Probably one of my favorite fairy tales is King Arthur raised by a wizard he pulls out a sword from a stone. And later destined to become king.

Growing up I realized men dominate the best legends.

What fairy tale have you heard of where a girl isn’t a princess or queen.

I was different when I was younger. I wanted to be Robin Hood or Sir Lancelot du Lac.

Girls are brought up on princesses duty’s.

When in all reality King Arthur can be their North Star.

                         With love,
Kayla 6d
She always thought that he noticed her
He saw her in a different light
Then anyone else had
She thought that he had love her the way no on has
He treated her like a princess
But that light had faded
That love had gone
The princess disappeared
But this made her stronger
Now she strives on her own
To live her life as her own
Letter Written By: Anonymous
Gender: Unknown
Location: Classified
Time: Unsure

Alright, my fellow partners, your patience has paid off, you will now see, my promise was never scoffed

Please do, put your wonders and theories aside, I beckon, let victory and rest abide

I have seen her... Indeed I have... No Lie, I can assure.

If I may, introduce the beginning, with a normal work day for me, doing her bidding...

"Ma'am? Tis a brighter morning then usual I can assure you. The flowers in your fathers garden are full and blue"

With Pleasure I spoke as I knocked upon her white wooden door that blended in with the walls and floor.

"Tis nice dear worker, close friend... to hear such happy things... but it's those things that, very soon, disappear in the end... "

I lightly laid a gentle hand over the knob, and I not even through this letter, can I describe the ice biting concern that throbbed.

"Ma'dam, Dear lady, forgive me, but this close friend, has not seen Thy self for days, has our bond growth weak?"

Thy Ma'dam chose not to speakth for a time.  My shallow mind began to think that my words, her ears, have chosen to decline

".... Dear?" I voiced with hesitation. But comfort soon sprouted once her door unlocked it'self to me, to reveal the situation

With caution and a sense of danger, I entered my self into the room... the room that changed... along with her

How do I explain’th without sounding as if I have lost it?

Physically, nothing of the room was altered, but... the mentality and purpose of the room was disordered.

My eyes wavered on what was once colorful, and lovely, but is now dark.. but depressingly beautiful.. quiet a discovery...

"You've entered. Desperate to see'th me? Come closer then Thy servant, if you summon your agree,

"I do Ma'dam, I would not swear my life on a lie to thee. If I am, in a second, my heart, I damn"

Deep apologies for my impatient and anxious course of my next actions. Because through it, I felt a cold rock scrapping force.

I ran... Indeed I ran, how childish of me I will admit.  But my feet magnetized themselves to ground, the darkness would not permit.

"....My... my Dear Ma'dam?" I questioned, for there she gracefully stood, but deathly she starred at me, and distressful, I forgot to mention.

"Your right... it is a bright morning..." She said as black lip smile formed upon that gorgeous pale face.

Very slowly, she'd walk along the side of the curtain so more light may be revealed. Alas such glory!

"I am ashamed of you, you see me in shadows cloak... You have now witnessed the brokenness Pain provoked."

"But, my Dark Ma'dam! Why display your distress in such an abyss  of a dress?"

I questioned as I knelt at her highness's feet, the feet that had slipped into darkness; Defeat.

"Rise'th now, my brilliant friend, it is the time I stand weak where you must stand strong. A phase everyone goes through; and yes, it maybe long."

...I should'th rise... but my weak heart was rebellious to her commands... I refused... I declined to stand

Her breath did quicken, yes, a heavy burden hand laid'th on my shoulder... and it pressed

"Forgive me... Princess" I quickly spoke'th as I rose and dared to look into her eyes of starry highness.

"What I display... I dare not hide, for it is wise to release these mournful memories... to let them go... to let them die..."

I felt guilty... I'm afraid... that I felt so scared to stand alongside her... after making such a statement... cursed fear...

"Go... Do tell me when a brighter morning comes to visit me... I hope'th, that it'll be soon, possibly on the same day of the new moon..."

