lily 1d

the only hands
that are worth
holding this heart
are my own

lily 5d

if he does not make
the effort
to love you entirely
then he does not
deserve you
at all.

I will not make a foundation off your "maybes"
Charlotte Dec 4

In English,
we’re learning about
Winston and Julia
in 1984, but
it’s 2017
all I want to study is

I want to study less
about the
control and freedom
Big Brother has
and more about
the calculation of your

I want to study the way
your knuckles could be an
infant’s home, small
hands reaching out
longing for you
or the way the veins in
your arm makes abstract art,
beautiful enough to be showcased
in any gallery.

I understand now why they say
“as pretty as a painting.” Because
you’re as timeless and
breathtaking as
Mona Lisa.

And your blue iris's,
swirl with dark and light
tones with a slight
a golden glint,
I could stare into them for longer
than any
Starry Night.

I’m just better suited to an art class.
I want to learn the primaries
so I can swirl them all together and
get your dark brown hair.
I want to add the most expensive
white, so I can paint the
faint freckles on your nose and

I want to mix blue and red adding water
until the colour is a perfect match
for the faintest birthmark
on your shoulder.

Instead of the History of Russia,
I want to learn the History
of you.
I want to learn what makes you smile
and what makes you cry.

I want to study you,  
I use each brush stroke to
perfect your skin,
each pen writes down
notes until
I have a whole book
full of each heartbreak,
so I can learn a lesson
in you.

iamme Dec 3

I saw you
Like a dream
It's so true
Like your gleam

My love for you was blue
Now it is blur
My wish came true
I was amateur

Time to grow
Time to heal
My time to glow
Move my own wheel

If you pass on compassion,
compassion won't encompass you
but pass you by.

Carlos Nov 6

Between the fibril webs, dripping dew crystalline in the glare,

Yet yonder betwixt the tendrils a bloom doth loom the undergrowth,

Dahlia or ambrosia, neither less evinced,

In excess of apples and worms,

The beauty unlikeness to petal or fruit,

Nor weighed to deflorate by the evergreen.

As a stranger to the forest,

I've run amok the hillside,

And undone the earth with each selfish trudge.

I've littered the trail with the thoughts of my most internal singularity and emerged as legion amidst ancestors before.

Each lesson ringing true, made never to be undone with failure in pretense.

Frank DeRose Nov 5

Ah, how perilous!
How tenuous is the hair which holds the Sword of Damocles!

How terrible it must be to lie in the seat of power,
To be cradled in her bosom of lust, ambition, and greed--
To turn endlessly over one's shoulder,
To have one eye forwards, and one eye back,
Never at ease.

When the throne becomes a death knell
A holding cell
A hotbed of restlessness,

Look up! Look up!

See the mighty sword above your head,
How it sways to and fro,
And on the hair of a mare rests your soul, your sole lifeline's thread!

You find yourself in the pit
With the pendulum swaying to and fro,
To and fro,
Closer and closer,
Closer and closer.

How terribly loathsome your position has become--
What painful prostration must you now display in self-effacing humility,
An abomination to your pride and claim of invincibility.

Ah, but what respite!

To live no longer in the shadow of fear
With the threat of death removed from above thine head
Like the unshackled chain of a man excused from the gallows

You are free!

But do not forget,
For the torment of power is a great responsibility,
And you'd be wise to remember that the favor of your king can change at a moment's notice--
He is a paranoid man, after all.


The Sword of Damocles!

The people i respected ,
And liked,
I saw ugly theirs,
Ugly faces,
My world of
Fairy tale ended,
It is the day
I have expanded my,
Materialistic experience,
Till now I kept surrounded
My self to thoughts I liked,
And peoples I admired,
As soon as I entered,
The reality,
My proxy shattered,
In reality
Here are so many ugly
Biased and dishonest faces,
Yes it is the day,
I put my experience in lessons,
Be silent ,
Never trust,
Never reveal,
Be like a mask,
Here are so many,
Ugly faces,
They may claim to be
Your best Friend, love, brother ,
Neighbor, classmates.
But my dear friend
Never reveal your secrets,
They will mock in your suffering,
They will take your resources,
And will leave you
When you will need them most.
And Yet they will claim,
That they are your well wishers.
My dear friend,
These are life's lessons from a
Teen who stepped into world so late.

Hide your emotions,
Your resources,
Never trust anyone,
Not to your own self,
Put a mask . And live

Life lessons from a teen
Anomaly Oct 30

The day you hurt me
Was the day I realised
Life wasn’t all flowers and sunshine.
It wasn’t only the day
I learned how to hurt,
But how to live with the hurt,
And I thank you for it.
For making me the strong woman
I am today.
For making me,

To all who hurt me during my journey of finding myself, I thank you.
GypsyDarling Oct 27

Fuck it !
Fuck the problems .
Fuck the chaos .
Fuck society. I am ME .
I am edgy .
I am raw .
I am sweet .
Just what you need .
But , fuck it !
Fuck the money ,
Fuck the bills ,
I need peace !
I smoke weed , yes im lady
But damn it , it's my relief!
& I'm tired of conforming to these bullshit ass rules !
& To be honest I haven't used any of the tools from high school .
So fuck it .
I only have one life to live .
On a search to find myself ,
I have no fucks to give .

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