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By Arcassin Burnham

Possibly in a dire situation I can up and fill a void
passing out at every lie and joke you ever told
when the good times go , they go and never leave your head
but that was so long ago,
memories are dead,
we used to kiss and we used to touch and we used to fear The Break-Up,
pausing that every mere chaos burning inside my soul
for I was never the one to cause the problem, here just behold,
dead memories come back to haunt and love,
they fade almost instantly like a flock of doves,
I'm too good to be in parties or clubs,
when I had my ex I wasn't even a scrub,
they were a waste of time so I gave up.

Why I do always choose wrong?
Why I do I give some of my love to have them
give it back?
Why did I always choose the wrong race?
To build a family and make a new life with,
Why I do always choose wrong?
Why I do I give some of my love to have them
give it back?
Why did I always choose the wrong race?
To build a family and make a new life with.

You knew you loved him
when his lips pressed softly against your thighs as the world stops in time.
You knew you loved him when you giggled in the seat of the car,
your feet bare, tucked
       between your heart.
You knew you loved him when
you saw Venus made hectic twist and turns
     when his eyes landed itself onto you
You knew you loved him when
his kisses became like angelic blessings that made you feel alive.
You knew you loved him when
his I love yous became your favorite lullaby.
You knew you loved him when
      you counted how many times he fluttered his eyes and how many times he twitched in his sleep by your side.
    You knew you loved this boy with all your soul and might
when you wanted to be with him
for the rest of your life.
Maybe I’m the paradox, a reality defying kind of ephemeral, something who stands before but beyond window view.

That’s why you can’t grasp me, I’m more phantom than logic, more feeling than reason, and I think it’s fair assessment

upon my desire to remain rooted. So impossibly the oak stands resolute, a fixture in the howling hurricane, beheld

to the wind, the debris, and the weeping. I have had time to adapt, to grow, to find alternatives, and I stay among concrete

and fettered notions. The truth is, I can wither and curl, or strain to break my hold upon the earth and walk until my last leaf falls.

But what am I without the wind in my branches, and the shade above my roots? What am I without the song you gift me

and the growth you’ve supplied? How dare I entertain an idea of a lack of you when I hold you so dear? Storms shake trees,

but that means nothing when your sun shines– that means nothing for all the good you’ve birthed, even if you can’t fathom

how my limbs reach toward you still.
Already on this momentum
Seeking another revival
Don't care much about the rivals
Looking forward to the arrivals
Please follow the bibles
That we're providing
You got to be cognizant of the horse you're riding
To get here, to make a mark
If you want to sing like a Lark
You got to be caring of your performance
This window of opportunity is enormous
You got to mitigate the dormice
To know who's truly there
Too many are in a sad state of affairs
I got my goals in the crosshairs
Forget harping on the job fairs
I want to throw my influence in the air
See if you can even catch it
Working tirelessly, trying to match it
Don't leave any cracks, bury the hatchet
It looks to me that this is sloppy and ratchet
Laugh it off, zero attachment
I'll explain my dfetatchment
But first you got to understand
Despite not being from the same land
We have to be on the same ground
I've taken despair by the pound
Way too animals left there
If you truly care
About your art
To alleviate the tension and not fall apart
You need to be focused
Strong and cohesive
Try to be adhesive
Pick up those pieces
Vacate to your beaches
Make sure you bring your breeches
So you can start your speeches
Of verse
Over again, rehearse
Seeing the world in obverse
Verbally amerse
Playing the fair central
Be astute with the pencil
Utilize that utensil
To bend your will
Creating the chill
Among the audience
You have to have the skill of clairaudience
To truly make things work
Not only do you have to ravage, you have to merk
Never wipe off that smerk
So you can avoid being a mere clerk
At some ordinary place
You got to respect every face
Keep an open mind on the preface
Life's not a race
Emotions can be beautiful or pure mace
Working hard to not be a disgrace
Is amicable
That's what should be predicatable
But it isn't
We've fallen so deep
You hardly hear a peep
About the best ones
Until they're gone
Showcasing the swans
At this funeral
How many numerals
Do we have to witness
To puncture through this
And call death to seal it with a kiss
There's a heavy mist
When the arms are scarred along with the wrists
From short-term problems
We try so hard to solve them
Mentally ignore, block them
While life has no problem stocking them
You're your own gem
Whether you believe it or not
I hate to let my work rot
Into unproductivity
Practicing better civility
Is what will help us thrive
Eagerly survive
Is much I try to revive
People from theirs issues
Keep in mind those scar tissues
Should be history
Not only in the class
Don't be afraid to look back, just avoid the rehash.
Always Ally Sep 7
I wish you were here
Near is such a luxury
To kiss you and hold your hand
Understand it means so much to me

