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What's my texting character/personality..
well is it like Type F..
Hi, good morning.  hi, hello,
good evening, wyd, goodnite..predictable..
Boring kinda wmtt..aka wasting my time thing..
Or its it a  type D:
hey, hi  ****, hey bae, hi handsome/beautiful
Gifs on kidding
**** cold text, no warm up,
no get to know you richer.
No full sentences.
One word replies mostly,
No time no efforts.
Boring kinda u **** chat history.
Or a C type..
for attempts at times to be creative,
feisty, interesting, warm,
a lil chatty sharing new things sometimes.
Or  B type text buddy for the ability to show real interest,
by just calling you up
and have get to open up fun convo.
And send cute make my day words and positive things.
Finally a
A-type of  text friend..
No time for idle boring chit chat
usually when one can
they have a true vibe of saying interesting
lil comments
that gets you to think,
reflect, open up, share, feel motivated,
makes yah smile, blush,
feel liked, cared about, special,
want to know more,
want to share more,
and look forward  to touching basics.
A fun caring worth keepin not deleting chat history log.
The 3 E's Of
Effort, Energy, Evolving
By selinaSharday
Thoughts of
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Sharday3 RosePoet#H.E.R_POETRY S.A.M
how do you text, we all fall into these categories at times off who we texting how our moods are.. yes!
Mass astray is within the realm;
Deep inside a complex helm.
Does thy think what thou said ist true?
A subtle wind of construe.
Thou words are mixed of different emotions;
For thy only wants the best, thy could bestow.
I love you more than anyone I have ever met. I want to show you for the rest of my life. I will try for you, and I will only show love to you.
Matthew Leon Sep 25
I like to write
To write and rhyme
Rhyme and chime
Perhaps all the time.

Does that grate on your teeth?
Does it make you feel mad?
”This is not poetry!
It's awfully sad.”

Let these few lines try to explain,
Though its highly uninformed
And certainly quite lame.

Not long ago;
Rough times struck body and soul,
Drowning in black with no end or goal.

Turned to a friend
shaped like a stick,
Turned to the pen
to steer clear of the grit.

For it helped to transcribe these feelings inside,
To see how they feel after leaving the quill.

Starting this journey
started to learn
Felt the world crumble
That deep cutting burn.

For rhyming was for children
Their crayons and toys.
Rhymes for adults?
That's for ****** men and their groins.

What to do?!

A performer I was never born,
An education on literature was never adorned.
Only to make rhymes is all that formed.

It starts at the beginning
Takes us right through
With the intent to run smoothly
Never slowing in goo.

Brings forth creativity
Helps ease some pain.
Steers the ship of emotion:
Through hail,
Through rain.

This may sound childish,
Simple for some.
That just may leave me the only one having fun.

Thank you for making it to the conclusion,
I don't know how you made it through all the confusion.
Just my feelings and frustrations after my attempt to read up more on the art of poetry.
She had a wit about her
Sharp as a samurai’s blade
And a smile about her
Warm as a morning brew
She had a laugh about her
Infectious as the common cold
And a sweet shyness that
She wore deliberately bold
She had a heart as deep
As the earth’s core
And an essence
As inviting as the summer breeze
She had lips that only few could resist
She had it all
Wrapped up in a humble frame
Hlengiwe Jul 8
You can let your afro flourish
Straighten it to ease the effort
Curl it or cut it
Your hair is the frame that surrounds your beauty
It is the majestic crown you were born with
It allows your beauty to spellbind us
Through it your artistry is recognised
And your personality is advertised
Hair is...
Amaris Jun 28
Sky overcast, gray
Will the sun come out to play?
Let's dance in the rain
Maria Nieves Jun 17
There is one song that makes me think of us dancing
Us so close where I was scared that I would step on your toes
I know dancing a specific style isn’t easy
Hearing it,
Just makes me feel safe
It brings me back into your arms
I truly will say
It’s Been a Long, Long Time
Listening to all the notes from the trumpets
It reminds me of the moment we heard the song
This one song makes me miss you
The song is It's Been a Long, Long Time by Harry James
LearnfromBOBD May 16
Life is bewitched with illusions
Living life with unknown motions
Carried away with hidden secret
Nations with their different pidgins
What did I seek, that i didn’t see
What did i think, that i couldn’t feel
Mans relief, long believe
Why did I lie
I can see my truth is a lie
When will I die
Cos all lier shall perish
Cos no one knows when I lie
But I’m rich and wealthy
When will I die
No one still knows when I stole it
I wish I can give you a hint
But it won’t worth it
Or what do you think
Letter to death coordinator
Esther Apr 19
i hope that in another universe
there's another you
and another me
and they are so

because they never gave up the first time.
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