I’ve realized I’ve set something in motion.
But I don’t want it to stop regardless of the commotion.

I face the fact that I need to quite smoking.
Because I’m sick and tired of choking.

I really need a light to help me through this.
Because alone I cannot navigate this mist.

A tender soul to make me right.
Even if I tend to fight.

This nasty odor I create.
And all I see is that other hate.

So someone please answer my biggest wish.
Help me with this habit I must abolish.

Sometimes your darkest moments become the moments when you see the clearest.
When you let go and see the world from a different perspective.
That the moments you spent with someone are the ones that have made you the happiest.
The things you’ve feared all along have become your most desired objective.

When you have completely given up and see how the smallest things can spread happiness to everyone.
You wish for the emotion that has eluded you for so long.
Then you realize that happiness can always be found and you need to rely on no one.
But even so there is always that one person to which you belong.

Most of the time the one you truly need has been the one right in front of you when you needed someone the most.
Giving you the strength you needed to face each day.
Perhaps it’s the person who you’ve held so close.
The one that’s always been there to show you the way.

I had someone like that and after everything we have been through.
The only person I want to be with is you.

Mirza Nov 7

I am the one who lightly flies
Feeling the freedom in the end of hopes
And great futility I only gain
No suffer or no pain,
If you even break my wings,
With your curing laughter I'll fly again
I embraced the deepest frankness
Too generously you were sharing it
It was the best scenery ever can be
You were in your red sweater then
And the red was happier even than me,
That you had been wearing it.

Mirza Nov 12

If the meaning of life is to give it meaning,
You gave it the best one, thank you in advance
As an aggressive and weary ogre,
I will keep you always in fragile glass

Even though you flutter and leave me someday
I can set you free and from all I can hide
Henceforth it is your homeland - my heart,
And of course, if you wish you can abide

You are the only reason to find some meaning
In my indefinite and nihilistic cage
You are the happiness I can never have
Just this reality ignites my rage

I am not a weak one, I will surpass
Just for your happiness I will be glad
But still I cannot understand that,
What is that inside you making me mad?!

zh 4d

I feel nothing
maybe I feel a cloud that only rains in my presence but
I really feel nothing

Sometimes I see myself
in the googles of someone else who is far
very far,
watching me on a screen
and whenever I start to feel
I can feel someone else overriding
my control of myself
I am pushed to the very backseat
despite calling shotgun.

I feel nothing
except for Zeus' anger
at the balls of my feet
in the form of volcanic lava
bubbling and toiling
as it overrides the meniscus boundary
but now
I am here
I am here
in my car in the driver's seat
I don't have to call shotgun
because my unconscious
yes, mine
my unconscious is all mine
and now,
I have never felt more alive.

But the lava always cools and resides,
despite the internal temperature,
solidifying only to be melted again
and I am where I belong
I am right in the backseat.

You need a break from society,
So come and sit with me,
Make sure to enjoy your tea.

I've been hard at work fighting for your country,
So come and sit with me,
Make sure to enjoy your tea.

After 200 years of war,
You're finally free,
So make to enjoy your tea.

Whilst you was gone,
I've waited patiently,
Just to make you a cup of tea.

I love you,
So much I've waited nervously,
So enjoy MY cup of tea I made for you.

I'm so proud of you...

Love, [REDACTED] .

A poem about a soldier returning home to his Wife's first tea in 200 years.
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