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Dec 2019 · 305
Go Home Now
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019


I say again,

You will not catch me,
You will not stop me,
You won't control me.

**** the Blue Man!

I own this fight,
I own this night,
I own my rights.

Never again will He slay me!

Though I am tired now,
In screaming pain out loud,
I will go home now.

For I will take my stand!

Gone is your meek gain,
Now you get dark pain,
Your blue hair erased.

And fight until I'm free!

I rule the fight,
King of the night,
This is my right.

Even though it burns my hands!

I'm so sick and tired now,
Of hurting behind shrouds,
Can we go home now?

My sword will slay him swiftly!
Can we go home now?
Dec 2019 · 489
Sorrow of the Soul
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
Here I've been singing
Songs for my bleeding soul
Can't you feel my morality leaving?
And now I'm struggling
On heartstrings I'm dangling
And emotionally muddling

There I was, running
My gold armor scuffing
Soon I'll be trusting (forgive)
Soon I will rust
My soul will join the dust
And maybe that's enough
Can't you feel my morality leaving?
Dec 2019 · 234
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
Oh, the things I've done in the dark of day
What's happened is expensive
But I'll never pay
At least not with money
This will cost me one whole soul
The reality is, this will cost me my soul
Dec 2019 · 219
The Night Terror
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
It comes down
The rain
The steel crisp blue rain
Puddles block my journey
The ground now laced in murky mud
One slip
And then that's it

Pain comes down
Self induced rage pain
Lays me on life's gurney
To the hospital of broken souls
Mine's shattered
And that's it

He comes down
The Blue Haired Monster
To revive pain for longer
I don't think I can keep swimming
That's it

Somebody loves me
The rain
The disdain
The Blue Monster's pain
They're all gone
No they're not
They'll always be there
But someday, they'll be smaller
And that's all she wrote
Behold what keeps me up at night
Dec 2019 · 253
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
What do I tell
About the blue deep inside me
I smile
But inside
I'm indigo
But few know
Few can know
I can't take their pitchforks
I can't be ostracized
At least not tonight
I can't tell you
You'll find me a fool
I can't tell them
They won't comprehend
I can't tell them
He'll abandon my sins
I can't tell her
She'll see me and swerve
...Who do I tell?...
When you have something eating you up inside and need to tell someone, but nobody will believe you, what do you do?
Dec 2019 · 266
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
You know what?
I want to dance!
Down the street without music
I know the song
It's memorized
Embossed on my brain
So you can have your Oldsmobile radio
But I WILL dance down the street
Deal with it

You know what?
I want to sing!
In the hills like Maria
A song all my own
And the hills and breeze will harmonize
And the stream will dance
So you can keep your televised singing reality
But I WILL sing in the hills
Deal with it

You know what?
I want to run!
Nowhere in particular
Just away
And that's perfectly OK
I need air in my lungs
So you can keep your treadmills
But I WILL run nowhere in particular
Deal with it

You know what?
I'm going to shout!
From the highest mountaintop
The world will hear my deepest cry
And with happy tears I'll finally cry
So you can live your life
But I WILL shout for mine
Deal with it
I will live my life my way, deal with it
Dec 2019 · 209
The Truth
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
How can I not hate you all
You all live normal
Happy lives
I'm a victim
Of a monster's lies
A monster with blue hair
Led me to his lair
And in return
Desecrated my tavern
I thought I was free
But that monster he...
And took my liberty
I was free
Darkened yet happy
Now I am taint
Brittle dry paint
And you have the gall to be happy
But it's not your fault
You don't know a monster stole me
And you never will
I don't hate you

I envy you all
I can't hate you for what you don't know
Apr 2019 · 392
His Choke
Anthony Mayfield Apr 2019
If you take my sorry
I'll take the fall
I'll make the call
And choke on my blood

If you take my pleading
It'***** the wall
I'll lock the stall
And choke on my love

Please, ignore my stalling
I was so wrong
I was so wrong
Forget my memory

Forgive me
I hurt your soul
And you'll never know

Sorry is not enough
I was torn by lust
But now I must
It wasn't me
Not by will
Please don't choke on me
don't choke on me
Apr 2019 · 305
Anthony Mayfield Apr 2019
The only way I feel
Not one of love
Nor born of lust

