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Om Ggai May 31
I dig deep with the depression that I’m fighting
Who do I turn to when my own shadow is also hiding ?.
Keep striving ..
A Feb 11
This is my awakening
I guess that I should thank you
Cause if you had never left
I wouldn't ever see what's next
And this is for the best
In myself I must invest
All those words I never said
How they're just running through my head

You're telling me to leave but I think you should go instead
I gave you everything you got
So why'd you take all that I had?
You made a mess up in this house
And left me standing in the glass
I'm throwing out what's left of us
I'll take it out like it's the trash
And once you hit the road
Don't ever think of coming back
My Dear Poet Dec 2021
You went straight for the heart
without learning how to hold my hand
Lalaouna Amina Dec 2021
In the group,
but not of it,
I am about to lose
my sense of belonging—
I almost lost my good sense
of balance.
feeling different
Valya Sep 2021
My life used to be one click away
One computer in my room
I open a tab
I open a game
My life was now finished for that day

I grew pale from this
Sitting inside with my life locked in a screen
My only friends: strangers on the other side
Were they even friends though?
No, I don't think so
It felt safe however
Only one click to start my life out
And only one click to end it

Sometimes I miss the way it used to be
I realize now however, that life is not meant to be just one click
It's meant to be thousandths of movements in thousandths of different ways
Movements that come from my eyes
Movements that come from my legs
Movements that come from my arms

Life's meant to be something that is always changing and never the same
It's meant to be running around in the rain as I slide and fall all while I laugh away my worries for the day
It's meant to be chasing the bubbles that some stranger's child is blowing
It's meant to be lying down on my towel at the beach and resting my eyes for a second as the warm summer breeze passes by
It's meant to be jumping into my loved ones arms as I see them for the first time in weeks
It's meant to be something that I can look back at and tell my grandkids about with pride

Life online was just a baby step towards this much bigger scheme
A scheme that could only be fulfilled by being fully human
Not a machine that takes one click to power on and off
Ive taken a lot of time to realize that a lot of my time online could've been spent making actual memories outside and sometimes it saddens me, but at the end of the day I'm still very thankful for the time spent online as it has taught me so much.
Leocardo Reis Aug 2021
The starfish
must throw out
its stomach
to digest
its food.

In this sense,
the starfish and I
are similar.

To learn,
I must
throw out my brain;
it is only through
that I truly
begin to understand.
But how many lessons,
once learned,
can be used?
Kelly Mistry Aug 2021
Cycles of pain
Circles of healing
What did I learn

Did I hold on
                         to the pain and miss
                                                              th­e lesson

Trauma can teach
But how do you know
The right lesson

We need meaning
To contextualize our pain
To start healing

If there is no meaning
Then we create one
It’s our greatest strength
Or possibly
                      our greatest weakness

I may make one meaning
You may make another

Which is right?

Time will tell
Time will heal

But in time
                     Lessons can fade

We reimagine our past
With the meanings that we make

Who can say who’s right
And who’s wrong
In your own history

Does it matter in the end?
When the lessons we seem to learn best
Are the ones we already believe

New ideas are harder
Does harder mean better?
More real?
More right?

I don’t know

I guess I will just
Continue to make meaning

Seek to heal
         And hope for the best
dlfleurival Aug 2021

I could do so many other things right now in this moment
The possibilities are truly endless
But I decided to feel
To feel my feelings because I can’t keep avoiding them
So, I took a breath
And silently let my warm tears
Run down my face and drip onto my crisscrossed legs
And I am trying my damnedest to find the positive in this moment
I’m trying my hardest to see the light
The reason
Because being alive is hard
Living in this flesh it hurts
But living without purpose is death
And I chose today to be alive
Because I decided to feel and understand
And find the hidden beauty in my temporary pain
There’s always a reason and a lesson behind events in life that are hard
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