I build my kingdom
with my inner senses
in the precipices of the nothingness
and I live by the grace of nullity here
full of enthusiasm,
where the terms are severe...
In the end, I am looking down
bowing my head,
Instead of looking up,
looking for any god or any quintessence
You see?
There are peoples and poor humanity
I hear their praises and prayers for gravity,
As it causes them to forget vanity...
Now, indifferent I am
about their genesis and immature pains,
Who cares?
Swarm of ants, a flock of sheep,
a herd of cattle, a pack of wolves
or human society...
down to that brook
where the god is drinking
the mystic waters from the spring of vertigo,
diving to the madness of his fake loneliness.
Yet he believes
that he will become almighty...
I wish he really could...
At least, not to be a liar...
And if he really could...
If he really was supreme and omnipotent,
I wish he would have tried to vanish himself...
And then,
after his fiasco,  
I would undergo
looking how he blushes before the nothingness!
Imagine how he would think about just to hide,
and sufferers would follow him side by side
pointing fingers with abject anger
- the 'almighty' cannot commit a suicide?!

So, forget him,
Leave him chattering there,
my dear,
I would rather deeply look into your bright eyes
or sometimes,
my inside,
to reflect the perfect you.
If you knew
the 'you' I have brought into being...
The most perfect being you are of imperfection,
Especially, when it is added and mixed up with 'I'...
The 'you'  with the new 'I' come into existence
from our coalescence...
That is something higher surpassing the all,
Rising upon the void over and over.
Trying to become a lonely overman,
With you, I've turned into an 'over lover'...
Infinite we are,
When we have faith in magnificent absence.
I praise,
"Oh, my almighty and noble Nothingness!"
And you,
my dear,
You are the one no one has witnessed before -
the long-awaited messenger,
the first prophetess!
Walk the stage without a care,
Present your speech with a bit of prayer,
Throw your cap up in the air,
And show up anyone who ever dared
To tell you the opportunity wasn’t there,
Because you did it.

Congratulations, class of 2018!

It’s nearly 5am and I should be getting ready to sleep, but this graduating stuff still has me hyped, even after the celebrating is over. We did it, guys! Hold on to this same attitude of energizing inspiration, motivation, and celebration, because it’s only going to get better from here. Congratulations, class of 2018! WE DID IT!
With frosty weather lynching in the sky,
And navy blue waves, fleeting swiftly.
I make my way to the unfertile sand,
Hearing faint howls.
I look back to see
Shadows surrounding me,
Against my naked soul.

Hearing a thunder,
I step back,
Only to be embraced by a boorish cable.
Run, my psyche screamed.
With blood dripping from my skin,
And darkness forcing into my flesh,
I ran until I fainted
Only to welcome a new world filled with
-Khushi :)
Kids come roaring out of dark and light dungeons named “classroom;”
Kids scream and push each other out of fun or out of the fear of being late to class.
The halls go from a peaceful forest made of cement and carpet to the war zone of World War Two.
They watch with the eye of a hawk never missing students face.
They become walls when running or going rebel from the dark side.
There is one chosen one, he keeps the hall safe his sword made with the dark wood of oak.
The slam shut or burst open.
The student has to keep them clean, but some look like a hoarders closet;
Filled with trash and binders that have never seen the light of a florist LED school light.
The place where dreams are made and were tears are born;
A place where we come to have fun and come to suffer torture.
School the place we can never escape.
Unknown 1d
Love happens you find the you in you
Not when they find them in you
Absolutely not when you find you in them
Love evolves when you need you in you
Not when they need them in you
Not when you need them in you
Love hails when you hail you
Neither when they hail you
Not when you hail them
Love fails when you fail you
Never when they fail you
Never ever when you fail them
Love stops when you stop yourself
When they stop themselves
And both of you stop each other
From being what the self needs
From doing what the will does
From living the love the way life does.
Bryce 2d
Hair that rains the heavens above
strands of starlight that twinkle brief
In my denying eyes, of which she cannot be
A lover lost to sharpened reave

Of reason, doth she assume her fate
And with the tide of man willed her soul abate

Will ever she be seen anew
With hair alight and lips overdue
To speak the dream of classic night
That enlightened day did obliterate

With pursed lips, I await that Perseus
To call the chattel to pasture clear
And save them from vain distress
Entranced to planetary dissident

Of earth, her burdened souls
Need a demigod to free their churl
Or better yet, a savior met
of reason and fate,
a lover indiscriminate

Men of stars, unseen from afar
glow dim of dying spin
And slumber deep immaterial
content only of all things real

I lay awake, and string my bow
sling the temperate celestial arrow
and point towards the sky, filled with delight
To aim that others may see their queen.
Bryce 2d
When i was a little boy
and my booties could fit within
a small couplet of square metal
to which I had been given

I did not question, I did not complain
I existed the sights and smells of simple place

I licked the mist that watered plants
Crushed coffee beans in the employee
for they laughed at such a little boy.

It was 2002
and America was still somewhat free
When movie theaters had plastic seats
Empty exits
Then I sat the edge on watching Pokemon

Living in an electronic simulation
Taming, Creating monsters in my spare time
Travelling the tri-valley
Commute of a thousand years


It only takes minutes
And my soul drips strange when I see the house
Devoid of lavender,
Cut of oak tree

The park that once held the promise of a century
Diminished into brief obscurity
As new developments
Shaped like matchbox
destroy the grass
And raise land prices
To end the american dream

Paved roads that sang of free
take their toll
now I cannot see why this could be

What interest could there be
To paint our chided memory
Out of mind, out of sight?

Now the place I bought grilled cheese
Dipped in sharp tang of pickle juice

Bought and sold to an optometrist
To continue questioning the vision
of our adults
Currently playing on my playlist:
Breakeven by the script
"I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing.."
While I was thinking of how this life is truly infuriating
How difficult the rules are into the easiest way for living?
How hard could it be for us to wake up everyday without even worrying?

Why it always feels like our life is a museum of daily problem and turbulence?
While hurting you by the fistful of life, it pulls you through progression hence,
This might be the reason for my withdrawal.
Finding the chest that holds the key to the door of my life-retrieval

Finding my goal,finding my purpose
Hearing rumors that makes me oblivious
Its obvious,when I say the rules of living is gratuitous
Like, "a bad boy is damn attractive" How ridiculous

The rules of living is very complicated and impossible to learn
Life taught us to please others,treat ourselves less thats what they want to us to discern
Memories and lessons that's what I want you to earn
Because maybe this is the rule that everybody has lorn

I'm concern to where our lives may end up
I'm afraid that the easiest way is to give up
What a loss could it be if we'll look down
And ignore the beauty of life while keeping
the frown.

In our hearts,in our hearts. The love is inside
The love,the passion,the goal is to survive
While keeping,battling,cherishing our lives
While steadying our eyes in our goal that we should strive.

Even life keeps on stabbing my heart a couple of million times
I'll keep on standing up,with a couple of million smiles
And this will be my stand til' my breath last
I love living my life but the rules of living will be my daily angst
bk 3d
you have always talked a big game
telling me you could do a flip into the pool of love
but in reality
i dove in
and you only dipped your feet.

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