My eyes are watery
My vision is blurred
But I see you clearly
In the fire you burn.

I can’t breath right now
And my legs cannot walk
My mind is broken
I can’t seem to talk.

The snow falls slowly
Onto my warmed up face
And I taste the sweet, sweet victory
I thought I’d never taste.

But the snow melts too quickly
Into blood it turns
My heart begins to race
In the fire I burn.

Kindly take your happiness
and go the other way
i’m really not in the mood,
I dont care what you say

I need some space,
Some time alone
So please give me a break.
I’d prefer if we shake hands
and go our separate ways.

I cut my arms
And burn my skin
All because of you.
I lost my friends
And canceled plans
All for you.
I was all alone
Without a home
'Cause you said you'd come through.
It's okay though
'Cause you're worth the suicide
And I love you.

Every time we speak
My knees grow a little bit weak
And my heart, it glows.
From your head to toes
And from your blood to your new clothes
You’re always unique.
From the moment we met
Till the moment we pass
I’ll always be by your side.
Just letting you know
‘Cause I love you so
And losing you, I would cry.

Connor 1d

loving an addict is a war
loving an addict is days and nights
loving an addict is weekdays and weekends
loving an addict is dropped cups
loving an addict is tears behind closed doors
loving an addict is finding your money missing
loving an addict is broken promises
loving an addict is still finding a way to smile
loving an addict is loving them regardless

loving an addict is seeing the text message

"ethan didn't wake up" and watching every color disappear from your eyes

i will love you forever.

new experiences fade the old
no matter how vital the old might be
we don't get a choice
we just do new things and poof there it goes

parts of you fall away bit by bit
i try to remember the whole but am faced only with the half
the left hand falls, the right shoulder
the memory of yelling at me upstairs when i was younger

of picking me up from cross country practice
replaced by a hospital bed and series of tubes
54 is far too young and it wasn't even one
of the plethora of plagues you endured

it was a curveball from the east wedging into the brain
forming a puddle of bacteria and eating away slowly
who'd have thought your heart would stay intact
or your liver or your lungs yet something unforeseen

soon the memories will fade yet more
replaced by a skeleton wearing a pitt hat
with a full glass of pepsi tugging downward at the bones
watching ncis, talking about fixing the porsche

the jaw bones rattling, fading away again
faced with the half and the prospect of the none
ashes three parts body, two parts pepsi, one part ink
and that part housing the memories shrinking against my will

the idea of you
was simply so much better
than actually having you


The construct of "in"
Pushes us all away
Such as ripples
When someone dives

Sandoval Apr 21

I think the worst part of losing you, is never seeing you again.  For

us, there will never be any random unpredictable encounters.  

And the thought of not seeing you again,  even if its just far away,

lingers in my mind like an old book, waiting to be read.

We will never get a second chance, we are so far away, I guess

thats what you give up when you fall in love a thousand

miles away.



I don't want to think about it...
Falling in and out.
I have a lot of love for you
I don't want it to burn out.

I never want to forget
the feelings you've made me feel.
The way I can't stop smiling
when you're done laughing
or squeezing my hand...

How I feel as you kiss me
or when you're just sitting nearby...
I don't want to stop feeing warm and bubbly
the thought makes me want to hide.

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