A shelter of my soul
A sliver of my pain
Splinter my reign
All hail the fool
The ***** little fool


So crushed

So many pieces

I can't be resolved

Breaker of the union
Despoiler of the sacred vow
You filthy animal
You ***** cow

I'm divided
I'm decided
By lust
But not mine
Your shadow will forever shroud my soul

I put walls up
But down they go
Beat down by the flood
Born of heated hate
A stampede of regret
A new reprobate

So say "hi"

Say hi to your crimes
To to speak through your cries
Nobody hears at night
Because then you must lie
I'm fine
But why
Why did you crush my soul
Beyond the spirit
Beyond my bone
Apr 2019 · 274
Anthony Mayfield Apr 2019
I did this
I let the monster in
I let the demons win
I am pain
Void of gain
Leave me
Hate me
Loathe me
****** me


If I deserve life
Then Monster wouldn't have touched me
Monster would have let me be

light it

But instead
I am dead
Monster is merciful master of misery
How lucky

light it up




what's that?

A ship in the night?
Did it hear my wet cry?
It sails back
Back to the sunrise
Back to me
Don't ****** my pain
Don't ****** my misery
Let it be
Let it be
Let them be
Let them see

I need
A break
To just be

I didn't do this
All monsters come in
And sometimes
They will win
But only the battles
Never the wars
YOU own this ship
This voyage is YOURS

If I'm to survive
I'll stay in MY ship
I won't drown again
On this night, I live
light it up
Mar 2019 · 401
The Fall
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019

I'm falling

In falling water

The lie is cold

And drives my soul

Sick irony takes a stroll

Down the black

I'm alone

In this winsome hole

That leads to the fall

To depths of icy gall

Monsters are at the bottom

They'll eat me

They'll maul


I'm writhing

In the ice of the sun

But to me

It's a glacier

The falling water ends here

Oh no

I'll freeze

This is where I die




I love you
It's a long hard fall to rock bottom
Mar 2019 · 277
The Rogue
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
How dare you
How dare you reduce me to rage
White hot and safe
Safe for my plate
From which I consume mounds of animosity
For the atrocity
For on that afternoon
I died
And I'm still not alive
Because of you
Because you were mine
You were my lover
My thief
My vandal
You robbed my heart
But then plundered my dignity
And pillaged my sou
It's a painful to shame to have to hold this close
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
A man is a man
Is a man
He stands tall
With strong shoes
And blue jeans
And red wings
He does not strut
He owns the block
With his talk and walk

A man is a man
He understands
To be gruff is to be loved
To be aloof is to be good
Muscles to waste away
And away
And away

A man
Broke the rule
A man
Choked me through
Pulled me too close
Transparent as ghosts
An unyielding lust

To the horrors of man
Stare into fear
Such horrid leer

But please
Take and steal and scare and sing
Or better yet his radio sang

Such a long quiet sorrowful manly drive
For those who wish to thrive

Be a man?
Take a stand

For a man is a man is a man is

You broke my life
Left me as bile
But I'm still alive
With vision for miles
I see it clearly now
I see that a man is a man is a man
I understand
You're sad
I’ve been questioning what it is to be manly vs what it is to be human vs what it is to even be alive. A man isn't measured by the power of his centerpiece, if you will. A man is measured by his ability to respect boundaries and not force himself, be it emotionally or physically, upon others. That right there is a man. Manhood is respect.
Mar 2019 · 271
The Wind
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
That dastardly devilish deviant wind!
It blows on my face
Without my permission!
How can I humble my mediocre mission,
When I have no space?
**** this horrid wind!
And then int he tunnel I choke!
I'd cry but it's dry.
There's no way that I can cope.
All I can do now is mope!
Or maybe I could just rescind,
And live in the name of the wind.
maybe I could just rescind, and live in the name of the wind
Mar 2019 · 369
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
Through the ashes
And the rubble
Comes the first light
From a series of trouble
Life begins anew
From catastrophe comes new changes
Mar 2019 · 309
The Storm (exit)
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
And on that night he learned
Never look towards the storm
Unless you're ready to give your fiercest battle cry
And charge right inside
And **** it through its eye
Never look towards the storm unless you're ready to give your fiercest battle cry
Mar 2019 · 551
I Need Coffee
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
I can't help it

