Heaven is not for me
This world is all I wish to see
Golden streets and crystal oceans
Are not my cup of tea
To be quite honest
A cup of tea is my cup of tea
And though I'll do whatever God asks of me
I just pray that when I die he lets me be
To live forever is way too much
A lifetime here is good enough
I'm only six and twenty
And this world still has plenty
Of wonders for me to see
Heaven is not for me
Chinny how many boy friends
do you have he asked?
spontaniously my
first thought was
It depends, I thought
if you are one I have one
if you are two I have two
you gave me two pictures
show me number two?
now there was the kicker
thought number two
the wrong one
I simply answered
One Only One!
my lover saw our future in my own number two answer
fate spelled a greater struggle
deeper challenge for me to find his heart back
to hurt me very deeply still
to test my heart for gold
his second chance because he loved me and he was worthy
the love of my life was a poet
and two of him he was
just like me
two of me the difference was
he was all aware all awake
smart wise and very rich
the love of my life
hurt me very deeply
enough to let him go
the world had turn me ignorant and unwise but unpretentious
my lover tested wearing a mask
because he had to
haven't we all heard
the old familiar
he or she who loves you most
will hurt you very deeply
that's what Cupid does
he pierces to test your heart
just to see you bleed
and then asks if
you still love him
this euphymism of fate changed my world of lack for his gold
but not for free
he bet his love on singles adds
using another name
I bought two magazines out
of of five hundred
it was Him
my ratoncito blanco
detective cupid using another name
wearing a MASK
OMG how did we
find each other again?
if you read between the lines
you too can benefit
beware of the lover who returns to you dead silent he hurts!
Fight to win his HEART
of GOLD back!
such Kings are hard to find
ask him to forgive you and
give you another chance
to love your cupid with
all your heart
explain how life only showed
how to LET GO
of all you ever love the most
to teach how to
Earn and Metit his/her love
back but whatever you do
don't ever let the one who
walks your long winding road BACK to you feeling small
stands in front of you
drowining His tears
in Tequila because
he loves you so
I am just an old FOOL
but Oh Lord
DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU with a mirror cell glass
you'll end up
instead of
the ever loving embrace
of the one true love
like the one
a person with a heart of gold
always forgives understands
is generous but nothing in life is  free sometimes all we gave us our heart of gold do awe give
it to he one we love and forgive him/her 70X70
may others learn from my mistakes. silence is a nefarious entity but can be golden. thank you
allpoetd who read on my page monitors friends and I love you all
trf 1d
what has come to this
indigenous things we do~
better follow the others
cause what once was fiction
now rings true

can't blame apocalypse
our letters aren't edible
and judicious arrangements
are post script covers

so i embrace the gift
that i'm a wandering wolf~
cow paths lead to danger in my book
and these sheep follow bull's shit

raw hide as a service
systems on delivery
don't follow lines of those deserving this
what has come
& what will be
some say a comet will fall from the sky, followed by meteor showers and tidal waves, followed by fault lines that cannot sit still, followed by millions of dumbfounded dip shits. and some say the end is near, some say we'll see the armageddon soon, he certainly hopes we will, but i sure could use a vacation from this stupid shit  one great big festering NEON distraction, i've got a suggestion to keep you all occupied... learn to swim.
He's praying for rain, trump's praying for tidal waves, he wants to watch the earth give way, he wants to see it all go down, Mueller please flush him all away, so i can watch him go right in and down, i wanna watch him go right in, down a toilet's flushing bowl.

as the blazes from the heavens descend
a golden sunset shall take its place
a silver lining shall tell the end
of the memories of our passing days.

the world in fiery breaths will end
to god you could give the final praise
but for the very last rule we bend
i ask your love for a final taste.

and the earth shatters before our eyes
i will write my final piece
for if burnt papers have after-lives
in heaven, with you, this poem we shall finish.
and our story will continue in eternity.

disclaimer: i have no one to write this poem for lol
Bryce 2d
Wake and bake you fuckin flake!
There's nowhere else than here for you,
How dare you think you could get outta this,
No sir, this ain't something you can miss!

