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Does man's Elmo diaper exposure amount to felony lewdness? Utah supremes hear arguments...


Lawyer Joanna Landau sought to overturn her client’s lewdness conviction in oral arguments earlier this month before the Utah Supreme Court, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. “It was not ******, it was just strange,” Landau said.

The Facts:

Landau’s client, Barton Jason Lewis Bagnes, 36, was accused of pulling down his pants to show two 8-year-old children his diaper in a May 2009 incident. At the time, police said, Bagnes was ******* a candy pacifier and throwing paper airplanes onto lawns. Police have said the airplanes were actually fliers showing children in diapers and promoting websites that showed children in sheer underwear, the story says.
Do you think?
I’ve never actually been with another.

I have a close friend.

But I yearn for intimacy with a female.

Within extended pauses.

This lingering feeling.

Rises from its hole.

And finds me up through the undertow.

Bewildering me with a chasm of alienation.

And shrouding me in its dismal light.

I let myself foolishly steep in it.

Until I am saturated with my own self pity.

As pity rots away it turns to anger.

And I decay into a more disgusting person.

One who self loathes. The root of my problem.

How can one love if they don’t love themself.
annh Jul 10
Wit when overreached
Is neither as endearing nor amusing
As the antics of a court jester;
But it is infinitely more foolish.

‘The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them.’
- George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords
A B Faniki Jun 30
You break the law but you don't know that,
The law too those not care for your ignorance;
You have a gutter for a mouth that is offensive,
A deformation law suit is the soap to clean it.
My Lord if it please you may I ask, why
Am I dock on my left if am the complainant;
Counsel warn your client it seem he too has a
Gutter for a mouth that a court contempt court clean.
My Lord if we are starting on a wrong foot
I beg to differ, may I withdraw the law suit;
Complainant for wasting the court time you are
Sentence to 7 hour of community service without fine.
Any complain about the bench is a Kamikaze law suit
for the affairs of mankind is an affair of emotions.
I think is so cliche to say a poem came to me, but at times it is the only right word that fit in poetry. Same with this work i hope it make senses like it did to me when writting it.
Mince your words,
You've done it before.
Bow like you're in the presence of Royalty.
He's royal.
Lording over you, after all.
But he's short.
They're all short.
Yet you...
The self-proclaimed miser,
King of the words,
You have nothing of substance to say.
What a plot twist.
What a change.
You weakling.
Confidence doesn't suit you.
It doesn't match your eyes.
Hypocrisy, a great design on you.
It brings out the color
Of your lies.
I saw the story of creation unfold before my face,
voices of masses screaming vows before the lord.

like the last meal, this is how the end began.

With words like stones exchanged between families in a divorce court.
Lily Dec 2018
On the court
History is made
Around the world.
On the court,
You can see how
People show their
On the court,
The impossible
Becomes possible.
On the court
Is our home
Away from
My 9 year old brother Simeon wrote this, and wanted me to share it with you guys.  He is in love with all things basketball. :)
Nomkhumbulwa Dec 2018
They never spoke again,
I have waited a year and a half,
I have reached out time and again,
But there comes a time when enough is enough.

I cannot force them back into my life,
Cannot force them to utter just one more word,
I will always love them just the same,
But their silence causes so much pain.

It feels like a whole population died,
Been wiped clean off the Earth;
And knowing in reality so many think I lied,
Just makes me want to run away and hide.

I cannot do anymore than I have,
I have forgiven them for how they treated me,
I completely understand the culture, though its sad,
I cannot go back and change what happened to me.

I miss them dearly,
I think about them every day,
I think about the pain I caused them,
Now in my history they will forever stay.

I long to have contact with cousins,
Aunties, Uncles, and friends,
But I know this will never happen,
And I will likely never see them again.

Its all so mixed up in my mind,
The events that caused me to be singled out,
If id had the choice, I would have gone to court,
Because then I would have less doubts.

I am disturbed by memories,
And also by the suicidal hanging,
And knowing that my people,
See me at fault for everything.

It makes me feel ***** and ashamed,
That I, and the other women are still blamed,
And for what is it that we have done?
To be born as "women" is all we have done.

Kevin, Maisie, Clare, Anna,
Eileen, Rita, Peter, Barbara,
Candice, Kerry, Alex, Teeny,
Susan, Wendy, Dennis, and Jelly...

Those names are so very few
Of the huge number of relatives I have,
I still remember the day at the refuge,
When you turned me away - even that made me so sad.

If it were not for South African women,
Running the refuge out of sight out of mind,
Then there would be nowhere for Island women,
Nowhere to turn, yet these women were so kind.

But I know the rest of you still look down on me,
As you no doubt look down on many others,
And what did we do to deserve this?
To be born as women; in that you are so disgusted.

Disgusted with me for questioning abuse,
For speaking out for the others,
Disgusted that I have broken the "silence",
For women are not to be "free", I have discovered.

For if women are to be "free" - then they must be alone,
Discarded by all and everyone,
For "causing you pain",
For "shaming the Island's name".

I still love you -
And always will,
You hold a special place in my heart,
That no one else can fill.

.....I was born a woman - entering this World having already committed the crime....and for that I am sorry.
Random middle of the night piece.
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