Never have I tried to stop
Every time my world just flops
Enter the world of my crazy
Don't stay or you'll be crazy

Can't talk now
On my way somewhere fast
Forget me not
Feel my waves as I run away
Entertainment at its finest
Early risers need it highest
I need coffee
Mar 2019 · 443
Drunken Bible Bullets
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
All they want
Is whiskey and a mirror
To see their faces clearer
Steer clear
They'll say
For they want peace and adoration
Yet they're stuck in emulation

All they want
Is a mirror and a gun
For dark reflective fun
Curse the ashtray
They'll say
It ruins their laundry whites
To gaze on their delights

All they want
Is a gun and God
To walk where sinners trod
Drunken Bible bullets
They'll pray
For when the darkness takes its motion
They'll fall to their drunken notions
Tell me: what does whiskey, a mirror, a gun, and God all have in common?
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
It's so cold
In this dank wet prison
Where the Blue-Haired Monster
That fiend
That monger
Loves me with grave danger
Trapped in an unstable manger
My own maelstrom brought me down
He killed me
And He revived me
Then He'll **** me again
He doesn't talk
He speaks in giggles
... no
With cold
spindly fingers
and a tongue
of vile
The vanity drips
All over my face
Such a horrid taste







Thund­er and lightning
My Angel of Blue sings
A song that parts the sea
The rain of my pain
Works for my gain
A hurricane
The Blue Man can't see
My Angel of Blue wasn't dead
She was waiting for me instead
Through the waters
I rise
My salt water cries
Bring me to distant shores
His maelstrom traps me no more
If my depression was personified, he'd torture me repeatedly just because he can.
Mar 2019 · 353
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
Your music haunts my ears
And steals my soul
A staccato whimpering glow
The audience claps
The show's over now
Go home to danger
And commune with your total stranger
Everyone is putting on a show, whether they mean to or not
Mar 2019 · 189
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
Day by day he became a man
surrounded by family and friends
Day by day he makes himself understand
Death is not an amend
Death isn't an amend, fixing things is never that simple
Mar 2019 · 233
Fair Weather Friend II
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
Fair weather friend
Hey, it's me
I'm coming home
So wait and see
The better man
I've grown to be
Fair weather friend
Hey, it's me

Fair weather friend
My castaway
We're lost at sea
Yet family
Where we'll go
I don't want to know
We'll never stop
And that's my hope

Fair weather friend
Don't call my name
Don't call me by my olden name
Call me Free Bird
I can't be tamed
Without deposit
There's no regain
Without deposit there's no regain
Mar 2019 · 180
Rigmarole (reprise)
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
By the way
I just think you should know
I guess for once
I don't feel alone
There's nothing that I cannot do
Because my life is my own
I'll say anything
For you to be my everything
Some reprises aren't like the original, sometimes they just expand on the feeling
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
And when I'm around you
I can dance from sunrise to nightfall
I can dance and proudly stand up tall
I can dance from dusk until dawn
i can dance and never shall I fall
I can dance and forever stand up tall
I can dance from sunrise to nightfall
Just for you
Because of you
When someone is in your life and just makes your heart dance simply by being around them.
Mar 2019 · 231
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
And by the way
I just think you should know
I found my way out
Of the rigmarole
There's nothing you can do
To make my life your own
No longer shall I fight the love
You can't bait me any longer
Life is crazy intense. But when you can find that one thing or person that gives you a reason to smile through it all, it makes the grind so much more worth it
Feb 2019 · 375
King of Fools
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
Stay where you are.
Locked in arrogant infancy,
You try to scream, but you stop.
You try to cry but drop
To your knees,
Begging to the unseen.
No more.

Hail the King of Fools.
The devils laugh and scorn.
Through chains, more fears are born.
You try to scream, but you stop.
You can't breathe.
Fighting the unseen.
No more.

