What is love ?
"A strong feeling of affection."
Is that all it mean to you??
O poor Oxford you miserably fail!!!!
Its not a mere logical definition,
Its a exalted experience..
Not about begging and expecting,
But extension of warmth form within,
Dissolving ego making one bowdown...
Your pride no more chokes you,
Instead you love everything around..
That which makes you intoxicated when  higherself seeks supreme self.. Thy hunger of incompleteness is lost,
Its a different dimension that reunites you with the cosmic scape..
Its a transformation to conscious sensitive being..

YuugenP 3d

Three knives in the kitchen.
The sharpest used,
sharp red stains.

Three blister pack of pills.
All of them empty,
distorted package.

Three strands of rope.
The middle one tied,
blood-tainted noose.

Three bleeding wounds,
three empty painkiller packs,
three-feet-long rope.

Three to the one,
three minutes have begun,
the young girl stays there.

It's been quite a while since I've written these stuffs. I'm pretty obsessed with the number three by now.

[F]or the time
th[a]t I was
in [l]ove,
I cou[l]d not tell
wh[i]ch reaso[n]
kept me [g]oing

[at the wrong time.]

(...between the lines I say.)

they say there is no other life
but here inside this body
here within this skull
measured by the goodbyes
of countless nows
but to me there is
yes, outside this box
on the blank sheet
seemingly flat
endlessly deep
in infinite dimensions

ella 6d

i know you loved the color red
you loved it on me
you liked the way it showed
passion and danger
you said that's what i reminded you of.
i was passionate and dangerous.
you told me,
baby you're no angel.
angels don't look that captivating.
they don't look like they're  ready to swallow blood
from a cold heart.

finishing my old drafts
Lawan 7d

stereotyped- scarred for life stigmata
but still a man has to get his dollar
dive deep in the murky water
of service and humility,
sailors know that's where the jewelry is
and Life's gems- and Life's treasures-
and Death's life- and Death's pleasures-
so be fearless, no second thought is needed-
you should know your soul is eternally
bound to a life in... in... infinity....


why fear a look down
just ignore their frowns, they're clowns-
they know the dirt comes off
they know you are strong,
you scare them coz you are tough
and you dare too much
and you dare be bold
they know the glitter beneath your pain is gold

Maya thought right: 'from the dirt, I rise'
why not keep it simple
so you don't pay the price
the old ones shrug it off saying,
'they only want your life'
they say 'it's nothing'

but you know what? it's something,
who wants to live trapped,
caged, feeling dead inside

smiles you must know
can never beget dimples
grace you must know
honors the humble

who needs praise?
since I am done,
i thank you for reading
now hurry along
please be gone
they are waiting

R inspired/ the seventh seal
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