"A new moon? For sure Ma'dam? I don't mean to flaunt, but I feel it's necessary to warn you... those nights are quit the trap... quit the threatening haunt..."

She didn't speak'th a word, those cold shouldered eyes spoke words I didn't think eye could speak; I heard.

She turned her laced corset back towards my direction, closing the conversation, leaving my mind in suspension...

and with my pupils rearrange in focus on the sorrowful expression on my devoted one's face,  I left her presence, my happiness erased...

Can you see? Can you see the desperate help she is in? and yet you, your family, you fear-filled chickens of a flock tell me join in?

I must end this letter and not tell you anymore... If you truly cared.. I know you would come back.. if you honestly dared...

I am not fully sure what I must do'th for my dear Ma'dam Princess...
But I know the poor thing... Is the Dark Ma'dam of Distress
Just a Story I had in my head for the past couple of days... I hope you like it..

This poem is surrounding the fact on how important it is to reach out to those in darkness, to those who are in need, to those who are in help

No matter how far they have fallen, nor how scary the situation is. If it is something the Lord wants you to do, you need to trust it and run with it. And do whatever is necessary to reach out to those who are lost in darkness... some are afraid, some think it's a waste of time, and some choose to ignore the help others need. The narrator IS YOU. WHAT WOULD YOU DO in a  situation LIKE THIS!? Are you willing to take the risk?

I have considered writing another one, but most likely not. if you want me to, write in the comments below.
Aaron LA Lux Jun 7
When words are not enough,
and the world won’t get off her back,
she dances the Devils way,
She’s a princess,
wait she’s a queen,
wait she’s an angel,
wait she’s everything,
a Goddess,
the hottest performing artist I’ve ever seen,

and she’s dancing,
dancing is her therapy,

I mean,
I’m not James Brown,
but it’s a man’s world,
even if Rihanna runs this town,

she’s been suppressed all her life,
and I’m not just talking about Rihanna,
I’m talking about every girl that was ever forced to be a wife,
just to survive in this life,

she was touched by her father,
or brother or cousin,
when she was just a little girl,
I know we all wish it wasn’t,
but it is true,
so what’s a girl to do,
when she’s a clean 13 messing with The Dirty Dozen,

this isn’t battle of the sexes,
this is war of the worlds,
wants to be a woman but she’s just a girl,
no No Doubt just burnt out nerves taken turns,

she never asked to be born,
with the burden of being beautiful,
but she refuses to conform,
she is attractable irrational and radical,
so when it’s all too much,
the stares and the catcalls,
the aggressive forceful touch,
the nails across her back like a blackboard,
and the moans become just white noise,
she takes it all in,
she forgives the man because he’s just a boy,
he is an angel even if he has fallen,
she takes it all in,
and she uses all of those abuses,
as the fuel with the tools which induces,
an allusive state of truth which,
allows her to move with intuitive smoothness,
and lose herself in the music morphing into what a centrifuge is,
separating fluids transforming what was otherwise useless abuses,
into a truth that cruises and confuses the stupid stooges,

she dances,
in a statement of glorious refusal to submit to their ideals,
she is more than a princess queen angel goddess,
she is fire burning up all preconceived notions of sex appeal,
the real deal,
dancing sweating cleansing her soul and her pores,
moving faster in progression refuting repression,
overcoming an obsession of oppression and knocking down all doors,
she is not a possession,
though she is possessed when,
she’s a dancing expression of how we all feel and more,

no words are enough,
she shows what we all feel,
she reveals what,
was before thinly concealed,

she is the perfect expression,
of imperfect circumstances,
she is poetic stanzas,
she is the paint on the canvas,
there is no question that she is the answer,
and all of this is made clear when she takes it all in,
let’s go of everything and dances…

∆aron L∆ Lux ∆

#strength #metoo #dancer #ballet #blackswan
She Writes Jun 7
She didn’t want to be saved
She wanted to feel safe
While she saved herself

She wasn’t waiting
for a knight in shining armor
She fought her own demons

She didn’t expect to be treated
Like a princess
She wanted to be respected like a queen
Jeannery Jun 3
Once upon a time,
We were once combined
Now you're gone over time
And here I am, wondering where you are.