Enslaved by your fears,
You try to scream, but you stop.
You cry.
You beg.
You breathe.
You squeal.
No more.
How it feels when depression wins.
Feb 2019 · 209
Manifest Destiny
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
We were one
My one life
And my other
Unaware of each other
But then the world broke
And showed to me
That I shouldn't be happy
I'll only run away

It's not over

Now I'm lost
My other life
Devoured the one
Protective walls toppled down
Because when the world broke
It was revealed to me
I shouldn't be happy
But still I fight
No longer running away

It's not over
Until I smolder

Manifest Destiny
How dare you break me
When I deserve to be happy
How dare you do this to me
Erase all trace of normalcy
In my life

It's not over
Until I smolder
The life

Manifest Destiny
Please forgive me
I won't fall early
Manifest Destiny
Don't embrace me
Just keep me safe from normalcy
Entering my life

It's not over
Until I smolder
The life
But, I lost
Don't embrace me, Just keep me safe from normalcy entering my life.
Feb 2019 · 368
The Storm
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
The storm is coming
Arriving today
Evasive action
Run with traction
Pack your essentials
And escape
Before it stops
A pitiful refrain
For those who remain
But here comes the rain
Drowning the gain
The slow can't hide
But I have my shelter
Slam on my brakes
And tonight I will pray
For brighter weather
Where will you be when your personal storm hits?
Feb 2019 · 424
Small Fry
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
It's like moving in slow motion
While the city lights
Br in the fast lane
Cutting me off
Cutting me off
And then
They burn my eyes
While they cut me off
As I rocked to the top
Higher it rose up
But I never stop
I'll never stop
It's all I know
And all I've got
Long live the hard flop
So I'll roll with the punches
And see what I've got
Way to go
Small fry
You're in the big leagues now.
Welcome to the unfiltered real world. You may have been big man on campus, but around here you're small.
Feb 2019 · 342
Trick Love
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
It's a most tragic
Love story.
He loved the lies,
The lies loved the sky,
The sky loved none,
So they all died.
One loved the other, who loved the other, who loved nobody. So that was a ******.
Feb 2019 · 221
The Blue Warrior Angel
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
She will find you
She hunts for you
She will make Him pay
His atrocities
And ferocities
Will fall to her gall
And for the first time
He will know pain
She promises
He will know pain
She swears
Nothing in the world
Can hurt what soul is hers
And yours is hers
She loves you
She will find you
She will hunt for you
And if need be
She will **** you before he can
Continuing on my metaphor of Personified Depression, this is about the antithesis of my depression also taking on sentience and fighting back for my life.
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
Allow me this moment to laugh
To scoff
My victory is keen
You lost in the dark
I want to hurt you
Because I love you
I want to **** you
Because I love you
It was so easy
You were such weakling
I came right in
And shot you out
I want to hurt you
Because I love you
I want to **** you
Because I love you
And when you're dead
I will be back
Together, I'll thrive
If my depression was sentient and had a voice, we would be entangled in a tragic Shakespearean romance.
Feb 2019 · 270
The Shame
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
The null and void reclusive love who we seek
I was a man once
Deceptively strong and meek
The world won't be inverted by me

The painful resurgence of romance so bleak
I was a boy once
Innocently sweet
But internally soured

The patron of matrimonial glee
I am dead now
I'm married to death
A lonesome loving grave
What a shame
The way you feel when you know it could have all been easily avoided, but you were weak anyway
Feb 2019 · 241
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
A love
But none
At the same time
Dang it
Not again
It's so easy
To lose my feel
When one's so far
And one's close to feel
A love with none
Dang it
You fool
One feels with no hands
One speaks with no words
A love with none
Dang it
Forget it
You love it
You crave it
You will destroy them
May you rest in peace
You fool
Feb 2019 · 315
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
A color of light.
More blatant in the dark.
We all seek it,
But we can't see it.
It's listened for,
But unheard of.
So bundle up,
It's cold outside.
You will freeze in your stride.
The weight of your grin
Will keep you here.
And all that is dear
Will become folly.
I am folly.
I am your folly.
And I will see to it
That you will never see
The color of vitality.
What is the color of Vitality?
Feb 2019 · 209
The Grove
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
How dare you
I was majestic once
But ow
Now in the nettles of Nevermore
I am lost
I had direction
Pious protection
And spoke in such glorious dialect
But now
I am ensnared
Because I never cared
Yet you took me
Let me in
I'm lost
Won't you let me in?
The wolves are coming
I won't last long
I swear I'll forgive
If you just let me in
How dare you
I will die
You won't cry
You don't care
But I dare
To stare down
The King of White Death
Cry if you want
But unless my tears are pure
I will cry no more
The monsters are here
I'll pass on this night
The monsters have me now
You've killed me
How dare you leave me out in the cold to die
Feb 2019 · 182
Winter Wings
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
I was born yesterday
Blinking eyes in the Cape Divine
Divinity was my riot
Divine was I
With wings whiter than snow
A span for miles
Higher than Heaven
I fell
I fell for a love without voice
And a reach without arms
It spins me around
And slaps me on the ground
My winter wings are gone now
I died today
And tomorrow
It will happen all over again
Who knows
The full extent
Of the fool I have become
I died today. And tomorrow it will happen all over again.
Feb 2019 · 243
Where Monsters Are
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
Run, run, run, run
He stalks in the night
Where children have fun
Run, run, run, run
Be urgent
Take flight
For a monster comes tonight

