Aa Harvey Jun 21
Visiting the palace

In palace corridors the music glides throughout minds
And finds itself welcomed and ignored at the same time.
It drifts in and out like the smiles on the faces,
Which say they are happy, but there are also traces,
Of nervousness; some emotionless.
The never ending search for acceptance.

Wishing to fit in, but never able to attain a place,
For you are born below and below you will always remain;
But still you try to become more,
As you walk the beautiful palace corridors.

Never fitting in, trying to not stand out,
When all you are made to do is stand around.
Never making your way into,
So always ending up without.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
oddmanout Jun 18
Don't get me wrong
I love the Bachelor
and the Bachelorette

The getaways
The fun dates
the good looking people

But is it that's what's wrong with dating today?

Instead of worthiness
We're in it for the pic
what looks best on instagram
while inside we yearn for contentedness

But restlessness is what we're given
got to keep up with the joneses
we're afraid to let ourselves feel
for people based on status

Is it a twilight zone scene
can't be because it's around
from the beginning
ancient royals doing the same
but now we're in a modern aristocracy

So I'll turn off the Bachelorette tonight
I don't need fancy
I need supportive
and sweet
In it for the long haul
and loves me wholly
Miss me with the fake love
and give me the real
Aa Harvey Jun 13
I blame Jane

No way out of this hole in which I hide; locked in, a box.
No direction forward, life has all but stopped.
Trapped here by my imagination, all reality is lost.
Now way out; oh such a loss.

Do not get too close, or you might sink down with my mood.
I do not eat healthily; I am so bored of food.
Forced nutrition, the body needs fuel to work.
It has been a long time since I last flirted with a terrible flirt.
Love is just a forgotten memory and life is no ice cream.
A dreamer dreaming of a crystal palace
And a crystal crown for his Ice Queen.

You are a pinion upon the wings of this phoenix from the flames.
A damaged brain is just a part of a life, that is so lame.
I blame Jane for all I have to say…
Walls so tall they can never be climbed over.
The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Solitude suits me,
Because it is my only option.
I would never start an argument
Or feel secure enough to state an honest opinion.

Now I only see Jane in my memories;
My social circle is a lot smaller.
All together now;
We all used to sing the same smoking songs,
Before we would all fall down a little poorer.
The dog days are barking even slower.
I fight my way, through the wind, shadow-boxing in every corner.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 24
The Monster

With evil in hand they travel the land,
Forever searching for the lonely man.
His name unknown, but his story has to be told,
And now he lives in the darkness all alone.

Beneath the moon, his only light,
He disappears every night.
Never to be seen in winters gloom.
He is never seen out, for he is trapped in his doom.
Ten locks keep him in place, to keep the bad times at bay.
There hides a Prince beside his grave.

Still they search the high places and low,
In every inn and in every home.
They had the judiciary hypnotized.
They could never be stopped and now he was in their sights.

What’s black and white and read all over?
The front page photo makes him look much older.
Life wore him down and now his eyes have sunken deep.
His council disbanded and worn out souls on his feet.
As his doom closed on in there came a knocking upon his door.
Still half asleep he casually opened the way to all the evil in the world.

With fearful steps and eyes of wonder,
He stepped into the light from the spell he was still under,
And there she was, the lady in white,
And all around her shone a luminous light.

She said “Come, hurry, we must leave this place!”
He did not understand but the look on her face,
Screamed out to him, “Love is in need!”
So with two winged-feet he dived right in.

She took his hand and they danced through the snowy trees,
Until he finally said “Wait!  Where are you taking me?”

Above the trees and beneath the clouds,
There came a wave of smoke and the local’s did shout.
The fire raged and burnt every page he had written.
He didn’t know why, but there was no other way for lovers bitten.

When people do not understand a new design,
They change and find rage and the lies darken their minds.
He always knew he was different, but he has a heart,
If only others could see it, maybe they could change who they are.
Evelyn could see the real being, not the horror movie monster.
Unfortunately she was the only one, which is why he ended up with her.

