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A comely rainbow
spanning the wet, sobbing sky;
colours showering
mesmeric pearls of teardrops on earth.

Many subtle shades of marvel
unfolded  on that day.

Elegance of burning splendour in sun’s soul -
earth treasuring the seed of first rain
in its womb for a new birth -
Spring’s svelte fingers
painting brilliance across the droning vale -
mist of radiance of a gorgeous moon -
stars sparkling to a melody
flowing from the divine harp -
sea breeze carving
shifting sculptures on sands of gold -
amorous mirth of sea waves
rushing to the hug of a waiting shore.

I stood there,
a trance benumbing my senses
to an hypnotic bliss.
Piku 4d
i was nervous and my hands were turning cold
thunder and lightening striking bold
you were waiting for me outside
while i'm stuck with a hold
you were dripping wet
i wanted to bring you under my fold
that's when i saw the love of my life
outside my home, wet and cold.
I kiss your head

And hold you tight

And for a second

Everything feels right

And when we are

In this tight embrace

I feel like I've finally

Found my place

When you hold me

To your chest

I feel like this body

Can finally rest

When I am cold

You keep me warmed

And in your arms

I can't be harmed

When you return

The love I give

You are the reason

I want to live

And when i see you

With your arms open

I always feel happy

That I was chosen

When there's nothing

Left for us to say

In my arms

Where you lay

I love when you

Put me beside your heart

I feel like that's when

The loving really starts
I just really need a hug.
Not a shrug or glance or wave.
Not a “good morning”, or a “how are you?”
Not a tweet, snap, or like too.
Not a smile, a “what’s up?”, or a wink,
Not a letter in the mail, a text, or a joke,
Not a “want to grab dinner?” Heck,
Not a hangout or a date.
I just really need a hug.
Thanks joe
Dan Beyer Sep 14
i find comfort in your touch.
like a swaying cradle,
i fall into your arms.
larger than life,
in this tight embrace.
engulfing my body
is your firm muscles,
packed under skin.
i'm like a baby again
at it's mothers breast.
the vibrations of your voice,
rhythmically burrow in,
and calm my busy mind.
If anyone asks,
"What is your favorite color?"

Just reply,
"The Color of you."

With different expressions
You keep on changing
I wonder how you do it
Sometimes I don’t know
What color is it
Sometimes the hue
Keeps on surprising
Close to magic it seems

Sudden change in contrast
From bright moonlight to eclipse
From dark shade to snow white
Puzzles me
Should I trust my eyes?
The two sides of life

The color of you
Makes me concern
What to expect, the next

The best color
Yet to see
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Color of Happiness Vs. Shades of Sadness
The sun might lose face on you
Because he’s not the warmest things on earth.
Lightheart Sep 6
I think about hugging you
when I’m sad
when I’m lonely
when it hurts

you know I never feel more okay
than when I’m holding you tight
with everything my little body
can do
when I hold your strong and noble body
close to my little and loving body
two opposites
two friends
too much love
to feel sad
when I’m hugging you
my love
The hugs yesterday were very good hugs and I would like to have them again tonight
Gemma Sep 5
Disgusting jealousy
the type that demeans everybody surrounding me ;
has me persuading those who have only just begun trying to give up ;
Causes an outbreak of a twisted personality
and watches my patience fall.
This is pathetic
I'm aware
but your broadened horizon of opportunities
makes me scared.
affection I crave ,
a smile, a touch, a hug-
My tar black heart isn't equipped with such love
and I return to an existence of sloth and lust
whilst you succeed.
You won't be thinking about me in a few moments time
however I will be dwelling on your achievements for endless months
maybe one day I'll own what you have
but you lived life in the fast lane and the only way I can escape my problems is if I get away on foot.
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