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Priorities, we each have our own,
We each have a different list, we keep in our mind,
Certain events, around us, can change, one’s way,
Of life, fast, at various times.
It’s happened before, just look at history, of the past.
When the economy, money, is flowing slow, to keep,
What you own, and  spending habits, have to change fast.
Some retailers, and friends, may frown when you slow down,
It’s a must if you want, your lifestyle to last.
It’s harder on the older folks, unlike the younger generation,
They do not have, the time in years, to earn more, and turn,
Their life, back around. Society today, so many living their life,
Un–needed enjoyment spending, they never try to save.
Many will have to, adjust, their life, staying home more often,
Entertaining  themselves more, plan fewer trips each day,  and only,
Buying necessities, when they can get to town. How long,
Will it last, no set date, or time, our politicians,
The players, continue keeping their mindset, leading,
Everyone closer to insane, this life is real, not a game.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/28/22
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2021
Holding court at the Zanzibar,
they looked on good nights
like Egyptian Queens, like Ancient Babylonians.

On not so good nights,
they resembled Brassaï's Moma Bijou -
"fugitives from Baudelaire's bad dreams",
and even then they looked magnificent.

Identity wasn't something you nailed
yourself into in late adolescence.
It was a trick of the light,
and if you were to avoid
burning yourself out,
then you simply let the flames
lick over you
and turned the ashes into kohl.

This life, we are traveling through,
Our classroom, to learn, respect,
Very important, accept, be thankful,
So much to explore, always try,
Different ideas, at any age
Your best talent, maybe,
On the
Other side of the door,
Even if a garage, is center stage.
Our body and brain, are to be used, they need movement,
They give us signs, aches and pains,
Then negative thoughts, passing through, a board brain,
Do the same, start forgetting, can’t concentrate then insane.
Our fuse is lit, we never know, when we will go,
Forget, the sayings, I can’t, I wonder, what if, …
Take the time, be proud, even if you’re slow.
None of us know, the best day of our life,
Or when we will die, until our last, goodbye.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/16/21AD 5:45 PM
Maria Etre Nov 2021
Putting pen to paper
                              serenades my nerves
and carefully
                              caresses my insecurities
to make me mindfully
                              and mindlessly
every dent
the words put
in my chapter
Agatha Prideaux Sep 2021
You feel like
A ghastly mist, crawling up my toes
Touching frozen ground as you wrap
The soles of my feet in pasty white.

You feel like
Wet hair seeping through every thread
Of a pillowcase where you rest your head
Cold, warm, cold, warm—uncomfortable.

You feel like
Sore eyes from screens too bright
As you type in bold, black thoughts
A manifesto of the conflicts within.

You feel like
A room with no light, air, and sounds
Stagnancy echoing—the streaks, the blowing, the ringing
Were all dampened, washed out, unheard of.

You feel like
The sudden flash of blindness in the sky
Overlapping the deepest violets with such crisp tear
And they, too, tear as well.

You feel like
An intrusive intrusion of an intruder
An interlude to all the things you've done
An intermission to the tango that has just begun.

You feel like
A stale yet warm yet ugly yet comforting embrace
I wrap around you just to seep in every inch
Of what only you could offer.

You feel like
The last beginning of the endgame
The enshrouding entrance of what is to come
The naked piece of the puzzle
I have yet to grasp fully

You feel like
Bitter goodbyes
Unfiltered eyes
And crimson skies.
what a depressive episode feels like.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2021
It was all the rage
in the food industry
or so they implied

It was easier to
go down the bakery aisle
or so they justified

It was how so many men
preferred to see dessert
or so they specified

But to her way of thinking
it just never looked right
no matter how she tried
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
You dismantled my ego like how she broke my heart.


your boundaries,

and your strong sense of self.

Allow me to detach from us.
It's never pleasant to work on our unhealed, anxious attachment style. I truly detest my irrational fear of abandonment. But at least I'm facing it now, and not running away from it.
Butterfly Nov 2020
The way they fit on my body.
They look wrong, weird, strange.
They don't fit, they dont belong with me.
Im struggling alot with my body image and my style and on top of that the judgement of others don't really help.
I wish somebody just came to my house and made me some outfits ****. Feel like im being dramatic but it really bothers me that I constantly feel like **** in my clothes.
Sarah Synk Nov 2020
I once cut my hair,
And wanted to grow it long like Repunzel.
I almost did.
But heaven forbid.
It was awful.
It grew out weird,
But you know-
I soon loved my weird style of hair.
It was beautiful- short- and fair.
And I did not simply care.
I once died it red,
The color of an apple.
And the hair dye faded,
And turned to brown.
I have an obsession-
Combing my hair too many times.
When I take a shower,
I love being able to washing it down,
With wonderful smelling shampoo.
It’s weird--- the hair on my (your) head can have some sort of history.
Stories throughout the years.
I like wearing a bun.
I like wearing a ponytail.
I like wearing bangs,
I think my hair is super lame.
But I can maintain.
I hate when it is all knotty.
And jumbled up,
In a huge mess,
My messy hair is not something I would love to address.
So yeah,
There goes my hair,
Blowing in the wind.
- Do Not Be Afraid If It's An Awful Hair Cut, but Embrace it. Won't be a hard task in the end!
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