Deemz 1d

You speak,
but I don't recognize the words,
at this moment,
I don't even recognize my existence,

My mind is somewhere between the
waves of the ocean,
playing between the grains of sand,
swirling like the princess it is,

a princess that will
trap you with her offer of kindness,
fuck you over and over again.

My mom was talking to me while I was sitting on my bed, and I didn't realize she was talking to me till she had left...I was so indulged in my own world.
Latin Jan 11

the princess learns to sleep on the pea under her bed
everyone tells her that there will be rougher beds
so she stops complaining
she wakes up in pain, back bent and aching with every move
she learns to ignore it
she can barely sleep for the pain in her back
and the knowledge that the pea is there
and she can feel it when one else could
she learns to forget it by morning
till the pain in her back doesnt fade away
till she cant move this way or that
there will be rougher beds they say
and shes afraid it wont get better
and she knows it wont get better
and she knows there are better beds
but shes not complaining

Umi Jan 1

Having lived through endless ages
Having undergone countless changes
As long as we are together it is fine
As long as I am yours and you are mine
Through an unending night here at eternity
I will your guide, your protector, can't you see
Bow in hand I will keep you save, fill your days with glee
Pen in hand I will write you philosophy
You treat me like a princess, I can't help but to cry
If someone said I would deserve you, I would lie,
You are my world, my whole heavenly mind
You always come back, with a smile so beautiful and kind
Please dont leave me, let us see, if there is more love to find
Here at eternity

~ Umi

A ship from the Touhou verse which moves my heart

i found a prince
and slept in peace

yet when he holds me
i see Him again

looking from the tower
waiting for me

Jissel Pena Dec 2017


The medieval concept of living in a castle

The ring

The status

The power of authority of a monarchy

Pretty and pink with glamour and jewels right?

Just like those silly books you used to read right?

Sad reality, I’m kept isolated

Wearing isolation on my sleeve as if it was a grand prize achievement

No sights around me other than these stupid fancy painted walls

and people watching over me

almost as if I was a prisoner that committed horrible crimes

The idea is so stupid to me

Soon I’m hoping to escape

To see breathtaking scenes

Going to the moon for all I care

Or even making my way down the busy streets

Just getting away

I don’t want to be protected from the world anymore

I want to be free and make stupid choices

I want to see how it’s like to be loved and heartbroken

The meaning of “royalty” isn’t as great as everyone thinks

Not like those silly books you used to read


The Isolation



first poem (:
Mane Omsy Dec 2017

Reminiscing the day we met
You caught me staring at you
Then I saw your little smile
A thousand mini me jumped
Now you are on my shoulder
Stroking my chest after love

Beaming with my child in you
The center of my world and you
Had me going through with you
A lot of love and trust in you
Here is our adorable treasure
My queen with sweet tears of joy

She is so beautiful, her first cry
Looking astonished as my queen
Little princess gripping on my finger
Now I have two to share my heart

Evi Dent Halo Dec 2017

Her King

Her father

He, a God in his own right.


An emissary for peace

He; loved by all, and had no counter-part

He was her father

And she his princess.


Long after still these memories stirred

She being carried on his shoulders

Shortly so, and rightly so

So was love, and love thereafter

She his princess and none thereafter.


This woman with no master

Had her father's will

She was bound by spirit strength

Bound by indomitable will.


And so the king lived,

Carried his princess upon his shoulders

And soon thereafter- her time to lead

Was still carried upon his shoulders.


And she thereafter had sons, in this- this studious manner

And so there was peace in this land, and all they touched thereafter.

A daughters love for father

FINV "Her King." v3 (11/13/17-11/21/17) - by Evi D. Halo
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017

a princess and a heathen
an angel and a demon
a savior and a killer
a fighter and a healer
a hero and a villain
a human and a monster
a light that shines in darkness
two hearts in perfect balance

yet another one inspired by my fave Star Wars ship (REYLO), please enjoy my children, and remember that the light and the darkness within each of you are both important and must be acknowledged equally in order for you to have a healthy emotional balance.
morseismyjam Dec 2017

"you be the princess and ill be the hero
and i will rescue you from the dragon" he says
she stands confused because she is the princess
but she is also the hero and the dragon is
hers and she doesn't see how he can help

"the spell will be broken by your true loves kiss"
they promised but she knows true love is
a lie and though she's kissed many her dragon stays
and stays and when she takes up
her sword she only hurts herself and the ones she loves

"you should give up" says the dragon
and she almost agrees the hero cannot save even herself
but she puts on her crown drops her sword
and casts a spell she didnt know she had
and the dragon falls to the ground asleep

"she lived happily-ever-after,"
the story says and she knows
not everyone can and that there are more
dragons out there but she has learned
and she is waiting and she will conquer

I wanted to criticize the trope "true love will fix everything." Ya gotta fix your own problems, and sometimes that means finding a new solution. Self-sufficient princesses are life.
Sasha Raven Nov 2017

What was with the princess, I am not going to tell,
because I was talking about her under the spell ...
Maybe they are both dead and they are together,
I am concerned about climate changes - weather ...
Out there are a lot of really cruel, cruel things,
I believe in God, so I do not worship mighty kings ...
We come and live, then we return into soil and dust,
I was told: ''Young boy, into the Almighty only trust!''
But I know that I am in real life, nobody and a sinner,
because I am poor I do not have a buck for a dinner ...
Now, I am going in my bed, it is time to fall asleep,
I will try to forget her and dive into the dreams - deep ...

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