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calypso Oct 2022
every bit, every tiny bit
i can feel the elephant foot through
my chest, there is
little to no breath, can i stop?
god, if there is anything for me
please don’t make it wait longer
tell my future i won’t be coming
earth is not my place, not anywhere i’ve been
this is too much
half my day i want to scream on the top of my lungs
for help, for solitude, for no one
why am i not heard yet?

maybe i should tell someone
that my room is a mess like my head
and i can’t keep it still, slowly filling my hands
with anything i can find, i wont rest
i cant rest
i can’t let me go
i have to become my future
i promised i won’t go
i promised things i can’t keep
just let me go, my lungs have
and the blood swells my chest
my eyes aren’t smiling
im sorry im not joyful like i used to be
so joyful, it killed me.

its not you, i promise
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
I don't know if I can change anything.
But I have to try. I've seen too many people
let their dreams fall by the wayside.
And for what? A chance to survive
long enough to see their children thrive?
No. We deserve better. For ourselves.
For our loved ones. For everyone.
Like I said.
I don't know if I can change anything.  
But I have to try. I've seen too many people
let their dreams fall by the wayside.
Luna D Olivera Feb 2021
I feel breathless at any speck of thought —an idea— crossing my mind. I am restlessly wishing for something, prying for crumbs, and my mind is slowly sinking. Breathing words for oxygen, concepts for nutrients. I am a starving girl in a desert of words.
—famished for nothing, anything, everything
Nikkie Jan 2021
You can be anything you want to be; a clown, a lover, a serial killer, a tarot card reader, a musician who likes to eat pickles. You can be a prized fighter who falls in love with love itself. When you read you can be anything, and I do mean anything. But when you can see what's happening in front of you, you can be the night sky, in the twinkling eye of the child when she is being read your bedtime story. Put yourself in my place, when I am writing I close my eyes and the story that wants to come out is vividly clear in front of me. It's amazing what words can do when the right ones are put together: time stood still when you looked at me. I felt what you didn't say, I felt what you were gonna say. You smell so good, I can't wait for you to.....You know....It's all good, I know you feel it too, if this is just my imagination, I need to stop drinking so much coffee, the caffeine is starting to get to me.
Zoe Mae Nov 2020
I'd like to be your day
Well planned and smooth
I'd probably get in the way
The doctor wouldn't approve
I'd like to be your star
God knows you're mine
Just be who you are
And that would be fine
Zoe Mae Oct 2020
Why is it always trash night?
Just another small thing I fight
Like tailpipes on the highway
And timelines that go sideways...
It's the trivial things that eat me up
Nibble by nibble, right through my gut
Don't sweat the small stuff?
****, that sounds nice
But what if the small stuff
Is your entire ******* life.
What is new?
My eye knows your view
And remembers your way

To talk and explain
To say how you are weak
I fell in that plan

When then I see
You, I forget
And listen to you again

I fell in that plan
As I forget everything
And remember any thing

Belongs to your smart
whn one descides to mett his lover with his mind , he falls in trouble and gets his mind in long vacation and remebers only the smart
if only you knew
the things i'd do for you
the things i've done for you

if only you knew
the pain i've felt on my feet
all those days spent
cleaning, cooking and entertaining

if only you knew
that i didn't have any pancake mix
but found a way to satisfy your cravings
because i wanted you to be happy

if only you knew
how tired i was
my body was shutting down
but my mind was racing with
thoughts of you

if only you knew
the time, energy and effort spent
all to just impress you and give
you a good time

if only you knew
the insane extra charge to deliver
a box of cupcakes for your mom
on mother's day but you didn't show up

if only you knew
how much i wanted to spend
time with you even if it was just
for ten minutes but it never happened

if only you knew
how much i wanted to hug you
or be near you to show you how much
you mean to me but you seemed distant

if only you knew
how willing i am,
how i'd go the ends of the earth for you,
how i'd write poems about you,
show you how you should be loved,
how much i care for you,
and how i'd give you more than the world
i'd give you the universe.

if you only just knew.
should i have told you?
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
Sometimes, I wish my story
Was written with a pencil
Instead of a pen.
To be able to erase
all the bad times,
The mistakes,
The what could've been's.
But in the end,
I wouldn't trade them for anything.
They made me who I am today.
And to me, that's everything.
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