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Feeling trapped
no way out
it’s comfortable though
no more fighting
so I give in
give up
I’m trapped
but it’s in your arms
Malina May 19
i crave your touch
and the safety of your arms around me,
engulfing me into your being,
surrounding me with your warmth
and encapsulating me in a moment with you.
9 weeks without hugs from him
Mr Poet May 6
Is this love?
I can't seem to explain it

Aside from the raindrops crawling onto my skin
I can feel the warmth of your body as you hug me

I only want your hug
Yet you gave me a kiss

It's like I'm requesting for a rain
Yet a storm arrives
Yeah you
How you doing?
Getting on with stuff
In this rough of roughest times?
Or wobbling a bit?
Sit in your jimjams all day. It’s cool.
Anyone with anything worth saying
Loves you
Be annoyed a lot
And try to smile
But don’t fret if it takes a while
The ups and downs are real. Feel em.
If you have a hug to hand, use it.
If not, accept the alternative
Through screens
We mean it
These days I want the days to go slower,
So I can talk to you once again.
These days, I want to nights to go faster,
So I get the good morning text once again.

These days, I want the time to go faster,
So I can meet you once again.
That day I want the time to go slower,
So I can look into your eyes once again.

When I met you, I wanna hug you once again.
When you're leaving, I wanna say "I love you" once again.
When you're low, I'll hold you once again.
When you're happy, I wanna be there once again.
Written on April 25th.
Violet Apr 29
Quickening steps
Glistening eyes
Extending arms
Your fervour challenged ephemerality
Warmth I have never felt before
Illuminated my world of darkness
An envision of home
Only in your embrace
To my dearest love.
UW Apr 19
Reveal to me your layers
reaching for my fingers,
tracing circles on your skin.

Watching an ocean dance at twilight,
shifting and settling into myself.

Embracing that warmth within you
for my shivers to stop.

Encircle me with your arms,
Hold me till i melt,
and i am loose.

Hold me till the tremors stop,
hug me till all my fears fade away.

Halting for a moment,
in this warmth filled bubble of protective silence.
IC Mar 9
Kiss me like its the last
Rather slow than fast

Dont threat me like you do
More like something new

Love me like you love me

Touch me like you want me

Hug me like you miss me

I want to feel adored
And be 'the wife of your life'
Namu Apr 17
Rest in my arms
sink in my embrace
so I can dive into your dreams
and soar in your imagination
Ken Pepiton Apr 16
Have you noticed? Stocks are up. Some big bets paid off.

All the little, sub-ten-mil annual gross, bets...
all of those sold for a dime on the dollar,

betcha dollar to a donut,

'go y'one betta, if y'got the nerve

le's race all the way to

the vaugus nerve curve under the aortal arche

and splash

sea of senseless geek gobble dee ****, the actual stuff,

wondering if we, me and you dear reader,
we are in this thing together

then define thing and forgive my shouting, in a two d realm

we have two - near ly two gazillion but we made adifferentiantion error
shunning was stunning and so on
messed up
references, became re-fer inferences and our code was banned as potscum.

When a non human entity owns all the data,
that non-human entity owns all the distribution of goods conducive to growth

algorithms risc'ing simple simon mother may I for long long long strings
dangling post cancelation

anomo anomo ono anamo arizen is secret poet code, moly,
drop a lode

may I, remind, re-mind, re
mind you,
may is your word now. Since April, 2020. Use it well.
Another shockingly wonderful day, when I wish I could hug some body.
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