Run, small children, and hide
For monsters have come
To cast you aside
A mere fairy tale?
Just some old folklore?
Much worse
Much more.

Upon your hopes
I bring my scar
You're where monsters are

Pin the doors
Sharpen your steel
A beast approaches
A new hunter poaches
To feed on children's cries
Place your fears in the front
Lock your hopes in a jar
You're where monsters are
If you can, save yourself
Jan 2019 · 218
The So Long Saga Part II
Anthony Mayfield Jan 2019
The Blue grave is inviting
But I don't want you near
You think there's room for one more
But I hear your fear
The Blue is no place for lies

You've been on holiday for some time now
You've been gone so long
State your claim
With classic poker face
Push my love aside
You'll never see me cry

My cries are locked deep inside
I don't know what to do
I don't...

I hurts to know
So soon after saying "so long"
Though you're back
I should be saying "goodbye"

Don't blame me
Don't hate me
Regret me
I'm lost in the Blue now
People often see me as this poised smart creative intellectual individual. That's all that they see. They only blind themselves to the surface. If they knew the pain that I carry from the mistakes from my past I always wonder if they'd even so much as look at me ever again. I have friends externally, but inside I am all alone.
Anthony Mayfield Jan 2019
The lighthouse afar
And the brightest star
They stop
They dim
Alone in this tiny lifeboat
A storm is coming
Gargantuan waves
Toss me about
Nobody saves
I'm lost in this cloud
No birds
No wind
Dead silent still water
Heralds His coming
I'm at the mercy of the sea
An ominous inky black blue deep
His murky laugh
My sorrow, His to keep
I thought I escaped
I thought love set me free
But the Blue Man is tricky
Have mercy, I'm sinking
Have mercy
I cry to the Blue Man above
Have mercy
I wail as the waters do shove
Have mercy
I plead as He leers with sick glee
Have mercy, I beg
The Blue Man's face peers
Into a hideous faceless smile
Rotten fanged teeth
With Blue Hair for miles
You're mine
He whispers at first in my head
You're mine
He giggles with malicious dark dread
You're mine
He cackles as thunder high claps
You're mine
In the cold deep I know what
comes next
My love cannot save me
As I sink to depths
The Blue Man is cunning
Yet loving
He loves me
In death
Cold wet drowned death
Have mercy
Have. . .
I was not saved.
Jan 2019 · 280
Anthony Mayfield Jan 2019
You want to go where the cool kids go
You covet that old time rock and roll
Make a difference
Build a city
Run right to the top
And get rich-filthy
But if you think you represent high society
Allow for me to serve you some reality
When you think you'll finally have resting time
Hang it all, you'll be stuck with five ex-wives

