So I kinda shake it in order to be alive
Doing my best already for the lost lives
All alone tonight, my vision in science
Doing whatever is amazing to keep me recovering
Where did you move to
All alone I could stand up for a sign
All of your crap and I still show a sign of compassion
Now it’s the day of the broken bones
Still buried alive in the lost points
I can’t favor your stupidity for your own failure sorry guys
So I try to stand without fear
My life is still clear around the beast’s palace
Towards the death room I still jump up for the sign.

Trying to make new friends because I'm slowly realizing who's true and who isn't. This is about some pals I may have to let go. I can't let them bring me down. Glad to have recently met some new great people, I appreciate you all. Thank you :)
voyager 5d

A list of my problems
Sung like an anthem
Your the least to my miseries
Like the fine black berries or red cherries
Succulent and mouth watering
The tales to my secret survivor
Your kind and good behavior
Outnumbered your hypocrisy
By all my strengths still would stretch
All you wanted was to fetch, and leave me for clutches
Those crocodile tears are the least, least to my problems
It’s too late for the reconciliation
Just like you left a ‘fool ‘for humiliation
I was the least to your excuses and my downfalls,
Overshadowing the good deeds, take heed
You're the least to my rise and anxieties, the least to my problems

voyager 5d

Penitentiary filled with blacks
Crooks on cracks
Pills,needles taped with ducts
Life on smack
Blood shot eyes running nose and popping eyes
Cracking lips with oozing blood and saliva
The levitation is concise
But my terms long to cease

A fallacious adrenaline running through my veins
Dragging my pale heart to fuse
Forever taunting my sanity
Enticing into sober of things

The fade of my chastity
Caged my conscience from creativity
Confined in a penitentiary psycho ward
Under guard blabbering alien words
Drugged from hostility for my feeble mobility

Beyond the walls laid hope
Only if my term cease or hop
And my savager enveloped and mailed away
Degenerating the ethical morals
A stitch in time could have saved nine


I got couldn't love anyone
Nobody comes in my heart
But it changed someone
She's only one Willow Bolt.

You are funny endless
Your smiles melt kind
And take away sadness
You're stay on my mind.

You're so sweet like teen
More beautiful than rose
And lovely your cute nose
Those I have ever seen.

Gives so shine your view
And voice makes me weak
I did not myself break
But I'm writing about you.

Conner Dixon Jul 12

All encompassing reality

To the all loving reality

1 John 4:8
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 John 4:16
Those who live in love
Live in God
& God, lives in them

They say happiness given to others is superior to happiness given to yourself
Happiness gained through helping others
Cannot be broken like happiness gained from benefiting self

They may put a black veil of unlovingness on you
But it will shake off
& you will love again

But love lightly ^^
aryanalynae Jul 9

come a little closer baby
i feel like letting you in.
and i feel like telling you everything,
that i held so deep within.

all those little secrets.
all the those times i was shy
and here i am open arms,
and i'm ready to explain the fright.

and i'm ready to tell you the dirty.
the clean, the boring, the new.
i'll tell you what you want to hear,
i just feel like talking to you.

come a little closer baby.
i feel like letting you learn.
the ropes and maze to my heart,
but i won't lie i'm still concerned.

i don't know how much it'll last,
so lean in while you can.
i've got things to whisper baby,
so lean in, just take my hand.

Like a crown of red
Six Emeralds in the sky
Rubies really
Burning each with its own pair of eyes

I mention this
Both because it is and will be
And one day someone else will see
Be it not in the same exact way

Which is fine

But thankfully at least they will see
Or so I hope
That is if, they permit me to show

Run and wait.  The story of my life.

Never regretted falling in love with you
But when I fell to Earth bouncing off the edge
Instead of falling in your comfort
in many ways our love were birth to live short
friends passing judgments, our ears lead our minds to believe in other statements
Sparking the fuse that would blow our hearts to pieces
Trying to build again on a damaged foundation, just to watch it crumble again

Can only ask where did it all go so wrong
Can only wonder if words was never said and actions never took place
Where would this story be taking place

After the volcano erupted I was left there covered in the ash
Of our love
Lost, with you no where to be found
Taking refugee on a island of loneliness and endless forgetful memories
But even Paradise have its thunder storm
through the dark covered sky, lights cracks through

You breaking me, made me stronger
Being lonely and lost give me a chance to be found and find self happiness
Being heartbroken maybe me realize what I want and what I deserve
Losing you, is where i found myself
Regret loving you would be to regret finding myself -
Myself growth

Paul Jones May 18

Everything I hear     flickers in the mind;
the picture draws a     line chasing itself.

23:30 - 16/05/17
State of mind: curious, reflective.

Thoughts: from thinking - about how my mind works.

Question: None.
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