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Daksh 2h
She is strong, she's happy that way.
Her heart's tired of acheing;

When she comes back, she falls in love
She thinks she does;

Everytime it's better and harder.
She thinks she does;

Girl you have no idea
How many times, i've made you
Fall in love with me
All over again
She's rebuild
If I ever look tired
Well sometimes I can't sleep
Even when I do
You drive me crazy in my dreams

This mess is your masterpiece
So I dedicate these dark circles to my love that is true
I hope you see them as beautiful

Because even when I'm sleeping
All I think about is you
Bryce 1d
Fluorescent bulb flicks
I write sonnets to loved ones
That will never be.
Bryce 1d
Cool blanket of sky
Life holding a bated breath
Wishing new seasons
Come fly like an Eagle
                Come fly like an Eagle

                        A sea Eagle
                We will fly from Sydney
              Up and away to Brisbane
           So make yourself comfortable
       We will fly so high above the clouds
    Without the aid of any mind altering drugs
                         Don’t look down !
                          Trust in only me
                           For I am a poet
                           With the license
                           A special license
                           To an inspiration
                   Living your dreams
- [ ]                     From that Fantasy
- [ ]                     Into your true Reality
- [ ]                    Fasten your safety belt
- [ ]              It’s just at the joint of my wings
- [ ]              Turn off all your mobile devices
- [ ]           Now let the poetry begin my friends
- [ ]       Write to me with your poetic inspiration
- [ ]                        Kind regards Philip.
- [ ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- [ ] November 4th 2018.
Fly with your imagination
Can you see me?
Its 3AM, and i´m all alone
nothings around me, just the walls of my empty room.

I´m sitting in front of the Window,                                                          ­     Just my silhouette, black and grey.
Listening to the songs we used to hear together,
but now you're gone,
and i´m sitting here all alone on my empty Throne

Hope your journey goes on and on,
maybe you will notice where you belong
Watching outside, the rain keeps falling down
just one word to describe it

Behind the window I see a lonely soul,
like yours, but no peaceful mind at all
just full of useless things,
despite everything, I still think about it

Now the sun comes out, and steals the sadly beauty of the rain away
There's nothing more to say, just one simple
way to keep you in my memory
I have to catch every raindrop that falls down on my skin,
I am looking into the rainy clouds,
just the see your teardrops falling,
falling into my Soul
Heera 4d
Fall in love
                With someone
   Who makes you forget
                What it was like
   To live
               Before they came along
I think I enjoy the pastel colors
That rest upon the wall.
Just floating in soft ease
With colors not too bright.

Sometimes I think
If I was a color,
I would be much too dark
And seldom used
Because of the own
Hue I came acquired to
Through all my experience.

Just painting my whole life thus far
Would seem a waste... I think.
But being so unsaturated seems boring.
I think I enjoy the shades I've mixed
Met, and laughed along with
Even if I doubt it.
i dont understand
what are they talking about
my mind is so scattered
my heart is racing
what are these notes
what the ****?
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