Even though I miss you so
I look up at the up at the creamsicle skies you present to me
& I reminisce about how sweet life can be
I feel less alone in those quiet instants
Though I usually never show it
Some days I'm more fragile than others
Yet, I've learned to love every second of it
Solace in the silence
I like to be able to slowly arise from my slumber
I like to be able to hop on my bike
& feel what the breeze has in store for me
I like to listen to the trees when they tell me about their dreams
I like it when the sun kisses me so
Or when the bugs play hide and seek in my hair with
the leafs that want me to take them home
I'm not ready to die.

This poem like many of my others are dedicated to my dad
I'm in the making of making a collection out of them all.
NJN 1d

locked up in my head
Taking turn to the mirror
I can see a face instead
That has been much clearer
When I was still in my head
When I knew where I was heading

But things happen and things change
I see time floating away
And every cigarette lands in the ashtray
feels like throwing away time of the days
When I am supposed to show gratitude to my dna

We will grow old that is for sure
What I didn’t know that life is still a long, long journey
Roads need to be walked without insecurity
Like an elephant in the jungle
Be kind and stay humble
first learn how to be kind to yourself
because the magic will outgrow
As impressions will get into you
And not soon enough you see that there is nothing in-between how you once were thinking and the person that you’re being

How do I, how do I go back to times like that
When I was still in my head
My head was all mine
No threat to my shine
Now I feel dead
I lied to myself

As it's Christmas Day
The day truly about love
We sing dance be happy
Truly feeling the love

Dancing with you my
One true love forever
As our hearts smile together
I love you so much
You're forever my
One and only true love.

Christmas Love

I finally met the women who changed my world her gentle touch has touched my heart as I breath I feel her love deep inside my heart my lover forever my girl my beating heart I love her truly with all the love inside my heart My heart is filled with love

With my heart full of your love we are truly in love
With our souls entwined together love will Be forever
As I share my life with you
for now and forever together
My sweetheart my lover my heart my true one love
Your kindness touched my heart I knew it was true love
You are my dream coming through
Never for a moment did I ever think my dream would come through
and it has now and forever together
We shall never be torn apart.

Love Forever

As I touch you
We feel love a special
Love Together
Always forever
Living in love truly
For you always
For you as I cherish
Our loving moments
Forever deep in my heart
I'll be forever loving you.

Love Always
Audora Sep 17

The moon is hiding in
her  hair

stars Sep 15

Look, the skies was blue
You know what?
Just look
Do you remember, now?
Yeah it is scene of our memories
In the past

Turn back time
And i will redeem my mistake in the past
But its imposible you know

We're lost our time now
Our moments
And can't take them back

ψ Toria ψ Sep 15

If you ever think that you are a story no one would ever read, then there is something you don't know. You are more than that. You are the girl that people can't get out of their heads. They'll run in circles if you asked them to. A mystery that no one will ever solve unless you want them too. You are the woman that people write novels about. The classic and the modern. Someone who will never quite escape their minds, because you are so very extraordinary. And it is scary to know that we will never come across someone quite like you because you have that special glow.

8/25/17~To my $10 bill
Britney Lyn Sep 14

I hope I cross your mind like the way you live in mine.

beth stclair Sep 11

the tears well
and well and i tremble
sad to lose the
most lovely man,
kind, good,
i'm so sorry to
lose you, dad,
you were always
there for me when
i needed you. "hold
your horses," you used to
say, "there's more than
one way to skin a pussycat"
and "see you later
alligator, in a while
crocodile", you made me
smile so often and i
will say you were the best
dad ever, kind, loving,
gentle. heaven take
you in her wings, take you
to the side of god, brave
and beautiful man.

my dad was an absolute sweetheart. i'm so sorry to lose him. he was aged 80 which is a very good age. he loved cricket, golf, chelsea football team and spent most of his spare time doing crossword puzzles which he absolutely loved.
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