I have always been beckoning
In the streets and classrooms,
In the schools and coachings,
In the soccer goals and chess games.

I have always been searching,
In the lonely evenings and nights,
In the sunny days and afternoons,
In the packed markets and parties.

I have always been so very patient,
In the empty Sundays and holidays,
In the private moments and hours,
In the public places and datings.

But true love was nowhere,
I searched the whole world,
Then I finally had it accepted,
That true love was only twice.

First was when I was born,
To my mother and father,
Second was the rebirth,
In an ICU's rebreather.

My HP Poem #1604
©Atul Kaushal

As I touch you hand
I feel you forever
Our dreams together
You and me forever
In love together
Never loving an other
Female on life as much
As I would truly love you.


Lead me to the Cross, Lord.
Where You poured out Your love for me.

Lead me to the Cross,
and crucify every selfish, prideful
part of me.

Lead me to the Cross, Lord.
Oh, bring me to my knees.
That I might surrender my will
to Yours,
seeking only Your heart to please.

Oh, lead me.
Lead me, Lord.
Lead me.
To the Cross.
That in dying to my Self,
I might truly live.
Truly live...
for Thee.

Lead me to the Cross.

Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone wishes to follow Me,
he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me." --Matt. 16:24, Holy Bible.
Emil 5d

If you were
the sky
i'd be the sea
and when
you shined bright
it would reflect in me.
when you're at rest
i am steady.

Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed
Moon gives shining
On pillow red.
Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed.

A million stars up
In the sky
They're giving up
Your cute shy.
Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed

The blue of the night
Fall on your skin
All silvers sea night
Hug like your kin.
Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed.

Smelling below down
Like roes broom
Flaming your gown
Whole of room.
Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed.

JAC 6d

Mornings are unparalleled
When you didn't expect
To wake up
From the night before.

Northern part of my India,
It is worse when it is cold.

Far worse in winters,
Than in summers.

Many people freeze to death.

My HP Poem #1591
©Atul Kaushal

I am never lonely in my life.

Ample memories of her I have,
Memories sweet and sour.

So many memories that I live,
Few I can despise but rest I love.

My HP Poem #1590
©Atul Kaushal
Porto 7d

I thought
Pipe-fed freedoms
Would stay at bay
Behind minds fretting needlessly
Then I was told to buy a lottery ticket

I supposed
My wasted wants
Would keep in my sleep
Beneath griefs of weakness I'd never possess
Then I discovered I'm one more normal mind

I believed
'My' graceful gods
Were lame in their frame
Below fallow understandings in flaking canvases
Then I was told what to believe

I refused
And was suddenly different
Shown the ropes of a living wage
Burned alive
until I was so different
I was marketable
People came to me
And suddenly I was someone
Suddenly I was understandable
Like never I was as one of dissonance within -
One of picture frames without, the label
'Vive le différence,
Ici ça meurt'.

Ok, so I google translated the French, a cardinal sin, I know, but I had no choice :(
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