i might miss you,
i might miss everything
about you

i might miss
your eyes,
your lips,
your hair,
your hands
that used to hold mine

i might miss
the hugs,
the kisses,
the i love you's,
the warm nights
when you used to hold me
in your arms

above everything
that i might miss,
it's the little things
that i will surely
miss the most

your voice,
your laugh,
your smile,
your wit,
your silly jokes

the chuckle you have,
the way you say my name,
the twinkle in your eyes
whenever you met mine,
the late night talks that
kept us awake
till the wee hours
of the morning

it's the little things,
it's always the little things
that make me miss you
Amber 3d
hot red cheeks
hands touching them
as it blushes even brighter and redder
getting closer and closer
until our eyes met
your fingers traced my lips
as you move closer
and closed your eyes
your hands pulling me in
to embrace me tightly
I closed my eyes gently
and our soft and delicate flesh touched
I could feel you smiling
as I open my eyes
a tiny little
to peep whats outside
I saw you smiling brightly with closed eyes
pinning me to the wall
I felt your heartbeat thumping through your chest
as mine did that too
hugging so closely together
as if we are never letting go of each other
a kiss
Taija Jun 26
chest on top of chest
hot and heavy breath
goosebumps all over
fingers wandering
mouths trailing off
skin is warm to the touch
stong arms hold me closer
show me what love really is.

Dominique R Jun 23
Afternoon light streaming through the window, a tight hug, playful words, an awkward conversation with strangers, blissful unawareness of anyone else because your arms wrapped around me is all I am aware of.
Her affection has arms

Child discover it
Later, to be a hug
Genre: Observational
Theme: The connections
Tara Jun 18
Look away when you depart
If you look in their eyes
You’ll never leave
Perhaps exchange a hug
But then I’ll never want to let you go
With one sad tear
Either held within or rolling out
I wave a see you later
Even if I know I won’t
I’m used to goodbyes and see you laters. We all have to leave eventually, even the ones you love.
Aa Harvey Jun 14
Love is a calling

Let me be the Romeo you need in this hour;
Let me be the one to bring you flowers.
Let me stand hand in hand with you beneath the shower;
With you in my sight, I could never be dour.

If love is the game, then by all means play on!
In film, in poetry, in life and in song!
Let hatred be scorched and banished from loves eyes;
Be joyous!  Be happy!  Don’t worry or despise.

For u2 shall find love, if you wait a while;
If all else fails, love will help you raise a smile.
I bring good tidings to the empty of empathy
And I spread love all around.
Love can never become a bullet, a paintball maybe;
The laws of nature leave love and happiness, eternally bound.

We are all seekers of love and love forever evolves;
Loves existence cannot be denied, even in the coldest of souls.
Every foot on the planet is hoping to move forwards towards love;
So who are you to give up?
Love is waiting out there for you to give it a hug.

Love loves to hug;
Love loves to be loved.
Love is waiting;
Love is a calling.
Lovers love to love.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Blyn Jun 13
I think I finally understand why they call it that,
Because knowing you,
Is like the biggest, tightest, warmest bear hug,
But like, with an actual bear that could rip my heart from my chest without warning.
But I don’t mind,
Because it is warm
And soft,
And I know that you are not a bear,
You’re much too gentle.
Too good.

I know that you’re too good for me,
But you insist that it’s something you can’t see.
But I’m glad for it.
I’ll take you as long as it takes you.
If only we spent more time Loving,
then Hating.
More time Laughing,
then Crying.
More time Fixing,
then Breaking.
More time hugging,
then Hitting.
More time Kissing,
then Biting.

For when that day arrives
we will be able to hold each other,
hand in hand,
arm in arm.
And we will be able to love each other,
Like we should have been doing,
from the very beginning.
Josh Jun 11
Thank you for the big hug,
it made me cry and smile.
I'm twenty one - I've been invincible for a while
and it's a shock to stop.
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