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Chi 8h
I was once in love with a Captain
And I never thought he would caused me pain
Since he promised me a happy ever after
Then set aside my fear

He was always ready to leave me
For a treasure chest across the sea
Every day that will passed
I longed that we will last

I was once in love with the ocean
Even if I live in the kingdom
Now, I wander my emotion
And plead for my freedom

I stop hoping for a fairytale
Even if I met a prince along the way
He was as I expected him to be
Very charming yet free

He made me laugh and cry
And never knew how to lie
He was the ideal of every human
And I wasnt an exception woman

The Captain came back with hope of another chance
And as the naive princess I can be
I was willing to give him a glance
Yet he couldnt take the risk to stay for me

Now, the princess living in the kingdom
Finally met the prince to give her freedom
For I was once imprisoned
With my love to the Captain

The prince never heard of my Captain
And didnt know about the pain
But he did lit up my heart
As he pointed out my worth

And as the prince set my heart free
I wish that my used to be Captain
Find the best treasure across the sea
For I am now happy, that I found my own King
it was you i was in love with, but you made me feel worthless
Pretty pink princess with wetness
Dripping down her thigh.
Puddle humpin’ *****
Pumps the water
While she cries.
Take it down the throat and hope
He doesn’t make you ride.
You’re haunted-
But memories taunted.
Hope the feelings subside.
And hope you don’t choke
Playing ******* with a hard rock.
Stop, you slithering snake.
I provoke the stalking of the body,
The watching of the skin.
Pretty pink princess
Soaking in the sin.
Satin curtain, forced open.
Moisture beaded on the fabric.
Crushed velvet on your tongue-
Here is where he wreaks his havoc.
A blank canvas for him to abuse
With bruises of all different colors.
Of course I let him have it.
He got into my mind.
Used his knowledge that I was the
Only princess of this kind.
I'm not Cinderella, who came to the party and met the prince because I didn't have those glass shoes
or being Ariel, exchanging the beautiful tail with feet for a man from another world
Aurora fell asleep long enough, then love came from a prince with a kiss, could it be?
then, should I become Snow White who was poisoned by an apple then fell asleep and the prince came just to be able to see me every day. No
could I have to meet an unlovely and cursed prince like Belle, and love him sincerely?
but I can't like Elsa that freezes the human heart
because I am still need love like Jasmine from Aladdin, but I don't want to be a present
I might have to venture out across the vast ocean to find the lost, yes it's Moana
so I have to be brave and tough like Mulan about anything that will happen in reaching the dreams and love that might not be easy
Deniz Eilmore Nov 24
Just because you faced the dragon
Doesn’t mean the princess is yours
Gleaming zillion fish,
Swim in night’s wonder lake;
Where the moon princess swim.
The walls are built too high
Expecting me not to climb
But wherever the water flows
By instinct I go
To be with my own kind
Why is it I favour fish than people
And the sea more than the shore
Am I the only one who feels this way
For a moment, I want something more
The breeze in my hair is cold
Compared to the warmth from the sea
The waves feel more welcoming
Than the people who surround me
I take pieces of the sea home
And collect my hidden treasures
For if I could, I would
Live my life in my guilty pleasure
Because how can a home of many
Not be a home for me
Why live in fear and caution
Dear mother, when I could be happy?
Aaron LaLux Oct 20
keep scrolling through iTunes,
can’t seem to find anything to download,
even though I can download,
any song that I want to,

keep scrolling through my timeline,
Facebook lines & Instagram posts,
but can’t seem to find anything of interest,
which doesn’t make sense since I love everyone,

got everything we want,
but nothing that we need,
traded in our dreams,
for some fantasies on a screen,
here forget you used to be free,
have a seat & take this TV,
it’s amazing how we make miracles,
seem so easy,

it’s like,
these machines gave us everything we ever wanted,
giving us anything that we ever needed,

& it’s strange because I’ve won every battle,
but still I feel defeated,
it’s like I’m sitting around,
alone with all these toys around me,

feeling like a Prince without a Kingdom,
or a King without a throne,
or a Princess without a wishlist in her Queendom,
with a magnificent house that’s missing a home,

are you missing your home,
that home you never had,
are you missing that feeling,
that feeling that you can’t quite grab,

and that’s,

exactly why you keep scrolling through iTunes,
& that’s exactly why I keep scrolling thought iTunes,
we’re both missing the same thing & searching in vain,
it’s eerily ironic how we can feel so alone in the same room,

& I feel your pain because I feel my pain two,

pardon me,
maybe I’m confused,
maybe we,
wanted to get attention instead of getting used,

& there’s so much more I want to mention,
but then again I guess what’s the use,
why start something that’s only definite is an ending,
but I’m your friend so if you want to begin it’s up to you,

I’m willing to relax,
I’ll answer all your questions,
let’s trade facts,
truth or dare until we express all our intentions,

in the pursuit of passions,
listening to intuitions,
remembering what it was to be human,
before we gave in & gave them our emotions,

I swear something doesn’t feel right,
like most of these humans are just Programs,
who look like they are moving with intention,
but are really just going through the motions,

keep scrolling through iTunes,
can’t seem to find anything to download,
even though I can download,
any song that I want to…

∆ LaLux ∆

Los Angeles, CA.
October 8th, 2018
Casey Risk Oct 16
So much to say, so few words find my lips
It’s like I kissed a girl
And gave her all my words

At first I thought it was my breath
She took away

She spoke and I listened
In awe,
Of the way her sentences glided from
The back of her throat, tongue, teeth, lips-

I once kissed a girl
And left all my words on her lips
Like some weird- ****** up- *******
Little Mermaid

She was Ursula and Prince Eric
Stealing my freedom
My voice but still
My captain, knight in shining armor

She was the prince
The sea witch
Everything I was warned of
Everything I still dreamed about

When Ursula took Ariel’s voice
She used it for another
But she used it for me
On me-
But the good words got used up

They were on a countdown timer
Without restart or pause
Then there were only bad words
Then none

I once kissed a girl and gave her all my words
Now I have none left.
Katherine Oct 13
In the middle of the night the wolf pack howls
The girl stares dreaming out her window
Her grip on reality losens
As the weights on her eyes pulls them down
Her mind takes her to the snow white castle
Where the marble gleems with energy
The village boy waits in the mangroves sand
Playing with the muddy water as he waits for her
She walks down in a white gown lifting it as the mangrove swallows her
“ ready?” the boy asks joyfully as he gets into the boat
“ Yes where are we heading?” She questions
The corners of his lips tug up as the words fall out of his mouth
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