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In God’s No~Fly Zone

blessedly, so many of you are
unaware of the full color spectra
that be can seen only when an
age of experience has been reached,

reached, not attained, for the no~fly
zone is no place to be, without any
redeeming colorations, it is dark hued
twilight that inhibits vision clarity,
a precursor warning of the hungry
that offers to swallow one
into shades of sad remorse, and other

How came I to earn this distinction,
was not by acting out, rather by inaction,
the failure to pick the  correct fork in a
life of sentence diagramming, sentence
in the prison sense, all my sentences,
broken down,  no connection sensible
to the next phrase, next phase,  so I
sit beneath my vine and fig tree, unable
to fly, unable to tear shed,
grounded, pounded in my head
writing love poetry in/on time of hatred


not for the absence of love, for there is sufficient out and about,
in the eyes of children who cannot hide their glee at your surprises,
tousled morning hair patted down almost into not-a-horror-show,
a shapely body in a black one piece suit, that speaks of hints and
mischievous frolic, a summer night~right of taking, reciprocation,
god’s coffee delivered bedside every morn, with kisses of tenderness


these are the days when hatred speaks loudest,
volume of volumes,
and the hypocrisy runs blood red in the streets and we we wonder
has the world learned nothing from the horrific history of the prior
century, the absence of easy solutions for those who reject in the
provident supply of the low humane treatment of a world where the
is a mirthless grimacing joke

maybe that’s why I I turn on the love songs and music, a soupçon
of cherishing, a wail for its absence and loss,
the thrill unique it provided,
and may yet again, and to just remember, remember, remember!

why we obsess about crazy love in the artistry of our lives

so, I will force myself…to write of tenderness, let sneaky,
much needed,
sentimental in…

oops, looks like I already did…
this poem failed; did not convey my high confusion and emotional state;
drowning in hare received and returned
Fri Nov 10 2023
Karijinbba Jun 10
Dearest jewels of my crown motherhood
Go to the nearest FBI office
Accuse all you call friends of a hate crime drugging you without you knowing to make you feel **** and think you are nuts hallucinogens and methamphetamine s do that
Do not go to psychiatrist they will trash you
your Mom and remove your parental rights forever a Susan and Arthur and Elizabeth already bought you from Haralsmbios a human trafficking psychopath sadist torturer like kiriaki and many more in Greece
Those you trust here in USA hide Crimes they are a team of murderers and thieves since 1980
They assimilated Jeff and John through drugs
Free yourselves.

They all are your deadly enemies they document all lies half truths use assassination of character and fear of your Mom to hide their crimes

They are who lie divide you and plan to ****** your Mom too for financial gain.
They made credit cards with your name in it to finance murders for hire ..
And tell you it's Mom buying thousands of dollars in clothes that's a lie from Satan
They are black mailing you.
to extort money to **** Mom.
Remove your blind folds fight for your freedom take your children run to FBI office use me as a living witness I am on your side.
I love you all my children.
~My Story poem.~
The greatest deception is calling everyone
a friend
Today I admit that from ancient times
am blessed to have had his intimate
piece of heart
thus my life was worth while.
I declare that even here
I was blessed with this
Outer Limits De-Javus;
I am forever a grateful Mom,
granted to sacrifice my
love, my life along with everyone
I ever loved the most.

There's still justice to be granted; triumph waived
with defeat acknowledged.
Not only have I waived and yielded to every misfortune
but was trashed to the eleven winds as my evil enemy
lied to divide me among my dearly beloved offspring
planning as in above the law to profit from my demise.
By: Karijinbba
All Rights Reserved.
Dedicated to the Jewels
of my crown motherhood-ERJ
My beloved surviving children.
And the love of my life
ratoncito blanco at Janehiltonmay.

Dedicated to my best friend best lFATHERover best husband best
Elsie Greek Aug 2022
The simple is crafty,
It's driven by thriving,
It's cool and it's artful
Envisioning the sublime.

Allow me be simple now,
That's not outrageous.
All sorts of one substance,
All forms of dim treacheries.

A smooth olive sparkle,
Not the one with the edges
Abiding with the peeves,
Deeply drowned in dry Martinis.

Too diligent to continue
Because if a life is only simple,
It becomes completely unbearable.
Taste makes me feel all the complexity
Of it, but the simplicity is just a scale
At which I am capable to create.
your eclipse Oct 2021
reaching out, turning back
deep, empty hollow ways
reveal only pitch black

no route, no escape
the home of lost souls;
the epitome of loneliness
FunSlower Sep 2021
“Who kicks a friend when they’re down?”
Not all queens can be found in a crown.
Not all kings will watch their men drown.

“Your mind is so strong.”
Your serenity serenades me.
The sweetest siren I’ve ever known.

“Look how much you’ve grown.”
At least once a day my mind is blown,
By the wise words that flow
through the kindness you’ve shown.

“Look how far you’ve come.”
Thank you for being my compass to reality.
Thank you for our parallelism in duality.
If he someday slips away
To the darkest night beyond the lightest day,
Remember he was always happiest this way
And if the choice was his, well, here he’d stay.
Zoe Mae Sep 2021
A promise made
A promise kept
A leap of faith
You could regret
But with starry eyes
You blindly step
Into murky waters
You may have wept
nick armbrister Sep 2021
Made In China
Your electrical items stop working one by one
First the kettle stops boiling even tho the red light’s on
Then your microwave stops heating tho it turns round
It gets fixed and works for a week then is totally dead
As for your TV it turns on but has a single line across it
The VHS video player ate the **** tape and jammed
Your radio gets nothing but static on all channels
The mobile phone charges but dies after 3 minutes
The other charger that lights up but doesn’t charge
Red LOS modem light means no connection
Along with a new fan with a burnt out motor
Your car radio eats tapes ejects CDs and smokes
The aircon is clunky and spreads a virus killing us
All items made in Red China sub standard parts junk
Unskilled low paid slave labour don’t give a ****
Don’t buy anything made in Red China its crap
Zoe Mae Aug 2021
It is what it was

It was just because

that's how it's always been


It's not what it should be

nevermind could be

yet here we go again
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