Daisy Rae 18h

She loves glitter
And if you try and take away ZuZu, her blue tiger
She will scream and cry
She loves to color, and not just on paper
Sometimes random objects find their way into her hands
She's sneaky and quick
She might not walk yet but she can crawl super fast
She loves wearing skirts and bows in her hair
She's really goofy
Her favorite food is ice cream
She loves to make me laugh
She's a pro at hiding her shoes so she doesn't have to wear them
She's my little princess
And I couldn't imagine a life without her

Rebecca H Jul 2

Crimson lips and
bloody fangs to match
she takes boys by their hands
and later examine her catch.

They all fall for her
one by one
their vision a blur
and her work is done.

She tosses them in the bin
when she gets bored
the boys think they can win
but they never even scored.

She walks with confidence
wearing a crown of bones
the boys walk with dominance
too blinded by their hormones.

She devours them alive
with her crimson lips
she goes in for the final dive
only needing to sway her hips.

- some people are dangerously attractive -
Ekstyn Jun 16

Of the two of us,
you need to be stronger...
Not because I'm weak,
but because
I don't know
how not to be strong.
I've been raised
to have my chin up and
head proud,
so, my dear,
I ask that you
steel yourself more,
you need to be stronger...
Because we need to accept
that there's a possibility that
we won't be good for each other anymore...
when love alone will no longer suffice...
My prince, please be stronger -
Walk away when you feel
that we are slowly dying
out of loving each other.
We are only human,
I am only human,
I will fight for us,
but I will not care if it's right.
See, that's why you
need to be stronger...
I ask that you fall deaf to my pleas,
I ask that you close your eyes and
walk away...
I will not hold in against you -
I will not.
So please, be strong enough
for the both of us,
when you feel tired and when
our love is nothing but poison to our hearts,
I pray that you
will have the courage to
break my heart.
Walk away and don't look back.
The last thing I want
is to hold you back...
Please be strong enough to let go
even if I'm still holding on.
Leave me be and
I will understand.
I will not keep you from happiness.
I will never forgive myself if I do.

Don't rescue me,
when that time comes,
think not of me as your princess...
I am a bitter queen keeping you from
your happy ending...

Let's not believe in forever and have contingency plans.

She's a beauty.
A princess that turned goddess,
As her body metamorphosed.
She became haughty,
but in her dreams, she felt, remorse.

She remembers him.
A nice guy that turned angel.
He was someone. She was his love.
Before she went into her cocoon,
his hand held her's like a glove.

She's a goddess demoted princess.
Locked in the clouds,
in her friend's kids bedtime stories.  
Above the empire of all her, exes
she wishes he’d save her from her worries.    

True, her hand was like his bone,
His hair was like her ball of yarn,
Before they learned how different they really were.
Before she went into that cocoon!
He's still a nice guy and angel,
That knows the difference between good and evil.
He's not a fool.  

So, no, he never saved her.
He turns his back on her
For her to fight her own duel.
March 9/2017, 25th

A goddess in need of an angel...
Yusof Asnan Apr 19

He too needed help,
A miracle to pull him out of his nightmare,
One that could make it all go away,
But for he is a man,
Its just not possible.

He seeks from anyone,
Telling people of his misfortune,
That he needed a way out,
But for he is a man,
It all seems like a joke.

He ask not a ball,
A night with a stunning princess,
Nor a magical shoe to fit in,
But for he is a man,
Seeks only a story where he is supposed to be in.


Flowers in her
She dances in the
A Princess of
Mud in her

Her time is running out,
She's running into brick.
If we don't help her soon,
Our young Princess
Might just

in the presence of her love, the sun must ignite,
arising, he greets her from now receding night
where the beauty of the stars, blanketed her face
her aspect enshrouded by an image of delight

her arms spread wide like the wings of an eagle,
to hold and protect me from oncoming evils,
engulfed in her compassion, i boast no equal,
as a rose is among flowers she is among people,

you cannot fathom, her love which measures,
from cosmo to cosmo as high as the heavens,
even more so when we are together,
for time with her is timeless but time apart is forever

we are now one, our love not soon destraught,
we are love personified, which we have saught,
and if my heart be searched each and every part
what one is to find is another beating heart

the shade of the oak, where our names embossed
the light of the sun, which is guiding the lost,

and though my senses be strengthened by our immortal cause,
the sweetest sound remains the beat of her loving heart

Had a dream aged 17, complete darkness and myself and a mystery girl sitting at opposite ends of an oak tree, communicating exclusively with emotion, if there was commentary, i assume this would be it
sunprincess Apr 2

the princess laughs and says, 'my love is a poet, the best poet ever'
oh, says the wizard, 'where you meet this prince, who is so clever?'
and the princess smiles a dazzling smile, 'by the sea, by the sand
he's building a pretty castle for me, with shiny jewels in his hand'

so mesmerized is the wizard, by a princess's enchanting smile and beauty fair,
he gives instructions, saying, 'dear princess you must take extra care'
'yes, thank you kindly sir, you are the best wizard ever, you are so fly'
'anything for you your highness, ' says wizard, 'forever your wizard am I'


As I sit here and stare into nothingness,
I feel your warmth beside me,
Even if you're not here,
Even if you might not exist,
I feel your presence and it calms me down.
Your chest against mine,
my hands around your waist,
my lips on your lips,
and my heart intertwined with yours.
I may never have the pleasure to meet you,
I may never deserve to greet you,
but in my mind I can create my own faith,
and my faith lays with you, my princess in distress.
I want to help you mend,
give you time to heal,
and make you smile from the moment you wake till you fall sound asleep.
You're my everything, but I might always get nothing.
You're my dream, but dreams don't always come true.
You may not wait for me, I can't expect you too either
It might be too late, it might be my faulth.

Yes, princess?
"Where do babies come from?"

Well Princess,
One day you'll see a cutie
And little glitters will tickle
From your chest to your toes
Days will go by holding hands
Giving Eskimo kisses
Passing panties underneath
Family Thanksgiving tables

Until waking up with the cutie
Is the most stable part of your day.
Safe, like together in this bed
You two are a fortress,
Free, like you could run into the street
And he would stop traffic by breathing
To protect you

You'll sit across from him one night
Blushing over your dinner
Stir fry of everything you pointed at In the grocery store.
And through all that blush you'll ask
If he will be your daddy.

He will stand.
Cross the room
Kneel by you
Take your hand
When he smiles into you
Little glitters will tickle
From your chest to your toes

When he says: "Yes, Princess"
That's how babies are born.

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