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We're all dreaming
Of an other kind of life
To become alive

Ignoring the moment
Is the passed dream
That has came alive
I am still learning how to fill the gaps of the pieces you took when you left
all of the skin you traced knows it will never feel you again
and I like to believe your fingers are aching and your stomach hurts remembering the loss of me
I hope you make something worthy of all your regret
I bet it hurts to know you'll never know the girl that I'm becoming
Shea Nov 22
If bleeding fixed the problem
Or say if anger
Stitched the wound,
I would have fixed it all too soon
To see the lesson
Life was giving.
I never understood the reason I cry before things end
is because the man that was supposed to wake up every morning and tell me I was worthy,
only ever texted me on my birthday to tell me he was proud.
As if he ever played any part in raising the person I am today.
How dare he show his face every other holiday and act as if the good in me came from him.
I've spent the last twenty years using boys to fill his void.
I've spent the last twenty years begging those to stay that were never meant to.
Because the only way I knew to recognize a man's love was in his inconsistency.
You tell me you want me but the daylight fades over and over and I haven't heard from you in two weeks.
I learned when I was 5 years old that a man's words mean nothing when his actions don't align.
I am done giving you the benefit of the doubt.
This might be too honest
Brynn S Nov 17
The days once looked to
Are ruined
Memories I have loved of us
Are ruined
Everything is in your power to take
Im leaving soon
I will not return
Some say I will die
I said I will learn
Sarah Berube Oct 2017
A single seed is buried beneath the soil.
Nurtured by its home.
It grows from a dot
To an arm reaching for the sky.

The apples dangle by a thread.
Some fall to the ground and serve as dinner to deer.
Some are ripped from their suspension by
Human hands for a snack.

Selflessness. To give gifts with
Receiving nothing in return.
Take opportunities
And make something out of them.
And you ask me,
Dear friend

Why I have painted
The world red

And I would have said:

Mind you I did not
Paint this world red

Someone just threw paint over my eyes once

And I haven't gotten it off yet
Hatred never stays one sided
And those who condemn others
For having it
Are the worst kind of hypocrite
Oliver Philip Nov 13

Mummy mummy mummy. !
Mummy Mummy MUMMY.!!
Look what I have done.
Rhyming moon with June.
Gived me sooo much fun.
I done it on myself.
So does it make me one?
Yes my dear sweet poet
From all that mummy taught you.
Hurry grow up fast
And make yourself a blooming
Written by Philip. 2/11/2018
(Wishful thinking)
A lesson in life from Mummy








I'm wandering...
If you knew the duration
will you have still
chosen to be born?

You last little more
than a dream's delight
Little more than
the unbroken silence

But in the very end
you always opt for
the gallant deed

Will you please
give a lesson
to humanity?
Will U?
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