Barely can see the light
Imprisoning the window pane
With your wall of white delight
Cold feet driving me insane

Yet escaping is no use
As each speck of snow -
Is a perfect excuse
For nowhere to go

For the winters to come.

is it a four lettered word
hidden behind
a meek smile
and a shrug?

or maybe

it's an apology
after a mother spanks her child?

that could be it.

tumblr suggests it is a prom proposal
and a promise ring.

but to me
love is at 3 am
when panic attacks
rock my body
harder than the sea when rough
and my lover calms me down.

to me love is
asking if i have eaten
because my lover knows
how shaky i get after coffee
with no breakfast.

to me love is
a careful caress and a poem.

what is love to you?


Wo din the aakhri,
Wo khwahishey thi adhuri,
Khwahish thi hum saath rahe,
Khwahish thi hum khul ke jeeye,
Adhuri si zindagi,
Choti si zindagi,
Sun toh jara kya kahti hai dhadkan,
Sun toh jara kya kahte hai dard,
Jarurat hai teri,
Sahar hai tera,
Gaya jo tu toh,
Bikhar jaegi zameen,
Batt jaega aasman,
Par mai rok nahi sakti,
Par mai tok nahi sakti,
Mai khafa hu,
Aake mana le mujhe,
Mai ladkhada rahi hu,
Aake sambhal le mujhe,
Gusse me aag hu,
Gale se laga le mujhe..

helena alexis Dec 2017

it was a late Thursday night
and the restaurant was reaching
closing time the petite girl had her
hair in a straight messy bun as she had her earbuds in blasting her favorite song

she was sweeping the floors while dancing as she glanced over her shoulder to see if the tall brown eyed boy she liked had left yet

as she was sweeping she noticed the boy about to
walk out the door to leave

“wait! before you go give me a hug” she said
with a slight shy smile on her face as she walked over
to the boy with his hat turned backwards and his earbuds in

he grinned as he opened his arms preparing himself
got her tiny embrace, wrapping his arms around her
for a quick 5 seconds

“what was all that for?” he asked as he almost walked out the door

“oh it’s just that I’m not gonna see you for the next week so I’d thought I’d say goodbye” she said shyly, blushing a tiny bit

“aw well I’ll see you when you get back and have a happy Christmas” he said walking out the door to his car

being in his arms
made her feel safe
he felt like home

love working with him

Hug ....
To feel the love
To feel the distance
To find the difference

Angie S Dec 2017

today i wore a new perfume
with the warmth of vanilla
and a hint of lavender
i wonder, if i were to
hold you close to me,
would you find it comforting

or should i just tell you
where i got the perfume?

originally written nov. 26.
more details about this poetry project of mine? i'm putting all of my november poetry (30 poems) with revisions as well as a lil note by me into a .pdf or something to be downloadable for free. also considering printing a few copies and selling them at a low cost to people irl.
no set date for release yet! though i hope to get very close if not finished by the end of the month?
olb Nov 2017

happy is when you feel those butterflies for the first time
happy is being nervous on you're first date
happy is when you can be yourself around a new person
happy is when you can feel someone looking over and smiling at you
happy is not being able to contain your smile
happy is laughing all night long because of the person you're with
happy is when someone looks at you and smiles
happy is being spontaneous
happy is the little things like watching your favorite tv show
happy is sweet gestures like hand holding
happy is sharing thoughts and feelings
happy is not wanting to leave
happy is looking up at the stars at 11:30
happy is having the best hug of your life and not wanting to let go
happy is not being able to sleep because they're all you think about,
but when you do fall asleep you still have a smile on your face
happy is waking up with that same smile still on your face

i can't begin to explain how happy i am. it's crazy
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