The nature of society hates
(Based on my experience so far...) -.-'
From dust I came,
To dust I shall return.
With this in mind,
I strive to make my numbered days fun;
And productive.
To ensure I fulfill the purpose that brought me here.
To leave my mark on the few ones that do care.
The message remains as the days burn;
From dust we all came,
To dust we all return.
A little reminder for everyone to live a fulfilling life because life is short.
I don't understand myself, nor love myself.
I'm stuck, trapped with a person I can't stand.
I guess that's adult life,
accepting your own misery,
citizens of this wasteland.

Not everything is about you as not everyone is for you
Not every journey will be worthwhile as not every encounter will be memorable
Not every situation will cater for you as life is not tailored
You’ve got your god and yourself, only

And with these two forces comes love, understanding, respect and belief(s)

Those are the only things about this world that you should value and guard with your all
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Poetic T Mar 9
Scars are our tools
           to remember lessons.
Never let a cut repeat
           as it'll only cut deeper.
Wo yaar hai mere,
Mujhse jyada khayal karte hai mera,
Mujhe jyada yaad rahta hai unhe,
Ki khana nahi khaya hai maine,
Parwah karte hai par batate nahi,
Sunate rahte hai par jatate nahi,
Gale lag jaate hai kabhi,
Toh gaali sunate hai kabhi,
Mere yeh dost jo itne khaas hai,
Yaar inn me kuch toh baat hai,
Atrangi kirdaar hai saare,
Meri pahchan hai saare,
Ek heroine hai,
Toh ek gusse me ho jaati laal hai,
Ek ko padte hai daure,
Toh ek galiyo ki dukaan hai,
Ek shaitan hai choti,
Toh ek dimple dikhati hai,
Ek ki colgate smile pe fida hai hum,
Toh ek ki samajhdari duniya sikhati hai,
Ek ko aate mood swings,
Toh sambhalna aata hai sabko,
Ek se ho jaaye galati,
Toh saath dena aata hai sabko,
Ek jo ruthe,
Toh manana aata hai sabko,
Ek jo roo de,
Toh hasana aata hai sabko……..
Carl Webb II Mar 3
...tread slowly
...tread slowly
...’tis unholy to see freedom.
look around you,
look around you,
see the world and all its bleeding!
say your prayers,
say your prayers,
say your prayers with your eyes open,
don’t lose focus.
don’t lose focus.
we are only what we notice.
Lyn-Purcell Mar 2
All things have time.
Time has all things.
Lyn-Purcell Feb 28
Let passion be in your glance and
care be in your voice. Let light
be in your smile and refuge
in your touch.
Despite me being somewhat pessimist about the topic of love, some part of me is still a girl holding onto this hope that one will look at me in a romantic way.
But even so such gestures don't have be romantic. Be compassionate, kind and happy the best you can. You'd be surprised how you smile can help someone in need.
Amanda Feb 24
My father was a soldier
He fought when he was young
Called up, for honour, for duty
Was the nations song
At just sixteen he signed up
Leaving home and family
Heading to unknown lands
With thousands, he went happily

When I was ten I asked him
About the battles he had fought
About the medal he been given
And about the time he had been caught
He looked at me with distant eyes
And shook his head, just slight
Then in soft tone he said to me
Son I will tell, whether it’s wrong or right

Many battles I was part
Of those horrors, I will not tell
I lost my friend. No enough,
I won’t go into details of how he fell.
We fought, we died, we did our best.
The medal? That was for a life I could save
Through burning fields, I carried him
It was life or death, not brave.

Three years I spent in a war camp
Three years, until the war was done
In those years I saw torment and pain
He smiled grimly, man can be cruel, my son.
No, ask no more, past is past
There are things I do not want to re-see
I can only offer one word of advice.
Live, and be the best of human, that you can be.
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