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it is forever raining
I am gazing out the window

I see myself a child again
standing before my classmates,
my hand put out

I am sweating
my cheeks are flushed
the teacher slaps me with a wooden ruler
on the palm

that will teach you a lesson
he cries out
next time you shall pay attention in class
instead of staring out the window

I feel ashamed
my hand starts swelling slowly
it is warm
it is hot
it is the size of the teacher's hand

I am like a puppy that only opens its eyes
after it has learnt to whine
Alessandra Oct 15
And it gets easier
Every moment that passes
I no longer think of you the way I did before
I no longer daydream of you the way I did, no more

I might have flashes of moments, those that make me smile
Yet they all cover the moments that broke me apart
Not sure if you knew but you didn't seem to care
Not showing any signs of wanting me to stay

People say "opposites attract", yet there's always an exception
Caring too much to find I wasn't getting any affection
Letting my idealization run the show while my soul was hurting
The place I found you in isn't really meant for people like me

Not knowing what I'd see, I jumped head-on
Through the process I started thinking "maybe..maybe not"
It felt too good, after long enough not feeling a thing
It was almost like a gift sent by the Universe to me

But almost like having a switch in you, the feelings were turned off
When the kissing and the touching were over, *switch off"
"Time to leave, my darling, can't you see?"
"You're not meant to stay here, you are not meant for me"

I believe only time will tell, and I hope I laugh at all of this
Experiences and lessons tend to have a sort of humor in them
I'm sure I'll smile knowing how true and loving I was
Even having someone not believe in a single phrase I pronounced

I don't blame you, it's hard to believe in anything these days
Specially people you meet through a screen, among the rest
Too many options, not enough time, that's what they say
Yet I no longer have the time to get lost in there again

Maybe you're the cherry on top, the one who makes one believe
That it's probably time to stop trying and just let it be
The illusion is sometimes stronger than the facts
And I, a self-proclaimed daydreamer, knew it from the start

Needless to say, I wish you well, wherever you are
I don't hate you, I hate the person this experience made me become
But I'm sure I'll soften throughout time, I always do
Because the magic inside of me is brighter than the shadows
That a broken heart
Pulls you to
Year: 2020
Alessandra Oct 8
It doesn't look so clear
Now that you're no longer there
You are doing me a favor
Yet, it seems like I don't care

This distance is here to help me heal
Yet I'm holding on for dear life
As if you're the one I've been waiting for
No matter how many nights I've cried

I felt so lost and unwanted
Still, I was there when you showed up again
As if I've been wanting you to come back
And tear me down once again

Oh, sweet masochism
I didn't seem to care
About everything my body was telling me
About how bad I was feeling over there

Now that you've vanished
Almost as a favor you're doing for me
Not sure whether you'll come back someday
Or if I must get it together by myself
And realize that experiencing you
Was just a stop along the way

(You sure were a nice one)
And playing the moon game
With the last vestiges of sin
All a memory forgotten
Have no fear
Drink it in
You children of
The Valley of
Ten Thousand Smokes

The life in you
Has passed on

If time is kind
You'll be given
2nd chance
To grasp
What you learned

From the 1st mistake
Genre: Observational
Theme: Just do it
Umwari uwera Sep 20
Not everyone has a God but everyone has a religious.
Luiz Sep 17
your core will always be your core

no matter the external environment
influences or gravitational forces
that may want to distort or otherwise
reshape your fundamental self

your core will remain unblemished
your core will remain unblemished

this is a universal truth
as solid as the infinity
of the sun rising every morning
A man is always
A man
Until he meets
Then, he is
A boy
Genre: Observational
Theme: Silenced Ego
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