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Princess is beautiful and elegant
Elegant as she is
Her beauty is not defined by beautiful dresses

Prince is handsome and charm
Charm as he is
His charisma is not bound by a coat

Legacy to pass on with a daughter to hold on
Elegance to be in born
With beauty to build on
Ay 1d
Pale faced princess trapped inside the castle in her cotton candy pink dress.
For a while she's been stuck in a mess as broken cassettes play back her regrets.
Cigarettes since she's been dead, trapped inside the castle in her cotton candy pink dress.
The day has come where she has died, only to find she's come alive.
Not of ancient lore,
or some cross to bear.
But here. But now.
No Prince Charming
at the castle door.
Only her, Miss Damsel herself.
In some paper city,
called Zilch,
where things fall apart fast.
She's trapped in no tower,
but a loft instead.
With tin-foil crown,
she climbs across
the kitchen table
to slay the dragon,
in the flames
of his own black-hearted
A dagger to the heart
of the matter,
and all is quiet again.
Then with a satisfied yawn,
she retires for her afternoon nap.
you can call me a princess,
but I won’t wait around
for some prince.

hand me the sword.
I’ll slay my own dragon.
I’ll fight my own battles.
I’ll be my own hero.

and if that prince shows up
trying to save me
when I don’t need saving,

he won’t be fighting someone
for my hand in marriage.

he’ll be fighting me
for his own **** life.
nevaeh Oct 7
this dress is itchy
these children are loud
it smells like feet
i have never felt less
like a princess

but you make it easy
to keep smiling
my princess smile is real tonight
Safana Sep 1
Very evening
In the west
Up to sky, I
can see a
flying birds
dancing for
the song they
sing together

Peee *** ***
*** hwuit hweet
Peeeeee hwuitt
Chwuee weeee

Are flying birds
uniformly, wearing
multi-hued feather
gown, dancing on
the sky floor
Oh! It's wedding,
a wedding party
of princess
white dove
in the sky palace
of Avesdom
Metaphoronomy Aug 30
A yearning desire, thirst to fulfill
I look into the endless land
As I stand at the edge of a high wall
Holding back, with anticipation.
One day it shall be complete
My once upon a time
When he comes from a faraway land,
My knight in shining armor.
On a beautiful white horse
He will take me away
Where nobody will be
Just him and me.
A princess eagerly waits for her happily ever after.
Psychostasis Aug 19
The day I met you I was drunk
The house was breathing with life and memories being made
And I heard someone mumble something about someone being here
And nearly panicked at the possibilities of whom it could've been

But then you spoke
The room died down for a few seconds,
As if everyone there knew how important you were
And how important you would be
Then exploded into laughter

And you vanished into the crowd leaving a canary yellow glass slipper behind as a calling card

The first Wu-Tang song we listened to together was C.R.E.A.M
I didn't know you were a fan until it came on
And suddenly I remembered that slipper

And as time went on, I'd slowly begin to understand the level of your royalty
I'd see you fight back invisible armies in the name of love
I'd see you take command and charge the world with fire in your eyes
And eventually I realized that, around you
I was invincible
(Or felt like it at least)

And now, here you lay
Empress of Goons and Wu-Tang
Goddess of the very moon and stars that speak through your eyes each time you smile
Queen of the Hood Rats
Princess, and keeper of the key to my heart
And as I watch you laugh and enjoy yourself
I'll clutch the glass slipper behind my back
And wonder when the right time to present it to you is
And I'll pray that one day
You'll allow me to call you mine
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