Never get so lost in competing
that you lose interest in giving
your creations meaning.
I've seen this alot growing up and in society. People seem to get lax or lazy as soon as they come into money. They don't won't to evolve or make good of their talents anymore. I'll try my best not to become like that.
That's all I can really say.
Love you, guys!
Have a good night/day!
Lyn xxx
The fastest hand and the
fastest mouth, both
are just as bad as
each other
Sexual jokes aside, of course.
The hand that is quick to strike at you and the mouth that is so quick to spit venom at you, both are just as bad as each other, especially when you screw up
Thanks, guys!
Lyn xxx
I was just about to open my heart to you,
I was going to let you have the other half I thought you deserved,
I stayed by your side as you did mine,
We were closer then Then water to a tap,

You said it isn’t like you.
That it only happened once.
Once too many I believe.
I’ve been here once, with the one that my broke my heart before,
I learned from that.
I learnt my lesson.

Lesson learnt.
This is it for us.
This is were it ends.
It’s time you find a new nest.
You never touch the hot stove which burnt you, twice.
Mike Groves Jun 10
This thing I thought I could grasp,
Desperately I try to hold on to it,
This thing I never truly had,
I knew this illusion couldn’t last,
This one thing we all try to grab,
Yet we all know this thing isn’t there,
It disappears as soon as we reach for it,
It’s as thin as the rocky mountain air,

For a moment we lie to ourselves,
placing it safely and securely on a shelf, "I can keep this here and never let it go."
Even though it is a forced perception,
An illusion ,the world's largest deception,
Once we leave the room,
As soon as we lock and bolt the door,
we will not be able to see it anymore.

We never realize the freedom there is in letting go,
understanding that no matter what we do, the answer may still be no. We may be a lot happier admitting this thing is completely fictitious.
We can break this circular pattern this cycle so vicious.
Join me in this endeavor if you wish it.

I've spent too much time trying to hold this in my hands,
Making myself the victim of my own laid out plans.
I see an old man at the grocery store talking to himself.
He doesn’t acknowledge us; he just acknowledges himself.
It’s seems like he understands himself
and the reason is because,
the only person who really gets him is himself.
Written on March 31, 2010
Composition number: 352
Argh resolution between
     self and eldest
     dear daughter more remote,
now then locating

     a left handed monkey wrench,
cuz she feels this papa
     did deliberate smote
her upside the head, knocking

     Eden Liat stone cold
     in an abysmal trench
thus, this dada doth fear a mill
     stone shaped albatross
     around thy neck aye will tote,

where rotting bird
     doth emit fetid oppressive stench
gloomily decry death asper,
     paternal progeny blighted love
     epitaph finis fate wrote.

Methinks (nee knows) marital infidelity
     steep dividend warrant wrought
chances greater finding needle in haystack
     versus pointless thought
exercise regarding deus ex machina sought
forgiveness ex post facto, rethought,
yet miracle needed, viz

     twill require against overwrought
progeny's psyche mor'n
     solo requiem Te Deum never sung,
     hence no guarantee

     father as overthought
against embarkation entailing,
     nor divine chorus baptizing can nought
assuage besotted dada's flesh, handwrought

hence fiery eternal damnation
     no gunsmoke match e'en gunfought
by Jesse James, no penitence
     bequeathed only dreadnought
visa vis admitting how affair
     kneaded joyus kindling brought

philandering husband discovered
     emotional refuge (against spousal
     epithet strewn expletive language,
     whence mistress besought
similar sexual satisfaction,
     and subsequent fallout an afterthought.

retrospective reflection stills nothing
     more serious then slap on the wrist
while engaged (~ January 2010) with
     nothing sinful 'bout peccadillo tryst

understandable wife got sorely pissed
on the sly behaviour the missus
     blindsided, hence over
     looked and missed
and figurative wedge
     cleft asunder nearly kissed

our marriage goodbye
     extra-marital romp illicit,
though we nearly came to fist
sta cuffs, where salty crude name calling
in conjunction with execrable
     derogatory cussing contribution complicit.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2
Let us empower and never
Love is a powerful thing. let us use it to heal and make the world a better place!
Respect all people of all races for we are all the human.
Lyn xxx
Lyn-Purcell Jul 1
One can't reach true happiness
with a chained heart
But be careful! I'm one to usually have my heart on my sleeve.
I want my successes to come one at a time
Amanda Jun 28
On the cold pavement,
A boy was once taught that
Everything could be his
At the expense of what was mine.
He was taught from then on
That no one would stand in his way.
That he could hold us
Down on the cold pavement,
Down on the rickety bed,
Down on the wet bathroom tiles,
And no one would ever stop him
From claiming what was never his.

Held down on the cold pavement,
I first learnt the meaning of
Boys will be boys,
And that my body is a sexualised attraction,
To be groped at,
To be bruised,
By the will of those who think they’re gods
At every opportunity.

Being held down on the cold pavement
Is where I first learnt
how to be treated by my beloved,
How to hold back the screams as the vultures clawed at my throat,
How to act during the rape,
How to smile sweetly
and nod when the vultures said it was nice to see me.

It is not a lesson that I have forgotten.
It is not a lesson I will forget.
It is a lesson I hope I’ll never be taught again.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 27
Never mistake a silent person one
for a weak one.
Never underestimate silence
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
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