­­­­Meant for more from birth
Carried in satin like a god
I do not envy you
When I succeed it is a surprise
Something met with pride
Due to lack of expectation
The Underdog Advantage
When you succeed it is anticipated
Should have been more
Greater in size and worth
Living up to your destiny
I do not envy your
Royal Disadvantage
In this great race
The start line may begin
With varied handicaps
But the finish line is in turn
Equal distance
I do not believe in Royal Design
We are all nothing to begin with
Nothing simply looks different depending on
Where you're standing.

Jay Ashford Apr 14

Mink -
You had me killed
Resting softly on my shoulder.

You command to my ears;
Your -
Hot breath dribbles down my neck

Don't think I can't see
You're always in periphery -
Snow white silk, laced expression

indeed, Poisoned,
You now mean everything -
Maps can be drawn on the lines of your skin

glassy eyes, flaming cheek
Already your tail -
wrapped my neck and chin.

I was king and ruled the world
my crown was You -
Your velvet fur.

Kat Hagar Feb 2

Seemingly small and insignificant,
It sits atop my finger, like a bird perched on a branch.
A symbol of great power,
Yet shrunken and frail as paper.
Its hidden beauty rivals those of
My love for it swells
Like a well after a heavy rain.
Oh, this paper crown,
Its simple beauty
Is a gold as pure as any other.
Its paleness is greater than snow,
Its weight light, but heavier than
the empire it represents.
This paper crown, worthy of a Queen.

This was written for a class project
Francie Lynch Dec 2016

I was trying to put the cutlery
In their respective slots,
Then the flash of a thought struck me:

     I could train a monkey to do this.

Don't call them noble,
Nobles aren't even so.
They're pretty good though,
The monkeys.

Hey, when I whack
A really good one,
When I'm in the Zen
Of perfect flight,
My buddy will remark:

     Give a monkey a typewriter
     and sooner or later he'll spell
     a word.

So, I have the greatest respect for our Simian brethern
But those other Nobles... Meh!

Cup Noodles Dec 2016

He is your knight in shining armor
With all his glamour and bright blue eyes
Offers his sword to protect you
With all his might

While I on the other hand
Carry sand in my worn out shoes
Whose armor wretched in scars from that day
You've cast me away

As a knight I have failed my duty
And you are a queen of wondrous beauty
Who deserves nothing but perfection
And I am no where near of similar complexion

Francie Lynch Nov 2016
Not My President.
But he is. Let him live.
He and his minions
Are like the poor;
They will always be with us.
But north of you,
We have a Queen.
#Not My Royal Family.
They're needy and expensive,
Spoiled and enfranchised.
An extended, big family
Who gets free rides at Canada's Wonderland,
Best seats at hockey games... all games
For Lieutenants-Governor,
And all the wee princesses and princes.
Rideau Hall is the official residence
The White House pales beside,
Sussex Drive fades beside its oppulence.
Celebrities and histories have planted trees there.
Jack, Marilyn, Nelson, Martin and all the heavenly host
Have approached those gilded doors,
Pretending to bow and curtsy to an absent Queen.
Back to #Not My Royal Family.
I didn't get a vote.
Canada is burdened with a Royal Family a growing number of us abhor. #Not My Royal Family
Sierra Aug 2016

I wish I could draw
I wish I could accurately portray
You sitting upon your high horse
Acting mighty and royal
But your horse's legs are stilts
That were precariously built
And they will crumble underneath
My touch

You nose would be in the air
Your cardboard crown would
Be falling down
And I would be standing at the base
Waiting for your fall
That is coming whether you see it
Or not.

Written back in August 2015
Jemma Jul 2016

Love me like the moon loves the sun
Making way for her in the morning even though his sojourn had just begun

Love me like the grass loves the rain
Begging for just a little taste to help it grow and ease it's pain

Love me like birds love nectar from a flower
Allow me to be overcome by your power

Love me like the morning loves it's dew
Never wake up without me laying next to you

Love me like the bees love their queen
Treat me like I'm royalty and allow your love to always be seen

Love me like you know I deserve to be loved
Take a page out of nature's book of love

Jemma Jun 2016

My name is Royalty, the daughter of a King. I am clothed in righteousness and adorned in strength
My ability and skill daily reaches new lengths
I am girded with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
I am capable of achieving my dreams and aspirations is what I am always told
I accessorize my outfit with my belt of truth, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and my favorite; my sword of the spirit
By wearing these accessories daily, I am able to reach new limits
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Because to Him, I know a princess I will always be
I strive daily to make Him proud
I am the Daughter of a King and I will scream it out loud
I will praise God in the valley and I will praise Him on the mountain top
Because I know His love for me will NEVER stop
My name is Royalty, the daughter of a King and one day I plan to receive my crown of salvation
Will you come along with me on my trip to Heaven for an eternal vacation?

Destiny Dominique May 2016

chemicals releasing in the air
24 hour clock
harmful hazardous is what we call them
it's called pollution of sin.

see everybody wants to win
but nobody wants to put in work.
silly black folks, step up your bars
we've come to far.

no more excuses, no more lack.
its time to take our royalty back.
I shall hear no complaints
Kings & Queens where hear
to REIGN !!!!

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