Have you forgotten me already?
I was once your princess.
Right now I'll confess,
Since you've been gone, I've been so unsteady.


was once your "once upon a time"
Through many misadventures.
It's you I seek.
Climbing the many stairs that lead me to my goal.
It's never enough.
Through the laterals of vault jumps.
Through the brick and mortar of red paths.
I still see them when I close my eyes.
No matter how terrified I am.
I still make that jump for you.
Finding all the traces you've been.
The worn soles of the many miles I've traveled.
My self put to the side.
 I find the many seeds that we've planted.
Once beautiful, now overgrown to the point that they no longer fit in regular pots.
Without you there's no reason to toil around anymore.
The ghosts of who we use to be wait behind every corner.
Confronting me everytime I turn my back.
Still it's you that I seek.
Finding my own personal hell.
Fire breathing dragon included.
I've tried to hide myself behind my work to no avail.
It follows me everywhere I go.
The inter-workings of my mind.
I've found myself hanging on a string.
Time after time.
Bridges that I've crossed getting from point A to B.
The growth that's essential to make it to the next stage.
The sound of coins no longer entices.
Facing my fears in the hope of reaching you again.
Finding a better me.
The final ax to the head of the fire breathing dragon that guards you closely.
In the end to find that this closet I keep my fears.
Has turned to another castle.
With another dragon.
Sober Clover May 29
i always wonder why
as i see cinderella cry
a surge of emotions wrap my head
that haunts me as i dream in bed

i always wonder why
i always loved to jump up high
unlike the tragic roots
of the little ariel who can't wear such boots

i always wonder why
the blonde rapunzel caught my eye
as i always seek for more
not contented of what's behind my door

i always wonder why
just like merida i'd touch the sky
such impenetrable rules hinder
my love for a life that's fuller

i always wonder and wonder
why do i feel the same
it is just the influence of the sealing border
or am i a princess just lost and without a name?

and i keep wondering, wondering and wondering
when will my life begin
as it seems that my time outside is just so fleeting
as i go back to the state where i am always aching

many would dream to be a disney princess
and i sure did sing like a damsel in distress
yet one thing i realized in this song

is i am a disney princess...

gone wrong.
my life sucks praying for yours not to be
Madeleine May 23
You call me your princess
Your daughter
                                                                                           I call you my king
                                                                                                         my Father
you call me to obey
to listen to your voice
                                                                                        I do my best to obey
                                                                             listening for you still voice
you call me to love
to treat others as I wish to be treated
                                                   I love those who love me and despise me
                                                                   I treat others as if they were you
you call me to work your field
and to reap what I sow
                                                                                                 I do your work
                                                                         for your rewards mean most
I love you
              I love you too
My princess
With smoke in my eyes
I pass you, by the by
Spitting fire
Flying higher & higher
Around the tower’s side
You brush your hair
With tender loving care
You see me in the mirror
& pretend I’m not there
Out the tower I see
The dragon leave
Then Batman comes for me
At my window like Romeo
Making me feel like Juliet
Instead of like Catwoman
His voice is deep
& crackles when he speaks
Addressing me with respect
As the Princess
The heat of his breath
Melts my wings like Icarus
I fight the dragon
As if he is a man
Standing on the side of the tower
Full of hope
With my hand on my batrope
I push him back with a right jab
Then I point my flamethrower at him
I pull my finger, then - blast
I fall out the sky
So sleepy I could die
But not before seeing Batman
Holding the Princess
Against the tower’s side
As the Batplane lowered them in
They took off and took me with them
Into the sky
With his batrope tied around my ankle
Batman saved my life
& though I’m in this prison
I’m thankful.
May 16, 17, 2018
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