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Miss X 1d
Call it law of attraction
or fate

It took me two years

I finally believe in love again

Sur l'isle de evocation
a parody of Paris
the beating heart of France
an exultation of hell and heaven

secured by a stake
enveloped by a blue mamba
unable to escape the flames of desire
eyes widen in fear
a flicker of light in the dark approaches

the laughing licking light ascends
trembling trees unable to bend
crushing fervour all around
upward flowing conduits the secular rain

the molten skeleton teeters
France holds its breath
archangels strain in suffrage
the walls will hold
la dame will survive
the people invoke the deliverance

the light begins to wain
the magician becomes the smoke
the lance to heaven pierces the heart
belayed are the bells
fighting holds the line

a cough amongst the smouldering fumes
a guardian not seen
the bonds are not broken
the abode is saved

glaring out from a bell tower
sadness views the destruction below
sacred are the loves of engagement
harried by the time of contempt

Le Français are mortified
a chariot touches down
the dawn angel stirs
its divine intercedence appears

the lance is withdrawn
the mamba turns red
convict us the rebirth
its nations faith rings out
dawning  a peoples decree
a chance video triggered this poem, check out the twitter
When we were  not taking so serious
dig the land to make a great hole to trap the people in serious
pit so deep and those fallen never awaken very serious
we recognize as criminals than serious.
As I wake up
could I become
the ghost of me

When will the day
go to flee away

When the night will chase
you back to first base

At times when I'm
not the best and
I don't want to be

When a valley falls
As darkness befalls

When the moon is new
and the war turned askew

At which point
would I become
the ghost of me
v Mar 2019
my dreams reveal to me the inevitable
in my dreams you see me
and we are together, as we once were
in what seems like the distant past
but we are bound by our souls
to unite as love itself, once again
Earth is merely a pebble      
On the shore of everything      
Of the sea that is our universe      
Waves with such an endless treble      
And crash's leaving a deafening ring     
For we are just a pebble that can think    
About how the sea came to be so vast           
Or if there are other pebbles like ours                
And what's the meaning to anything                    
Can't this pebble see it won't out last                   
That we won't live like all these stars                
That meanings don't have a meaning          
As we're merely just a pebble observing  
This seemingly endless sea of everything
Just enjoy yourself in this short short life, cause compared to the universe.
We're only here for a single blink and then we're gone.
Regina 5d
pearl string moonlight on obsidian tides.....lovers linger
on boardwalk
rarae aves May 6
Ill know I've truly
attained inner peace
when it's neither about
prevention or cure..
when its about living  
through it all..
rarae aves May 19
The time is now,
moves forward from here..
never have we heard of
Time pausing or rewinding, have we?
Time is ticking..
Aching to relive the past or erase it..
Longing for an awaited future or absolutely dreading it..
Time is moving forward,
despite what state we are in.
Time is ticking..
While we’re thinking of dos and donts, hows and whys, ifs and buts..
Time is moving forward,
despite all odds.
Time is ticking..
let time not pass..
Let’s pass, through time..
make time count..
Make time count by living in the moment..
Live in the moment for what the moment is..the moment we certainly cannot change, now that time is already here.
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