Go go go we're on a roll
I'm gonna drop you out the back like fresh cargo
Out the deep blue sea of air that beats and steams
Smacks you flat across those baby cheeks

It'll eat you alive, there's nowhere to hide
Life has a gun in her mouth and runs wild with her dice
She'll roll you in-- a winner or loser,
And can already tell which one you'll be.

This ain't sunshine and rainbows!
This is war
This ain't eden,
This is the floor!
A trillion miles left to heaven,
And hell separated into this long ago
So heft your baggy saddle
And go

That is, only if you want it to be
You can heat your meat with the Furnace of dreams
Exchange your bones into gold,
Let the rain melt to snow
Trust the gun and the run and don't forget to have fun
You'll really get me then, boy I'll have nothing left to say,
Once you turn life onto broil that day

It's good to let your blood pump and boil,
There is no soil for which doesn't toil
And churn and burn and yearn to learn
To experience the uninterrupted turning of the earth

We're on our way, you and I, plummeting
Searching for some incomprehensible summit
Of trust in the ticking hand of life
As she holds our souls in her palm so tight
We can hardly tell we're slipping away
Pumping and jumping and having fine days
To which one of those, bundled,
we will fade away
And life will smile, wide on her face,
Knowing she hit the jackpot of the age
And as we fall to the playing table,
Dust of chance and left to spin
Well, that's when we'll know for sure we win.
I passed you on a stairway

Somewhere back in time,

I just had to make you mine!

You tried to take me your way

Up where the skies are blue,

I had other plans for you…

You wanted to go towards the light,

I dragged you down into the night

Through depths of dark despair.

Welcome home to the devil’s lair.

I pushed and you fell

Down the stairway to hell…
These words came from a song the lead character in my book "Wychwood" is listening to. They mirror her life unravelling as she reflects on her abusive husband who has a heart forged in a foundry of darkness  ...

You’re safe
You’re warm
You’re home again

You’re safe and sound
You’re still around
Your soul is found

Bent low on the ground
Your face became shroud
But the water
Her water
His water
Their water
It loved you
It cleaned you
It sailed you home

The clearest water you’ve ever seen
The perfect temperature so keen
Your thirst is gone

The familiar man in the distance
Clad in Red
You’ve escaped his vengeance
His game is dead
Dead by the wondrous sword

You stare at him
He stares back so glim
Then he bows
Accepting your win
Then he’s gone
Gone forever
Happy endeavors
The Vacancy Saga continues with one final confrontation against the antagonist...
KAE 3d
he asked me once “why don’t you hate them?”
I said “first of all, I don’t feel hate and secondly, life is too short for hate someone and waste my precious time thinking negative thing and talk shit about someone. I just ignore and when someone do to me something that I don’t like I just delete them from my life”
Zaft 3d
The art of losing you
happened without a clue
which I thought I always knew
but surprised when I find it true.
Children of these days
They're in big dismay
Their attitude, degrade
Their lifestyle is fake
Their value in my eye seems depreciate
They're such a big disgrace

Children of these days
Can't walk without dancing
Just a slight rhythm; and they'll start bouncing
Devilish music; devilish words gat more liking

Children of these days
Their behaviour makes me sad
They would even say 'Hi' to their dad
That's really bad
An act of being  Retard

Children of these days
They're so decietful
They won't even greet you

Children of these days
are so mono
They're less gospel and more solo
Surfing the internet; looking for free porno
Man; this logo you have is real loco

Children of these days
Their ways are odds
And they spit missiles of words
They don't want to stain their boot with dirt
But they forgot they're firstly designed from mud

Children of these days have big mouth
They are too proud
They're much of meriment; they're too loud

Children of these days
Should watch out for hollow
They'll say "we are the leaders of tommorrow"
But they do not know
The path to success is narrow

Children of these; I pity
For they think they're pretty
But their style of life is filthy

Children of these days
They post pancaked face on facebook
And ask "How do my face look?"
Ma'am; "you're just a lame snook"
About to get trap in a fish-hook

Children of these days
Don't know their culture
Shoulder 's on; like vulture
That latitude that you walk-on; is not yours
these attitude of yours that you does nurture
Will torture and dis-configure your fine posture
Children of these days
Please take heed
Life is more than that; which you see
So, children of these days; please repent
Before you have a child; you know attitude do reflect
I am never gonna relent
So that my children; that day; won't be bent
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