Lynx 4d

You hold me so tight
I fear I might break
But the feeling
It feels so good
To be against you
Against your chest
I feel as though we are one
I love this
I feel wanted
So please
My love
Hold me tighter
Go ahead
You can break me if you want.

This is from my views of last year, when my boyfriend hugged me.
erin Nov 10

The way you hug me
The way you talk with me without voice
The way you need me

Is enough to show me that I'm still needed
Soundless love that motivates me to live
Thank you, my dear student

If it wasn't for you,
I would feel so worthless
Thank you for keeping me alive.

Keen Nov 8

All I ask was for you to hug me,
So warm and tight.
All I ask was for you to stay,
For awhile or until we die.
All I ask was for you to hold me,
Hand by hand.
All I ask was for you to kiss me,
One last time,
Before you leave me.

Roman Soanco Nov 6

Merely a scratch.
Don't go looking for a bruising,
A festering wound or any of that.
Everything happened so fast,
Yet don't go thinking the pain won't last.
I'm only saying,
Not thinking or praying,
That I'm hurt.
Wanting my Mr. Bandaid,
To soothe me with his healing hugs.

Sometimes all you need is a hug
Angie S Nov 4

a fuzzy little peach
rolled from her terrace of the tall table
off into the depths of the air and onto the floor.
i scooped her into my hands and asked her,
'beautiful peach, how did you land here?'
with a sigh, she responded,
'dear human, there are few things i can do.
once i began to roll,
i could not stop myself.'
her skin clouded with signs of contusion
and her flesh softened with the force of her fall.

'beautiful peach,
there are few things i am able to do as well.'
i did all that i could for her in that moment--
brought the fuzzy little peach to my chest
and gently held her close to my heart.

'dear human,'
she whispered,
'though it is not much to you,
to me,
it means everything.'

my prompt for today was 'peaches'. it was a simple prompt, but i wanted to turn it into more than what it seemed. also, i practiced my alliteration skills!

here's a story about the little things
kyle dionysus Oct 24

If you one day end up crossing the deep darkness
Don't despair as the world will still be united with you

I guess maybe I got used to your deep dark eyes and couldn't leave.
It might be a continuous sorrow but it will allow a new type of happiness to flourish from within me.

I begin to feel quiet and my heart is still breaking while the pace of my heartbeat begins to slow.
Well at least I have a salvation as
I do not dislike myself because I was inlove with you.
Shadows begin to trace me and I utter to the shadows, for they must trust me.
Silence crushed my chest.

I wanted to be able to love someone so much to be able to hate them, but I could never hate you.

I began to walk on the heavenly path and I started to wonder if by tomorrow, the dark shadows shall clear up.
Meanwhile you are still hugging my chest.
Probably crushing my lungs, not that I need them anymore though.
I begin to feel your hope, as I continued walking on this heavenly path.
I began to wonder again if it will be clear tomorrow.
And if not, I will have to use those pure white shadows within me to replace those dark shadows in the sky.
I again feel this hope through your chest as you continue to hug me tight, not being able to let me go.

Let me become one with the shadows you once called me...

It shall be fine by tomorrow, as by daylight you shall no longer see the dark shadows in the sky, but rather you will see the clear white clouds and your own beautiful shadow being cast by our sun.

Let us allow this one love to be enough for the both of us.
Let us be molded into one shape, one world with our two souls.
Then maybe I can also be able to love the shadow that I have become.
Let us be that one love for two people, where one of them has become nothing more than a cloud, a white shadow above you.
For if you want to be close to me, stand under me, for your shadow will disappear, but don't despair for your shadow is not gone, it will momentarily become part of me,

Look above you as it will be joined by the white shadow that I am.
So live on for you are here and I am everywhere.
I will always be watching, as the rest of your story unfolds.
For we will always be apart of one another.

victoria keen Oct 24

I'll hug you till you smile out loud

My arms will hold you tight

I'll hold you till your tears dry up

And stay with you through the night

Then when you awake

And it's a brand new day

Your heart is fixed

Nearby I will stay

Just until you really believe

That your heart is pure

And ready to receive

alan Oct 18

Cyborg submarines,
drowning in the ocean,
nobody knows where they'll go
they're just gonna drown down, down.
What do you want tonight?
A brown paper bag, I fill it with-
just a hug.

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