As the rain fell all around him, he raised his coat to protect.
He raised it over Evelyn’s head
And together they found what needed to be said.
As they stared deeply into each other’s eyes,
They spoke and they laughed and they smiled and cried, at long last.
This love was no longer a surprise.

They were to kiss and soon did they fall.
One day they would wed, but first the wall and the door.
As they approached the castle gates,
A pair of guards stood still and their captain did wait.
“Who are you and what do you want?”
“We must see the Queen, at once!  At once!”

“It’s far too late for your kind to be here.”
“But the Prince is in need!”
“What Prince?”
“This one here!”
“He ain’t no Prince, under that hood is a beast!
Franken What’s-his-name,
I thought he was deceased.”
“He is, he died a long time ago,
But he saved the Prince before he had to go,
And with this wax seal, which has never been broken,
We can pay your toll, so you must accept this token!”
The authenticity could not be denied,
The gates were flung open
And there stood the beautiful palace of lights.

A meeting occurred and voices were heard,
But only one person had the final word.
The Queen raised her being and her voice and all fell silent.
“The Prince has returned!”  She shouted to the backdrop of violins.

The music filled the room and the corridors.
A piano was played as loud as the sound of the endless calls.
Doors were opened, windows too for all to hear,
“The Prince is to be married after all these years!”

The heir to the throne stood next to his new wife.
Evelyn was crying tears of joy,
So The Prince wiped away the tears from her eyes,
And with a kiss the service was finished.
A Prince born anew; a Queendom not diminished,
But growing ever further with change each passing day.
The darkness disappeared slowly…
Evelyn was the only way.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dean Russell May 20
Sparks gleam from an emerald crown
Sitting on the dead woman's head; a frown
Forever fixed on her face,
Resting upon the decaying throne with a calm grace
Appearing ready to be swallowed when the ground
Breaks; "look what I've found!"
Says the girl benevolently.
"Such a nice hat". Gently,
She removes, with innocent hands, power
And places it on the grass around the flower
Chain she has construed with nimble
Fingers, not fully understanding the symbol
of her actions:

She can change the world.
In spite of not getting an invite
I still wish the couple well.
Siren May 3
What happened to the queens?
As a young woman
Refuse to discredit your happiness
Won't settle
Won't break
Pressure will bust a pipe
And does what to a diamond?
Creating within
Curved around the edges
I wish more women would think like me
Know your treasure
As rubies
Not door knobs
Can I blame society?
Or can I blame them for not valuing themselves and teaching these habits to their daughters into statistics of unhappiness?
Tilted crowns caused leaning crowns.
What happened to our queens?
Steve Page Apr 30
I recommend a light oil and a short comb, keeping sissors to hand to cultivate that King George V shape or, if you are feeling brave, go for the majesty of a full Henry VIII.
Every now and then I miss my beard.
SoZaka Apr 26
Oh, to feel like the only frog
in a land of princes
only miserable crickets and silence for company
few can understand true love unless, they live a life without hope of it's dawn
a visitor who lost her way,
has come across my secluded pond
a princess draped in the beautiful moonlit glow
unaware of her jeweled crown's beauty
she, who has made a prince out of me
Maira Apr 18
Poor Annaliese, with no knowledge about life
You lived your life sheltered
Out of human strife
You bathe with diamonds and rose scents
With golden spoon on your tongue
And a lot of dishes to pick upon.

Lovely fabrics; red, yellow and blue
Glass slippers— Cinderelly you're true
Smile Annaliese, Show your warmth
Show ignorance, Let them know you're proud
Wave side to side, Gentle curtsy my dear
Show off your wealth, Know no fear
Silly Annaliese, When you laugh they shouldn't hear

You sheltered brat, arrogant and rude
You dance so well and fake good
Goodness gracious, what would happen if you stepped out of your castle
Will you be able to survive the riot? The rattle?
Damn, Annaliese, learn to live!
Stop being dependent on what your majesty gives
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