth that
Shadows over the deceased
One has risen halfway,
Breaking their ties
With the underground deep below

For every new light
Borne from the dreamy blue sky
One has earned their freedom
From their mundane, mortal body

No longer held down by hunger
No longer held by thirst
No longer needing shelter
No longer needing clothing

Freedom from Earth
Comes in shades of
Red, white, and blue
wrote this after some ideas I was pondering over regarding freedom.
Özcan Sh Sep 2018
Pen in the hand
Ink on the sheet
Ice in the chest begins to melt
The warm heart begins to beat

We write down the words
And found peace and love
On the white sheet
With the black ink on it.

We love poetry.
yes we do
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Fervorous rain did
Clothe land with thick water sheets;
Clinging and stifling.
Özcan Sh Jul 2018
If we poets are sad
No tears fall from our eyes
Words fall from our hearts
That brings the blank sheet
And the pen in hand to life
They know how we poets feel
Because they were always
In good and bad days there
Like best friends for life.
Em Mar 2018
our sheets rustle
as the leaves do tonight

Silence lays between us with a hand on each mouth
intensifying the Words left unspoken,
the Words that simmer above my head
(unreachable, unattainable)
for too much was already said

and i hope you know,
that i would still buy you the shimmering stars,
the moon that shone on your face that night
(that night where we kissed and we laughed at nothing)
if only you'd touch me as the wind does the leaves
Jordan Hudson Dec 2017
Symbols and signs that notify sound
Dynamics and accidentals for the music you found
Have you ever heard the analogy of half steps?
Sharp is to up as flat is to down
Natural is same and scales go all around
Scales are what create keys and chords
Notes mark pitch along the lines
Then you can modify them with only signs
The clef is what gives you what's called a range
You can pick from whatever you'd like
Just remember symbols make them quite
Well, key signature gives you what notes to use
Just know the mood determines what you choose
Grace notes add just a little bit more
It is easier to place them using a digital score
Time signature marks your time
I just said that because it rhymes
And bar lines form all of your barriers
Arpeggios are good to make more detail
Breaths and pauses are as thin as shale
Brackets, text, breaks, and tremolo
One of the first things to come up with is the tempo
Oh, wait, did I forget to mention the staff?
If you don't know that then everyone will laugh
This is about sheet music and isn't all that good but I think some may enjoy especially if you are a musician
When you mistake bugs
crawling on a white, blank sheet
for ink blots, or dark stains,

It's just like when the stars
you see in the pitch black sky
move, and turn into planes.
Written walking how from work at night, in Canterbury, Autumn 2016.
Poetic T Aug 2017
Goodbye to all who knew me,
This is just a story

This is now an empty sheet,
but my words will always
be silently read. My children are
my pages carrying my memory on.
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