Their songs call him out
To the watery Sound
Beyond the long island;
Past high-rise apartments
Packed like sardines;
Past graffiti-smeared strip malls,
along rumbling roadways
Littered with mattresses,
And occasional gated green enclaves.

He sails out
To cavort with the
Humpbacked and Fin,
With dolphins and seals
That live out of sight
Of the swimmer, the surfer,
The lover of jet skis, of yachts
And of gritty brown beaches.

He knows them by sight
and he names them by scars:
There’s ‘Hammerhead Right’
The little harbor seal,
Marked with a rip
behind her right ear.
Or ‘Enterprise,’ who carries
A gash shaped like the ship
Under his torn gray front flipper.

He researches, records,
And brings out the tourist
to see these soft mammals
Who suckle their young
In their alien home
At the salty wet rim
Of the sprawling, concreted land.

He researches, records,
he names, and he counts.
But how they were scarred,
Or how they live on,
Remain locked
in their watery
Inspired by an article in the New York Times about Dr. Arthur Kopelman, who runs the Coastal Research Education Society of Long Island
i love you
but i cannot touch you
you told me you love me
and i felt butterflies,
even with you in Texas,
and i in Colorado,
i love you,
but i cannot touch you,
my fellow Gothic,
i want to be with you,
i love you,
for charlie, love of my life
we were like strangers who knew each other very well, meeting for the first time in a fleeting moment. our bodies foreign to each other’s touch, all passing glances and timid hands, but it could never last too long. someone always had to go, someone always had to return home, and there was never enough time. we’d become strangers again, dreaming of good morning i love yous spoken in tongue, written between skin, read between limbs. and slowly memory would fade, skin on skin fall faint, until all remnants of our existence withered away.

― until we meet again
Zaft Jul 7
We're strangers from the start
and we met each other pixelated.
We talked about how  we're fated
It seems that we fell so far.

You called me in different name
and I called you by your real.
You said you want me to be there
so I'll go fly over you.

long long

yellow yellow

my face
my eyes


Dean Jul 4
When things become unbearable
Take a while to think about your action
Go ballistic clear your conscience then return to normal
Hate is the enemy let it out do not allow it to dictate your actions
Yule 7d
why must be apart?
to truly know that our hearts
chose to draw each other closer

— fate leads us to each other
180518; 11:54 PM

Laura Jul 4
I like to wake up at 7 am
Because that's when he wakes up.
I rub my eyes
And groan about being awake before the sun.
He rolls over
And stretches his body out on his bed.
I want to kiss his forehead.
Tell him it's time to get up.
Time to get ready for the day.
I want to scratch his back.
Tell him I love him.
Tell him I can't wait for him to get home tonight,
Even though he hasn't even left yet.
His bed is miles away from my own
But when I wake up at 7 am,
It feels like we wake up in the same one.
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