Crimsyy 5h

I wonder why we keep
calling something
begging for relief
I wonder why we
call each other "company',
but if you insist,
I might let you stay
as long as your love isn't
just a fleeting feeling,
always flying away.
When I realized that
glass couldn't make me bleed,
I realized then neither should you;
you're only a broken person
and all your parts
are made up of damaged appliances,
just like all of us.

The angel, Azrael,
came unto me -
he'd been drunk -
and showed me the true meaning of life

was inside of my glass:
"Swirling and burning;
a sour taste
in the back of your throat.
Something to sip wearily,
or gulp down in
in devilish earnest. "

But of all things
the glass would empty
and the angel
would close His book
on us all.

zebra 1d

of the teenage years
when parents become strangers
an emergence of a new self
orphaned by maturation
the old shelter of mommy and daddy
a dead wood forest
a leaky roof of annoyance
sharp elbows
in the hovel of mind
no more afterbirth dinners
we get our own food
pull off the wires of obedience
we are a new hat
eyes to the sky
no more being dragged through old valleys
step up and off the precipice of dependency
an upward sweep
to find shaky ground
in shadows labyrinth
holding roses
destination unknown

full moon 2d

I know love is harsh at times,
But it is the best thing in the world.

So love with all your heart
stank man 3d

radiating from your body
its all you know
it was once all you wanted

burning me from the inside out
but not the kind you can make
a mere fraction of what you know you can do

something oh-so-close to comfort
but the burning is all you've ever known
you gave me all you could

in both my eyes and hair
chapped lips which call desperately for yours
the fire which surrounds us is nothing compared the burning

i don't mind
now we can match

when i saw you
anger rippling in the flames you create
there is more to you than this

the first time you saw me again
the first time you let me hold you
the first time you felt heat
the first fire

I'm the prettiest man of all time around here in Western Massachusetts.
And no one can stop me from happening.
It's almost summertime and we need to act like it as only one's own. I'm about to be 25 years old within the next 2 months.
And at anytime, you need to respect yourself and others like this is our home.
I'm about to get married to Hayleigh Reeder because she's the prettiest girl of all time just like me.
And when the storm hits, we will be together forever.
By the year 2018, i'm going to be the Prettiest Man Of All Time to be at the new casino in Downtown Springfield when it opens in September.
And as we continue to control ourselves for the summer, we shall become the prettiest people of all time like love, passion and even knowledge.
And together we are the greatest young and the restless of Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.
Now that's life and coverage we can count on as always.

Anonymous. 4/20/2017.

It is the excitement filled in a world full of opportunities,
It’s about taking a jab at a gateway of possibilities.
A world full of choices where you are invisibly naked,
a place where everything under the sun breathes money that’s sacred.
Where it doesn’t draw its shutters at night, there is always not enough daylight.
The difference that lies between a Lamborghini and a Swift,
it’s how fast you go, not how strong is your drift!

It is this place that I swell up in wordless pity,
At a pace which the grass grows in the warmth of a winterless city.
Fear of embarrassment that kept me from achieving legacy,
told me to stay down and accept my destiny.

Then one day the blue circle sighed into me some sense,
how I could take it lying down with no pretense.
Made a dent in a world that I told me I can’t rise above,
To jab-cross-hook-uppercut with or without a glove.

I maybe a nuisance I maybe a weed,
Yet I grow – while you may never sow a seed.
I am blades of grass down against the wind,
Proving nature’s law is not for the win.
Its not fair that I get to have this much fun,
I will not give up until my time is done.
Poems are made by fools like me,
but who knows one day where I will be!


1:42 am and i cant sleep
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