You crave to go where celebrities go
Something us poor kids will never know
You want to make a difference
Change history
Something new of yourself
A new kid to be
But if you think success will raise you up early
Life will move right through you, thick as it can be
If you think you can make it home on time
Find your light
And shut it down.
You'll be alright
You'll be alright
Jan 2019 · 337
Sweet Decadence
Anthony Mayfield Jan 2019
Well, I think you could my red wine.
My sweet decadence.
Or maybe you could be my sunshine,
My moonlight.
You could be my celestial dream.
In my heard is such precedence,
Such a hope sublime.
I hope that you could be my red wine.
In time,
My sweet decadence.
You could be my red wine
Jan 2019 · 367
Generation Tongue In Mouth
Anthony Mayfield Jan 2019
It never fails.
All hail Generation Tongue In Mouth.
Let them go.
For they don't want you now.
It's a shame,
A weak man's game.
Let them go.
Don't you know Generation Tongue In Mouth?
Go ahead,
Break connection now.
That's just how it goes sometimes,
Don't take it personal.
That's just how it goes sometimes, don't take it personal.
Jan 2019 · 316
Anthony Mayfield Jan 2019
Mince your words,
You've done it before.
Bow like you're in the presence of Royalty.
He's royal.
Lording over you, after all.
But he's short.
They're all short.
Yet you...
The self-proclaimed miser,
King of the words,
You have nothing of substance to say.
What a plot twist.
What a change.
You weakling.
Confidence doesn't suit you.
It doesn't match your eyes.
Hypocrisy, a great design on you.
It brings out the color
Of your lies.
Jan 2019 · 368
White Wolf
Anthony Mayfield Jan 2019
Pounce now.
Trap your prey
In jowls of fanged, dangerous mercy.
It's brutal.
Yet a kindness.
Your coat of reflection,
And piercing blue eyes of trepidation,
And legs of boundless lightning
With a voice of deep white thunder.
The envy of it all.
You stalk and watch,
and sing
Such a song.
A calling.
Calling to home.
Lost in the snow
To the naked eye,
But not lost at all.
The cold greets you.
Like you, sweet and cruel.
Take form.
Take chase.
Claim the Winter Kingdom to rule.
Wolves are royalty in their own right
Jan 2019 · 306
Anthony Mayfield Jan 2019
They think I'm rich
They think I'm wealthy
They think I'm a saint
That I'm healthy
They think that they know
What it means to be me
Oh no
No they don't understand me
Not at all

They think I'm lost
They think I'm drifting
They think I've no cause
That I'm sinking
They think that they can see
What it means to be me
But they can't even see me
Oh no
No they don't understand me
Not at all
Not at all
Dec 2018 · 235
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2018
It's amazing
And never going out of style
It's the life
And it's never going out of style
It's the life
And it's never gonna fly
From the eyes
On my head and in my heart
It's amazing
And I'm so glad to call it mine
Mine's the love
And the hope that we all know
We sing is slow
An amazing song of love and hope
It's never going out of style
Dec 2018 · 794
Colony of Lustful Hearts
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2018
Alone in bed
I'm crying.
Dark eyes lose their spark
All because somebody lied
And they don't feel cornered
It's what they've learned from a colony of lustful hearts

All I feel
Is heartbroken
I'm close but feel so far
Someone always lies
And they never feel cornered
It's what they've learned
From a colony of lustful hearts

I'll cry on your shoulder
I refuse to rot
Although someone lied
I won't let it keep me cornered
I won't be a consequence
From the colony of lustful hearts
I won't be a consequence of the colony of lustful hearts
Dec 2018 · 638
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2018
If you believe in love
You will stay
No abandonment
No shame
Hold your heart steady
People aren't toys to play
Royalty to be seen
Treated like kings and queens
Putting troubled minds at ease
Dec 2018 · 812
Tired Woman
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2018
She deserves to be spun around at a ball.
She deserves to be treated like the queen.
She deserves to be gazed upon as regal.
She doesn't deserve ridicule and tease.

She tries to see the good in others' minds.
She tries to be the good girl next door.
She tries to be happy, not for show.
She deserves to be a princess, brave and sweet.
She deserves to be the heroine who saves.
She deserves to be the one you smile at and greet.
She doesn't deserve lonesome misery.

She tries to smile through the pain that haunts her eyes.
She tries to hide the clouds that block her sky.
She tries to act mature and sassy all day.
But at home she knows life won't go her way.
Someday, not today, I see her getting married.
Someday, not today, she'll start a life to lead.
Someday, not today, she'll see life isn't always high school.
Someday, I hope today, she'll be the woman that she needs.
The woman with the brave heart I see.

But on this night, she will go home crying.
But on this night, her dreams went down in flames.
Her lover lied, now her feelings need a restart.
Another sad victim from a colony of lustful hearts.


If you love her, stay.
Don't abandon her in shame.
She's no toy to play.
Hold her heart steady.
Treat her like royalty.
Don't **** with her feelings.
She's no toy to play.
Hold her heart steady.

Not because she needs a white knight.
She doesn't.
All she needs is what every other human being needs:
She deserves more
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