My desire is a fire's flame
Blame it on how beautiful you are
You're so tender and forgiving
Having you in my life is like a dream

You are distant, My Love
Love you ever as much still
Think of you often
Soften my heart's will

To see you soon
Moonlight on your face
I will embrace you
Blue when you leave again

You are distant, My Love
In my heart you are always near
You are distant, My Love
I wish you were here
Gemma Davies Sep 6
Miles may keep you apart,
But love has no range.
Someday you'll be together,
Someday things will change.
Miles cannot separate,
Two hearts that really care.
How lucky you are to have each other,
Even though this distance is not fair.
But distance means so little,
When someone means so much.
Missing them is unbearable,
Just waiting for their touch.
It certainly won't be easy,
But it will be worthwhile.
Some people will not understand,
They can't see past each mile.
As a couple you are just waiting,
For your life together to begin.
It's just the two of you vs distance,
And the distance will not win.
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Long were the days when she told him
"i will love you till my last breath"
Maddi Keaton Sep 2
It's been four days since I felt your touch,
And my skin is burning for you.
My heart leaps when I think of you next to me,
But it's begun to feel like a distant memory.
I'm starting to realize that maybe home isn't four brick walls,
No roof overhead, no floor underfoot -
Maybe home is a person,
And I'm homesick as hell for you.
Lauren Bloss Sep 2
Her eyes were laced,
Laced with pure gold,
Shimmering in the moonlight rays,
So elegantly beauteous in the night,

Her smile shined,
Shined brighter than all the stars in the sky above,
Seeming so real,
Yet it was painted on by an angel,
An angel who wished to hide the demons,
The demons within her,

Her voice hints of mischievous,
Of uncertainty and of mystery,
So soft,
Yet so cracked,

Her thoughts blackened of smoke,
Smoke that poisoned her every waking thought,
Smoke that was so lethal,
So suffocating,
She couldn't take a breath,

Yet those demons,
And those angels,
Hide in the darkness beneath,

Her eyelashes were lengthy,
They blinked in the rhythm of her,
They fluttered as she blinked at me,

As the daylight swooshed in,
The light of honesty showed,
Her eyes no longer laced with gold,
Now they were purely dark,
Purely dull, no shimmer to be seen,

Her smile had washed away,
Her cracked frown now prominent,
Prominent on her exhausted face,

Her voice was full of anxiety,
Hoarse from the fight she's giving,
Soft, yet dark,

Her thoughts were as silent as she,
As silent as she wished to be,
For the pain overtook her,
Held her entire life hostage,

Her mind was the prison,
And she was the inmate,
Paying for the guilt she lived in,
Every second of every day,
Costing her the privilege,
The privilege of happiness,

And so,
In the moonlight,
Try and look harder,
For you may see the pain.
and even when you’re not here
i swear I can hear your voice
and feel you beside me
oh how I would give anything
to simply be
the pillow beneath you
the clothes wrapped around you
the blanket keeping you warm
or the sun kissing your skin...
for with every waking moment
I am missing you
incredibly so
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