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Lily 12h
~Your hugs leave lasting impressions that I can feel hours after we touch~
To be a shining star,
is to be the 'echo of love' that caresses
a weeping heart with two hugs and one smile.

To be a shining star,
is to dress your soul in the eternal
garment of kindness and render service to others.

To be a shining star,
is to have every fiber of your being glow with so much
humanity, lighting up the darkness of the entire universe.

Hussein Dekmak

n-khrennikov Jan 6
like an empty beach,
Loneliness nesting ...
that the sea to bring

And gentle night
comfort and pain,
as If lighting all the candles
Sun wreath becomes Death arrow

And in the context of joyful world
sweet like the moon,
white body
   sad dress ...

And like a beautiful dead
like sleeping,
the shroud is light,
I was burned but remembered ...
n-khrennikov ©
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
Memories of him
All over my mind
Almost drowning me
The first time
We held hands
The first time
We hugged
The first time
We said I love you
I didn't feel it then
But after he left
I knew
It was real
Some people
Make you feel like home
In their arms
You can pretend you don't have
Those feelings
For that person
With that eyes
And that face
And that voice
That feels good

Even if you barely know them
It doesn't matter what they do
They are safe
They are every good feeling in this world
They are love
In their arms
You can escape
Escape reality
For a few seconds
Because you are
Even if you can't
Can't love them
If you aren't supposed to

But it's something about
That one person
Those eyes
Hiding everything i want
Like nothing else
Those lips
Have that thing that just
Makes me want to kiss them
Like nobody else
That hair
And the way it flicks around her pretty face
In a messy ponytail

You can act like it isn't there
And make everyone believe it
Yoú can believe it, convince yourself
But still
I just want
Those eyes staring in mine
Those lips making out with me
That hair to be played with by my fingers
That i was the one to touch her cheekbones
To be the one to speak her name as mine

Just for
All i ever wanted
You have felt the same
Haven't you

The more I live
The more I am compelled to admit
That the happiest moments are those
I lived with you by my side.

The more I travel
The more I realize
That the most beautiful place in this entire universe
Is right in between your arms.

Oh, the sweetest of the sweet devils
Break me into pieces
Coz I am best when I am at my worst.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Let's embrace 2019
With a warm hug

Happy new year
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Seasonal Greeting
sky Dec 2018
I watch my breath closely, as it clouds before me
as if it is a film
My skin, it screams, i want to soothe it
I want to peel the layers away until I am warmed
Hug me, I am cold
Ally Dec 2018
It’s been 5 years to this day.
It’s been 5 years since I last heard you say, the best part of a surprise is the SURprise.
I loved you, you were my rock.
I looked up to you, you were my knight.
You left me.
You abandoned me when I most needed you.
You ruined the idea of hope for me.
You ruined the idea of trust.
You ruined the aspect of surprises.
Because no matter what you say, your actions no longer surprise me.
You should be the one I talk to.
I wish I could stop loving you.
You should be the one to hold me.
I wish I could hug you.

After all that has happened,
After all you have done,
I still love you.
But after all you have done, the thought of a surprise makes me want to cry.
I can’t cry. I have not wasted my tears. No matter how bad I want to I can’t cry.
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