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Lily 1d
Why do I miss you so much?
Why can’t I go a day without thinking about you?
You’re going to be far away soon,
And I won’t ever get to see you.
Why am I so attached to you?
Why do these feelings feel so natural?
Why do you make me want to follow you
Wherever life takes you,
Listen to every word you say,
Hear your gorgeous laugh every day?
Why do I want to be with you always?
Even now, laying on my couch at 3 am,
I wish you were sitting next to me,
With your arm around me,
Pulling me closer to you.
I would lay my head on your shoulder,
And everything would be fine.
But you won’t ever be here with me again,
So I must make “fine” on my own.
Why is it so hard?
And it's moments like this
I'd wrap my arms around you.
You'd disappear, head against my chest.
A thousand pieces coming together.
Our eyes closed, curled together in each other's arms.
Each moment prolonged.
Held tight.
Your body against mine.
An eternity in my arms.
Total control of our philosophies.
Suddenly you'd disappear.
Not an ounce of weight could be felt.
Sometimes opening my eyes.
Finding you nice and nestled
Between the width of my shoulders
i was sitting outside in the freezing cold
hands numb and body shivering
the cold makes me feel better
my friend saw me crying
she came out and hugged me
and i realized how much i loved warmth too
i'm missing out on so much
and thinking back
it's because the cold is all i've ever known
and what's sad is
i also realized
no one has really hugged me in months
Would you hold my hand like, No air could ever pass
Would you see in my eyes, No air could get in
Would you touch my skin, No air could ever feel
Would you hug me more, No air could ever do.
Would you hold me long,
like no air could pass through this...
Would you make me feel,
So loved As I feel to be what I wish...

- Happy Ankleshwaria
written it as it comes. pl correct me if you think,  i should
On a blue lonely night
I was fighting my fight
That end of the tunnel
Had no sign of light

Then something happened
I met you
It felt nice, it felt new
Though had no clue
It'll end up becoming something
beyond I had ever imagined.
My mind inevitably blew.

Knowing you feels peaceful
Like I'm meeting myself
Talking to you is blissful
Like some pieces of puzzles
Falling into places themselves.

Can't find any precedence
To the connection I've with you
You're amazing to a great immense

Your charm amazes me dazes me
Your goals, your energy just crazes me
I learn so much from you
Everyday every time we talk it amuses me

It's safe when I'm with you
Want you to feel the same way
I can let go with you
You will even find me
In a lost pile of rocks or hay

You're born to shine
Shine bright
You're among a few
Who're destined to touch
The tallest of heights

You inspire me
You helped me acquire me
You're beautiful in so many ways
I can compliment you for all my days

Now when I stand at the dark tunnel
And I try to find the end of it
I see a sign of light
It's not dark any more
I keep fighting my fight
But it's not hard anymore

It's easier then it was before
Thanks for being a part of my life
You some how open the doors
That were shut a long time ago
Helina Nov 2
Smile ear to ear
When I see you walking down the halls
The seconds that take to get to you,
Feel like they're forever
Those seconds feel like eternity
I just want to get there already
Hold you forever in my arms
Never to let go if I can
As soon as you hold me in your hug
Every little stress inside of me calms
I don't want to let go
I want to stay near your warmth
I don't want to end the texts
I want to talk all night long
There's no difference anyways though
Since you never leave my mind at night too
Healer Oct 19
Sky, it never says bye.
Day and night it makes me believe,
faith only hugs, with the hope future, can surely be conceived,
Green and blue are not just color but emotions to feel.
The ceaseless and mournful wind that blow draws a new dream,
the celestial river that flows makes me want to glow.
The mighty rainbow makes me feel that not negative but positivity will always overflow.
The breathless dawn makes me want to live the life of beyond,
Every martyr tree growing tall makes me want to forgive,
glorious moon makes me want to believe that every day is boon.
Birds flying in the sky gives away a hope that I'll survive,
with every laborer breathe it gives me the motivation to sheath my dreams.
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