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Elena Aug 18
I need a hug
hug so tight
even though it may break my bones
I need a hug
someone to hug me
someone to never let me go
someone to make my cold body warm
someone who will make my soul smile
I just need a hug
the pain in my heart
is growing promptly
i've built up these walls
so no-one would see

  pain - i know you
you **** me deep inside
make me feel insubstantial
you are a stride......

  i cry myself to sleep
hugging my pillow tight
i wish you to hold me warm tonight
i need you to cheer me up
stop me to drink and be numb enough  not to feel anything
xavier thomas Feb 15
It hurts to know I was the last image you saw before you found your soulmate
Una nuvola arriva e copre,
Un ombra davanti al sole
Dalle tenebre
Diffonde la luce

Ha le forme di un tocco angelico
Forse un dio, premuroso,
O un suo messaggero,
Che abbaglia gli indifferenti

Ti avrò pensata una, due volte,
O forse cento o forse mille
Ogni volta era pura magia
Con le tue braccia a me avvolte

Ti avrò pensata urlando,
Piangendo e mentre ero felice.
Allo specchio mi son detto,
Rifarei tutto quel che andiamo sognando
Thoughts on a plane,
while I was going to a research center
the clouds had just the right shape.

NEVER close your love in a box,
When you feel like it
Just give it all, expand, explode.

Dead lover Jan 7
I wish you hug me one day,
If not everyday, at least one day.

I will not ask you for more,
I will not become a daily chore.

I will never ask you to say,
What you do not and thus can not say.

I have loved you for as far as I can remember,
It was just my confession that I made in December.

You trying to hurt me to make me move on,
Reminds me of the scene between Eowyn and Aragon.

What makes you think you can do, to  stop me from loving you?
I ask you not for your presence, just that you acknowledge my feelings for you.

Which you do not, even though it won't hurt to.
It will not cost a penny.
I am not asking you to love me too.

I cry myself to sleep, even though to you I say i am better,
You never acknowledged any feelings on calls or the letter.

You did not see me, you don't know i am in pain.
I know you do not want to see me ever again..

I deserve one hug, if not more.
You've never really hugged me before.

Give me some meaning, just closure I don't ask for a hope.
I know you don't like me, and for a future together, there's no scope.

But to you, oh my near and dear one!
I wish, I was more than just a no one.
I've no idea what's the point of hurting someone who has already grieved for so long?
That's not how my love, you can make me move on...

I loved you then, I love you more today,
In my own ****** up way.

You didn't have to reciprocate what you can't.
I will never ask you to. But what's so wrong about just saying a simple "Thank you"?

Ykw, I love you, and I will. For I have no switch to turn it back.... You've never been a bad person to me, I don't know how do you want me to see you as one... Don't give me reasons on why we shouldn't be together.. I've said everything that's there in my heart, I have nothing hidden anymore. I know you still care for me and I do too... That for me is more than enough... But I really hope one day I do get to hug you, and to get a selfie clicked with you... That's all..

And I hope I stop crying... My eyes hurt.. my face looks all puffy and has got a few scratches from the tears that actually Dry up your face.

Maybe one day you'd care to know about it...and I write it here with that hope. I love you
Willing to be Yours and only yours..
thepoeticwit Oct 2022
and in that long embrace
did I sense
depths of longing
abundant yearning
cries of desperation
enclosed in that tiny frame
cleaved unto my chest

my heart hears
and aches with her
breaks, and cries with her
longing for
her pains to resolve
for peace to set in at ease
for my warmth to grant
blessed reassurance

but alas
I am no saviour
barely a lover
just a friend
only shall I ever be
there by her side
in earnest prayer
in hope that
breakthrough arrives
and salvation draws near.
for Nina.
Radhika Krishna Apr 2022
You see,
I seem to have caught
the deathly hug of hubris
I know everything
But what does it all mean?
The pleasures of life go right above my head
And time drips from my fingertips
Plip, plop, plip
I am a blip
And this hug,
Why does it make everything so sad?
Mrs Timetable Apr 2022
It went
So deep
Time released
It lasted for days
Leaving an imprint
On my being
Embrace-so long in the making
Seeing friends in person after two long years ,  makes for the best hugs ever
tree Mar 2022
> if the world was ending of course I’d tell you I loved you, I loved you with all of my heart, so much that I couldn’t bear to tell you because even if you loved me a little (i know you do but do you?) I would’ve run into your arms, I’d be happy for a thousand lives over, of course
> and maybe I would tell you that I was never able to think about the love I had for you in the present tense, I loved you and I will love you but I do not love you, if it’s in the past or in the future it’s less of a part of me and that is okay
> if the world was ending maybe I’d tell you that I could never decipher whether the love I had for you was platonic or romantic or something in between and that sometimes I wondered if I only held onto the feelings so I could write more poetry
> maybe I’d admit that I wrote the most beautiful words for you, that sometimes even my own words evoked tears in the corners of my eyes because such a crude emotion was poured into that writing
> maybe I would tell you that recently i wasn’t able to think of you apart from love
> and maybe I would tell you that apart from staying awake at night and seeing you in my dreams I wouldn’t admit that you lived in my heart
> maybe i would tell you that i couldn't look at your face for too long because what if i ended up staring at you and (worse) what if i ended up gazing at you, that would not be good
> if the world was ending i'd reveal that the only way i kept a lid on my feelings was limiting how i felt to 'maybes' and 'what ifs', anything more was embarrassing
> maybe i'd tell you that you're my soulmate and i've never met anyone more alike to me who could at the same time be so different
> and so i'd probably admit i think i love you in a friend way but i've never had a friend that i couldn't bear to let go as much as you
i would tell you that you're my person, and i wouldn't care if i was yours
     > (though right now i really hope i am, probably because the world is not ending; everything changes when there will be no tomorrow, everything changes when all we have is the past)
> i would tell you that i've rarely experienced such an intense emotion, much less for a friend, i would tell you that there's something different about you (is there something different about me?) that makes me dread the day that we part
     > i would tell you how much i feared that we would drift apart, if i could i would hold your hand and never let go (would you let me or would you pull away?)
please don't gateway error me now OH MY GOD IT FINALLY POSTED!! I've missed posting here so much oh my gosh hi everyone
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