Manny 7h
I've reached the end
my brain can't think of words again
I've lost my connection with my pen
But these demons are still inside my head
And won't disappear as I count down from ten
I'm lost, afraid.. And every now and then
I contemplate... to get relief
By cutting up my veins

Drinking won't take away my pain
And the sun won't dry away the rain
But the thunder keeps calling out my name
Its roaring, screaming in my brain
It's driving me insane
Repeating it over and again
I'm looking at this mirror
With no idea who I am

I'm trying to collect all the fragments that remain
Of who I used to be, before the demons made
my brain into their domain
And I might be crazier than them
Because every day I feign
A smile so that no one can complain
That I'm the kid that is broken and alone
With no one but myself to blame
When poetry is your only outlet and you can't seem to write anymore, then you start losing your mind. Especially when nothing else helps you vent.
My future was a fog
Misguided interpretations of
Success and happiness
Unfulfilled dreams
My life was not what it seemed
A gap between the seams
The bridge, missing in between

One day i came across a string
Held it in my hands,
felt my heart begin to sing
Pulled it all together,
The seams and in between

Tied a knot at the end,
Nothing would prepare me for this.
What i had seen,
forever, i had missed
It was you, my love
Frozen in time,
with just one kiss.
I had found happiness,
Found success in your bliss.

Now life had meaning
You and me, forever.
I had visions and dreams
That were once clear, not ever
The fog had lifted
I'll let go, never.
Let's take on this world
You and me, together.
a true story; a written collection from every single fiber of the heart.
as if I almost fell in love
and the rain ceased to fall
like when a perfect halo forms around your head

as if you almost said it
and the words drenched your lips
like when the stars light up your dreams in color

as if they almost believed
and the world became heaven
like when all is calm and no fear ever existed

as if
but its only impossible
i meant to say this a while ago
but nevermind
you're too far away

Karmen 6d
Vievievie no replies ignite

I like to talk don’t care if I’m all too blunt cause shit I just enjoy peoples and sharing thoughts no matter what
Sorry if I annoy but I don’t ever intend
Just be easy
Tell me to let there be rest from sharing my head and expression of things totally random
Cause I don’t wanna Kill off being friends
So lay it out straight without intent to make harm to ones head of depth feels that never get real rest
Least not till death
Hurt of no reply cause I message too many times cause hell I wanna talk and like sharing my feels not thinking it would scare off or be perceived as another type of way but ok
fragments of shadows found in between my finger tips
and your collar bone
provide safety in breathing
in tracing
reciprocating souls find a home
in exchange of glances and
colorful explosions followed by gentle,
studious hands.  
reify things only dreamt of or written about
in tales of gods and poetry of the rich man.

leave the rest of the world adust
as they fall in their intentions --
in their questions,

we write among the stars
what they could not dare to fathom
as we all look toward a single sky.
Don’t cry for me, dear
Save your crystal tears
For now we celebrate
And cheer

Her flowers fall
Her wind is my song
Her rain is graceful
So rest
And be strong

His task is done
His sword has been run
His muscles sore now

For deep in the white
Someday I shall be
Glass oceans calling me
And see

Deep in the white
Forever we’re free
We’ll sing together
Don’t you leave me
Deep in the white, forever we're free
Dance, my son
Dance in the grass
The pavement is constricting
It leaves you numb to true feeling
So dance in the grass
Dance in the grass
Be snazzy
Be jazzy
Create your own craze
The grass sings to your bare feet
True joy for days
The pavement is for those
Who follow the path
But those who invent their path
Dance in the grass
The pavement walkers will stare
But when you’re dancing you don’t care
A tango
A waltz
A rhythm your own
The grass understands
The pavement can’t atone
Barefoot and fancy free
Dancing in the grass
What a sight to see
Follow your own path and go your own way. And while you're at it, feel free to dance a little.
CrimsonEye Jul 11
I read all these poets here and how they effortlessly use these big words and flawlessly make their thoughts stand out with precision
I google alot of them just for context and think to myself
"Im going to use those big words so that you hear me and feel awed" but always revert to my simple oatmeal while they dine on Fried egg with Hazelnuts, Chantrelles, green garlic and blackberries.
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