Euphie 1d
Did you know, I fell in love with you...
how long will it be until you notice me?
You  will
go  to  your
   home !

Where  are  you
  staying   in
the  city !

Why  did  not
cut  your  long

People  are
asking  thes­e  
Repeatedly  to
a  particular  man.

Millions  of  In­dian
and  world  people
stay  in  city

Millions  o­f
hungry  people
are  staying
without    their
native    home.

Millions  of  
economically  poor
people  could  not
cut  their ­ 
long  hair.

No  one  ask
  that-  when   will
you   go  to
your   home?

Where  are
you  staying  in
the  city?

Why  did  not
c­ut  your  long
I want to tell you about compassion,
But I don’t have any.
I hear it’s about selflessness and sacrifice,
About feeling bad
About suffering and relief,
About making yourself feel better
Through helping others.

I want to tell you about love,
But I don’t have any.
I thought I might have, once, but I scared it off
I thought it was about smiles, laughter and hope
But I hear it’s about ***
About skin and narrowed eyes
About making yourself feel better
Through touching others.

I want to tell you about pain,
But I don’t have any.
At least I don’t anymore
Because they’ve taken care of that.
I hear they’ve got a lot of stuff
I hear it’s about hormones and habits
About vitamins and sadness
About making yourself feel better
Through chemicals.

I want to tell you about me,
But I don’t have any.
I was something, and now I’m not,
And I haven’t decided what I’ll be next.
I hear it’s about dreams,
About ambition and drive,
About what I want to do and how,
About making yourself feel better
Through limiting regrets.

I want to tell you about life,
But I don’t have any of that, either.
I hear it’s about being good and making choices
And having preferences in the first place.
About growing up
And growing in
About making yourself feel better
Through acting.
Eric 3d
6 years ago when I fell Apon love .
5 mistakes were like a million .
4 letters in the word love .
3 reasons why I can't live without you.
2 is us as we were one.
1 meaning to all of this .

I Love You
I as in myself a imperfect being
You as to me the most perfect being for me.
7 billion people in this world
And I want you
I need you
My souls body of essence craves your very presence.
And I'm here now
After all that's said and done
The war we couldn't put out
Has won
I in hospital bed
Praying for the next day not to arrive
Because you refuse to see me
Even know you've been what's keeping
Me alive
I wish I could forget that I'm that guy
I wish there was such things as
Spreading your wings and flying
No, I'm so grounded that I forgot there
Was solid ground
Now every where I go
I fall into these holes , these voids
You left in the road to my heart.
Now that roads untravable
But it's not your fault
I have lost my way anyway.
The Blue grave is inviting
But I don't want you near
You think there's room for one more
But I hear your fear
The Blue is no place for lies

You've been on holiday for some time now
You've been gone so long
State your claim
With classic poker face
Push my love aside
You'll never see me cry

My cries are locked deep inside
I don't know what to do
I don't...

I hurts to know
So soon after saying "so long"
Though you're back
I should be saying "goodbye"

Don't blame me
Don't hate me
Regret me
I'm lost in the Blue now
People often see me as this poised smart creative intellectual individual. That's all that they see. They only blind themselves to the surface. If they knew the pain that I carry from the mistakes from my past I always wonder if they'd even so much as look at me ever again. I have friends externally, but inside I am all alone.
We sat under the sky
We laughed as the hot summer weather pressed our cheeks
we sat in the dark, but her smile was the light
sitting on the bench as we smoked the pack empty
We laughed, it was summer madness

Now I sit under the sky
I weep in sadness until my tears are the only thing keeping me warm
I can’t tell how long I drifted for, but my cigarette nearly burned my fingertips
I’m sitting here on the bench with a full pack
I cry, its winter sadness
Days will come and go but the memories linger on and will always be wouldn't have any  another
but It's time that I moved on although It seems so very wrong to some people they will think this far too
But who can really say how much time you need for griefing I don't think It ever really
Can't keeping living In he passed for that would surely **** me a slow and painful death
So now the only choice for me Is to start my life again for I'll always have my memories

But I've just
got to
A time to move on only a year past but who knows how much time I have  left
I want to live happy.
I don't want to cry.
I want to live long.
I don't want to die.
I want to be loved.
I want to be cared.
I want to live long.
I don't want to be scared.
But life can surprise you
at any moment.
And there's no guarantee
that things will go
the way you hoped.
Cherisse May Jan 5
i love you. and i miss you.
though only the clicking of the keyboard can hear
and the silence of the night can tell,
this distance makes the night grow colder.

i want to melt in your embrace,
and no longer will i fear protecting my soul
from my demons wanting to inhale every inch of my soul;
i no longer have to fear being alone.

through glass sheets and LED screens,
i no longer have to fear to start over again
when giving away a little part of me;
i no longer have to fear opening up and letting my heart out to you.

through airplane rides and bumpy roadsides,
i no longer have to find solace in the warmth of a blanket,
or the voice over a phone,
or the presence on a screen.

love, i'll meet you soon.
i can't wait to meet you soon. hopefully. maybe.

i'm looking forward to it.

i love you, my best friend turned lover. hehe.
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