Jissel Pena Dec 2017


The medieval concept of living in a castle

The ring

The status

The power of authority of a monarchy

Pretty and pink with glamour and jewels right?

Just like those silly books you used to read right?

Sad reality, I’m kept isolated

Wearing isolation on my sleeve as if it was a grand prize achievement

No sights around me other than these stupid fancy painted walls

and people watching over me

almost as if I was a prisoner that committed horrible crimes

The idea is so stupid to me

Soon I’m hoping to escape

To see breathtaking scenes

Going to the moon for all I care

Or even making my way down the busy streets

Just getting away

I don’t want to be protected from the world anymore

I want to be free and make stupid choices

I want to see how it’s like to be loved and heartbroken

The meaning of “royalty” isn’t as great as everyone thinks

Not like those silly books you used to read


The Isolation



first poem (:
TheseRoots Dec 2017

I'm a queen without royalty
Speaking of behalf of loyalty
We're turning on each other
Instead of standing with one another
To defeat all the evil that's brewing
Stand with your mother
Stand with your brother
Stay with each other
and stick together
I'm speaking on behalf of loyalty
Loyalty to ourselves
Loyalty to someone else
I'm a queen without royalty
Trying to get your attention

Alexys H Dec 2017

I stand tall, stem a-bright. My crown is like no other, a crimson red that reminds you of the only good you are. I may seem strong, thorns going to attack if you come too close.

I have to admit, I am indeed beautiful, that’s why everyone smiles when they look at me. Yet you do not know how to treat such a lovely queen so well. You pluck us from our homes, the ground; and give us to your lover because you believe their beauty could compare to one of a rose. Some paint us black, as black as their souls making us believe we weren’t good enough, we didn’t quite make it. And now you’re cutting me. You say, “we cut and kill flowers because we think they’re beautiful. We cut and kill ourselves because we think we are not.”
Now I feel worthless, now I feel ugly; now… I can’t stand at all and my petals that once represented my crown are wilting, they are dull. A humans mind is truly a twist.

~ a.h

Emily Miller Dec 2017

I will not be afraid,
in dark alleys
or empty parking lots.
I will not be afraid,
when the predatory glances
grow furtive
and purposeful.
I'm not a girl,
I'm a woman,
and I don't smile,
I glow.
Everything about me,
from the shine of my hair,
to the dirt on the bottom of my heels
is regal from the moment it touches me.
Because I'm a queen,
and I was born to reign.
The alleys are my red carpet,
theatre seats are my throne.
Nothing that I set eyes on is allowed to alarm me.
Inside of me,
I carry a miracle,
an ability beyond the comprehension
of the opposite sex,
and outside of me,
I am disguised as a mere mortal.
I'm capable of going to battle
with the wildness and ferocity of a pride of lions,
and returning home to grace my loved ones with a softness that is so tender
so unconditional,
that it could kill with it's heart-aching gentleness.
I'm capable of whatever I wish,
creating life,
or taking it.
I'm capable of building civilizations
and destroying them.
I am a queen.
Whether I am a queen in a smart suit and stilettos,
or a queen in sneakers and sweats,
I'm a queen.
So fear me,
love me,
and be warned-
I refuse to bow to the evil that has been committed against my kind before.
I refuse to bow to the terror.
I refuse to bow at all.
I'm a queen.
I'm a damn queen.

Crandall Branch Dec 2017

They said
Demand an explanation for barns in the second person
I said
Let me show you where the hay is.

The big red barn
the color of my heart
when i look at you,

I am just a country boy,
a Frenso FarmBoy- I am but a humble peasant
to yuor Highness.

But I love you, regardles of everything.
When I was younger I dreamt of
a cornfield to call my own.
Now, I only dreem
of your eyes.

a simple peom from my heart :) please leeve feedback and comments below! let me know if you like these autobigraphical peoms! XOXXO Crandall
Bret Dec 2017

There are certain parts of misery
That never made sense to me.
I never caught on to the self harm thing,
I figured I already felt bad enough.
I never drank it away,
Because a hangover was just a reminder
That putting a coat on
Doesn't stop the snow.
DABDA doesn't make sense either.
How can you be angry
About something you haven't accepted yet?

I do now understand masochism.
I certainly don't practice it,
But I get it.

The thing with masochism
Is that you really have to love it.
You really have to let go.
My nerves are just nerves.
My skin is just skin.
My eyes just make drawings out of shit.
Sucking purple from the fourth wall
Letting the people eat a different truth.

My brain on a steady loop
Of Whose Line Is It Anyway reruns
Just waiting to invent the next thing
We all take for scripture.

I'm going to go to bed now, and if this doesn't make sense when I read it over in the morning I will delete it because I am too tired to tell if I've actually formed sentences or not.
Oculi Nov 2017

The longest time of inactivity has been forever.
He did wake up, only to ruin the entire world.
But now the prince sleeps again.
I wonder if he'll dream.

Sixth of five.
Gretchen Nov 2017

Heightened beauty
Heightened noise

Heightened violence
Heightened poise

By: Gretchen
R Nov 2017

Let's review some history
on sins long thought buried.

Caesar ruled absolute, upon his golden throne
They tell tales of him now,
His rise and fall,
How they hated him, and how they would bow

But what throne did Caesar sit,
that gave him all his power?
No book nor tome no page nor sage
could describe it from his hour.

The truth is...

His throne was propped by the people
who claimed to have loved him.
The base a set of knives,
Each knife a claim to their devotion
to someone they never loved.

A knife by one who thought he was a genius,
Another by those who came for him for advice,
One by those who thought the world of him,
And another because they thought he was nice.

Some by those who were simply his fans,
And others who just tolerated,
Some who stood in silence as
Others came to talk to him.

One who came to him for ideas,
and another whose heart he buried in
with another he gambled nights away with
as one more he looked out for.

One by one the knives seep in as the throne collapses,
And still somehow, he could yet stand.

But despite the pain, the treachery and woe,
t'was Brutus's blow that hurt the most, in ways he could not know.

No divinity, no loyalty, no love.

Elise Jackson Oct 2017

it's odd that i find my way back to you in a dream

in a violet mist,
a storm of chemicals

sometimes it's repetitive
all i see are teeth,
dripping wet from black saliva and blood of
anyone that roams these leaves

but i know you can't touch me
because hurting me
hurts your assets

you'll hurt your chances at anything living
because deep down, somehow, i knew you were never alive

just an empty body in the middle of a clearing
like royalty
preserved while something else like you reigns

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