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rgz 5h
Contentment is a fleeting thing
Descendant of the peace but then
Oversensing will begin
Commencement of the mortal sin
Empty out the medicine
Then resentment will set in
Ten steps towards the loony bin
Guess I'll never make it since
Contentment is a fleeting thing
What a coincidence
I was in fallin in love
when she was the river.
Dancing with the sun,
in her every small ripples -
I shaw her joy.
I shaw her joy,
by how she reflects the ray
with her liquid crystal face and figure.
Singing with the birds,
her every splash was a chorus.
I dreamed her in that way.
I dreamed,
when she mirror the violets
of the flowers.
Painted with colours,
she was the live canvus
of this universe.
You are the girl in the moon
You disappear at noon
And you come back soon
You are so beautiful
Far from the usual
And that's indisputable
My favorite time of the day
Is when you come out to play
At night you never stray
In the morning I wake up to you even though you're kind of faded
And just a tad bit jaded
And some mornings you're kind of degraded
I still think you're beautiful at all times
Even when I can't see you through the blurred lines
And through all of my twisted crimes
You're the girl in the moon
You're so beautiful...
DarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessD­arknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDa­rkness Darkness Darkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness Darkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessD­arkness Darkness
                            There is always light in the DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessD­arkness Darkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness DarknessDarknessDarknessDarknessDarkness Darkness
sarah 1d
silence, my heart beats too fast for acting normal
blank stares, you catch me reliving the same daydream
where i confess and you feel the same
but, every time i wake up

i missed the part where you said you loved me
or did you even say anything?
i guess it's all in my head
why would you love me when you could love her instead?
sometimes. i live in my head so much.

i look in the mirror and
i'm an actual,
physical being. (whaat?)

and when someone comes and speaks to me,

" can see me?"
then they always say smthng like "you're bUggin"
his arms around my waist
his face fuzzy because I can't keep focus
everything about this was perfect
everything about the broken glass was perfect
his hands in my hair
my fingers running over his shoulder
I know I'm sad inside
I know he's struggling to figure this out
we held embrace with my back against the wall
i can feel his breath on my neck
but we both drank too much
and we both dreamt of better worlds
my body is so high right now
my mind is soaring
I never want him to let go
he doesn't want to let go
once our touch is gone it's only us
in our destructions and faded lies
even after this is all gone
even after everything is lost in my mind
I'll still feel his fingers through my hair
and the way he smiled
both drunk in love
a rendition of my life.
episode one.
stay tuned.
Stricken-down, struggling and stranded,
Dealt a hand that was quite underhanded.
I am done with never settling down,
Always having to run –
I am standing my ground stubbornly,
I am a storm of sounds,
Discourteously curmudgeonly.

I will not accept defeat -
I feel naught except the beat,
The rhythm, the flow, the show –
The hurt dissipates as I let go.
On these two feet,
I fight the finite, finicky, fraudulent conmen of deceit.
It’ll serve you right when you get roasted by the roaring heat,
When mother death cometh with hungry babes at her ****.

Stranded or at ease, it doesn’t matter,
Landed like a breeze, serving poetry on a platter.
I’ve been feeling like my time is really up,
Like there’s the ceiling and all I can do is get numb.
That, or just ******* wander off and die;
Just like that, with no explanation as to how or why.

I can’t go on like this, I can’t blow off life’s bliss.
Thing is, if I knew I was going to die and live on somewhere else,
I can’t even think of what I’d actually miss.
I don't know what to do with my poetry to be honest...doesn't really seem like anyone wants to read it, anymore. Maybe it's time to let go.
We all throw it. Well those of us that are from or live in the south. For sure
It is all love and fun, don't let it touch your heart!
Our hearts smile forever

In true love

We are forever

As I hold you inside

My Beating heart

We are truly together

As I kiss you softly

I gently whisper

I truly love you forever....
Him And Her
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