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Khoi Feb 18
It took his resolve
a mere tear
to settle the drought
that lasted for years.
Don't be afraid
Even God's weep.
Descovia Jan 24
Memories replay in slow motion of my last moment before throwing my soul into the abyss.  

The void of whiteness.
Is my new home.

The wrath of this dying world, spared me from karma and now an irreversible act been committed by my own doing!

I chose to follow this path. I tie no, faults or blame to anyone.  Condemn anyone around, you for what sake?

What would you give or take?

To find peace within my eternal absence?

Is that how, you wish to remember me?

Various emotions all calling out to me.  The weight of consciousness decreasing, unable to vividly, and physically express concerns that are no longer part of me.

People whom entered my life from the past to future fill my eyes.

  Now, they all surround me for the last goodbye.

Not the reunion, a peace bringer would slay for. Where we cannot touch or exchange words.

My magic will live on!
Ever more so, even if my essence expires.

I've searched for solace.

I've even conspired against time

To search beyond the means of obtainable comfort.

Remember my voice

One day, you may not hear it anymore

Remember my touch....

All you'll have left to
remember me by is the wind....

I lived to immortalize our values

When our values could have immortalized us....

I lived to bring all of you to life!

Even though mine was treated
like it's a game
My life is not fit
For a book or frame

This life meant to be.
Was never meant for me.
Mindless self indulgence.
Just another memory.

Is there more after this purpose?

I am not absolutely certain.

No more troubling questions.

My apologies for being a burden.
When people love power
more then  they do people
When people love money
more then they do people
Poverty will always have its way
World peace will always
be far away.
What can I say.
It’s a sad thing.

Shell ✨🐚
World peace seems so far away!!
Let’s focus more on what we have in common .
Nikkie Jan 11
My heart overflows with love for you.
I can’t describe what you do to me on the inside.
You are the only being on earth who reaches inside
of me, and touches the tip of my heart with your soul.

How on earth can this type of love feel the way it does?
I can’t breath, I can’t see, I can’t even reason.
But yet, I can breath, I can see, I can even reason.
You make me feel a love so deep, I cannot describe it.

This type of love isn’t possible, yet I know that it is,
because I feel it for you.
Time stands still when you and I are together.
Almost as if distance never set us apart.

When I’m in pain, you know to call, you
seem to know when I need you most.
There must be an invisible bond that
connects us still, just like it did when we were together.

This type of love is scary for me, I never felt anything
like this before.  We don’t even have to say anything,
our love comes out in the air; it comes out of our pores.
The love surrounding us is like tension in the room, you
can’t see it, but you sure as hell can feel it, and it feels good too!
Seeing you, the real you when I look into your eyes,
cements the bond that connects our souls.
I don’t think that I will ever stop loving you.
You are my destiny; I can feel it in my soul…mate
Äŧül Jan 8
A long and lonely life
Where I stand alone
After everyone's demise
‛Coz I don't want to
Live alone after they die
And I can't think about
Cremating my beautiful wife
My HP Poem #1904
©Atul Kaushal
Nik Bland Jan 8
There are many ways to hold her
Sometimes conventional is off
You see, hands have hurt before
I’m sure they’ll hurt again
She needs a different kind of love

You found this supernatural creature
Life’s defining “cherry on top”
She’s a rare find to be adored
For her both mind and heart must bend
To find a different kind of love

Have you asked what a kiss translates to?
Which words you’ve said have penetrated?
Gestures bring something to the table
Share in the happiness and bad
To find her prescribed dose of love

So many things to learn that are new
So many more ways love is translated
Find her dialect if you’re able
To appreciate, to awe, to add
New ways to different kinds of love
Little feet walking
Endlessly far
Big eyes  wide open
Only seeing the war
Little hands clutching
everything nearby
Little skinny bodies
Numb, just wanting to cry
A child tired  and hungry
With no place to go
No  destiny nor future
Nothing... No home..
Eyes big and wide open
Seeing only the dark
That ..... people
is our
refugee child.

The reality of a child in war and poverty.
Chris Slade Dec 2020
I’m Coming for you Bob...
To Hull & Back...
to Carver’s Just for the Mushy Peas!

As a little lad, I think on a Sat’day morning, we’d go

to a market somewhere, was it the docks?

Asked our Brian, he’s smart, he said it were... I thought - he’d know.

...After all the mooching, the tugging, the shushing, the rows
and all me mam’s “where’s he gone nows?”

If I stuck it out long enough wi’out gettin’ a clout,
we’d sit inside, or sometimes out,
 of a blue striped tent -
and I’d eat mushy peas.

There might have been chips,
 there could have been fish;
Mam always had fish,

Brian, would have had a pattie... well, he was 12(ish)

Not sure I’d even have known about patties all them years back.
But anyway peas is what sticks in my mind…

and all down the front of me jumper...or sometimes me mac.

They say - if you haven’t been to Carver’s
 you haven’t been to Hull.

Well Bob... I’m coming back!… And’ll
when I was digging mushy peas
 with my fork back in Fifty Three,

it were your Grandad, (also Bob) would have been serving me!

Cheers! And, I know it's cheeky - but - Can I have scraps wi'that?
Carver's was a big thing in Hull - probably still is. They even had a big stall at Hull Fair
fisharedrowning Dec 2020
2020 was the year of discomfort and change
through a chain of spontaenous events or accidents
i started work as a prisons counsellor, with no experience to my name
in an unfamiliar sea of faces, setting and processes
i encountered foreign species called case concepts and case discussions

although i loved what i did,
when the storm came 2 months into work
it felt like a struggle to breathe
alternating between
head over water
and water over head

lifebuoys were thrown at me
but in the cold and darkness
i found it hard to see

at the same time i started learning to climb
loving the challenge to the top
despite my fear of being high up the rocks
the climbs were accompanied by countless falls
and there were times i let my fear conquer it all

after a year of discomfort and change
through waves of self-reflection and self-confrontation
climbing into and above myself after much pain
learning to savor the beauty between and within each complication

i'm slowly befriending the species of case concepts and case discussions
and though i know there is more that has yet to happen
and the climbs are still accompanied by countless falls
whether the highs or the lows, i've learned (and am still learning) to love it all
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