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Lara May 13
What is real and what isn’t?

Nobody knows.

Everybody knows.

Nobody really knows anything, but everybody knows something.
Who knows?
Reappak Apr 9
I had to write on anything I wished
There was this demand
So I decided to write on ****
Which goes down in troops
Entering the toilet's streams
A chocolate mousse it seems
You may say, you may say yikes
But that is how the toilet likes
Yes it smells! Yes it stinks
Yet its fun to watch it
Plop, drop and kink!!
Ericka Mar 22
i tried to commit
even if i don't know how


did i just faced my fear
how brave i am
just to love a man like you
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
You don't have to wish you could be strong.
It takes courage to stay alive when you feel trapped and in pain.
You didn't know it,
but you've been strong all along.
You don't have to wish you could feel like you had somewhere to belong.
You're human.
You're in a club bigger than you could ever imagine.
So go ahead. Sing your song.
You don't have to be afraid you aren't enough.
You standing here proves you can push through when the going gets rough.
Bottom line, you don't have to think, wish, or be afraid of anything
Because you already are everything.
Maja Mar 18
"After all, you’re only human,"
I’ll take that as a compliment.

A human can be anything,
if only you are competent.
you're only human. But what is a human then?
December 8th was the last time we talked

No more suns or moons or stars or laughter

No more music or dancing or singing

No more fluttering heart or late nights

No more happy fights

I want it all back

And the only way is with you
Standing in the corner
Nowhere to run or hide
My mind deep in wonder
I'm nothing deep inside

I shouldn't be alive
Cheated death countless times
Wandering in circles
I'm nothing on the outside

But I'm not anything
I could've been something
Instead more of the same
Could've been something...Anything

Looking at the Sun
Wish I could fly away
My feet in standing water
Nothing for me to stay

I should've tried harder
I worked hard for all I have
My reflection in the water
Very little is left inside

So I'm not anything
I could've been something
Instead of accepting blame
Should've been something...Anything

They are out to break me
But I'm not broken yet
Standing in the street
Ignoring idle threats

Traffic passing by
Like I'm an invisible man
They will never break me
I will make my final stand

But I'm not anything
I could've been something
Instead of playing this game
Should've been something...Anything

© 2020  Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
danial Jan 18
i am a bad poet
because i do not truly know
how to feel anything

and every metaphor before and after this
are desperate attempts to feel something more
Butterfly Jan 2
Just living
Not really doing anything
Just vibing
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