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Max Feb 6
A drunken angel,

She, the one seeing the possiblity in every risk.
Max Feb 4
Rather have 2 drunken angels on my shoulders
2 sober demons.
Rose Oct 2018
What will come of tomorrow
Will the drunkenness run through and bits fall into place
Or will you forget all of this
Every word whispered in your ear as you’re hands seek places
My desperation of meaning more than this
And you’re simple words used for a girl in desperate need of loving
A drunken kiss and drunken man are all that I accept
one of those things you always seem to do, right? those nights that you wish never happened, where you kept some dignity but lost a lot.
EricM Feb 2018
Oh, sleep!
Last true and only
Friend of the dreamer!
How seldom do you visit
Yet briefly do you stay
I weep to think
With footprint
Both shallow and light
In absence only the
Lithe heel of death
Could fill your vacant shoes!
For Rimbaud
zahra Feb 2018
“i’ve always felt
like i was searching for
some place

those were the words
that slipped from your
alcohol infested mouth
at 3 am
windows shut
lights off
just us two
and only i could hear

i could have ignored it
pretended i didn’t hear
as if i had
no idea
what you were saying

i tried
but i couldn’t ignore
the words that next came out
“i think i’ve found it with him”
— i wish you said you found it with me.
Ari Feb 2018
I am an odd little lullaby.
The kind of which who’s existence
You question until you reach
That one sentence that defines
The exact pain wrapped around your soul.
Then and only then
Do you begin to find value in my words.
You see, I have spent my fair share of  
Moments crumpled up in a heap
Of weary bones and heavy tears
Wishing I was anyone but me
And yet I have survived.
I have become a vibrant nobody.

Danica Tuquero Jan 2018
Painful words ignites the soul
Don't take it back 'cause it's sore
Eating me up on my very core
Its already leave scars that you can't cure

Emotions and fears, lullaby with tears
Singing out loud with all of my peers
Dancing all night shouting it cheers!
Tonight I will drink till his memories fades!

Elin Roberts Sep 2017

so let the good times **** me
let them ravish me dry
take all i can give
let them envelop me whole
steal the tears from my eyes
let them steal my soul
accept a life of problems
let them steal my humanity.

let them
and let them again
and again


and again

for this life is all i know.
tbh i'm so drunk rn this makes no sense lol
Buzz Jul 2017
I'm a teetotaler, but still i'm drunken and intoxicated by you; caught in the fly trap and cobwebs of your thoughts.
Its like an addiction and a bad habit i can't go a day without.

Why did you leave me,
i can't figure it out.
You went, and now I'm cold.
I miss you like my childhood.
I thought you wanted to stay with me and bless my days.
I hope you come back soon.

I'm always thinking of you,
its like an hobby to me,
as sketching is to an artist.
I have no idea how i got so attached to you; to your thoughts.

When the night wakes, and the moon emerges, i find my self drowning in a pool of your reflection.

I need to stop these thought rituals.
I cant think straight when i see your pictures,
then imagine when I'm standing right in front of you.

You make me feel as if i'm abnormal.
You send lightening to my heart.
You give me goose bumps.
You make my body shiver.
You give me chills; Fever and
You make my hands go dead cold.

I know, i know these are all bad for my health, but i swear, i love it when you make me feel the way i do.
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