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Maja Sep 2020
If man creates a monster.
Who is then truly the monster?

The creator.

Or the created.
For every person there is damage.
Damage caused.
Damage seen.
The damaged live and the damaged die.
The damaged save and the damaged hurt.
The damaged forgive and the damaged condemn.

For every damaged person there is a condemned.
Condemned, they are so the damaged can move past them!
"I condemn those on the street so I may walk by".
"I condemn those in their adultery so I might save them."
"I condemn those that hurt me and made me condemn."
"I condemn myself for ever condemning."

So what are we? Surrounded by the ******.
For everyone who bares witness to those who affect them.
Who damage them.
And those who condemn themselves for damaging.

All are guilty.
And with that, chaos.
To fight the ocean of the condemned is as simple as condemning.
Only through condemning can we ever forgive.

Only through forgiving ourselves can we hurt again.
Only through forgiving ourselves can we save our soul.
Which one will you choose.
I'm still on the fence.
just a thought maple gave me
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Silence makes the demons come alive
In the silence they just thrive
So my house is never quiet
Some times it sounds like an all out riot
My tv is alway on
So my demons do not spawn

I already have to many
Three is more than plenty
If you're wondering how I know the count
I've seen them in my house walk about

If you wonder if I get scared
My aswers, no all my houses they've shared
Even my kids no longer worry about them
It's only me the seek to condemn

But when new folks spend the night
They seem to stay up till the morning light
I guess they don't have unearthly visitors
Because in the morning they become quite the inquisitors
Like how do you ever sleep, and don't they scare you
I sleep with the tv on, and only a few times they do

But I like it better when I can see them from my bed
It means their not messing up there in my head
For only when they walk my floors
They aren't in my mind opening doors
That should stay shut
Because those memories make me cut

They are devious little basterds
They know exactly what their after
And they've almost succeeded a few times
But I'm still here, alive, on that up hill climb
But one day they'll win
And with the fishes I'll swim
ALamar Jun 2014
How we treat ourselves
Is the tenor upon which we represent ourselves
The hell that raised us
Doesn't have to be the hell that sustains us
We are blessed to have our own minds
To choose the course we want for our own lives
Our course was meant to be a horizontal one
And it can only be undone by the One who called us to be his daughters and sons
We are not judges
We weren't put here to condemn
I believe it behooves all of us to leave that for Him
And while we may disagree whole heartedly by someone else's choices
What right do the rest of us have to be disrespectful and poisonous
We may have taken the traditional route and even made our lives better
But to make light of someone else's LIFE
Does little to make any of us better
It makes us lesser
Because in the end we are all the same
And we are all just one bad decision
From sharing the same blame
To he whom feels the need to condemn,
rip apart and tear away.
To dissect another's written script
to cause with malice, words to fray.

I have these words too say too you,
wouldn't it be better in the end,
instead of shooting from the hip,
encouragement you could extend.

Make a point with others here.
The likes of me, 'who can't care less'
But no, you guys go for the ****
of those who's minds that you can mess.

I've read so many cold one liners,
composed to cause the worst heartbreak,
your words deliver contamination,
the likes of that most slimy snake.

If you have only half, the talent
that you really think of your esteem.
You wouldn't need to be so nasty,
so keep it right and keep it clean.

If you feel that you must comment,
an honourable thing that you could do,
then try to help instead of hinder.
Then we might think something of you.

Constructive critique is a good thing,
it helps another and yourself.
But if you seek to be the *******
then keep your thoughts up on the shelf.

If you want to help another
it doesn't do to laugh and scoff,
if this is the path you wish to travel,
my words to you my friend "*******".
12th Jan, 2015
JSL Nov 2014
I loved you through skins and into your within,
how dare you shame me for my proudly presented fins?
I will burn you, I will drown you, I will breed pain in your bones.
To condemn your inner core and send you to stones.
For this hurt I'll return worst, you tempted my thirst;

I am your curse.
Dinah M Jun 2014
Monsters doesn't sleep under my bed
All of them sleep inside of my head
I always try to push them away
But sometimes I can't keep them at bay

When they're unleashed, I can't control them
I'm sorry because i'm the one condemned
If I did something wrong, don't leave me
Cause you're the one who lets me

Everybody has their own limits
And mine can show in less than a minute
I hope you can accept my dark side
And that your love will never subside
"even if i try to push you out, will you return?"

× dark side by kelly clarkson ×

— The End —