When I look at you,
I'm pretty sure my heart melts.
I don't know how to explain that
but it's how I feel and how I've felt.
You're becoming my happy place,
you're making me brand-new.
I thought I should let you know that
I think I'm in love with you.
this is about you jordan
whisper on you
let me

do it again
touch me
for me
please let me

hush me
while luxuriating in the boughs aching
to imbibe solar raiment golden this summer like
february twenty first two thousand and eighteen
when old man took a mandatory brake

from mister sun spilling forth
unseasonably balmy temperatures
equated from this human drake
swallowed hard taking

respite delighting, holistically
lolling (nar gagging) obliviously par
taking paradise magical optical pulsations,
a desperate need to succor dehydration

that found me relinquishing
a coveted reading nook and cranny,
this explanation not "FAKE"

excuse withholding appeasing,
an unrelenting paroxysm
watering parched palette
suck ceded to abend
imagination immersion

linkedin radiant nirvana basking (like a robin)
while feeling spell bound by this warm weather
unseasonably tropic teaser came to an end
drew the analogy how indomitable

joie de vivre kneading love intend
ding, sans partaking draught found wealth
between bounded pages doth mend
moe so than any medication

(akin to placing a wager sparring rivals)
desire for on par,
when body needs replenishment of fluids

thus...deferring self
for healthy pleasant liquid to slake
in an effort to curtail parched mouth
felt as if being scraped

by a lab bot tummy sized rake
thence entire corporeal being
didst shimmy and shake
analogous within mine

so many dozen square feet parameters
thee earth didst quake.
thence upon gulping sweet pineapple juice
(to evade dole drums)
a poem yours truly decided to make.
is my favorite
season because
it's cool
with traces of
drifting off dying leaves and
through the air.

It's landscape
with bright yellows and
warm reds, oranges.

It's like Autumn
is Mother Nature's
last effort
to give people
another reason to
for a bit
Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything and everyone we used to love?
TK 6d
Internal screaming blares inside my head,

Clawing at my own skin as if it will tear,

Because at this very minute I really couldn’t care,

Drowning in thoughts of pure despair,

I am

Suffocating, in the wild mess stuck up there,
Maddy 7d
Constant cold becomes comforting
Even when you know it's because
Your body is dying

Hunger pains make you smile
In fact
They become glamorized in your mind

Tea is good
But when it fills your stomach with 0 calorie goodness
It tastes great

Standing up always makes you dizzy
So instead of eating
You learn how to keep walking even when walls turn into floors

You beg for help
From someone who is just as sick as you
To become more successfully sick

Meals turn into binges
Food is just a number
And so are you

You constantly think about
If the way you are sitting makes you look
Even worse than normal

Words like dainty, starved, light
Make you feel
More powerful than gods

There are nightmares where
All you do
Is eat fucking fries

When even the people you love the most
Become annoying
Because of how often they say you're perfect

The saying
"You're not fat, but, you're not skinny."
Becomes your most hated string of language

When you know exactly what the risks are
You repeat them in your mind everyday
But it just doesn't matter anymore

You have already accepted your death
Because it's either get skinny
Or die trying
I'm having a day.
Audora 7d
We were made for each other
In this reverie
Life tries to kill us every day.
Yet we still try to love it.
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