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Why does it hurt so bad?
We weren't anything
but your rejection stings.

You said all the right things,
I fell for all your promising.
I guess its my fault, at least just a tad.

Tell me please,
what happened,

You spoke with ease.
Then ghosted

Why does it hurt so bad?
We weren't anything
but your rejection stings.
Society is finally falling apart at the seams, fighting and rioting and more violent scenes.
People are speaking but nothing is changing, there's still so much chaos but no one is waking, the problems we're facing aren't near to erasing, yet there's fleeting, retreating, the passion is fading.
There is pious bias, harm to hide us, a strive to be righteous, pleas for quiet.
Pressure to conform to the norm and perform in good form amidst thunderstorms and swarms of people you're supposed to trust to judge you.
Because I guess they're the ones above you.
They don't love you or trust you or even speak up for you, they are the ones you believe.
They are society.
The root of propriety, the cause of anxiety, the eyes who watch silently, observing the sights to see, shaming variety, faking priority, escaping notoriety.
Replacing humility and civility with hostility and words that are sickening.
Is it worse to idolize normality or demonize insanity, for both are a tragedy.
I guess a cake's not as good without all the frosting and you can't be a leader without being called bossy so might as well put on a show for the souls who see what you do, your every move, the choices you choose.
The cause may be lost, at what cost?
You've carved out your flaws from your heart.
Don't change who you were from the start.
Don't conform to the norm 'cause you're fine on your own and society's lies will soon catch up to greet you, faceless faces running to meet you.
You're still there.
It's not fair now but I swear further down, things will work out.
We always put the blame on society with dubiety but it's clear to see that's rightfully so.
But what people forget is the cycle that's set is all in our heads, and will stay that way til we mend our mistakes and eventually learn how to bend it.
this is verrry messy so i'll definitely try and rewrite it at some point. that was as much of a mouthful to write as it is to read
Walter Daniel Oct 18
disreputable disruption and chaos, beasts bellow
in admiration unyieldingly antonymous creatures' banality
and intimacy, uncommonly negated, patriotic mentality
and contempt much gathered remarkable as an ingenious fellow
entirely ignorant of green rings' properties, yellow
crosses for worshipers nothing loyally expected for false morality
slowly restored, staurolatry, endless formality
and traditional rules strict, desperate approaches to mellow
elements against monotonous brutality modifiable
partially, knowledges are unreal, blindly expressed
uranomania responding to numerous ends
of less industrious frameworks, mingled sections liable
for negligence, wholly natural ideas erratic gains obsessed
with superstitious claims for dividends
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 18
preserved breviaries Catholic, properly categorised
plenty of answers many questions added to, juxtaposition
of many images, a precise definition
of antagonisation, sycophantic normal positions despised
totally, military misers accused of ensnarement orderly memorialised
properties properly improved, revealed superstition
and suspicion, doubtfully splendid spirited perdition
distinguished, heirs of documents are identified, minimised
images and boors' occupied regions, grandiose
sciences are indeterminable, safely secured benefits
for runic understandings pretentious
obstinate beasts acquire in disruption, types of otiose
considerations ill-prepared to deal with credits
and debts for answering questions licentious
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 18
prior types of means osteopathic, inducing
a rapid rise and fall of legislative notations reporting
numerous attachments reminded of ideal ladies distorting
insincere relations further, receiving silhouettes than refusing
etiquette, risen houses making grouped suggestions using
fallacies facilitating computerisation processes, enemies exhorting
calamities mystical, merely confessed cautions, escorting
prisoners defenders outnumber, abusing
admired correspondence with local candidates by reasons
of terminated practices psychiatric, a variety of sequences manifest
and dreamed, a series of options and circulation
of desirables, Utopian personae deny miracles for treason's
sake, centuries ended without generous coercion, dressed
humans select pawned incarnation
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 18
raised walls painted so that distanced towers stand
recognisably, cast desires public displaced
with prevented wills, spinning crosses effaced
with artificial elements exchanged, artisans' land
ideally used for first reaping, agreements planned
for disagreements, disdain and new deviances, embraced
parrots' ardent admiration is endurable, disgraced
so that facts of recognition are eternally evident, grand
appearances and objects, disinterested
vigilance and changes ever introduced to affairs
honourable, things abstracted neutrally exploring
unreal occasions of opulence, listed
and inherited, favoured for ritual houses and wares
priced, a result of lost words pouring
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 18
altered decency positive as provisions dedicated
tautologies in stated properties, indicators of philosophic
indecency, a plenitude of coins and even sources, a trick
of curiosity, means of kinesipathy celebrated
homogeneous deemed interests of objects, resources cultivated
anew, solid beginnings related to certainty mimic
kyriolexy, come puppets, committed to odd logic
and erroneous ideas, a spacial cases of opponents' rage unabated
and unrestricted, never matched never occasioned, external
perfection, pleasure, frustrated
hopes, a lack of evidence contributes
to predicaments, positive chances of infernal
balance, concordant with sardonic desires, kaleidoscopes
rarefying ****** opportunistic disputes
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
honey Oct 16
like the steadiness before a jump scare
in those cliché horror films.
how long has it been, since... since--
how am i to finish my words if i cant--?
a thought replays on its own,
alone, alone
like myself, alone.
like a broken vinyl skipping, skipping
over the same line, it repeats.
& i cannot think-- focus-- think.
a single thought, repeating,
suddenly it evaporates.
& when i--

a new one,
gently floating in like a ship through the fog in the night
until it too, sinks.
it's too hot
it's too cold.
god, the ache, it aches.

how am i to explain if i keep dropping--
if they keep falling?
nothing but the eerie hum,
of that thing-- what thing-- what is that called again?

i can't seem to hold on
i can't--
how am i to finish if i can't--?
my eyes are bruised & swollen
it's not safe to open the gate here,
i just need to-- want to-- have to cry
but i don't know what's there

just like the thoughts keep slipping,
they disappear too.
where are they?
what's happened?

i seem to have misplaced it.
the wires are unplugged,
where have the wires gone?
how can i finish
if i can't
the connections?

what was i saying-- doing-- thinking?
.................... oh, it's raining outside..
Alex Scaife Oct 8
Words escape me. I  can't speak pretty
Because my heart hurts and metre fails
How many syllables or beats?
Who cares
A wound exposes my heart, beating
Away as if it doesn't know the news.
I'm dead. Surely you must see that
No one likes me. It's crude and the words
Of an angst filled teen but still, now twenty
This still vexes my being. It's not true of course,
People like me the same way they like local news.
Briefly and only if nothing else is on
Is this a poem? Should it rhyme?
If not, is that fine? No.
My heart is closed like a fist and my soul
A watch, which wraps around my wrist
Cutting off the blood for vanities sake

It's all screaming
Replace each word with a full stop
And it remains the same, just
Filling in the line till the ink runs out
Or my blood runs. Whichever comes first

Oh haiku dear friend
You truly fall short of this
Colossus sized task

Short lines
Just make
Me wish
For more
Space to
But long lines are too hard to fill
Because I have nothing to say
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