When you've been broken for so long you forget what it's like to be whole

  You forget what it's like to be in a room without wanting to weep to the floor

  You wonder what it's like to smile without pain instead of through it

Most of all you wish to know what it's like to look in the mirror and see yourself

To see yourself without the front we give and the walls we build

Because when you look in the mirror you see what others see

Not you're true identity

Sun Sep 11

What's the indefinable rapture makes you feel relentless?
Lost dreams, the forgotten touch of beloved's grace
Lonely egret flying high with heavy mournful wings
The sun and clouds intertwined, seeking solace
On a summer day, riveting fragrance of raindrops  
In dusty box, hundreds of love letters locked
Lovers kissing passionately in the City of Culture
The nightingale sings for love that left unrequited

With the Earth, Lily of the Valley smiles
The Sun shines bright beholding beauty of life
Distant oceans roar high erasing traces of footsteps
Glory, thee journey finding reasons for being alive
Scarlet rose fading colors like broken promises
The sunrise brings anew hope even in strife


For Those:
Who stumble, rise again, stand tall,
walk an endless path with or without love,
who feel proud of their love of life, who feel whole
with a beautifully broken heart
to embrace the journey called "Life".
Moushmi Mehta Sep 10

Sudden giddy feeling I get sometimes
Tender nostalgia of your monkey smile
You say things that strike perfectly right
Wait, no wait, now there are endless miles

Packing unnecessary luggage in my head
Breathe and sigh, sigh, wait for a while
It's you, you're here, I run and unpack
The weight that's now a feather-sized file

HeartCore Sep 10

As we go to rest our bodies
in our soft, warm and cozy beds,
our minds drop from the highest mountain peek,
down to a nonstop fall that becomes the universe,
lightened by stars that shine in every single one of us.
Yet thode stars are so far away.

We fall in deep thought of confusion and doubt
that then becomes an inexplicable emotion.

We defy the laws of physics
to travel though the wormhole
and find that the other side of the universe is closer than we think
And that love really has no boundaries but just a twist in space.

-HeartCore (Kenth B. Soto)

Long distance relationships are strange, hope it works out for anyone that tries them.

I miss the days of young
Time flowed as we spent it
The sunset, our greatest fear
Waste days like sunlight never shifted
Sit adrift in the belt of rock
My asteroid
Roam the black for a ray of you,
Light in my life, what gives me incentive to see
A nightlight in the bedroom
Keep the monsters away
Brighter every night
No travel of space is too far
To drift right where we are
I find myself tidally locked
I will never turn away from us
Little lights in the sky
But that one that shines so brightly
I can see it, standing out from the others
Brightest star in the universe
Expanding further
No distance will discourage my travel
Journey the constellations for the bigger picture
The stars I see in the dark
Are afraid of the light you bring me
Every sunrise

Brianna Sep 7

I want your lips against mine.
Your hands all over me.
But you're in California and I'm over here thinking-

why the hell do I always fall for the guys nowhere near me?

when i lay down to rest in my bed
its you who dances around in my head
you are the never ending sky
you are the best kind of high
whole days spent on the phone
you make me feel not alone
i hope you feel this in your chest
and never forget that i tried my best
i want to feel your arms around me
holding falling drowning
an eternal abyss
unadulterated bliss
you were the one good with words
i miss you

By: John C. Layton

There is a noble fierceness in her eyes.

From turbulent blue orbs with obsidian cores

Comes a solid gaze seizing within its surface

The reflection of a surrendered audience.

Her stare conveys a thousand miles walked

Within a foreign forest.

Whose distant spires reach, reveal

A shared direction upon separate soil to similar skies.

Their clamoring leaves joining in jocund applause

For this paradoxical union hosted in the heavens.

Though her laughter shows a happy heart,

It is her words that carve a better window.

Literature and life, images and archetypes linger on her lips.
Wisdom cloaked in humble attire,
Wonder held with deepest gladness,

And desire bridled with vibrant affirmations.
Her fellowship surrounds a sacred fire

Where hands and hearts are warmed

By truth and understanding --------- and joy.

Where smiles and nods exhibit an invisible embrace.
Yet hardships will fade such embers of delight

And leave a longing to be stirred again.

Consolation comes in a confident glance

That reminds the heart what will remain

For everlasting spirits that meet and go forever on.
Beyond long walk and the crossing of this life,

When private rendezvous are a mere remembrance,
Rooted paths will be traveled again.

The conversation will continue,

For this unity is sealed with a burning love

And set with the noble fierceness in our eyes.

The End.

For everything, for you...

We fear love because we fear vulnerability and I understand this paradox is common. And I understand that my struggles are not unique but being rudimentary and predictable does not make the pain in my chest that tells the brain in my head to take a knife to my own skin every time I am alone in a room with white walls, ever go away. It tells me to paint and I tell it to shut up because at this age, no one cares how badly you want to hurt yourself because at this age, you should be asking for help, and at this age when you finally ask for help they tell you that you should have come sooner and that this age is a weird one to start talking about how you feed off validation from others the same way your extended family feeds off alcohol. You never let anyone in because it’s all your fault. And you know it, so you suffer alone and you refuse to face vulnerability with self love and trust because the last time you trusted someone they shred your insides to dust and you could not see straight for two years. Tell me, what do you fear? Liberation or self examination?

Enzo Aug 26

I wish I could do more, but here i am stuck on the other side of the screen
Feeding you words of comfort, trying to ease the pain
tapping keys on my keyboard, trying to keep you sane
And I know that when you receive it- it might seem plain

My sympathies written in text are sincere to me, but how about on your end?
Will my feelings be carried out when I tap send,
Or would it just be empty bland sentences plastered onto the chat box?

It sucks to know that we could exchange thousands of words, but never the compassion behind them,
We're connected yet at a discord when it comes to expressing onscreen emotion

1 out of 100 for D
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